Some Link Buttons On GridView Not Working?

Mar 17, 2016

I've implemented group and grand totals on a gridview as per [URL].

My problem is that the last few link buttons does not function correctly (in this case ID 11 and 12) when I click on them. I am thinking that it could be because of the manual rows being added and then throwing out the links for the other rows, but I honestly don't know what is causing it.

So if you look at my example clicking on the link buttons for IDs 1 through 10 they all redirect correctly as for example detailsPage.aspx?q=4 when I click on ID 4, but when I click on link button 11 or 12 it just reloads the page removes with totals removed and some blank rows in between.

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Forms Data Controls :: Link Buttons Stop Working?

Mar 18, 2011

I trying to figure out why some of my link buttons that were working fine have now stoped working this also includes those in the gridview for paging.

I tried putting a new grid view in with the same results.

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Mobiles :: Link Buttons Are Not Working In Blackberry Bold (9650, 9700)?

Aug 25, 2010

we have deveoped a mobile application . and have some link buttons ,thease linkbuttons are working fine with blackberry curve but not working when we use Blackberry bold (9650, 9700)

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Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Link Buttons In External Gridview Pager User Control Don't Fire Command

Nov 16, 2010

I'm customizing a NopCommerce store, and am using a gridview to display and sort the products. All that works well. I like how the external pager (user control) works with the gridview, with one exception -- it uses the hyperlink control, so I lost viewstate, which I need to retain for both the search page and to retain the gridview sort options. Based on the page selected (from the pager control), I query the database and rebind the gridview. So, I switched the user control to use LinkButtons instead of Hyperlinks. This is the sample code for one of the buttons:


I set a breakpoint inside the lbCommandClick method, but it never gets hit. Reading other posts tells me that I would have to add the dynamic controls in the OnLoad method, but since this all happens based on other data on the page (say search results), I don't think I can do it onLoad. However, the link buttons do work to cause a postback, and my viewstate is saved correctly. The only problem is that I do not know which button was clicked. I could check Request.Params["__EVENTTARGET"] onLoad, but that is kind of a hack -- I'd much rather be able to set the event handler in the user control and use the CommandArgument property. But, what I have tried so far fails.

Especially one that would allow me to set the EventHandler in the User Control? (e.g. OnlbCommand="PagerLBPageChange" )

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Forms Data Controls :: Working With Buttons In GridView?

Mar 11, 2010

i want to add a button to each record, and pull an item ID when the button is clicked.I tried doing it using the RowCommand, but I keep getting errors.Is there a different (better) way of doing this?here is what i have now:


Public Event RowCommand As GridViewCommandEventHandler

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Delete And Edit Buttons Not Working In Gridview

Sep 4, 2010

I have problem with the buttons Edit and Delete in Gridview for very long time and i really need about it. So the when i click edit i get in edit mode and when click update the values in the row i was changing disappear but only in the gridview. When check in the Database nothing happens. The delete button not works at all, i mean when click on it only refresh the table.

See how looks my page:

Now here's my code in aspx:


Now here's my code in cs:


I'm not sure if the statements not working. P.S. the cancel button works fine.

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Keep GridView Sorting With JavaScript Disabled - UPDATED - Header Buttons Not Working?

Apr 30, 2010

I posted the question below, and then discovered that the code I posted does work, if the button is not in the GridView header. In fact, I can't seem to make the button in the header do anything.As long as I can trigger the sort, I can make this work somehow, but ideally, I'd like the mechanism to be in the headers.Any ideas on why that button isn't working? Original message:I've got a GridView bound to a SQLDataSource, and have sorting enabled. This works great, but some of my users will have JavaScript disabled, and the page has to have the same functionality for them.

I've looked into sorting a GridView without JavaScript, but all the solutions I've found assume that I'm NOT binding to SQLDataSource - because of course, If I were, I'd just enable sorting. So I wind up back where I started.Is there a way for me to enable sorting for both regular and non-JavaScript users? I know one option is to install buttons instead of the header links, which would be fine, but I have no idea what my code should look like. I took a wild guess and tried:


...where "ColumnA" is the sort expression. I know I'd have to check the current sort direction for the Gridview and reset it - I just wanted to see if this would work at all, and it didn't seem to do anything. I also have both CausesValidation and UseSubmitBehavior set to False, since I just want to sort.

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C# - SP Gridview Link Button Column Not Working

May 17, 2010

I have one sharepoint custom page application which is rendering from a user control. In the user control page, i had used SPGridview for displaying data. My first column is Title Column (link button column), when the user click on the link, then one popup window will open with corresponding data. But the problem is the link button is not working properly. But this application is working as fine in application.

My code is shown below..


If i click on the link button, there will be only post back occuring. but not the popup window open.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Hyper Link Not Working?

Sep 28, 2010

<asp:TemplateField ShowHeader="false" ItemStyle-Width="50px">
<asp:HyperLink runat="server" NavigateUrl='<% string.Format("~/Tiff.aspx?Id={0}, Eval("ID")) %>' Target="_blank" Text="View" />

When I m trying to click on it...It is not working or not firing any event,

May I know the reasong or any code behing is require

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Appending Strings And Link Buttons Together?

Mar 1, 2010

I want to create a function that will make a treeView out of link buttons. Then I want to tie all the link buttons to one click event. So each time the user does somethingI will append the users name to the current linkbuttons if the user clicks one of the link buttons a click event is raised and I can extract the text of that button.

Here is an example:

...user does the link string says
Nick > Jeff
...user does the link string says
Nick > Jeff > Charlie
and so on.

Now I want to give the user the ability to click one of these link buttons (there are 3 in this example). If the user clicks one of the buttons a click event is raised and I can extract the name out of the text of teh link button.

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Web Forms :: Buttons Not Working Having RequiredFieldValidator / RegularExpressionValidator Working

Feb 5, 2010

i do have a form. inside specific asp:textboxes are "secured" by RequiredFieldValidator and RegularExpressionValidator running. in another div-element i do have buttons, which are expected to load different pages of my website. the problem is: when i click on either of these buttons it is not working as my validation-controls are fired prior to the onclick-button-events.

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Web Forms :: Custom Action Link Buttons?

Feb 11, 2010

How does one create custom (non-add, edit delete) buttons to a GridView control? Also how does one add space between the buttons?

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JQuery :: Have 2 Link Buttons Each Will Open Different Dialog?

Feb 22, 2011

i have 2 link buttons each will open different dialog(using JQuery UI). the problem is if i open Dialog 1 then its showing some content after that if i selects Dialog 2 then its also showing the same content of dialog 1 upto the proper content loaded for Dialog2.may i know why this happens and how to resolve it?

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Web Forms :: CheckBox List With Link Buttons

May 7, 2015

I'm adding a new checkbox list with list items.Is it possible that each list item will be a LinkButton with is own event Handler? Note that i want to add the items on server side dynamically.

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Link Buttons In Masterpage - JavaScript Conflict With Button On Page?

Apr 22, 2010

I've got two linkbuttons on a masterpage. It works fine on all pages apart from page I have a form where if I click on one of the link buttons, then the wrong javascript event is fired. It is firing the button on the form if I click on the button on the masterpage.

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Web Forms :: Link Button / Previous And Next Buttons To Correspond With What Page On?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a question about using a linkbutton. I have 5 link buttons. One is a DayLink, MonthLink, WeekLink. One PreviousLink and One NextLink. How can I get the previous and next buttons to correspond with what page I am on. So say I am looking at the calendar in days. And I'm on Thursday 2/18/10, and I want that next link button to go to Friday 2/19/10. But also need it to go to the next week or month, depending on how i'm looking at the calender. So I need one linkbutton to be able to do multiple steps.

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Crystal Reports :: Toolbar Buttons Are Not Working

Mar 12, 2010

I'm using vs2005 asp .net using c#and i using the crystal report viewer to create my report and preview the report using crystal report viewer. When i run the application, i can preview the report well in the form, but when i click any button of th tool bar then a blank page is getting displayed.

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Custom Validation Not Working With Delete Buttons?

Oct 11, 2010

In a ListView, I have a CustomValidator set up to validate a field whenever a button with CommandName="Delete" is clicked.

<asp:TextBox ID="NameTextBox" Text=<%# Eval("Name") %> runat="server" />
<asp:Button ID="DeleteButton" Text="Delete" CommandName="Delete" ValidationGroup="Delete" runat="server" />
<asp:CustomValidator ValidationGroup="Delete" SetFocusOnError="true" Display="Dynamic" OnServerValidate="CustomValidator_ServerValidate" runat="server">You can't delete this.</asp:CustomValidator>

However, the error message is never displayed and the processing continues. What's strange is that the custom validation method is called, finds the field, and properly sets up e.IsValid to false. It does not matter whether I check Page.IsValid or not, because the error message is not displayed anyway. It works if I remove the CommandName="Delete" from the button.

With Google I found the following solution, which seems to indicate someone has had a similar issue:


But I want to make sure that this solution is the way to go. I mean, is custom validation really not supposed to work with a delete button in a databound control, seriously?

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MVC :: Regular Links And Submit Buttons Not Working

May 21, 2010

This seems to be a standard issue I'm having but cannot resolve with MVC1.0. Could someone tell me if there is anything I need to check as standard to get regular, MVC style, friendly URLs to work, please?I'm on IIS6, XP Pro with the default web site pointing at my web app. I have unchecked "check file exists" under home directory configuration.

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel On MasterPage - Buttons Not Working?

Jan 11, 2010


Then on my contentpage i have 2 asp:Panels.

The first one is visible by default, the 2nd gets visible when pressing a button in the first panel.


So when i press the ButtonNbestelling, following code gets executed:


This is all going fine, But now on Panel2, i am unable to click on the buttons IF I remove the updatePanel: UpdatePanelPages from my masterpage then all is working fine ?

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Web Forms :: Buttons In UyeOl.aspx Is Not Working?

Dec 27, 2010

i have Uye folder and UyeOl.aspx in this folder.When i run my page my buttons in UyeOl.aspx is not working.If i move UyeOl.aspx to root my buttons works correctly.

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C# - Radio Buttons Not Working When Binded With DataList Control?

Jul 23, 2010

When i tries to bind a radio button in a datalist it becomes multiselect as its name property becomes different even when i used GroupName to be same.

How can i make it act as radio button only.


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Web Forms :: Dynamic Buttons Click Function Not Working?

Jan 31, 2011

the buttons are created fine, when i click a button i get my javascript alert, but my labels arent updated, its like the serverside function isnt running it at all

the "SetTemplateContent" section the aspx section is at the bottom if that helps

whats up with the code that would be great, cheers


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Web Forms :: Buttons Which Are Created Dynamically With Events Not Working?

Jan 25, 2011

m new to .NET. I'm trying to create a button dynamically with event by original button. The original button's click event response creates a button. The new button has a click event attached with a test message.What I have to do is onclick change background color of dynamically created button and grab id value to delete when button delete is clicked. Unfortunately, when I click the dynamically attached button,

<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server"></asp:ScriptManager>
<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">


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AJAX :: How To Get The TabContainer Working With Backward And Forward Browser Buttons

Feb 4, 2011

I'm using C#, 3.5, Ajaxtoolkit

Is there a setting so that user can go back and forward through the tabs they selected in the same Tabcontainer?

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