Security :: Windows Live Delegate Authentication And Emails / Access Emails (New, Read, Unread Etc)from Live Account?

Mar 21, 2011

I am able to get a token with Windows Live Delegate Authentication samples provided by Microsoft.

Now I want to access emails (New, Read, Unread etc) from live account. How can I achieve it with the help of Windows Live Delegate Authentication? Are there any examples for the same?

The Samples given by Microsoft are not related to emails.

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Live Chat is a very famous tool on websites, and the operators use a special web/windows interface to talk to the clients.What I want to implement is to specify some email accounts, and when the client click's the live chat and starts typing, his/her instant messages are delivered to the available email account. My operators can talk back to them as if they are on their friends list.I don't need to require any login or registration for clients to use this Live Chat.So are there any ideas about how to implement such a thing? Are there any good third-party-modules that already do that?

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how to login with Microsoft Account in ASP.Net Website using C#

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Read only unread Emails of mail id with use of pop3 or imap. with attachment.

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How can I access Subject/Body content of emails from a POP3 account using SQL Server Stored Procedures?

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I have a folder with sub folders containing reports. These permissions are broken down for each type of report. They have similar role priveleges. When I test the application, I can navigate to the pages. When I deploy the site live on the intranet the links don't return a page. Error missing link 404. Do I need to set something in IIS?

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I would to like to know how can we incorporate the Windows Live login in

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HttpHandlers / Modules :: Generic Handler / Prevent Data From Being Written To Live Table Via The Live.aspx Page?

Jun 28, 2010

I am using a generic handler (indicator.ashx) to create a graphic that is overlayed from information from a table (called LIVE) from our SQL database. This is working very well and I am very happy with the results.

However I am having an undesirable issue where the query string that is used for this is also being accessed by another page (called ReceiveLive.aspx) which is populating our LIVE table with data when we don't want this. I have been able to track this issue down to our generic handler that seems to populate this table with data whenever the handler is accessed.

The query string that is used to access our graphic through our generic handler is

Our other page that writes data to our LIVE database used the query string which is normally only accessed by a small piece of software that sits on the users PC and sends the data when necessary.

My question is this: How do I prevent data from being written to our LIVE table via the Live.aspx page everytime a query string is processed by my indicator.ashx is accessed?

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I have the code above, if after half of the emails were sent out, there is a error in smtp, then how can I avoid resending emails or missing emails in this cases ?

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Security :: Email Login And Windows Live Authentification With Web Forms Authentification

Mar 22, 2011

I have a website with WebForms Authentification enabled using a MySQL provider and i've also an ASP.NET Profile. I have the Role: NormalUsers, and HighLevelUsers. I have a folder named:"Users" that has access rules to: Deny ALL, Allow NormalUsers. I have a page names: MyProfile.aspx in the folder Users

First: I want the users to login with an email and a password not a username and a password.

Second: Now i want anonymous users to connect with their Windows Live ID and use my website as NormalUser, I also want to allow them to migrate their account to a normal WebForms account with a simple click that invokes the CreateUser methods and get the Email, Name, FirstName ..ect from their Windows live account to the createUser method.

Platform: Visual Studio 2010 (No SP), .NET 4, ASP.NET WebForms.

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Web Forms :: How To Read Emails From Outlook

May 7, 2015

How to get Emails from Outllok in

get only emails and contact no...its possible

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How can I use imap to read emails?

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Security :: Impersonate A Connection To SQL Server Under IIS App Pool Account If Windows Authentication?

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I have a requirement I should connect to MS SQL server under IIS Application pool account from ASP.NET application where Windows Authentication is enabled. I cannot use user name and password in connection string.

ASP.NET application should use Entity Framework 4.0 to work with data.

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Service To Read Emails And Post To A Webform Or Database?

Jun 8, 2010

I guess it doesn't matter what technology I use, but I'm wanting to send an email to a specified email address then have some service either POST to a webpage or Insert into an open SQL database.

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Controls :: Get POP3 Settings To Read Emails From Yahoo

Apr 22, 2014

Using the code(which is provided in this site) m able to retrieve the mails from gmail only, what should i change in that code so that i can also retrieve the mails from ymail hotmail etc.... 

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Web Forms :: Unable To Read All Emails In Gmail Using POP3

Apr 27, 2013

I have gone through the article on 

"Fetch and Read emails from POP3 mail server using C# and VB.Net - Part I"

I provided gmail server and all necessary credentials. But i was not able to get all emails from gmail .It was fetching last 300 mails. Getmessage count is getting wrong message count.

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Controls :: Read Emails From MailBox And Save It To Database

Apr 18, 2014

I am able to retrieve my emails from gmail but i need to store it into database.

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How to read an multiple emails in web application. And how in that how to add paging to display next emails...

I am referring : Fetch and Read emails from POP3 mail server using C# and VB.Net - Part I

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Controls :: Read Yahoo Emails From MailBox Using IMAP Server?

Apr 5, 2013

How can i get yahoo mails using imap.

i use [URL] for getting mail from gmail but if i pass yahoo?Id and password . it gives me error...

How can i get yahoo mails to my system using c#.

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Controls :: How To Change Read Status Of Emails Using Openpop Library

Mar 1, 2014

I am searching for a module where I can change read status of emails from application using openpop library. And I can only read emails those are unread on the email server using application.

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Security :: LoginView And Windows Authentication - Setting - User's Account And Password Checked By Active Directory?

Sep 19, 2010

i have a problem with the users authentication on my site. I made <authentication mode="Windows"> in my web.config. The LoginView shows "mycomputermyusername" if i request the page. So far as well. Now i want to login with a different username. Users are stored in an Active Directory. My questions: wich setting i have to do, that user's account and password checked by Active Directory? how can i force the system to make a new login? Logout doesn't work, i always see my on account.

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Configuration :: Access Application Through Public (live) IP?

Jun 11, 2010

I have application deployed on local server what i want is to access application remotely through public(live)[We have one)..

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C# - Live Site And Holding Side By Side Until Go Live?

Mar 26, 2011

I will shortly be going live with a new .net web application. It will be deployed to a load balanced environment over 5 servers.Before go live there is a holding site on all the 5 servers to which the domain is currently pointing ->Prior to go live, I would like to deploy the new site to 5 servers and for the holding site to remain and for it to be what the public sees. And when the time comes, I can put the new site live with a flick of a switch. I also want the new site to be on the servers so that I can test it prior to go live.I am running in IIS7. This is common practice I presume so what is the easiest way doing that above and achieve installing the new site on the servers will not affecting the holding site. The new site be accessible to me but the holding site be viewed by the general public.

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Security :: 4 Security Via Windows Authentication - Restrict Access To Safe / UCantSeeMe.aspx

Aug 18, 2010

I'm writing a simple Intranet application using windows authentication. I want to restrict access to Safe/UCantSeeMe.aspx. I am aware of the AuthorizeAttribute, but this only works on methods. I also found a good post on doing this with the MVC pattern, but I'm not using MVC. This can be done with roles in forms based security. I read on MSDN that using windows based security means roles are based on groups, but it doesn't go into any detail. how can I restrict access to Safe/UCantSeeMe.aspx?

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