Splitting Up EDM To Reuse Functionality Across Multiple Projects?

Jan 30, 2011

I currently have an ASP .NET MVC / EF4 project that contains many pieces of autonomous functionality such as a blogging, events, contests, wiki, etc.

The entities used by each system are all mapped to my database through one giant EDM file.

This works well for the main site, but I also have a few personal sites where I want to reuse just the blogging functionality from the mains ite.

My biggest problem is that due to the mac daddy EDM file, my blog sites have to constantly have their database schemas updated to reflect changes made to areas of functionality that they don't use (i.e. changes to the events system).

The only other gotcha is that there are some entities (Users and Tags) that have relationships with entities from each area of functionality, making it hard to simply split each area of functionality off into its own EDM.

With all of this said, I'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to set this up.

Should I go down the road of splitting up the EDMs by each area (blogs, events, contests, wiki) and figuring out a way to maintain relationships for the User and Tag entities?

Or should I just perhaps be creating an EDM for each website that only maps the entities that it will actually need? The only problem with this is that my repository layer takes in a UnitOfWork/ObjectContext, and by creating new ObjectContexts for each site I'd have problems reusing my repository code.

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Websites Functionality Reuse By Desktop Application

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We are implementing some business functionality that it exposed through the asp.net web service. At the current stage user interface is required for some peace of it and we are going to implement it inside of already existing desktop application (it is MFC C++ application, but we are considering to integrate some WinForms/Wpf components). In the nearest future we plan to replace current desktop application with a web site version (it will be asp.net web site, or PROBABLY Silverlight application). Therefore, I would like to implement UI once on the web site and just re-use it in some way from desktop application. Am I clear enough? Is there any way to do that? For sure, I can implement web service and use it from desktop application right now and re-use it from web application when it will be required... But I hope there is a better way to do that.

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I've seen some teams that start breaking into multiple projects from the beginning and others build behemoth single projects. The large project teams say that one massive project is easier to maintain than multiple smaller projects.

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Mar 8, 2011

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What is the best method? Or better: is there ANY method to extract a generic function?

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Splitting The Code Behind File Into Multiple Files?

Apr 1, 2010

I have too many lines in my code behind file. Now it grows up to almost 3500 lines. I wonder if it can be splitted into several files.

To be specify, say I have CustomerEdit.aspx and code behind as CustomerEdit.aspx.cs. In my code behind, most of them are functions taking care of UI (i.e. protected void ... _Click() or protected void ... _SelectedIndexChanged()). I have some private functions, but they usually refer to some UI elements.

Question: Can I safely seperate CustomerEdit.aspx.cs into smaller files like CustomerEdit01.aspx.cs, CustomerEdit02.aspx.cs, etc?

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Jan 10, 2011

I have a gridview that is being populated by an oracle DB. The gridview have 2 columns now one shows years and the other is a checkbox column. What is happening is my years column is very long and I wanted to know if I could split the column in half. I want say from 1970-1990 in the first column. The second column will have the checkboxes for the first. I want the third column to have 1991-present day and the fourth column to have the checkboxes for the third column. Can the grid view do this or is this something I have to do in oracle and have the gridview just display it?


1970 chk 1991 chk
1971 chk 1992 chk
1972 chk 1993 chk
1973 chk 1994 chk

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State Management :: How To Reuse Session Code In Multiple Classes

Jul 10, 2010

I would like to reuse in different ASP.net classes the following code :


However i cannot add this code in App_Code because Session is not recognized in .cs classes.

Therefore i need to create resusable asp.net classes which will contain the previous code.

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Data Controls :: Splitting Comma Separated Values In Database And Assign To Multiple Textboxes

Apr 27, 2016

I have 5 textboxes in my webpage for entering address, i.e,

door no, village, city, district, pincode.

These are concatenated by comma (,) and stored into the database field address. at the time of retrieving, the concatenated address, should be separated and assign to each textboxes.

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MVC: Multiple Projects Error?

Nov 23, 2010

So I've create a solution with multiple projects... one is for my website, the other for my data. I've added the reference and everything seems to be working just fine. Until now...

I recently created a model.edmx for a table and a stored procedure. When I trying and create a variable of that model, I get this error:

The type 'System.Data.Objects.ObjectContext' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'System.Data.Entity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'.

I'm assuming this is because I'm using multiple projects.

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Compiling Multiple Projects Into A Single Dll?

May 5, 2010

Is there a way to copmile a solution into a single dll?

Said solution may have several custom projects. I want all of them, and all the third party dll's they reference compiled into a single dll.

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MVC :: How To Do Multiple Projects With Common Views

Mar 9, 2011

I'm looking at doing a pair of MVC applications. One of the application will be a public website and the other for a POS kiosk. There will be some common views between the two applications. I'm considering having a single Visual Studio solution that will contain the two projects. But, I'm not sure how I can go about sharing the common views between the two projects, without just copy and pasting.

Is there way of doing it? Or should I be looking at using a different approach?

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Page Accessing From Multiple Projects?

Apr 15, 2010

I am using vs2008

I am having one solutions with Mutiple Projects


1.PayRoll [ Project 1 ]

2.Employee Portal [ Project 2 ]

MyWorkPlace[Folder Name]
LeaveInfo.aspx .....Etc

these two Projects run SeparateURL

Database is Common for Both Project

In Both Project i am Generating Dynamic Menu Only..

in DB ///
Forms URL
Leave ../../MyWorkPlace/LeaveInfo.aspx
Profile ../../MyWorkPlace/BasicInfo.aspx

Like this only Menu url wil be Given in Database.

Menu Wil come i Both Application..

But Pages are in Project 2[ Employee Portal Only ] but i have to access this Pages in

Project 1 [Payroll]

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Configuration :: Use Common Web.config Across Multiple Projects?

Apr 2, 2011

can i use common web.config across multiple projects

suppose say i have one web and one wcf service both are using same data base

then if change database the i need to make changes in both config files

or i have some common keys and values

is it there any we to common out the things in to one config file and that can be shared by multiple projects

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May 5, 2010

I am trying to add multiple CSS files across several projects and have added them as a "link" but when I build my solution it does not copy the files. Is there any way to share a bunch of CSS files across several projects?

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Multiple Web Projects In One Solution, Config Transforms

Nov 15, 2010

I am attempting to setup Config Transforms on my project that I migrated to VS 2010. The web project works just fine, but I have a WCF Host project that I seem to be unable to add transforms.

Has anyone had this problem before?

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Add Multiple Projects At Once In Visual Studio 2008?

Nov 16, 2010

I know that I can add more than one project to a solution, but I have a load of pre-developed projects that I want to add and rather than going

Add > Existing Project > Navigate to folder > click on project file

I wondered if there was an easier way to add lots of projects at once.

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MVC :: Creating Solution With Multiple And Sharing Namespaces Across Projects

May 25, 2010

If MVC application has multiple projects (The solution may grow large in future). These projects may share controllers such as application controller accouts controller and there may also be a situation in which namespace of one project is shared by other project. What is the best way of implementing such solution. One approach may be to use areas.

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Share Site Map Across Multiple Projects Or Sitemap With Sql Data Source

Feb 10, 2010

Now, I've refactored my code to have a data layer, business layer and the main project as the view layer. Next I'd like to split this big project smaller projects based on discrete functionality. As I understand it, one way to handle a shared masterpage is to copy it into each project, that's not the worst thing, it hasn't changed in over a year and if it does it's easy enough to propagate the changes out to the other projects.

I was also reading that I could create an assembly from my master page and share it that way. My masterpage.aspx has a reference to a asp.net sitemap, Unlike the masterpage I'd like to maintain only one site map if possible.

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Workflow For Adding New Classes To Large Solution With Multiple Projects?

May 11, 2010

I am currently extending the NopCommerce solution for a client and have some general questions about workflow, since this is a relatively large solution for me (50+ projects).

I want to add some classes to the DAL, BLL, and so forth.

What would be the recommended process for this workflow? For example, I created a class in the DAL -> ran build. Then I created a test.aspx page in the main project which instantiates this class -> ran build; however, adding just one line of code causes the solution to rebuild all other projects such as payment modules, which makes the process tedious.

Am I approaching this in the correct manner? I have read about: creating a seperate solution with relevant projects; is this the recommended approach?

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Visual Studio :: Old Projects Not Showing Up In The Start Page Recent Projects List?

Jan 31, 2011

I just moved to a new PC and installed VS 2010. I copied all of my websites over from the old machine and now when I open the old websites on the new machine, they do not show up in my recent projects list on the start page. New websites that I make do show up there but the old ones do not. This is very inconvenient. Is there a way to make old projects that I open show up in the list?

This brings up another question. Is there a way to make a shortcut that will open VS2010 up with a website already loaded so that I don't have to go through the file open dialog every time?

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Custom Server Controls :: Accessing User Control Over Multiple Projects?

Dec 10, 2010

I have a piece of code that is just HTML. It was previously created as a user control. Within the application i'm working with there are two seperate websites that are interlinked to make one website. There is a documents section where users do not need to login and a data section where users need to login. The design was implemented long before I was hired. My problem is I want to use the code from the documents website with the data website but I can't seem to register the control. I only one this piece of code in one place so when it is updated it doesn't have to be in multiple places. I tried setting "src=http://website/doc/doc.ascx" but this errors out saying

<%@ Register Src="http://website/doc/doc.ascx" TagName="docs" TagPrefix="temp" %>

Parser Error Message: The file '/documents/http://website/doc/doc.ascx' does not exist.

It adds the directory as part of the src. How can I have it point to this location http://website/doc/doc.ascx ?

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Popularity: Web Site Projects Versus Web Application Projects?

Nov 1, 2010

I need to create a sample project (for educational purposes) and I'm faced with the choice between Web Site Projects or Web Application Projects. This feels similar to the choice between C# and VB. My question isn't about the differences between these 2 choices, but rather which is more popular (relevant, recognizable) to the general ASP.NET community.Has anyone seen any statistics in terms of adoption/usage of these 2 different project types? What project type should I use to reach the widest audience?Update: I created a poll on this subject - http://poll.fm/2e6cy

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