SQL Server :: Retrieving Data For A Forums Project In Posts Page?

Jan 18, 2011

I am designing a forums website. I have prepared two tables - topic and post

topic - topicid (pk),sub, message (content), replies (count of replies), catid(fk), createdby, createddate, updatedby, updatedon, viewers( count of views)

post - postid(pk), topicid(fk), post (content), createdby, createddate, updatedby, updatedon.

retrieving data from both tables in posts page where the 1st post is in the topic table and rest i.e. replies are in the post table.

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SQL Server :: Retrieving Posts By Their Tag?

Sep 18, 2010

I have the following code in a stored procedure to retrieve all posts:


However, I am having trouble selecting posts by their tag..

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Retrieving Posts From A Wall, But Without Logging Into Facebook?

Jun 10, 2010

Basically, I would like to include my latest Wall posting on my website. But, so far, everything I have read needs the visitor to the site to log-in to Facebook which, in theory, would then retrieve their latest Wall post. In prinicpal, I guess it would be like an RSS Feed.

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.net Project For Forums With Complete Source Code?

Mar 23, 2010

I Want asp .net project for forums with complete source code, its working like this forum...

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Web Forms :: Page On Dev Server Posts Back To Local Machine?

Jul 22, 2010

Clicking the save button on my webform that's on our dev server:


Posts back to the same page on my local machine:


How does the DevServer even know my computer exists? I haven't hardcoded any URLS in my code.

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Can HTML Element Into Form-data That Posts Back To The Server

Apr 24, 2010

I am using Javascript to alter the innerHTML attribute of a <td> and I need to get that info back in the form submittal. The <td> corrosponds to an <asp:TableCell> on the server-side, where the Text attribute is set to an initial value.

The user cannot enter the value in this particular field. Instead, its value is set by me (via client-side script) based on actions that the user performs. But this field is useless to me if I can't see its value on the server-side as well.

I'd like to avoid using a read-only textbox, because those are difficult to resize dynamically. Can an <asp:Label> be used as form data? Is there any way to achive this without letting the user manually enter the data? Or is there a simpler way to store a string as a variable somewhere and send it back as form-data?

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C# - Protect A Public ASMX Page That Posts Important Data To Database?

Jan 19, 2010

I have a site in development with several web services (ASMX) that post important data to my database. When I navigate to the ASMX file in my browser, I can fill in the form with the parameters and post to the DB. If someone finds the URL to my WS, they can severely alter my database. I want to prevent people from being able to post to my WS publicly. So far, I've thought of two things that may but I'd like to know if there are any other ways:

Check to see if the HTTP Referrer to the WS method is the domain the WS is on Add an additional parameter called Key to all important WS methods and have this be an encrypted "password." Then encrypt my stored password on the WS side and compare if the keys match.

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Social Networking :: Unpublished Posts Must Be Posted To A Page As The Page Itself

Aug 22, 2013

I have written below function to post single Photo to FB page. But getting error saying "(OAuthException - #200) (#200) Unpublished posts must be posted to a page as the page itself."

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SQL Server :: Getting Last Value From Database And Check For Posts

Jan 20, 2011

topic - topicid (pk),sub, message (content), catid(fk), createdby, createddate, updatedby, updatedon, viewers( count of views)

post - postid(pk), topicid(fk), post (content), createdby, createddate, updatedby, updatedon.

As i told in my last post, I am designing a forums website. I am not able to design the query to retrieve the topics for a category for example say catid=1. I want to display it in a grid view as done in every forums.

I made some query :

SELECT Topic.Sub, Topic.CreatedBy,COUNT(Topic.viewers) from topic where catid=1

group by Topic.Sub,Topic.CreatedBy

This is for retrieving the topic name from the subject and the createdby giving the topic starter and the total no. of views of that topic.

Now i want to make a query from the post table displaying the last post in the topic and if the post does not exist, i want to display the 1st post from the topic table as the last post done.

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SQL Server :: Count Posts For Each Topic?

Oct 26, 2010

There are 2 tables [forumitems] and [forumitemsblog]

forumitems has the itemid,itemdescription,datecreated,whocreated fields

forumsitemsblog has the itemid,blog

I need to show how many posts are in each item description using the itemid so like count(blog) where itemid=itemid


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Publish Posts Automatically In Website Page?

May 29, 2010

how to publish posts automatically in web site page (asp)?

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SQL Server :: Retrieving Data For Charting?

Nov 9, 2010

I need to pull data out for a chart and the following is what I have come up with. While it works I know there must be a more elegant way to get the same data in the same format.


September 5 4 1
October 9 1 3

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SQL Server :: Retrieving Data From Stored Procedures?

Feb 2, 2011

I need to retrieve data from a stored procedure, but not from a reader. I need to insert and read to see if there is an error code returned so I can Display It


This inserts data into a stored procedure, since I have a promotion going on, I want to check to see if anyone has tried to create several accounts to try to be Customer #100 or so on, I have achieved this in the procedure, and set RETURN @ErrorCode = 1

Have I Set up the SqlParameter Correctly, or do I now have to declare a direction for each parameter?

I have had problems reading from Stored Procedures and Tutorials Seam Straightforward, but thay are about readers only not Input Output

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SQL Server :: Retrieving Data From FLAT File?

Jan 20, 2011

retrieving data from sql server 2000 database which has four tables. 3 of them has 256 datafields. And I need to retrieve all columns from all table for last 3years. All tables are related through a coman primary key.

So, Total data is 300,000.

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DataSource Controls :: Retrieving Data From SQL Server?

Mar 17, 2010

I try to use one Calendar, i have example with XML, but i wont to read from SQL,


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Social Networking :: Display Latest Recent Posts In Facebook Page To Website

Jul 16, 2013

how to display latest recent posts in my facebook page to my website.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Create HTML Page Retrieving Data From Database

May 28, 2010

i have web application it should create single HTML page . that one HTML page should send to the customers.how to create HTML page .i created one page but it retriveing single record from the databse values . my problem is i have to pull all the records from the database and papulate the HTML page. but i am getting only onerecord on that page.my code as follows

string type = ds.Tables[0].Rows[i].ItemArray[4].ToString();
string WAIVN = ds.Tables[0].Rows[i].ItemArray[0].ToString();
string status = "cdcr";

but iam not getting all records only single record only iam retriving

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Forms Data Controls :: Stop Page Retrieving Data Until Go Button Has Been Clicked

May 14, 2010

I have a page with a series of Gridviews to display summarised information. There a three Gridviews which need to be selected as criteria and then a Go Button is clicked to retrieve the info.

At the moment the information is retreived as the dropdowns are selected. Can this be stopped until the user clicks GO?

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SQL Server :: Retrieving Data From Database - To Create A New Consultation Record For A Patient?

Sep 16, 2010

I'm having a question about retrieving data. I'm using VS 2008 and I have to create a new consultation record for a patient and I've already created a database with 3 tables, which are doctor, patient and consultation.

I have 10 records saved in consultation table, and I've made a aspx form which contains a DetailsView that ask for new consultation details to be added. But I have to be able to get the doctor and patient information from the database and put in the DetailsView, then fill in the rest of the consultation details. The information entered have to be written to the database in the consultation table. But I don't know how to get doctor and patient information from database and apply them into the DetailsView so that doctor who wants to add new consultation details can select patient and doctor information from the database.

I was thinking maybe I need to do a query with insert statement and apply into the DetailView,this is the query i have:

INSERT INTO [Consultation] ([ConsultationID], [GPname], [PatientFirstName], [PatientLastName], [Height], [Weight], [IllnessDescription], [Diagnosis], [Date]) VALUES (@ConsultationID, @GPname, @PatientFirstName, @PatientLastName, @Height, @Weight, @IllnessDescription,
@Diagnosis, @Date)

as you can see, I need to get the GPname, PatientFirstName and PatientLastName from the database tables and the rest will be filled in by the doctor.

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Retrieving Data Is Slow Only When Use Entity Framework In The Code Page?

Aug 20, 2010

When I use classical ADO.NET or (which is interesting) EntityDataSource (e.g. for GridView), then page load within 1 second.But when I use ic codefile code like:

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
Cty = CType(Request.QueryString("cty"), Integer) ' course type
If Not IsPostBack Then ' read course status
Using ctx_sdbEntities As New sdbEntities()

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Forms Data Controls :: Retrieving Values From Listview And Passing It To Another Page

Feb 21, 2011

i am trying to develop forum page in asp.net using c#. I have listed forum threads lists as Title, Description, Posted On, Posted By like that using Listview. Now my idea is if the user clicks anyone of the title from the list the control will move to new page. there based on thread title selected from listview i would like to display the reply msgs posted for that. i am struggling lot here.

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Forms Data Controls :: Getting News-like Posts Via Database?

Jun 22, 2010

I have a website where people can send an email to a group of people and then choose to have that letter posted on our website.

The problem has now become that I get so many of them, I can't keep up with doing it manually. What I'd like to do is have it go to a database and then have it automatically update the site. So, one page will have "teasers" with the Author's name, etc and a few lines of the letter and then it links to another page that has the entire letter.

Can anyone tell me if:

a) that's possible

b) how to implement it

Doing it manually has gotten out of control!

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Web Forms :: On A Button Click .aspx Page Open New Window Retrieving Data From Another Xml File

Feb 2, 2011

I am using VS 2005.An 1.aspx page is there, retrieving data from an xml file and having a button.On a button click same 1.aspx page should open new window retrieving data from another xml file with the help of query string.

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WCF / ASMX :: Calling A Web Service On A Remote Server From A ASPX Page (website Project VS2005)?

Aug 30, 2010

I am maintaining a web site project in VS2005 and have to call a new web service on a remote server. I've done add web reference, and created the .wsdl and .discomap files in the app_webReference folder. When I try to create a object representing the web service in the code ( wsnamespace.serviceName ws = new wsnamespce.serviceName(); ) the code wouldn't compile.

The web site project is already calling other web services. When I right click on the type representing the web service and "go to definition" it takes me to a proxy class (derived from of course SoapHttpClientProtocol) in the metadata. I think this is what's missing for the new web service i'm trying to call. Have I missed any steps?

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Forms Data Controls :: SQL Command For Blog Posts With Maximum Comments

Jul 23, 2010

I have a BlogPost table by which i post blog on my website, this is the structure of BlogPost Table:

BlogPostID int Unchecked
LanguageID int Unchecked
BlogPostTitle nvarchar(200) Unchecked
BlogPostBody nvarchar(MAX) Unchecked
BlogPostAllowComments bit Unchecked
CreatedByID int Unchecked
CreatedOn datetime Unchecked

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