SQL Server :: Database Design / Create A Separate Table Which Will Contain The Translations For All 50 Tables?

Sep 28, 2010

I am working on a multi-lingual application Assume the following:

Database has 50 tables and application has to support 5 languages

Which is the best way to design the database:

1. Include a langugae column for each table. Repeat the values for each language. Say i have a country table which has 100 countries in it. Then my design will contain 500 rows (100 for each langugae)

2. Create a separate table which will contain the translations for all the 50 tables in with a foreign key to the parent table.

Which is more efficient out of the above two.

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SQL Server :: Use ASPNETDB.MDF To Add Own Tables Or Create A Separate Database?

Dec 6, 2010

I'm working on a new asp.net 4.0 resume web site. I'm starting off with SQL Server Express 2005 and using the standard security and login features given with ASPNETDB.mdf. My site will be hosted on GoDaddy.com.

Quesiton. Should the tables that will contain the information that users will be putting in like resumes, contact information and such go into ASPNETDB.mdf or should it go into a separate database.

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ADO.NET :: How To Create A Table Which Is The Combination Of Different Columns In Database Tables

Jan 12, 2011

How to create a table which is the combination of different columns in database tables.

I know how to make the var table using single table.

What is I have to combine multiple coolumns and create a table.

My requirement is a gridview which has a datasource which is loading from columns from multiple tables.

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MVC :: Create Two Objects On Separate Tables Using One POST?

Jan 13, 2010

I'm trying to achieve something very similar to a forum. Two basic tables in a database, [Thread] and [Comment] (one to many relationship).

I need to create a form using MVC that creates the initial Thread, and also the very first comment row in the [Comment] table, which references that topic.

Would I need to create a custom object for the View Model? Is there any examples anybody knows of that demonstrate what i'm trying to achieve as I can't seem to find information..

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SQL Server :: Insertion Of Two Separate Tables?

Sep 4, 2010

have ui layerand i have two table for examlple1)Dept2)empin databasein ui layer i have seperate panels for insertion of dept fields, and emp fieldsi have two conditions apply sepreatly , here for insertion of two fields 1)if dept fields insertion faild i dont want to insert employee fields to insert in emp table2)if dept fileds insertion is sucsessfull and employee fields insertion fail i dont want to insert employee fields in employee table and i want to delete previously inserted dept row from dept tablehere no relation between two tables and here can i use transations

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DataSource Controls :: Display Results From Two Separate Tables In Two Separate Databases?

Jan 14, 2010

I have access to two seperate databases (mySQL) located on two servers. I need to get the data, link the tables on a key field and display the results in a datagrid. My challenge is that if the search criteria changes for the display it affects rows returned from on table and should thus automatically affect the linked table and resulting data returned.

what the best approach would be to achieving this? So far I have set up a dataset with a dataadapter and table for each connection and then linked the tables in the dataset. The problem that I'm having is getting the linked resultsets to work.

On my form I have the datagrid with two Objectdatasources one for each dataadapter and i believe that's where I'm going wrong...

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SQL Server :: How To Save The Same GUID Simultaneously In Two Separate Tables

Aug 3, 2010

I'd like to know how to save the same GUID simultaneously in two separate tables.

Type: 4931281279831231
table2: 4931281279831231

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SQL Server :: Create Dbo Database Table Schema On The Shared Server?

Mar 30, 2011

When I created table on the shared SQL server on hosting server using management studio, I right click mouse on the table, it pops up create table. However, the table schema is my user name but not dbo. I wnat to create table with dbo schema.

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SQL Server :: Create New Table Or Row In Database At Runtime?

Aug 16, 2010

Please advice me how can we create we create a new table or can add rows in database sql server 2005 while user make changes in site?

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SQL Server :: How To Create Database With Library Table Like Aspnet_applications

Feb 22, 2011

I want to create a database in Sql server 2005 with library tables like aspnet_applications, aspnet_profile etc.,

I want to provide admin interface[webform] for the client to create user in the aspnet_Users.

How can I attain this?

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SQL Server :: Unable To Create Table Dynamically In Database?

Sep 26, 2010

I am able to create database through script generated by SQL Server 2008 but unable to create tables from generated script. Please indicate if any step is missing.

************* Code *******************


****************** Contents of text file appended below ***********************


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SQL Server :: Create A Relationship Between Database Table And Xml File?

Mar 17, 2011

I've just taken over looking after a website and well to be honest the way it's been put together is not the best, but I have to make do as the client does not have the money to make major changes.Anyway currently there is data stored in a MsSQL database and some in an XML file. The xml file does have a ContentID attribute which matches the ContentID in a table.Not really done much with XML as I tend to use a database and LINQ.What would be the best way to tie these two together so I could output the results in a gridview for example.

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SQL Server :: Get 3 Tables Sql Statement - Select Table C Column By Using Table A?

Mar 25, 2011

i have 3 tables which are Table A(a Id,b Id),

Table B(b Id,a Id,c Id),

Table C(c Id,b Id)

How can i select Table C column by using table A?

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SQL Server :: Separate Web & Database?

Nov 4, 2010

Currently, we have our ASP.NET applications running on windows server 2003. All of our data resides on an IBM ISeries / AS400. The 400 people are going to be creating massive new tables with millions of records. Because of this, I've been asked to look into the idea of putting new ASP.NET pages on the IBM ISeries server. This server uses APACHE. I have read that to do this, I will need to use the Mod_Mono Apache module. I would like to come up with a list of benefits and drawbacks to this new idea. Initially, it seems like this is a bad idea for a few reasons:

Security: if a users gets unauthorized access to our local server(s), they will only have access to either DB or web server, not both. Maintainability: Microsoft ASP.NET is easier to implement on a Microsoft Windows Server. Problem Solving: I will have to first determine if an issue is due to the ISeries server, or the Apache server, or the ASP.NET application. This could be countered by saying that I would already have to determine if the issue is due to Windows server, or ASP.NET application. However I have better experience with troubleshooting on a windows box that I am familiar with.

Problem Creating: I could escentially create a problem that not only takes down the web server, but the database as well, and other RPG programs running on the ISeries. Resources: The database server will not have to server my application, it will only have to retrieve the data for it.

Drivers: The windows server already contains many drivers and .DLL's that are used... will these even exist on the ISeries? How easy (if even possible) would it be to get them on the ISeries if they dont exist..? A few positive thoughts: The application will reside on the same server as the data, thus, it may be quicker at retrieving data from these millions of records in a table. This was the main point as to why I should look into this possibility. Single point of failure. We no longer have to worry about two servers going down and causing this application to be unavailable...

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DataSource Controls :: Sql Table Relationships / To Create A Dependency Between The 2 Tables

May 3, 2010

I have a table that contains item data. If the item is a particular type further information exists to describe the item. The additional information isn't that heavy however the number of records in relation to the main file will be quite small (less than

So I have 2 scenarios:1) Put the additional data in the main table and take tha hit on storage

2) Create an additional table and link the 2 together

If we were talking huge amounts of data I can understand that 2) would be the obvious choice but given the simplicity should 1) be a consideration?

If 2) is the answer - is it possible to create a dependency between the 2 tables when the item is 'that' particular type. In other words wnsure the addition data is populated for the required items and not others.

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How Database & Tables Can Create Using Createuser Control

May 24, 2010

How do database and tables get created when I am pressing create user wizard in asp.net?

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Access :: Can Create The Database And Tables At Runtime Using C#

Nov 17, 2010

Is there a way to create dynamic access database, tables and it's columns in c# and export or insert the data in it from excel file in c#?

How can I create the Access database and tables at run time using c#?

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DataSource Controls :: Table / Database Design Theory - Return Faster Queries

Feb 5, 2010

In general terms, which way will require more server processing power and which way will return faster queries... if there is even a difference. The client's database is still on the dev MS SQL server but is essentially but the client has decided they want to collect two more fields of information. Both fields are going to be collection text data and probably varchar(300) will be sufficient for the column data types. Would it ultimately be more efficient to

Add two additional columns in the main table so the data is entered directly into each record, or Add an additional table (or two) with a foriegn key to the primary table that holds the info for each new field The SELECT statement for the main table could be modified to either add the new columns (a.NewColumn1 and a.NewColumn2) or it could contain nested SELECT statements that pull in the data from the other tables. Custom daisy-chained Insert or Update statements would be no problem and a cascade Delete relationship would take care of any deletions. I'm just trying to figure out which would be better from a performance standpoint?

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SQL Server :: How To Insert One Table Data Into Another 2 Tables In Sql Server 2005

Feb 27, 2011

As I know, we can use INSERT INTO (....) SELECT FROM command to select data from one table and can insert into another table.

Now I need instead of 1 table, I want to select data from one table and Insert into another 2 tables.

Shall I write another INSERT INTO (..) SELECT FROM command or is there any other way?

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SQL Server :: Table Editing In Design Mode?

Jan 6, 2011

When I use SQL Server 2005 it's possible to change table in design mode. But when I use SQL Server 2008 I can not Add, Delete, Arrange or Change the Data Type. When I save it then Error Display

"Saving Changes is not permitted. The changes you have made requaire the following table to be dropped and re-created."

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SQL Server :: Table Design In Sql - Best Practice For This Scenario?

Oct 26, 2010

I want to track equipment between three types of allocations. A piece of equipment can be allocated to an employee, to a customer facility or to a warehouse.

I have an equipment table, employee table, a customer table and warehouse table. Warehouse is where equipment is temporarily held and shared between multiple employees, it is a holding area.

Obviously each equipment item can only be allocated to one employee, customer or warehouse.

My original thinking was to make a table for EquipmentAllocations where it linked the EquipmentID and the id of the employee, customer or warehouse (all guids).

Eventually I will need to query the equipment to see where it is located/allocated. I will also need to query the employees to check what equipment is allocated to them.

I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this and I am looking for some guidance. I am sure many of you have had situations similar to this that you could draw upon to offer up some advice.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Create A LINQ DataContext Class As Per Database Design

May 5, 2010

I want to create a LINQ DataContext Class as per Database Design. I getting a problem in some cases.

the syntax to bulid a LINQ class :


Here Table Name Is HardCoded But I my case my Table Name A Changed as Finicial Year Change.So How I Give The TableName As RunTime

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Access :: Unable To Create New Database Tables Using VWD 2010?

Oct 20, 2010

I have an ASP.net security database which is normally ASPNetDB.MDF however I have created the same database structure in MS Access. All works great. However, I need to add a couple of other tables but I can't find how to do that in VWD. I'm pretty sure I was able to when the first database I created was an MDF file but not in MS Access.

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Design Separate Page For News And Advertisement ?

Apr 19, 2010

I design web site by asp.net my website contain news page ,advertisement page and others ,I design Separate page for news and advertisement so I have question what is the best when I design Separate page or place news,advertisment and other page in multiview (view)

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SQL Server :: Merging Three Tables Together In One Table?

Jan 7, 2011

I have three tables. I need to merge these three tables into one table. There is an ID column in all these three tables. The ID's can be same in all three tables or they can be different. If the IDs are same then I need to merge based on those ID's so if the ID 1 exists in Table A, table B and Table C then one row will be created in the resulting master tables, but if the Id's are different then one individual row will be created in each table.

Also, some of the columns are same in all three tables, but some are different, but if the ID is same then I just want to append that column in the existing table.

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