SQL Server :: Stored Procedure With Multiple Parameters?

Nov 28, 2010

I have a table with 4 columns.The first column is a list of teams.The other three columns specify whether the team member with the particular id is present on any particular day .Say for example in the third row the running Team has 2 and 3 which means team member with the id 2 and 3 are present.Multiple values are seperated by the pipe symbol '|'.I have a Query like this

Select Teamname from tblTeam where Running not like '%|2|%' and Running not like '%|3|%' and Running not like '%|7|%' and Biking not like '%|1|%' and Biking not like '%|4|%' and Biking not like '%|7|%' and shooting not like '%|3|%' and shooting not like '%|4|%' and shooting not like '%|7|%' Basically i am searching the columns with like clause.The search criteria for each column may vary.In the above query i am searching for Teams where Running column does not contain 2,3 and 7,Biking column does not contain 1,4 and 7 and the shooting column does not contain 3,4 and 7. I would like to set a stored procedure where i would be able to pass 3 set of parameters from the code behind(I am using VB.net) for Running column search,Biking column search and the shooting column search.

Can someone tell me writing a simple stored procedure.I have a table with 4 columns.The first column is list of teams.The other three columns specify whether the team member with the particular id is present or not on any particular day .Say for example in the third row the running column has 2 and 3 which means team member with the id 2 and 3 are present.Multiple values are seperated by the pipe symbol '|'.

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SQL Server :: Adding Parameters To A Stored Procedure

Dec 23, 2010

I have a stored procedure which handles a SELECT query on an SQL 2005 table. Works fine. Now I need to add a bunch of parameters to the query--these are all boolean, with checkbox web controls on the .aspx page to set the parameters true or false, and bit columns in the SQL table. These parameters need to be optional, so that parameter doesn't filter out any records unless it's checked. Here's the original sproc:


Can I just add on all those boolean parameters like so?


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SQL Server :: Pass Stored Procedure Parameters Sometimes

Jan 28, 2011

Instead of dynamically building an sql to update data based on certain fields that are filled in, I would like to try and do it via a stored procedure I have three fields passing potentially passing to a stored procedure




Stored Procedure accepts 3 parameters

@field1 nvarchar(20), @field2 nvarchar(20), @field3 nvarchar(20)

I want to be able to pass parameters in a variety of ways

field1, field2, field3
field1, field3
field2, field3

When I attempt thsi, it provides an error of a missing parameter when I do not supply all three. Is there any way to pass exclude parameters at times. The most important thing is that I do not want to update the field to a null when a parameter is not passed, I want it to exclude updating that field altogether

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SQL Server :: Turn Into Stored Procedure Query Parameters

Mar 7, 2011

How do you turn this, into a stored procedure:

<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server" ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:ConnectionStringNEW %>"
SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [Insert] WHERE ([Sellername] = @Dogname)">
<asp:QueryStringParameter Name="Dogame" QueryStringField="ID" />

I'm having difficulty with the querystringparameters.

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SQL Server :: How To Pass Parameters To Common Insert Stored Procedure

Dec 22, 2010

I would like to create a common stored procedure for all insert operations performed in my Database. So i created a stored procedure as below.


But now my problem is how to pass parameters for this stored procedure. I have got the column names of the table passed. But i would like to pass the parameters for each insert operation of each table to identify which value is passed for which parameter.

how to pass parameters for this stored procedure.

(Parameter can be Column name prefixed @ i.e. @Column name)

It is possible to get the column names in another Stored Procedure . But how to prefix @ for each column and pass this as parameter to the Common Insert Stored Procedure?

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SQL Server :: How To Execute Stored Procedure From Front End Without Passing Values To Optional Parameters

Jan 29, 2011

In my stored procedure I have declared some parameters as NULL values(Optional Parameters).

In my C#.NET code I didn't use the parameters to pass values to Stored Procedure's NULL

Parameters. So I am getting Exception.

I don't want to pass parameters from my code.Because I have declared 30 parameters in my

Stored Procedure as NULL values.

Is there any other way to execute Stored Procedure from Front End without passing values to

Optional Parameters in SQL stored procedure?

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SQL Server :: Search Multiple Tables Via Stored Procedure?

Jul 27, 2010

I'm a novice in .NET programming. I was trying to figure a way to make a MULTI TABLE search via a stored procedure for my website. I've written a SP to select records from one table, which isn't working for some unknown reasons:


Whatever I search for, the datagrid is displaying all records from my table.

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ADO.NET :: Stored Proc With Output Parameters / Data In The Output Parameters From The Stored Procedure?

Mar 30, 2011

I have a stored procedure that works fine for classic asp, but how can I get my output parameters data back from in /MVC 2 / linq/ entities framework model . I have inported the function also, but when i try to code it i dont get results ...i know this is a matter of lack of / knowledge or exmple because i have been scouring the web for it and cannnot find into that accually works.

here is the stored proc.


Here was the one of the few tries I did:


but it executes fine does not give me an error, but also does not return the info i need to the viewmodel

I keep seeing stuff about "ref" on the net but "ref" shows " arbument # should not be passed with the ref keyword.

So i am not sure if there is a problem with the model, or with my understanding this, Now for your info I can do the same step with returning a dataset from a stored procedure fine, but I dont want a data set I just want excatly the data in the output parameters from the stored procedure.

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DataSource Controls :: How To Return Multiple Output Parameter From Sql Server Stored Procedure

May 5, 2010

i want to return two output parameter n temp table from sql server stored procedure

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How To Move Stored Procedure From SQL Server 2000 To 2005, Multiple Table Insert

Jul 21, 2010

moving some tables & stored procedures from SQL Server 2000, to SQL Server 2005.So far so good, but I've come across a problem with this stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[user_insert]
@user_service_unit int,
@user_champion_1 varchar(50),
@user_champion_1_nt varchar(10),
@user_champion_2 varchar(50),
@user_champion_2_nt varchar(10),
@user_champion_3 varchar(50),
@user_champion_3_nt varchar(10),
@user_date_received datetime,
@user_requestor varchar(255),
@user_info_requested text,
@user_expiry_date datetime,
@user_10_days datetime,
@user_5_days datetime,
@user_2_days datetime

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DataSource Controls :: Multiple Select Statements In Stored Procedure Sql Server 2005

Feb 4, 2010

Is it possible to add multiple select statements in a single stored procedure. The select statements are getting data from different tables. If yes, could anybody provide an example in adding multiple select statements, which retrieve data from different tables in a stored procedure.

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SQL Server :: Stored Procedure - Looping Into Multiple SELECT Statements To Return Single Value?

Jan 3, 2011

When can I use Stored Procedure? Is this useful for looping into multiple SELECT statements to return single value? How? Can anyone post some sample codes? I have text query and notice that my web application is slow and want to find ways to speed it up. Is there any possible ways aside from Stored Procedures?

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SQL Server :: Have A Stored Procedure Execute Another Stored Procedure During Time Period?

Jan 28, 2011

I could probably figure this out if I tried to, but I have been working so long on code, I'm a little fried

I have a stored procedure, and I want to execute another stored procedure during a time period of lets say 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2011

How Would I accomplish this?

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C# - Getting 'too Many Parameters Passed' To Stored Procedure?

Nov 30, 2010

I'm having trouble figuring this error out. I have a grid on an ASPX page that displays data from a stored procedure in an SQL Server 2008 database. When the page loads, I get the following error:

"Procedure or function <sp_name> has too many arguments specified."

Here is the code for the grid and the datasource:

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AllowPaging="True" AutoGenerateColumns="False"
DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" ShowFooter="True" OnRowDataBound="GridView1_RowDataBound"

Here's the code from the stored procedure:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_GatewayMerchants]
-- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
@StartDate DateTime,

The datasource is passing 4 parameters, and the stored procedure is accepting 4, but when the page displays I get the error mentioned above.

EDIT: Here's the code behind for the template column. But I'm not sure how this could be causing extra parameters to the SP.

protected void Command_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
var merchantID = Convert.ToInt32(((LinkButton)sender).CommandArgument);


If I remove the ASP:LINKBUTTON the code works. So why would a LINKBUTTON be causing this?

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Dynamic Parameters In A Stored Procedure?

Jan 19, 2011

I need to update a table with values from a listbox. I am trying to create as many parameters as there are items in the list, my code below, but how do i name them differently? so that they dont' overwrite each other?

For Each item As ListItem In ris
Dim pID As New SqlParameter("@userid", SqlDbType.Int)
pID.Value = objFormat.CheckSQL(item.Value)

and on the SQL side, is it possible to write an update statement, that will take a dynamic number of parameters?

so for example, i need to update multiple users with the same value in the "active" field...

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Stored Procedure Call With Parameters In .NET MVC?

Apr 22, 2010

I have a working controller for another stored procedure in the database, but I am trying to test another.

When I request the URL; http://host.com/Map?minLat=0&maxLat=50&minLng=0&maxLng=50

I get the following error message, which is understandable but I can't seem to find out why it occurs;

Procedure or function 'esp_GetPlacesWithinGeoSpan' expects parameter '@MinLat', which was not supplied.

This is the code I am using.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web; [code].....

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Stored Procedure Parameters - Sometimes NULL?

Jan 19, 2011

i have a stored procedure to update a table. not all fields are required and some can be blank.for example, title is not required, but when it's blank i get an error

Dim ptitle As New SqlParameter("@title", SqlDbType.NVarChar, 20)
ptitle.Value = objFormat.CheckSQL(title)
ex {"Procedure or Function 'sp_UpdateUser' expects parameter '@title', which was not supplied."} System.Exception

how can i fix it so that it allows for nulls if the data field is blank?

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Multiple Single-result Sql Server Stored Procedures Or Single Multple-result Stored Procedure?

Aug 9, 2010

Background: I use stored procedures exclusively for an ASP.NET application. I am using a DataReader to load a dataset object.

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ADO.NET :: Unable To Use Stored Procedure With LINQ With 8 Parameters

Jan 29, 2011

I am working on LINQ. I am calling a SQL Stored Procedure with 2-3 parameters it's working fine. When i am going to call Stored Procedure with 8 to 9 parameters the auto generated column is not comming automatically. So i am unable to use LINQ with Stored Procedure with multiple parameters.

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How To Call A Stored Procedure With Parameters From C# Code Behind

Sep 1, 2010

I have created a stored procedure shown below ,how will i call this from c# code behind to get the result and results are stored in dataset.

USE [Test]
/****** Object: StoredProcedure [dbo].[tesproc] Script Date: 09/01/2010 13:00:54 ******/
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[tesproc]
-- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here
@a float, @b float, @c float,@d int
-- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
-- interfering with SELECT statements.

-- Insert statements for procedure here
select Id, Name1,ZipCode,StreetName,StreetNumber,State1,Lat,Lng, ( 6371 * ACOS( COS( (@a/@b) ) * COS( (Lat/@b) ) * COS( ( Lng/@b ) - (@c/@b) ) + SIN( @a/@b ) * SIN( Lat/@b ) ) ) as distance from business_details where ( 6371 * ACOS( COS( (@a/@b) ) * COS( (Lat/@b) ) * COS( ( Lng/@b ) - (@c/@b) ) + SIN( @a/@b ) * SIN( Lat/@b ) ) )<@d

If i execute this stored procedure in sql server its working fine with this following call

exec dbo.tesproc 12.9216667 ,57.2958,77.591667,1

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ADO.NET :: Passing Parameters To A Stored Procedure Using A SqlDataAdapter?

Dec 10, 2010

I am trying to create a method which will access the database via a SqlDataAdapter. I have passed two parameters month and year. When I run it, I get the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I have posted the complete code below. Please take a look..


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SQL Server :: How To Create Stored Procedure In Sql Server 2005 And How To Use That Stored Procedure

Oct 1, 2010

I have created stored procedure and student database and also asp.net application for asp.net page but it could not found stored procedure what is the mistake actually I don't no

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ADO.NET :: How To Define Date Output Parameters For A Stored Procedure

Oct 15, 2010

I have a question. How do we define date output parameters for a stored procedure?

before you answer,I should mention that I am not referring to the sql syntax definition ,which is @mydate datetime output.

This is ok,what i am asking is HOW DO I SPECIFY IT IN LINQ WHEN I NEED TO CALL THE STORED PROCEDURE IN THE SERVER SIDE CODE. I am repeating that I do I am not referring to the sql definition .

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DataSource Controls :: How To Pass Parameters To Stored Procedure

Apr 30, 2010

Ive tried a few ways of doing this without success and got together a simplified example so hopefully I can get an answer. When I try to INSERT using a stored procedure InsertTest (normal SQL works OK) I cannot. I need to know how to pass the @Model parameter to the Stored procedure

Have a Stored procedure which can be executed and after entering string for @Model through wizard a new record is created

My asp:SqlDataSource includes InsertCommand="InsertTest" InsertCommandType="StoredProcedure"
Also my <InsertParameters includes the asp:Parameter Name="Model" Type="String"/>

My drop down (and I think this is where the problem is ). Record is Inserted after choosing Model and pressing enter

Do I have to set one of the properties in the drop down to tell the Stored procedure the parameter being passed is the parameter Model ??


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SQL Server :: Write Code Of Stored Procedure / Create Stored Procedure And Write Select Statement In It

Nov 23, 2010

how can I create stored procedure and write my select statement in it, I know how to create dataset then put type stored procedure and assign it to the sp ... what I want is writing my sp... how can I make it ?

check the following code, this is what I want to write put I don't know where or how !









where can I write this code ?!

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