SQL Server :: Stored Procedure - Looping Into Multiple SELECT Statements To Return Single Value?

Jan 3, 2011

When can I use Stored Procedure? Is this useful for looping into multiple SELECT statements to return single value? How? Can anyone post some sample codes? I have text query and notice that my web application is slow and want to find ways to speed it up. Is there any possible ways aside from Stored Procedures?

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SQL Server :: Make A Stored Procedure That Use Two Select Statements In A Single Table?

Mar 10, 2011

I tried nested ListViews but can get the display wanted.In my database I have a Category Table and a Product table.They share the CG_ID value.I want to make a stored procedure that will use two select statements to produce a single table.that can be used as a ListView DataSource.


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DataSource Controls :: Multiple Select Statements In Stored Procedure Sql Server 2005

Feb 4, 2010

Is it possible to add multiple select statements in a single stored procedure. The select statements are getting data from different tables. If yes, could anybody provide an example in adding multiple select statements, which retrieve data from different tables in a stored procedure.

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Multiple Single-result Sql Server Stored Procedures Or Single Multple-result Stored Procedure?

Aug 9, 2010

Background: I use stored procedures exclusively for an ASP.NET application. I am using a DataReader to load a dataset object.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Return Multiple Output Parameter From Sql Server Stored Procedure

May 5, 2010

i want to return two output parameter n temp table from sql server stored procedure

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DataSource Controls :: Looping Through Textbox Values And Inserting Into SQL Server Via Stored Procedure

May 9, 2010

I have a database table as follows:


This table receives data from my web application via a stored procedure, snippet pasted below:


In my quote.aspx page, I have a wizard control that collects numerous data points. In one of the wizard steps, I have 20 textbox controls for PartNumbers and 20 textbox controls for respective Quantity.

Question:How do I write a for..each loop that checks for values in my Part Number and Quantity fields and inserts them via my SQLDataSource?

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SQL Server :: DAL Doesn't Return The Return Value Of Stored Procedure?

Nov 8, 2010

I have an update function in my data layer which is defined as:

public int UpdateRBTable(parameters ...) This calls a SQL Server Stored Procedure to perform an update function on the database.

The process does its job for updating the table. However, the stored procedure has a return value (which indicates how many rows were updated), but this return value is not returned to the application. The application always shows that a zero was returned from the stored procedure.

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Web Forms :: Using Single Stored Procedure For Select Insert Update Edit Delete In Linq

Feb 25, 2016

I have a table and i want to use this table in asp.net page

how i will call the stored procedure on the basis

of Stored procedure's Action .
FirstName varchar(50) ,
LastName varchar(50) ,


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DataSource Controls :: Return Multiple Values From Stored Procedure?

Jun 2, 2010

Is it possible to return multiple values from a stored procedure? Basically, if I execute the stored proc on the C# side, then on the SQL side I do multiple calculations. Let's say I have 5 int values I need returned to the C# side.

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SQL Server :: Write Code Of Stored Procedure / Create Stored Procedure And Write Select Statement In It

Nov 23, 2010

how can I create stored procedure and write my select statement in it, I know how to create dataset then put type stored procedure and assign it to the sp ... what I want is writing my sp... how can I make it ?

check the following code, this is what I want to write put I don't know where or how !









where can I write this code ?!

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Data Access Strategy For Single Stored Procedure Retuning Multiple Recordsets In Webpage?

Sep 18, 2010

what is the recommended data access strategy for the following environment: single stored procedure, many parameters, asp.net 4.0, sql server 2008, and the stored proc returns 11 different recordsets, all of which get displayed in various different elements too complex and specific to be handled by server controls.

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SQL Server :: How To Get The Return Value From Stored Procedure

Sep 14, 2010

I not getting the return value from stored procedure that I have written so how to get that plzz its urgent I have return the procedure as ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_AddPaySlip]

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SQL Server :: How To Return Strings From Stored Procedure

Jun 11, 2010

Long story short, it would be a lot easier for me to just return two values (from a many-column table, like combining columns) than to combine them in my asp project. I'm just having many problems with binding to a dropdownlist, and it would be easier not having to guess what index the column is I need :)

So, let's just say my table, "Building", has 5 columns - BuildingID, PracticeID, PracticeName, Address, & Zip (there are many more in my real table).

I already have a stored procedure that is "SELECT * FROM Building ORDER BY PracticeName". What I would like, is something that returns column values together with literal characters, like:

PracticeID - PracticeName (Address) AS First

I know I could use "SELECT PracticeName AS Name FROM Building" to simply change the name of the column I'd receive, but I want to add literal characters ( "-" and "(" and ")" and " ") with specific columns I choose.

Since I have about 20 columns in my table and I only want about 6, I don't need to SELECT *, but only those 6. That's easy enough. But since I would still like these six columns combined, I'm not sure what to do.

Again, what I want is to return something like:

PracticeID - PracticeName (Address) AS First BuildingID - Zip AS Second the "-" and "()" and " " need to be included and returned from SQL, not when I retrieve them)

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SQL Server :: Stored Procedure Doesn't Return Value

Oct 24, 2010

In my asp.net page I pass paremeters to a stored procedure and then inside a try blog the foloving line: affectedRows = ssqldbsorce.insert

never returns expected result from stored procedure.

Inside stored procedure event if I explicitely write the following line "return 5" for example, it never returns 5, only -1, 1, 2

For example here a very simple one without output parameters(I still should be able to return a value without output parameters, right?):

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[createUser]
@regCode varchar(10)
SELECT * FROM dbo.reg_code WHERE reg_code=@regCode
---other statements, and for the sake of the example lets return 5

Is there something wrong with doing it thi way, here is also a tutorial, according to which it should work just fine: [URL]

Is there another way maybe in the assp.net page to capture the value in the variable from a stored procedure.

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SQL Server :: Handling Return Values Of Stored Procedure

Feb 16, 2011

While using an insert query for a certain table, can I used a select statement to know whether there's an already existing value in the stored procedure using a return value where insert occurs? Or do I need to separate a procedure?

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SQL Server :: Changing The ImageUrl Based On A SQL Stored Procedure Return Value?

Nov 16, 2010

I am realitivly new to c# and I am trying to do something that is probably simple, but I might just be over thinking it.What I want to do is have an image change based on a return of a sql data call. I am using a stored procedure that reads values and uses a case to switch between red, yellow, green for status. For example, I have nine items that the SP goes through and returns one of the colors. What I would need is if it detects a red, change the image to red and so forth. Now, when I execute the SP in C# I can get the data but it always just reads the last value. So if it had a red in there and the next one is a green, it uses the green. I even thought about reading the colors and using an IF statement adding the values to determine which color should be used.


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SQL Server :: Executing A Stored Procedure From Select?

Aug 9, 2010

Let's say I have a query like this:


But I want to call a procedure (DeleteUser) for every rows returned from that query.

And of course the procedure has a parameter. But it should be the UserID which is returned from query.

So how to do it?

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SQL Server :: Stored Procedure To Select Random Column Value From A Selected Row?

Nov 17, 2010

trying to write a stored procedure to select any 5 random columns from a selected row,this is the query i ve written so far



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SQL Server :: Stored Procedure With Multiple Parameters?

Nov 28, 2010

I have a table with 4 columns.The first column is a list of teams.The other three columns specify whether the team member with the particular id is present on any particular day .Say for example in the third row the running Team has 2 and 3 which means team member with the id 2 and 3 are present.Multiple values are seperated by the pipe symbol '|'.I have a Query like this

Select Teamname from tblTeam where Running not like '%|2|%' and Running not like '%|3|%' and Running not like '%|7|%' and Biking not like '%|1|%' and Biking not like '%|4|%' and Biking not like '%|7|%' and shooting not like '%|3|%' and shooting not like '%|4|%' and shooting not like '%|7|%' Basically i am searching the columns with like clause.The search criteria for each column may vary.In the above query i am searching for Teams where Running column does not contain 2,3 and 7,Biking column does not contain 1,4 and 7 and the shooting column does not contain 3,4 and 7. I would like to set a stored procedure where i would be able to pass 3 set of parameters from the code behind(I am using VB.net) for Running column search,Biking column search and the shooting column search.

Can someone tell me writing a simple stored procedure.I have a table with 4 columns.The first column is list of teams.The other three columns specify whether the team member with the particular id is present or not on any particular day .Say for example in the third row the running column has 2 and 3 which means team member with the id 2 and 3 are present.Multiple values are seperated by the pipe symbol '|'.

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SQL Server :: Assign Multiple Variables In A Single Select?

Feb 4, 2011

I am using MS SQL Server 2005 & here is my problem: I need to assign values to the multiple variables in a single select. But each value is depend on the certain value of the other column of the table.

declare @i1 Int, @i2 Int, @i3 Int;
case Table.column1
when 'red' then @i1 = Table.column2
when 'green' then @i2 = Table.column2
when 'blue' then @i3 = Table.column2

how to achieve this in a single select?

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SQL Server :: Search Multiple Tables Via Stored Procedure?

Jul 27, 2010

I'm a novice in .NET programming. I was trying to figure a way to make a MULTI TABLE search via a stored procedure for my website. I've written a SP to select records from one table, which isn't working for some unknown reasons:


Whatever I search for, the datagrid is displaying all records from my table.

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DataSource Controls :: Multiple Like Statements In One Select Query

Mar 15, 2010

I need to write a select query where it will be doing "like" on one column with multiple strings.

Eg : Select * from tblCity where city like '%ABC%' and city like '%XYZ%'

I have set of strings.

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How To Move Stored Procedure From SQL Server 2000 To 2005, Multiple Table Insert

Jul 21, 2010

moving some tables & stored procedures from SQL Server 2000, to SQL Server 2005.So far so good, but I've come across a problem with this stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[user_insert]
@user_service_unit int,
@user_champion_1 varchar(50),
@user_champion_1_nt varchar(10),
@user_champion_2 varchar(50),
@user_champion_2_nt varchar(10),
@user_champion_3 varchar(50),
@user_champion_3_nt varchar(10),
@user_date_received datetime,
@user_requestor varchar(255),
@user_info_requested text,
@user_expiry_date datetime,
@user_10_days datetime,
@user_5_days datetime,
@user_2_days datetime

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SQL Server :: Have A Stored Procedure Execute Another Stored Procedure During Time Period?

Jan 28, 2011

I could probably figure this out if I tried to, but I have been working so long on code, I'm a little fried

I have a stored procedure, and I want to execute another stored procedure during a time period of lets say 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2011

How Would I accomplish this?

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ADO.NET :: Stored Procedure With The Return Value?

Feb 10, 2011

I have a stored procedure with 6 input parameter and 4 output parameter. In My asp.net - C# code I execute the stored procedure and return the parameter, first of all it gave me this error :

Procedure or function w_create_order has too many arguments specified. That I'm not sure why is that because the number of parameters is right, the only thing is may be the way that I used is not right.

Second, I would like to show the parameter in the label control in my page, I'm not sure how to do this.


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