Security :: Step By Step Process To Create Custom Login?

Apr 25, 2010

I have created a User Control with 2 Textboxes and a Button. Then I have built that control into my Master Page. I have also created the code easily enough for the login - see below;


However, I have a problem. I want to do the following;

1. Let them Login

2. Let them Logout

3. And I want to try and use this code into a Global Variable

What is the easiest way possible to do this, as I do NOT want to use the Asp.Net Login facilities already provided.

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Apr 24, 2010

I use default membership provider. in my register.aspx page i use a CreateUserWizard to create new user. in this wizard i want to create a custom step in first step to show the user some roles with a checkBox if user check it mean he agree with the roles and can create account.

i create the step and i put the some text and a checkBox in it. the problem is i don't know how to get the value of checkBox and how active the next button in first Step of my wizard.

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I wonder are there any opensource project so I can learn the realistic project in practice. What I desire is ones that with detailed turial about how to create the project, like step to step. I already know the opensource project from microsoft like blogengine, however, it does not offer any turial.

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Aug 11, 2010

I'm trying to get the text values from each textbox in a custom created createuserwizard step however i keep returning null for each textbox however the default step & text boxes (ie. UserName, Password, Email, etc, etc) i can get the text value with no problem


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Jun 24, 2010

I want to develop a mail server like gmail,yahoo etc but I really don't know where to start .

give me the steps to follow in developing this application.

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I am using sitemap with the in-built menu but this is very 'dull'. I want to apply CSS and jQuery to give it a better visual look and feel. I have read various articles based on [URL] However, i really liked [URL]

Is there any examples or tutorials similar to this which are FREE?

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AJAX :: How To Use The Autocompletion Extender Step By Step In Visual Studio 2005

Jan 5, 2010

AutoComplete is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached to any TextBox control, and will associate that control with a popup panel to display words that begin with the prefix typed into the textbox.

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Automatically Populating Textboxes In Wizard Step 2 Using Values From Step 1?

Jun 14, 2010

I am using a wizard with 2 steps: Step 1: I enter some values in few textboxes, which in turn are stored in some hidden variables Step 2: There are some more textboxes including the texboxes in step 1 Example: in step 1 there are two textboxes Customer Name & Email ID In step 2 there are two more texboxes Customer Name, Email ID, Company Name and Age Now the values in step 1 are stored in 2 hidden variables lblCustomerName and lblEmailId respectively. Now how do I automatically populate these two fields which are already entered in step 1, in the textboxes present in step 2, is my question?

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Web Forms :: Send Mass Email - Step By Step Instructions?

Apr 9, 2010

Would it be possible to creae a web form that will take an Excel sheet of email address or SQL Server Database and mass email to these people through a web form? If so, does anyone have or know some step by step instruction on how to do this?

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Highlighting The Current Step In A Multi Step Form Page

Jul 23, 2010

i am using a simple form page with 4 steps in it i am not using any wizard control for this i want to highlight the current step what i have to do for achieving this functionality.

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How To Make A Website In XHTML And CSS / Finding Step By Step Tutorials

Jan 22, 2010

Well as the title says I am a total noob to web programming. I have experience in XHTML and CSS and that is it, and it is time to expand my knowledge and start making much better websites

I have a project to completely rewrite the site [URL] and want to do it in ASP.NET rather then PHP, and since I do not know either language I would rather learn this one instead.

My question is simple, where do I start? I learn well by reading books and doing examples and building example websites, that sort of stuff. Can anyone suggest any good book titles that will get me started in the right direction? A friend sent me the PDF version of the book: "Learning ASP.NET 3.5, 2nd Edition (Build web applications with ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX, Linq and MORE)." This is so far the only resource I have. The only thing about that book is that it promotes using the WYSIWYG style of web design and I
have always been tought to stay away from that.

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May 11, 2010

i decided that is the one for me. But i dont know any of .net languages. My teacher recommended c# but i dont nedd to learn c# completely but only basics with Is there any book or website that teaches c# specifically for

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Mar 12, 2010

how i can load image in web page with image resolution step by step as my internet connection speed?

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Step By Step Guidance About How To Start Developing Website

Nov 24, 2010

how can i start ? from where ? everything...and if possible then send me some projects with database.

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Finding Step By Step Videos On Databinding Checkboxes? 

Mar 10, 2010

I'm very new at this ...where i can find some step by step videos on Databinding Checkboxes?

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MVC :: Writting This Application Step By Step But UpdateModel Not Working?

Sep 20, 2010

I'm study MVC width the NerdDinner tutorial, I've been writting this application step by step, I not understand why the UpdateModel not working, Help me please!!!, this is my code


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Security :: Skip The Create User Complete Step?

Jan 8, 2011

<asp:CreateUserWizard ID="CreateUserWizard1"
<asp:CreateUserWizardStep ID="CreateUserWizardStep1"

The result is TRUE after the second step in creating a user account

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Security :: How To Add Payment Step To Create User Wizard

Jan 11, 2011

I'd like to add a payment step to the create user wizard so that it follows:Sign upPay (via paypal or something similar)omplete (only if payment successful)Has anyone done this before and could they point me in the right direction? I've had a scour of the internet and not had too much luck yet.It's for a charity site I'm working on if that makes a difference

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GridView Editing / Finding Step By Step Example?

Mar 21, 2010

Ok, so since my last post I've tested the Gridview and DataView controls and it appears as though those would work a little better. However, I'm having difficultly implementing the "Edit mode" on those controls to allow the user to edit the data. I can't really seem to find a "step by step" example of of how to do it.

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Web Forms :: How To Make A Forum, Step By Step , In The Forum People Show Their Picture And User Name

Feb 27, 2011

i do knot know how to make a forum, step by step , in the forum people show their picture and user name

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Security :: How To Create User Profile In Multi Step "create User Wizard"

Jun 9, 2010

im creating a multi step create user wizard for new members but I run into a problem. If the create of an account is in step 3 how do I capture the values from step 1 and 2. Should I try to pass the values to sessions or is there some other code. Here is some codebehind I tried so far (did not work).



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Login Page Implementing A Graphical Text Re-entry Step?

Apr 7, 2010

Where can I find additional information on adding a textbox to my login page where graphical characters are displayed and the user must retype those charaters into a textbox to complete the login process. If they incorrectly type the characters, another set of charaters is displayed. What is this technique formally called?Hope this is clearer than mud.

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WebMatrix :: Step To Create Virtual Directory?

Nov 2, 2010

I would like to know the steps for creating a Virtual Directory for Webmatrix. I referred the post [URL] but could not understand how it can be done.

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Security :: Get Userid In Other Than First Step Of Createuserwizard

Dec 13, 2010

How can I get UserID in next steps of wizards other than the first one ?

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Security :: Set Defaultbutton In The CreateUserWizard For Each Step

Aug 5, 2010

I have a createuserwizard where people input their information. When I hit enter after typing in the data in the form it returns me to the homepage. How do I set the default button for the createuserwizard so that it goes to the next step rather then back to my homepage.

I'm not sure if it has to do with the fact that I have a defaultbutton set in a form in the masterpage and that defaultbutton overides the other pages defualtbutton....

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