SQL Reporting :: How To Display Sub Report Page Header Into Master Report Using SSRS

Dec 23, 2010

i have 1 master report

and 1 subreport

subreport have Page Header.

when i Independently run subreport it show Page Header,

but when i run master report which have this subreport,

sub report not shown page header.

what is this error.

i use ssrs 2000, can be version problem,

or anything else.

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I am working with SSRS reports .I have one report called AllOrderDails with Order_No, Order_Date, Project_Name, Boiler_Name, RefNo, Total_NoItems, Total_GrossWeight, Expected_Date .It shows all order Details ,when i click Order_No it shows another report called OrderDetails.It shows only single Order_No details....In OrderDetails page i am using one textbox for back .It is for going back to AllOrderdetails.

My problem is when i click Order_No in AllOrderDetails page it's show OrderDetails page withrelated Order_No,when i click back it goes to AllOrderDetails Page but It's not displaying any data...

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SQL Reporting :: Add A New Report Into SSRS And Have It Display For Selection From The Application

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I am very new to the SSRS arena and have not yet developed any reports with this. I'm creating a website which requires reporting...as new reports are developed within SSRS, how do those suddenly appear in the asp.net application for selection by a user? I like to have the ability for an administrator to create new reports and allow the ASP.net application to somehow offer it dynamically as a selection. Keep in mind, some of the reports may require input parameters...those parameters would also need to be displayed from the asp.net application also.

Can this be done dynamically some how or does it require actual coding is needed to the website, every time new reports are introduced in order to display the report along with the parameters needed?

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I have a Report Part created on my 2008 SSRS Server.

Can I use a Report Viewer to display that part? Or do I have to add that to a report and then display the report? I'd rather not create a report.

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I need to display report in winform based on winform parameters.

I'm ve in SSRS report via URL, I deployed in Reportviewer in winform . Now I need to display that report based on my win form parameters i.e., I'm ve in textbox and button.

I ve to enter related item in textbox and when I press the button the report should be viewed based on this values. Remember I'm calling report via URL.

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SQL Reporting :: Passing Parameters To SSRS Report From Web Page?

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I have a web page that displays some data. When they click a submit button, I want to run a report. But I would like to pass the start year/month and end year/month values that the user already entered on the web page to the report. Here is what my url looks like when the report is displayed:


But my report displays the 2 textboxes for my StartYYMM and EndYYMM parameters as empty. What am I doing wrong? I did a google search and I saw something about using ReportServer instead of ReportManager. I notice at the top of the browser when I run my report, it reads "Report Manager - Windows Internet Explorer". Is this correct?

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I am using a ReportViewer control on a aspx page. It is using a dataset and one of the fields is Date. The dataset's source is an object datasource. User selects startdate/enddates and other params, they are given to the object datasource, the datasource returns all the rows using a stored procedure, so the dataset is now populated. But the dataset has just one date field.

My problem - I want to display the start date and end dates on the report header. Right now - it just keeps the last value (end date).

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SQL Reporting :: SSRS Report Not Showing On A Basic / Blank Default.aspx Page?

Jul 16, 2010

I created a new blank ASP.NET Website using VS 2008.

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SSRS Can Allow To Insert Another Report File Into The Header Section?

Feb 11, 2010

SSRS (Microsoft Reporting Engine) allows to insert another report file into the header section.SSRS TemplatesPeeking inside the available options of SQL Server Reporting Services, I found a way to make "Report File" a "Template File" which is said to be a time savior and uniformity maintainer across reports. The first one might be true but for the later one—a template file is nothing then a "copy/paste" one report to a new file.

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SQL Reporting :: Calling Ssrs Report From Application?

Apr 26, 2010

I am new to SSRS report. I designed the report in BIDS and deployed it on the server. Now I have to use that report in my web application.

how do I do that using VB.NET.

The report path looks like this,


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I need to convert an old html report to SSRS . The current report uses two datasets- one is a parent table that is iterated through to pull a data key; the report then pulls an array based upon the key and displays the associated records. Is there any simple way to do this in SSRS?

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SQL Reporting :: How To Schedule SSRS Report From SharePoint

Sep 4, 2010

I don't want to use SSRS web service to schedule SSRS report rather than wants to use sharepoint jobs to schedule SSRS report. Let me know possibilty.


- SQL Server 2008 R2
- SharePoint 2010

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SQL Reporting :: Open A Ssrs Report In A New Web Window?

Jan 14, 2010

Is there a way to open a ssrs report in a new web window? I am using PDF. The report works great but I need it to open in a new window so the user can return to the application that created it.

my code:


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SQL Reporting :: Modify Mdx Query In SSRS Report?

Nov 29, 2010

I've created a ssrs report using cube and i drag and drop the columns in the ssrs report and it works fine.Issue arise when i would like to update the mdx query. If i modify the mdx and try to save then it pops up a window with a message -"If you modify the MDX statement associated with this query and then return to design mode, your changes will be lost."After this message my changes get lost.Pls let me know how to make the changes in the MDX after designing a ssrs report.

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SQL Reporting :: Ssrs Report Creation Through Dynamic Sq?

Feb 10, 2011

I am having sp which is an dynamic sql to fetch an end result, when I called that to report wizard in both report builder and winform dataset. it was able to create the required parameter but was unable to fetch the data fields used in that sp. How to fetch that fields into the dataset .

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SQL Reporting :: Report Rendering With Old Version Of SSRS/VS.NET?

Jan 19, 2010

am doing some work for a group that has a very old version of SSRS, VS.NET, and SQL Server deployed, and for reasons that are beyond my ability to influence, upgrading to later version(s) of the tools simply is not an option. I wish it were.In this environment, I have prepared a report in the designer for VS.NET 2003. This report renders perfectly in the "Preview" tab in the IDE; yet, when I attempt to view this report via the browser in HTML, the rendering is entirely corrupt and unusable. I added that version's "Report Viewer" control (which was then deployed only as an project within the sample projects), to a sample page and viewed the report through that control, but the rendering is no different; it's still unusable.My question is this: Since the report displays properly in the "Preview" page within the IDE, can that functionality be integrated into a conventional browser page? The preview does me no good if I can't deliver a live page with the same rendering.
Believe me, I would love/prefer/desire to upgrade to the latest version of everything, but I simply have zero influence over that element of this project. I have to use what they provide: Sql Server 2000, VS.NET 2003, and SSRS for SQL Server 2000. Yup, there are cobwebs everywhere

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SQL Reporting :: Execute The Ssrs Report In Another System?

Oct 21, 2010

i've created one ssrs report it works good im my system..

i.e http://localhost/reportserver$sqlexpress

but how should i execute in different system...

if i enter the system name then it is showing page cannot be displayed..

i.e http://sys1/reportserver$sqlexspress (page cannot be found)

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SQL Reporting :: Integrate SSRS Report With Internet Website?

Jan 3, 2011

We have a requirement of using SSRS for rendering the reports using ReportViewer control. We are aware of the fact that SSRS requires Windows Authentication, but my requirement is to provide access to all the users stored in a database table who provide valid credentials to access the SSRS report via web page and report viewer cotrol.

We are following the below steps.

1) Create a dummy windows level user say "dummy".

2) Provide "Browser" permissions to the "dummy" user.

3) Set Impersonation = true for the "dummy" user in the web.config file of the custom website that uses the ReportViewer control.

4) Follow all the required steps to configure the reportviewer control for accessign the SSRS report

After following all the above steps we are successfully able to access the SSRS report on the internet facing website without any Windows authentication popup.

P.S. We dont want to implement a Custom extension for implementing forms authentication.

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SQL Reporting :: SSRS Report Displays In FireFox But Errors In IE?

Mar 30, 2010

I have an SSRS report that displays fine in FireFox.

But, when view in IE7 I get Execution Not found.

Does anyone know why it doesn't work in EI, but does in FF?

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SQL Reporting :: How To Get The Total Pagecount Of The Report To Be Rendered In SSRS

Feb 2, 2010

I need to get the total pagecount of the report before rendering it, so that i can show the user the count, based on his input i can call the render method and send the pagenumber in the deviceinfo tag.

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SQL Reporting :: Render The Report In PDF Format Using C# In SSRS 2008?

Apr 20, 2010

I could not able to generate the SSRS report in PDF format without using the Report Viewer. Let me know the code sample. I am using SSRS 2008.

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SQL Reporting :: SSRS Export Report To Xml Schema Method?

Jun 14, 2010

where I would start on exporting a SSRS report into xml, with specified schema. I know there is a selection to save to xml but I need an option that would not included the header information and that may even be a one click type option rather that opening report and saving to file. Possibility something like a transformation package that can be run with script

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SQL Reporting :: SSRS 2008 Report Export To PDF Get Hangs?

Oct 27, 2010

I have created a SSRS report with a tablix and some external images(both .png/.gif). This report is going to be generated for different Languages, so i have used Arial Unicode MS.

I render the report as Attachment on click of the print button (I flush() the byte[] array from the SSRS Render function as Respone on to the page). Report gets generated properly with open/save/cancel. But on click of OPEN the abode reader gets hanged. I tried to save the report and open, but no luck.

Size of the pdf is less than 150 kb. I have Abode ver 9.4 and SSRS 2008.

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