Security :: Diff Between Internet And Intranet Application Developemnt

Mar 22, 2010

diff between internet And intranet applications design. How they are deff in authentication. What kind of authentications is possible?

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How To Update Data In The Intranet Application Through Internet

Oct 5, 2010

my application is in Intranet, but in my application mail is trigger to the user, and in that mail (outlook) user getting one link of that application so that he can update "YES"

My problem is that when the user is not in office and he is using Blackberry, at that time intranet link will not work.........

so, any solution that anybody can update through internet.

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Security :: Intranet Web Application Using Windows Authentication?

Jan 7, 2010

I've a project using windows authentication and it will be used in intranet. The client itself already have a web application in their intranet and they built it with Java (they used windows authentication too). The problem occur when they want my web application only appear within their application content section.

What should I do? I did think about using iframe but some people said it's evil. And if I'm going to use iframe, is it save? My web application will use a few pop up window/modal window and ajax.

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AJAX :: Two Modalpopupextender On The Same Page To Display Two Diff Table In Diff Panel?

Jul 29, 2010


For the Second gridview is directly below the first panel

asp:Label ID="Label12" runat="server" Text="Label" style="display:none;" ></asp:Label>
<asp:Panel runat="server" ID="popupPanel2" BackColor="White">
<table style="width:64%; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #000000; font-size: 12px;"
id="Table1" runat="server">
<td style="width: 122px">
<asp:Label ID="Label7" runat="server" Text="From Project:"></asp:Label>.........

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Configuration :: Intranet IP Does Not Work In Internet?

Sep 21, 2010

I have developed an web application using .net 3.5 framework and sql server 2005. Firstly, it was hosted in our intranet. Everything worked fine. Then our client wants to use this application anywhere from world. We do not have seperate domain for hosting. We have our mail server. We hosted in that server.The problem is...Now we have two LIVE IPs, i.e for internet users we are getting the IP ashttp://xxx.yyy.zz.ddd:hh and for intranet users we are getting the IP as The intranet IP does not work in internet and vice-visa

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Configuration :: Intranet Page Can Be Accessed Over The Internet

Aug 12, 2010

I am running a test page on a local server that I want only to be available to comouters that are running on the LAN. However, My web page can be accessed over the internet, how can i stop this?

The page is running on a Windows Server 2003 pc using IIS 6.0

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Showing Internet Content On An Intranet Site

Feb 23, 2011

I've an ASP.NET application hosted inside a local area network. The application host machine has access to the internet while the local area network clients do not.

There is one requirement where I've to show a web page with rich content (images) in an IFrame from internet (public network) address.

However since internet access is not available on the client, this somehow has to be done from server and then needs to be served to client.

How can this be done?

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Web Forms :: Queries Reg Internet,intranet ,emailing & Its Processing

Aug 20, 2010

i am into web development using but reg some concepts i need to be clear i am not much awate abt the netwroking & the routers , SMTP server etc i am aware abt public domain /IP which is accesiable all over like so when we attach a file, or place images or upload images or give hyperlink the files get stored on this publicly accesiabel space & hence visible frm anywhere

same is the case for intranet web applications/sites. its accessibale in the LAN setup as here too we have a server where we can store images files etc

so if i need to send emails with hyperlinks, attachemnents images etc & which shld be accessiable frm anywhere i need to have a public doamin & space & al this gets stored in that public space (server)

i think my this concept abt the intranet & internet is clear . if anythinh left out wuld like to knw
but i have come across a prblm in which i need to do communication between the intranet & internet

i have a server in the intranet . when i attach or link any files/images frm my emailing module frm my intranet server it shld be viewable even out side the LAN setup. for doing the same wht SMTP setting needs to be done, or shld i set up a mailing server. i dont have a public domain . without a public domain/space how can i achieve it whts port_forwarding & can my soulution be achieved using it

reg the same wht can be the best possible way that can be achieved

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Seeking Technology To Upload Files From Public Internet To Intranet

Jun 18, 2010

Currently our external customer submit all other data through our public web site, but submit some artifacts (.coc, pdf...) through email, then our administrators save those files come from email to our internal server. This is not efficient, because we cannot identify immdeately if our customer submitted their required documents before our administrator saved them to the server. I am seeking a technology that external customer can upload files through the public website toan intranet server that the external customer would not notice they are accessing intranet server.

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Installation :: Internet Explorer Doesn't Know App Is On Intranet After Adding Host Header

Feb 15, 2011

I have an intranet web app that uses .NET and Windows Authentication and IIS 7.5.

I originally accessed it with the URL http://computername ... that worked fine and there was no prompt for the username & password.

Then we set up a DNS entry and a host header so we could access it with a more realistic url (for example - I can still get to the site, but there's a username & password prompt even if I'm on the same network. We want to get
rid of this prompt...

I was able to remove the prompt by adding to my Intranet sites in Internet Explorer settings - but is there a global fix or a server-side fix for this that wouldn't involve changing a setting on every client computer? My users and not technical at all and they're not going to know how to change that setting.

Alternatively, is there a way that an administrator could push this Internet Explorer setting to all computers on the network? I'm a software developer not a network admin so I'm a bit over my head on this one ... I would probably need to give them instructions about how to do it even though it's not my specialty.

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Social Networking :: How To Use Google Maps Without Internet Connection In Intranet Website

May 7, 2015

Below is the Geo Map code I am using in my website. This code works if there is internet connection. If there is no internet connection, my code will not work.I want to make it work without internet connection.

<script type="text/javascript" src="URL...
<script type="text/javascript" src=URL...
<script type="text/javascript">
var google_markers = new Array();
var markers = [


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What's The Diff Between Cache And Application

Apr 12, 2010

I just noticed a "Cache" object, when would you use the Cache object to store state data nd when would you use the Application object?

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Installation :: How To Install To Develope Diff Application Demos Using 3.5,mvc

Aug 6, 2010

i have vs team system 2008 sql server 2005, i dont have template for mvc when i clik on new website or project. providing information that "What to install to develope different application demos using 3.5,mvc,C#,WCF,WPF"

what are the steps to create best working environment, later i want to add sharepoint

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Security :: User Must Not Be Able To Do Multiple Logins From Diff M/c Using 1 Loginname

Jan 22, 2010

I am working on site which requires to control user from its misusing. Say a user is login from 1 m/c the other user should not be able to login from other m/c with the same account, but user must be able to do multiple login of same user from the same m/c.

First I was hoping using the IP address check I will be able to do that but due to proxy many user will have a same IP address.

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Relative Urls For Images And Js Files In MVC Application - Diff Behaviour On Local And Production Server?

Mar 13, 2011

I have an MVC web application, the urls like following in my views folder:

<img src="../../Images/Delete.png"/>

are working on my localhost, but when I deployed the application on production server, they stopped working and when I use single ".." instead of double "../.." , they start working on production server.

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Web Forms :: Browser Is Opened In The Internet Zone Instead Of Intranet Zone

Mar 31, 2010

I am having a .net project that builds the web based installer. I was using visual studio 2005 environment and the project is targetted to .Net 2.0 framework earlier. I don't see any issues with installing the product that was builted from above environment.

Recently i migrated to Vs2008 and .Net 3.5 framework and the i was facing the following issue. During the installation the web browser( opened in IE 6.0) is getting opened in INTERNET Zone which applied higher security settings including disabling of all Java scripts.The browser was not responding any click events( next or back or cancel).Copying the URL to the new IE doesn't have this issue. I am not sure whether it is an environment issue or not.

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Trying To Debug A Page On A Web Application Used Internally On An Intranet?

Dec 22, 2010

I am having great issues trying to debug a page on a web application used internally on an intranet. When entering the page the "Security Information" Pop Up Box appears. The whole application is running under https.

To try and debug the issue, I have used Fiddler, and looked at the urls for every component, javascript, css, images, and user control components. Everything I have seen from Fiddler shows that the urls start with required https! So, I am completely confused why this message should be shown - it appears everything the page is posted back.

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Wpf - XBAP, Click-Once Or .NET For Barcode Intranet Application

Jan 7, 2010

I'm working on a UI for a simple inventory system. The users will use a USB barcode scanner to retrieve an ID and then either retrieve information from the database about the scanned object or enter the new information. This will only be used within our corporate environment. I can't decide which is the best way to go with this. I would like to use this opportunity to take a crack at WPF.

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Configuration :: Finishing And Running Intranet Application

Aug 2, 2010

I am reaching the stage where my first web application is nearing completion and I want to look at running the aspx web application. The web application is going to be run on an internal server, so that only users of the network can access the web page.I am not sure of how I get my project from my pc onto the server and go about making so that I can open it in my browser,

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Installation :: Intranet Database Application Not Accessible?

Feb 6, 2010

I have created an ASP.NET database application using SQL Server express on one of my home network PC's. I can access SQL Server Express from the other PC's (using SQL Server Authentication) so I know it is set up ok for network access. I can run the web site on the host PC under IIS & everything works ok.

When I try to access the application from another PC using it is not available. I can ping & it is accessible.

why I can not view the web site from another PC on the network?

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Security :: Use Windows Authentication But Only In Intranet?

Jan 9, 2010

We also have sales rep that take call and use the same website to take the orders.

My boss wants me to allow the SR to only be able to take orders if they are in the network itself. When I ask why he tells me "just because".

I'm sure there's a way but I can't see it at the moment. How do I go by doing that? Also keep in mind that if the SR is outside the intranet, he can't be allowed to enter his active directory login/password (so the login window must not even show).

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Security :: How To Get The Domain An Intranet User Is Coming From

Jul 16, 2010

We are using IIS6 and .Net Framework 2.0 for our intranet with Windows and Digest Authentication . We have 2 domains that have access to this intranet. I suddenly have the need to display slightly different content for users from Domain A. The changes are rather trivial (text on a label and and image in a header) but important to our stakeholders.

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Security :: Show Authenticated User On Intranet?

Feb 7, 2011

Show Authenticated user on Intranet:

Response.Write("UserName is: " + User.Identity.Name);

In Web.config:


This works fine on local server. But not on Intranet.

On Intranet, it was working fine on IIS 6.0.

But on IIS 7.5, the user doesn't get authenticated.

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Security :: 3.5 - Set Up An Intranet Site With Windows Authentication

Jul 26, 2010

i m trying to set up an Intranet site with Windows Authentication. I have configured the web.config as shown below.

<authentication mode="Windows">
<roleManager enabled="true" />

I wanted to do authorization by roles so

<deny users ="?"/>
<allow roles="D820MySite_Developers, D820MySite_Admins"/>

I'm in the D820MySite_Developers group. When I attempt to login, it wants my password. I thought that with Windows Authentication it should not prompt for the password. If is use <allow user="*"/> it does not.

1. Is this the correct behavior?

2. My aspnetdb does not appear in the App_Data folder. Should it and is this causing the problem. If it should be there, how do I get it there?

3. I was under the impression that by using Windows Authentication, I can prevent users from accessing pages by folder. Is this provided by IIS or is this provided by Windows (using Windows Explorer)?

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Security :: Use AD Authentication With Our Intranet Site To Control?

Feb 24, 2011

We would like to use AD authentication with our Intranet site to control what pages different users can access. I'm very new to and would be interested in links to a how to description. We are using Visual Studio 2008.

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