SQL Server :: Removing Matching String In Multiple Rows?

Dec 8, 2010

I am looking for a better way to update a list of records. I have a string column in my table that contains an array of strings like so:"11112,AAAA1,AAAA2,99998" etc. It is possible that the column could contain one of those values at any position, for instance, these are ALL valid values for the column:


I want to write a SQL statement that will remove "11112" from all of the columns when needed. This MUST also remove any leading, trailing, or double comma values that may be left from simply replacing the "11112" with an empty string.As of now, I simply load a SqlDataReader with any records that contain "11112", I replace it with nothing, "", then I fix the string if need be and update it.

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JQuery Hide All Table Rows Which Contain A Hidden Field Matching A Value?

Apr 15, 2010

I have a table for which I'd like to filter rows based on whether or not they contain a hidden field matching a value.

I understand that the technique tends to be "show all rows", "filter the set", "show/hide that filtered set"

I have the following jquery but I'm aweful with filter and my filtered set seems to always contain no elements.

my table is the usual

<tr><td>header></td><td> </tr>
<td>a visible cell</td><td><input type='hidden' id='big-asp.net-id' value='what-im-filtering-on' />

My goal is to be able to match on tr who's descendent contains a hidden input containing either true or false.

this is how I've tried the selector (variations of this) and I'm not even testing for the value yet.

function OnFilterChanged(e){
var checkedVal = $("#filters input[type='radio']:checked").val();
var allRows = $("#match-grid-container .tabular-data tr");

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Data Controls :: Compare / Find And Display Uncommon (Not Matching) Rows Between Two GridView?

Sep 20, 2015

For ex:

Grid 1

ID Name 

1    aaa
2    bbb
3    ccc

Grid 2

ID Name 

1    aaa
3    ccc 

I want O/P in Grid 3:

2    bbb

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Web Forms :: Closest String Matching

Mar 6, 2013

I have a model number in one table like 'Q4SD-X24K' and i have a model number in another table like 'q4%' and 'q4sa%d' and q4sd%' and each one contains different pdf links.

and if the user searches for 'Q4SD-X24K' , the closest match i.e q4sd will come and q4sd.pdf has to assign and show up .and i have written one stored proc and i am getting data in a datatable q4,q4sa%d,q4sd in asp.net. how can i match the closest one from this datatable to model number?

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How To Use Regex To Find A Matching String Pattern And Delete It

Feb 4, 2011

I have a table Books with columns BookID, BookSummary, BookAuthor.

What I have stupidly done was to add a link to another url at the end of the BookSummary. Assuming the text is something like this:

This is a book about a love story in World War 2 in Europe. The book is written by Elliot James.

I have added

<a href='http=://XXXXXX'>Buy Book</a> at the end of the text making the final content of BookSummary to be like:

This is a book about a love story in World War 2 in Europe. The book is written by Elliot James.

<a href='http=://XXXXXX'>Buy Book</a>

I now need to write a code (via regex?) to read through each BookSummary, find the <a href='http://XXXXX'>Buy Book</a> and delete it. But the problem is the content in XXX could be anything and I cannot use typical string functions. Can anyone guide me to
achieve this using Regex?

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SQL Server :: Insert Gridview's Multiple Rows Into Sql Server Through Store Procedure?

Jan 23, 2011

Actually I have a gridview with many rows and I want to insert the all rows in sql server through one store procedure first row can inserted but what should we do for other rows

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SQL Server :: How To Combine Multiple Rows Into A Comma-delimited List In Sql Server In Build Function

Jan 10, 2011

How can I combine multiple rows into a comma-delimited list in sql server in build function?? in HCL

examples :


Output : 12, 15, 18, 20

with in build function of sql server.

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ADO.NET :: Entity Framework ContainsAll Matching Multiple Values

Jan 21, 2011

So, have a search form where users can enter one or more keywords, these keywords are then held in a List<string> called keywords. Now using Entity Framework have an Organisation entity with a Name field. What I want to do is select those organisations whose name contains all the keywords. I don't care if they are in the right order or not but it just contain all the keywords. Also organsiations is a big table in the database so I don't want to materialise all the organsiation objects on the server and then loop through them. So what I'm looking for (excuse my LINQ naivety here) is equivalent to the non-existent LINQ statement:


I'm sure this must have already been answered but just can't find it.

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Data Controls :: Removing Rows From A Dataset?

Mar 4, 2013

I am working a project, it requires me to select  everything from a table, one of the fields contains dates.  I have to take each take and add negative 6 months if the result equates to today's date then i add that row in the dataset to a listview else i remove that row from the dataset.

 The problem i am having is removing the entire row from the dataset before binding it to the listview.

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SQL Server :: How Do You Add Rows To Multiple Key Tables

Jul 24, 2010

I am accessing rows in an SQL database table based upon the contents of the Primary key and another column. But, I cannot insert new rows in the table when the content of the new Primary key column already exists in another row. Can I define the table with a multiple column Primary key so that a unique value can be based upon the content of both columns?

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SQL Server :: Can Insert Multiple Rows

Feb 21, 2011

I have a website where users are going to enter recurring meetings/events. What's the most efficient way to insert this data? For instance, let's say a user wants to store a meeting for every monday at 8am. This would be a weekly meeting and I would run a loop and add 7 days to each meeting and then insert each row into SQL. Is it efficient to just run the insert command (cmdinsert.executenonquery()) for every week?

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Forms Data Controls :: Removing Rows From Gridview?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a Gridview which is populated with data based on the selection of dropdowns in a web form. Once the gridview is displayed on the page the user has a "Print" button that will print the gridview. I need to allow the user to remove rows from the gridview prior to printing. I do not want to remove the data from the database, only from the displayed gridview.

I've added a column to the Gridview that has a checkbox which appears next to each row. The header of this column reads "Exlude". If the user checks a box next to a row then this row should be excluded from the printed gridview.Totally new to gridview .. don't know where to go from here.

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Forms Data Controls :: Removing Rows In Gridview?

Dec 15, 2010

How to remove rows dynamically in a gridview?

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Data Controls :: Highlight GridView Rows With Same (matching) Data (values)

Nov 22, 2015

I have a scenario which is the row will be highlighted if that row have the same data.

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SQL Server :: Select Random If Multiple Rows Are The Same

Oct 25, 2010

i have a select statement which returns a column value.

id like to display the lowest column value there is, but if there are multiple rows with the same (and lowest) value id like it to be random which one of the rows is selected.. how would i do this? my select statement is currently:

SELECT TOP (1) url, ABS(r1 - @r1) + ABS(r2 - @r2) AS difference
FROM type
ORDER BY difference

this picks the one lowest result for me, but if there are multiple duplicate lowest results id like to select them, and show one at random..?

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SQL Server :: Update Multiple Rows - Loop Through Each Object

Feb 8, 2011

I have several rows in my database like this

ID Status Type Count Event
291 0 0 2 1
523 1 2 0 4

and so on. When my user performs some basic actions on my website, some values are passed through JSON to the server and are then converted into custom objects with 5 int properties(so they match the table). These objects that the server receives are the rows to be updated(based on ID) and the values for each column. How can I do this in one SQL statement without the need to loop through each object and update them all seperately? Is there a way? Preferably compatible with SQLServer 2005.

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SQL Server :: How To Concatenate Multiple Rows Of Single Table

Mar 8, 2011

I've a table where one person teaches multiple classes. It looks like this.


Id Name Class Subject
2 Sam 12 English
2 Sam 10 Maths
2 Sam 10 English
2 Sam 8 History
2 Sam 12 Economics

Here Sam teaches Class 12 - English & Economics, Class 10 - Maths & English, Class 8 - History

I want to display the result like this -

Id Name Class Subject
2 Sam 12 English, Economics
2 Sam 10 Maths, English
2 Sam 8 History

How to concatenate multiple Rows?

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Data Controls :: Removing Duplicate Rows From DataTable And Binding It To GridView

Aug 6, 2013

Referring [URL] .... its a good functionality but instead of removing duplicate rows  i need to make the cell of the column containing duplicate value blank

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SQL Server :: Adding Rows To Multiple Primary Keyed Tables?

Jul 27, 2010

I am accessing rows in an SQL database table based upon the contents of 2 Primary key columns. But, I cannot insert new rows in the table when the content in one of the new Primary key columns already exists in another row. I get an error message that says: "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_ReferendumVoters'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.ReferendumVoters'. The statement has been terminated."

The reason why this error is occurring is because I first stored "Referendum 1" in one column along with "me" in the second column of a new row for a "ReferendumVoters" table. Then, I attempted to insert a new row with the same "Referendum 1" string in the first column along with a different name in the second column. But, it will not let me do this even though I created a new index that defines the two columns as unique. Is there any way that will enable me to do this?

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String Manipulation - Removing Last Few Characters

Feb 11, 2011

When I try to remove the last few characters of a string, I get an index out of range error. I am using the following to remove the characters from the end of the string: objJSONStringBuilder.Remove(objJSONStringBuilder.Length - 1, 6) The string has <hr /> at the end which I want to remove.

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Custom Server Controls :: Access Multiple Header Rows Of The Gridview In Render Method?

Oct 22, 2010

I have extended a gridview to add an additional header with following two hyperlink controls "Select All" and "Clear All". These will operate on checkboxes in the data rows of the grid. I hide the column headers as I only want to show one column with checkboxes and "Select/Clear All" links. Everything is working as expected. Now, I wanted to add a scrollbar to my grid control, I did add the scroll bar using div but what it does is, it includes the "Select All and Clear All" links aswell. I only need to add the scrollbar to datarows and not to the header.I am trying to extend my control to include hte scrollbar by adding div during Render function. But how will I determine or loop through header rows? How will i get the header row with hyperlinks that I created above?? In Render if I do this.HeaderRow, it gets the original column header and not the custom header.

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Adding Multiple Rows, Displaying Session Rows And Then Doing One Insert?

Apr 14, 2010

I need to produce a from where I can add multiple parts. Each time a user enters a part number, the description should be populated. The user can then click add and this part and description will be shown below. They have the option to add as many parts as they require. Once all parts are added the user fills in some general info eg description and then once a submit button is clicked all part info will be inserted into a table and general info will be inserted into another table with one unique ID.

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SQL Server :: Percentage Of Matching Days Off Among Employee's?

Sep 2, 2010

i have Intime and Outtime of each employee for all the days of 1st,2,3,4 week.There will be a off for 1 day or 2 days for each employees.Based on this i need to calculate consisitency days off assignmanet i.e no of matching days off among employees in percentage.If there are 100 emplyees out of 100 employees 50 people may get week off on the same day(for example sunday).I want result in percentage.result like this

Consistency Days of assignment Across 4 weeks 3 weeks 2weeks
0 2% 0% 0%
1 98% 100% 100%
2 0% 0% 0%

Here 0,1,2 are macthing days off.Across 98% of employees getting 1 days matching in off i.e 98% of employee might off in sunday.For this we need calculate matching days off for all the days from sunday to saturday across 4,3 2 weeks Here 98% of employees getting off in same day.0 indicates 0 days,1 is 1days and 2 is 2 days(for example 50 percentage of people will get off in saturday and sunday)

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DataSource Controls :: Removing Whitespace In String Not Working?

Jan 20, 2010

I am accumulating a string for a SQL IN clause, so the format needs to be WHERE var IN ('string1','string2','string3',etc)

The strings are coming from a multiline textbox where they are pasted in from the user (one per line).

For some reason, I always get a space right after the tick and before the value in every value after the first. For instance my DataReader is only returning one record because the input string turns out like this:

WHERE ID IN ('12345',' 23456',' 34567')

Here is how I am processing the string, and I can't see why it is not taking that space out.


Even if I move the replace space (line 2) to the end of the code block, it still wont trim it out...

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C# - Counting Occurrences Of A String In An Array And Then Removing Duplicates?

Jan 2, 2010

I am fairly new to C# programming and I am stuck on my little ASP.NET project.

My website currently examines Twitter statuses for URLs and then adds those URLs to an array, all via a regular expression pattern matching procedure. Clearly more than one person will update a with a specific URL so I do not want to list duplicates, and I want to count the number of times a particular URL is mentioned in, say, 100 tweets.

Now I have a List<String> which I can sort so that all duplicate URLs are next to each other. I was under the impression that I could compare list[i] with list[i+1] and if they match, for a counter to be added to (count++), and if they don't match, then for the URL and the count value to be added to a new array, assuming that this is the end of the duplicates.

This would remove duplicates and give me a count of the number of occurrences for each URL. At the moment, what I have is not working, and I do not know why (like I say, I am not very experienced with it all).

With the code below, assume that a JSON feed has been searched for using a keyword into srchResponse.results. The results with URLs in them get added to sList, a string List type, which contains only the URLs, not the message as a whole.

I want to put one of each URL (no duplicates), a count integer (to string) for the number of occurrences of a URL, and the username, message, and user image URL all into my jagged array called 'urls[100][]'. I have made the array 100 rows long to make sure everything can fit but generally, this is too big. Each 'row' will have 5 elements in them.

The debugger gets stuck on the line: if (sList[i] == sList[i + 1]) which is the crux of my idea, so clearly the logic is not working.

Here is sample code:

var sList = new ArrayList();
string[][] urls = new string[100][];
int ctr = 0;
int j = 1;
foreach (Result res in srchResponse.results)
string content = res.text;
string pattern = @"((https?|ftp|gopher|telnet|file|notes|ms-help):((//)|(\\))+[wd:#@%/;$()~_?+-=\.&]*)";
MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(content, pattern);
foreach (Match match in matches)
GroupCollection groups = match.Groups;
foreach (Result res in srchResponse.results)
for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
if (sList[i] == sList[i + 1])
urls[ctr][0] = sList[i].ToString();
urls[ctr][1] = j.ToString();
urls[ctr][2] = res.text;
urls[ctr][3] = res.from_user;
urls[ctr][4] = res.profile_image_url;
j = 1;

The code then goes on to add each result into a StringBuilder method with the HTML.Is now edite

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