SQL Server :: Remove Excess Spaces Between Words?

Mar 23, 2011

Sometimes, we need to remove excess spaces (including leading and trailing spaces) in a string like ' test test test test '.

We can do this in SQL server with the following user defined function:


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Remove Spaces And Newlines From Server Response?

Apr 30, 2010

When i request a page using browser / AJAX request i see lot of spaces and newlines which i think must be adding some overhead for retrieving the response as they too belong to characters means bytes and size. right ?

Is there some way it can be removed while sending from the server ? how ? (I am using IIS and asp.net for development)

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AJAX :: HTMLEditor Stripping Spaces Words Merging Together?

Jan 21, 2010

I've encountered a weird issue with using the HTMLEditor control in FireFox. I had been getting reports of words being merged together in the editor at random and it took a long time to reproduce it, but I finally have a scenario where it happens consistently. The particular scenario looks like:

Using FireFoxPerform a cut and paste within the editor (ctrl-x, ctrl-v) to move some content around.Save the contents of the editor via button postback (the button and control are in an updatepanel)Some space characters are stripped in the HTTP request (I verified with Fiddler)So, now I'm looking at whether something is going on with the editor control to strip those spaces before it posts or if this is a FireFox issue. It never appears to happen in IE or Chrome.

Has anybody seen or heard about anything like this? Have any tips for debugging further to nail down the culprit?

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Web Forms :: Remove Spaces In TreeView Node

Feb 2, 2011

At webform I have TreeView whith adding nodes from code:


as you can see, I want make space formatting in node, but after show it node to browser, all redundant spaces was removed. How I can deny removing spaces in treeview?

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Web Forms :: Remove Extra Spaces In The UserControl?

Apr 5, 2010

I have control.The browser shows that in HTML code, there were additional gaps.How I can get control without extra spaces and design code HTML ?

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C# - Remove Extra Spaces And Many Tags Using String.Replace() Method?

Dec 11, 2010

I have a long string containing the ,<p> </p> and <br>. I want to clean my string from all these tags and spaces. How it can be done with String.Replace() method. I am doing separately right now, it is working but is there a way to do it at once, without replace() method.

String.Replace(" ","").Replace("<p>","").Replace("<br>","")

It is giving me clean code but I am looking for a general solution, means if I am having more tags (10 to 20) to filter then how to do it efficiently.

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Web Forms :: >>>Remove Dashes, Hashes, Spaces Populating Dropdown?

Aug 8, 2010

I have been searching the forum for how to populate a dropdown without "spaces" or "-" but I can not find exactly what I am looking for.Actually the data input by the user contains specaial character and using datasource the dropdown is being populated with the original data but every user has different style to insert data so I want to populate dropdown(within forview) without spaces or dashes, hashes. By making this change I may be able to populate dropdown in an asc or desc order.I know it can be handle from database but I want to do it with some coding technique in vb.net or asp.net.

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Web Forms :: Remove Extra Spaces (Space Character) From A Sentence

Oct 21, 2015

How to remove whitespaces if it is more than 2. What i want to say is -

1. If there is one whitespace, its OK.
2. If there is two whitespace, its OK.
3. BUT, if there is more than two whitespace than replace them with only two whitespaces.

String may be like this :- (it may contain any character)

DuntaviDilaniyd.dilaniy@woridnitattnit                        15 jim alixandir id         PALESTINE      TX

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Delaney           Jon Muller         Sherman                          TX        84321 US          9974766226 NO           NO       YES


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Configuration :: Remove White Spaces From Aspx And Aspx.cs?

Oct 14, 2010

I think that there is a good solution to remove white spaces from aspx page and from aspx.cs files. There are some solutions how to remove white spaces from html (aspx) but there is nothnig about aspx.cs.

Is that possible using Web Delpoyment Project?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Highlight Words In A Repeater When Match The Searched Words

Nov 17, 2010

I have a pretty basic search feature on a site that queries a sqldb with a sqldarasource, and then displays the results on a page, in a panel within a Repeater. I'd like to figure out if it's possible to somehow highlight the words the user searched on as they are displayed in the search results. The code below is my repeater. Do you know of any way to manipulate the Title or Description if the words in it's body match the words searched?


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Data Controls :: Cannot Set Column Excess

May 7, 2015

I am having a problem editing data on a datatable . I have loaded data into a datatable and some columns got null value which i placed that in an on the SP now I want to edit some columns in the datatble

dt1 = AuthWorkdone.View_AuthorsationReport_WorkDone1(DateTime.Parse(txtStart.Text.Trim()), DateTime.Parse(txtEnd.Text.Trim()));
if ( dt1.Rows.Count >0 ) {
foreach(DataColumn col1 in dt1.Columns) {
col1.ReadOnly = false; }


the column "Excess" in the table is varchar.i am getting the following error on this line of code Cannot set column 'Excess'. The value violates the MaxLength limit of this column.


The columns has numbers like 0.00 or 500.00 and also words like TBA and ect

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SQL Server :: Sql Server - How To Insert Text With Syntax Words And Single Quotation

Oct 17, 2010

i would like to insert text in sql server that contains words like select and a single quotation mark but sql server gives errors like if i wanna insert this :

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Excess Screen Flicker While Page Loading

Feb 1, 2010

I have a page that is loading with a lot of excess screen flicker.Or it loads to slow in my opinion. Are there somethings that I should be aware of that might be causing this?

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SQL Server :: How To Select The First 8 Words

Dec 10, 2010

(I'm using c#)how to select only the first 8 word from long string column?when using normal select it's select all the column how can I select only the first 8 words?

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SQL Server :: How To Select First 3 Words In Field

Jan 14, 2011

I was make last news form and I have problem with showing data am select top 3 news from table and showing oky but it's read all the filed see the image[URL]now I need first 3 words or 4 or 6 this is my code


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SQL Server :: Want To Select Only 15 Words From Table?

Sep 20, 2010

i want to select only 15 words from table ,

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SQL Server :: Extract Words From One Column?

Mar 21, 2011

I am having one column named Location in My MS SQL 2008 Database and the values in the Column is like "Region/State/City" region, city and states are saperated by forward slash.

In that column some times City is given and somtime it is not provided means only Region and state.

Now, i need to extract that Region, state and city from one column to a view and in view there should be three columns State ,City and region.

I have tried the SUBString but it works on no. of characters but for different city and regions the no.

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SQL Server :: SQL SELECT In Code Which Doesn't Like 2 Words?

Nov 16, 2010

SELECT * FROM tblstock WHERE Devicestatus=('Active') AND Model like '%"&criteria &"%'The statement above is a snippit from my code. My problem is that the search won't understand a space between say two words.?so if the user puts in DELL COMPUTER it won't return anything!? But if they put in DELL on its own it finds the record that says DELL COMPUTER?!!I'm just a bit confused that's all...

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SQL Server :: Delete Spaces Created By Combining 2 Fields?

Aug 24, 2010

My users will enter a city/station where an incident occured, and the date. The trigger below does work, but it will occasionally put spaces between the citystation and the date. I think this happens when the citystaion name is not very long, but not sure.

(ex: city____08242010)

How can I make sure that if the incidentid is going to have spaces, that sql deletes those spaces? I need the id to be space free.

TRIGGER [dbo].[tr_AddID1]
ON [dbo].[tblIncidents]

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DataSource Controls :: Insert Spaces Into A SQL Server 2005 Select Statement?

Feb 25, 2010

I have a select statement and want to be able to insert some spaces in the returned data:


For the parts with ' - ', I want to remove the dash and simply put spaces now. But when I remove the dash and put 4 spaces, I only get one space. How do I put in those 4 spaces?

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SQL Server :: Remove The Last Comma?

Mar 14, 2011

I am returning a table row like so:


One, Two, Three,

But i'm not so sure how to remove the last comma, i have looked at the LEFT and CHARINDEX operators but can't quite figure out the syntax.

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SQL Server :: How To Remove Left Prefix

Feb 23, 2011

I Have many entries that have this 'HK' as a kind of prefix. in SQL Server table while i have nothing against HK, the sales person would like this HK removed. the name of this column is categoryname


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Remove 'name' Attribute From Server Controls?

Dec 12, 2010

The following asp.net side code of control:

<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="LimitTextBox" Text="20" ClientIDMode="Static" />

Generates such HTML-code:

<input name="ctl11$ctl00$ctl02$TeamPlayerSelector$LimitTextBox"
type="text" value="20" id="LimitTextBox">

ID attribute - as is required, but how can I remove 'name' attribute? It is not required for me and is also too long to transfer it to user browser.

How can I prevent 'name' attribute generation?

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Session Remove In Server After About 30 Seconds?

Mar 1, 2011

i published my site to server and login users with session but this session remove after 30 seconds !!! and user page send error i used this code in web.config buy session remove again

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SQL Server :: How To Remove Records From A Table After Certain Days

Oct 25, 2010

I have records that were inserted into a sql server 2005 table using a stored procedure. I now need to remove or delete these records. The only problem is that the table does not contain a relevant column to define in my where clause when using delete command.

Is there any way I can identify these records for deletion.

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