Security :: Apply Expiration Date To A Membership On A Pay Site?

Mar 2, 2011

I am developing a new website that is membership based with yearly subscriptions. Using VS2010/asp.net4/c#. I have my site up to the point where all my content is ready to go and i can add members to the database to access all the premium content.

However, I have no idea how to impliment a start date and expiration date for that membership. I have been following along with Wrox Beginning 4.0 from beginning to end and this isn't covered at all. I also have Apress Pro 4 as well and I cant find anything dealing with that in there either.

What I would love to be able to find is some book or tutorial that i can follow along with and learn from so that this doesn't happen again to me.

In short what I need to do is this.

1. Add new user to defined membership role

2. Apply start/end date to that user

3. When the end date has passed I need to reasign them to a new role and then redirect them to another page with a notification

4. I guess lastly some way to add/manage members as an admin on my deployed site. Durring development i was using the built in Web Site Admin Tool but I just found out that only works on my local machine.

I have a feeling this this will be a very simiple fix but because of my total lack of experience it has been driving me crazy for three days tyring to hunt down info.

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Security :: How To Configure Logging In To Membership Site

Jul 1, 2010

Im setting up a site with membership.

The db connection seems to work. I can create new users with the new user wizard control. And they show up in the databaser. But i cant log in. I use the log in control and just get "wrong password". I am sure i type the correct password as i made it very easy. here are my webconfig settings.

There is one thing i have no clue how to configure. The APPLICATION NAME. What is it? And what should i set it to?

<authentication mode="Forms">

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Security :: Compare CreatDate With Today Date In Membership Sql DB?

Aug 5, 2010

Im creating a website with an anual subscription base and im using the default website mebership tools. in the membership table of my DB there is a CreateDate for each user. I would like to know if it is possible to check from the SQL DB if this condition is true: (CreateDate+365 days)>TodayDate each time a user logs in. If the conditional is true I would like to change the user IsLockedOut = true so i can know that he has to reSubscribe.

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Security :: Export List Of Users From Site Membership To Xls File

Jan 8, 2011

I have the requirement to export all my users and custom profile properties to an excell spreadsheet but i can find a way to do it. I have found several exampls of how to export the Profile information eg(


but i can't see a way to export the following info for example;

<profile enabled="true" defaultProvider="AccessProfileProvider">
<add name="AccessProfileProvider" type="AccessProviders.AccessProfileProvider" connectionStringName="ProfileAccessProvider" applicationName="MandS_2010" description="Stores and retrieves profile data from an personal Access database."/>
<group name="SupplierProfile">
<add name="CompanyName" type="String"/>
<add name="HoldingCompany" type="String"/>
<add name="Address" type="String"/>
<add name="Telephone" type="String"/>
<add name="Fax" type="String"/>
<add name="TypeOfSupplier" type="String"/>
<add name="DirectSupplierCode" type="String"/>
<add name="Alist" type="String"/>
<add name="otherCode" type="String"/>

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Security :: Passing Custom Create Date Using Membership CreateDate() Method?

May 11, 2010

I want to pass create date in Membership CreateUser(..., ..., ...) method. As It's only providing no such method of passing custom create date of an user(s). Is there a way to pass it? I'm using .NET Framework 2.0. If there is no such way then have any idea my Microsoft is not providing this functionality for passing custom value(s) as store procedure is implemented all the table parameter(s).

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State Management :: How To Get The Cookie Expiration Date To Write Out

Nov 1, 2010

I tried <%= request.cookies("cookiename").expires %> but thats a no go. Tried adding .tostring, no go. what am I to do? Has to be something simple I am missing here.

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DataSource Controls :: Find Expiration Date Of SQL Server 2008 Evaluation?

Mar 8, 2010

Where can I find the expiration date of SQL Server 2008 Evaluation Edition? It's not in Help >> About and I don't see it in the server properties either.

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Web Forms :: Temporary Internet Files Showing An Incorrect Cookie Expiration Date?

Dec 28, 2010

i'm creating a cookie with an expiration of 12 hours from now. when i run my solution locally and go into C:Users..AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet Files and look at the expires property of my cookie the date and time are correct. However, when I deploy this to our web server and go to the website i notice the cookie that got created for it has an expiration date of 2 years from now, minus a day. So the cookie should be set to expire on 12/29/2010 8:00 PM for example instead shows 12/28/2012 8:00 PM. Here's the code i'm using to create the cookie, pretty basic. And yes, the date on the web server is correct. I really want the cookie to expire in 12 hours, not 2 years.


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Security :: How To Set A Trial Expiration

Aug 12, 2010

I am not sure if I am asking this question correctly. Sometimes when you don't know enough, you may not know what to ask. I want to set up memberships with an ASP.NET website. The memberships will have a 14 day free trial period. After that, the user will need to pay a fee if they wish to continue to access the website. I am not sure how to accomplish this. After adding a membership database to the website, setting up roles ect., what do I do next? Do I need to make adjustments to the tables of the database, or write some code somewhere in the application? I have never done this exercise before, Logically, I know that I need to implement something that keeps track of expiration date. Also, how do I prevent a user from just making up new user names and credentialing?

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Security :: Add An Expiration Token To A Existing Querystring?

Jul 2, 2010

I don't know if the following is possible or not but in brief, here is what I'm trying to achieve:

1. When a user requests to view a document, they click on a link (could be other) which contains an encrypted query string containing data required to retrieve the relevant document. i.e.[URL]

2. I want to ensure that if after x minutes the user goes back to their history and select the link again or re-type the same url as above that it will not request the document and redirect them to a page letting them know that the requested document "link" is no longer valid.

I don't want to rely on cookies or sessions, so thought that maybe there would be a way to add a datetime token at the end of the existing url but this needs to be done at run-time as the url is already predefined when the link is created, so I'm not sure how can I do this?

ideally, I'd like something like this [URL] where the token would contain the date & time when the link was clicked.

Once re-requested, I would decrypt the token and validate it again the server time and if it was over the x minutes defined, it would redirect me to the "link is no longer valid" page.

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Security :: FormAuthentication Ticket Expiration Check?

Jan 26, 2011

I have a application where i am using FormAuthentication Ticket when user Sign in....on each page I want to check if FormAuthentication Ticket has expired to do this ?..

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Security :: Force Password Expiration After Number Of Days?

Aug 23, 2010

Using C# and sqlmembershipprovider forms authentication, is there a way to force user password to expire and need to be reset after x number of days?

So if a user launches the website login.aspx page, when they type their userid, it will check if the password is expired and direct them to a Resetpassword.aspx page?

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Security :: Forms Authentication - Users Logged Out Before Cookie Expiration?

Jun 16, 2010

For some reason my users are logged out of the system every 10-15 minutes or so...regardless of the configuration I missing something?


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Apply Particular FORMAT Of Date By Using Eval?

Nov 19, 2010

I have used following code :


it will display the date as:11/4/2010 10:52:33 AM

But i want that it will display only 11/4/2010. How to do this?

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Security :: How To Redirect The User Automatically To Login Page After Session Expiration

Mar 10, 2010

How i redirect the page to Login page automatically if session Expires .

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C# - To Apply Default.master Of The SharePoint Site To Aspx Page?

Mar 7, 2010

I am using SharePoint Server 2007 + C# + .Net 3.5 + VSTS 2008 + ASP.Net. And I am using collaboration portal template.

I am developing a custom aspx page and put it in _layout folder of a site and I want to apply default.master of the SharePoint site to this aspx page. Any samples about how to achieve this goal?

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How To Apply Date Formatting And Add Attributes To A Textbox In MVC3

Dec 20, 2010

In my application, I want all dates to display in the MM/DD/YYYY format and I also want the text box to be limited to 10 characters and have a certain class applied to it.

To that end, I made a custom editor template for Date that looks like this:

@ModelType System.Nullable(Of DateTime)
@Html.TextBoxFor(Function(d) d, New With {.class="polkDate", .maxlength="10"})

Then in my view I just can just call @Html.EditorFor(Function(m) m.someDate) and this works pretty well. However, because I'm using TextBoxFor, it doesn't respect the DisplayFormat attribute that's applied to my model class (i.e. it's spitting out the time as well instead of formatting the date).

I would love to use EditorFor so that it would respect the formatting that I want, but you can't add attributes like class and maxlength. I also tried just using the plain old TextBox helper, but I don't know how to make it generate the correct ID so that model binding still works.

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Security :: Automatic Expiration Of Forms Authentication When User Closes The Browser Windows Without Signing

Aug 28, 2010

can u tell me how to automatically sign out a user if he/she closes the browser window without signing out. I'm using Forms Authentication.

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Forms Data Controls :: Apply Substring To Date Field?

Sep 10, 2010

I have a gridview that has a field called TargetDate which is formatted as dd/mm/yyyy. I want to substring the numbers out of the date. So basically remove the '/'. How do I do that? can't just substring(0,2) because sometimes the date is single digits, sometimes 2 digits. I am using

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AJAX :: How To Highlight Todays Date In Calender Extender Control - How To Apply Css

Sep 20, 2010

how to highlight todays date in calender extender control popus and how to apply background color to every cell in calender control

and how to apply css



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Security :: Apply Security On Gridview For Certain Users?

May 5, 2010

i have a gridview that displays a number of columns, there is some rows that are to be confidential for some users "secret" records, i.e some users will see some of the rows as access denied in the cells and they won't be able to click the row to take them to detail page. other users will be able to see these rows data in the cells and able to click on the row header to take them to detail page.

how to display data/links in grid view cells selectibaly without changing the data in database?

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Membership - Two Providers On Site

Aug 11, 2010

Our site has got two ASP.NET membership providers. The built in one, and a custom one (SqlMembershipProvider.

I am able to log into both no problems, but I don't necessary require the ability to have both logged in at the same time.

The issue I have is as follows:

User "" logs into the built in provider. They then navigate to the section of the site where we require the custom provider.

On this page, I can check if they are authenticated, and get their username. I can then get a MembershipUser object form the custom providers GetUser method. (HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name)

It is possible (and very likely) that the username "" could also exist in the users for the custom provider.

But, I don't want them to be logged in here, as they haven't authenticated against the custom provider.

So, is it possible to check which proivider HttpContext.Current.User was generated from.

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Security :: Pass Authentication From Site A To Site B ( Windows Credential)?

Dec 21, 2010

I have 2 website A and B.

B site with windows authentication

I want to open B site as new window from A site, so its ask for windows credential. I have credential in A site. I am opening B site using

how i can set credential for B site from A site.

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Security :: Possible To Apply For Certificate For Ip Address

Sep 21, 2010

we have one e-commece website which combine one ip address and 4 domains, I want apply for one ssl certificate bind ip for this site, is it possible to be used for 4 domains? is it possible to apply for certificate for ip address?

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Security :: SSL Apply On A Directory Or Certain Pages?

Nov 18, 2010

I have requested my web host provider to apply a SSL over the entire domain, as this is the only option available. The trouble is, I am not sure when the SSL is applied over the domain, how do I force certain web pages, the login page to SSL or even pages sitting in a directory. My web host service had mentioned when the SSL is applied over the domain, unless applying code the pages remain as http.

I am new to SSL and asp. I am using VB in my contract. Very confused. I have searched google and posts but have not found a simple clear access?

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