SQL Server :: Copying Few Rows With Selected Columns From One Table To Another

Mar 29, 2011


t1c1 t1c2 t1c3
1 1 jim
2 2 ruth
3 4 paul
4 8 sam
5 16 NA

Table2 ( Need this)

t2c1 t2c2 t2c3 t2c4 t2c5
10 1 1 jim 2010-02-03
10 2 1 ruth 2010-02-03
10 4 1 paul 2010-02-03
10 8 1 sam 2010-02-03

The tricky part I have to perform is to copy rows( only t1c2 -> t2c2, t1c3->t2c4 columns) untill I see NA(Not applicable string) in t1c3 to Table2 putting (10 in t2c1, 1 in t2c3, current date in t2c5 columns for all rows).

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Nov 13, 2010

I have a table think as table1, with 3 columns

col1 col2 col3 -- Columns
Y N 1 -- Data

but i want

colname val
col1 Y
col2 N
col3 1

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I have the query to copy the records to other table.

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rows as columns like below:

EMP1 1 2 3 4
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Iam working on an asp.net application.Recently client come with new requirement. Need a control which is similar to table or like gridview with rows and columns.It should allow user to enter data in the cells. And when the user press tab it should go to next cell and finally if we press enter key, it should validate the data entered in the current row and if data is correct it should create a new empty next row(like entering data manually in an sqlserver table). How can i implement this functionality? Can i use gridview / javascript to implement this functionality.

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How can i compare selected rows in the other page?

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Nov 13, 2010

This is how my table in db looks like

Remarks Id Remark

1 Rem1_aaa

2 Rem1_ccc

1 Rem1_bbb

2 Rem1_ddd

i want the output as:

Id Column1 Column2

1 Rem1_aaa Rem1_bbb

2 Rem2_ccc Rem2_ddd

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Feb 23, 2011

This is datat table format :

TagName Timestamp Value
Tag1 21-2-2011 12
Tag1 22-2-2011 1
Tag2 21-2-2011 13

I want in this Format

TimeStamp Tag1 Tag2
21-2-2011 12 13
22-2-2011 1 0

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Nov 1, 2010

i am using this query but it is giving syntax error,

into Logistics.DisInventory
select *
from Logistics_v1.DisInventory)

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Feb 12, 2010

I'm needing to get the selected rows, based on checkboxes, to insert into a different table than that that the gridview is formed from. I've created an innerjoin datasource to try and solve this but, still having problems finding something that works. I also need it to insert based upon a button click not inside the gridview as I believe otherwise would only hamper the situation more.

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SQL Server :: Delete Objects From Table Using Another Table To Select Rows?

Sep 14, 2010

I have one table named 'dbo.ac_Products' Within this table there is a column named 'ProductId' There is also another table named 'dbo.ac_CatalogNodes' Within this table there is a column named 'CatalogNodeId' and a column named 'CatalogNodeType'

I need to delete all the rows from 'dbo.ac_Products' and 'dbo.ac_CatalogNodes' where 'ProductId' = 'CatalogNodeId' and 'CatalogNodeType' = 1

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SQL Server :: How To Update Table Value From Another Table With Limit Rows

Jan 20, 2011

I have table a and would like update table a whose values from table b, but not update all rows at table a. Only update record ID in table a match record ID in tableC.

Here is my query

update a
set a.Desc = b.Desc,
a.Value = b.Value
from TableA a, TableB b
where a.name = b.name
and a.ID = b.ID
and a.ID in ( select ID from TableC)

I only have 12 a.ID match TableC, but above query update whole TableA.

How to only update 12 record at TableA from TableB?

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SQL Server :: Import All The Columns And Rows In An Excel File To A Database?

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im using sqlbulkcopy to import all the columns and rows in an excel file to a database. My question is, if my database has 1 more extra column which i have to map it to a session variable and that extra column in the database is not found in the excel, isit possible to do something like dat?

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Forms Data Controls :: Create An ASP Grid With Dynamic Columns With An Ability To Freeze Columns And Rows

Sep 20, 2010

I created a gridview that is made up of 4 gridviews and using a stored procedure to populate it. I create columns at runtime because the number of columns changes all the time.To make the grids editable I am adding template fields at runtime as I create the columns, this is to ensure that a user is able to edit the cells and some foot values update. Reason why I have four grids is to freeze rows and columns like in excel using javascript. The problem is that performance is very bad especially in IE, the grids take a long time to load. I am not sure if this is caused by the data load or the creation of text boxes. see some of the code below for my _aspx page:


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ADO.NET :: Copying Data From One Table To Another

Feb 9, 2011

How to copy the data from one table to another table without using the stored procedure

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ADO.NET :: Filtering And Copying Records From One Table To Another

Aug 6, 2010

I have two data tables and I need to compare the dataRows and insert all the unequals into a table. See the codes below. Goal: if the checkbox is true I loop through the ItemData table and store that data into x.Data. Next I look for all records that has row("ItemRandomize") = True and finally I add those records to xData table. There is an if statement in my for loop that checks for duplicate records -- This is were the application fails. How to compare both tables and store the unmatched rows.

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SQL Server :: Update Two Columns In The Same Table?

Dec 25, 2010

I have tow colums

nickname, and name, and I allready filled them with information, like this

nikname = gino

name = longinos

What I want now is both to have the same information

nikname = longinos

name = longinos

I thought of somethig like this

Customer set name
= nikname
where custID
= custID

but it does not work, and I can't think of something good

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SQL Server :: How To Get The Top N Rows From SQL Table

Aug 30, 2010

Recently i have come across one question in sql query

Question: Which SQL Query helps to view the TOP N rows From the particular SQL table?

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SQL Server :: Pushing Columns Of One Table To Another After Filtering

Sep 16, 2010

I have 2 tables t1 and t2. In t1 I have 4 columns from that I want to insert only 2 columns to another table t2. I only want to send data which is in the form of IP address like ( After eliminating nulls and other data.

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SQL Server :: Comparing Rows In A Table?

Mar 11, 2011

I have a large database of user profile data. I need to be able to compare 1 row against all of the other rows, for all columns to find the best match.There are around 30 columns of data for each row. I need to be able to find the 5 best matching rows.

Row 1 matches on 2 column's
Row 2 matches on 12 column's
Row 3 matches on 7 column's
Row 4 matches on 4 column's
Row 5 matches on 9 column's
Row 6 matches on 23 column's
Row 7 matches on 29 column's

In the end it will show me the data for rows 7, 6, 2, 5, 3 Now to make it even harder, Some of the columns are bit, some are varchar.Some of them may be a direct match, some will need to search if the column for row2 contains the text of row 1.

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SQL Server :: How To Select All Columns Of Table But To Distinct By One Column

Dec 29, 2010

How can i select all columns of table but to distinct by one column? i am tryin to figure it out without success, i know how to make distinct (select distinct column from table, but i need all the values from the table and to distinct by Delcompany.

my line is:


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SQL Server :: Search A Word In All The Columns Of A Single Table?

Sep 17, 2010

How can I search a word in all the columns of a table?

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SQL Server :: Proposal - Payment System - Set The Table And Columns?

Jul 25, 2010

I have data for the payment system:
- Credit card number (Visa, Mastercard, etc ...)
- Paypal
- Moneybookers
- NETeller
- Etc ...

how to set the table and columns.

Current proposal:
Column AttributeName, in which I have text (credit card number, name on credit, email, etc ...)
Column Value, in which I have data about a particular attribute.

I wish that all data is stored in one table.I do not wish for any payment system, use the new table, as for example:

tbl_creditcardnumber, tbl_paypal, tbl_moneybookers, tbl_neteller ....

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