State Management :: How To Link The Objects Between Browser Session And Session Objects

May 10, 2010

Lets say I am doing a shoping cart. I authenticate the user with a session variable.For example:

// Here I want to add to the shoping cart.
// Can I do the following
Session["Cart"] = "Washing Machine";
Now will this Session["Cart"] value which is washing machine here be unique to diff customers?

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State Management :: Manage Custom Objects And Session State?

Oct 6, 2010

I've created a whole bunch of rather complex classes and now i'm starting to work on the user interface. Basically the user will open 1 page which will be used to load, edit, save an object. The object has many fields and they are often other classes i've created. To create a nice interface i've used popups and used AJAX to reload parts of the page to avoid reloading the whole thing.

My plan was to create the object and save it to the session. Then each time the page is loaded copy the object values to the asp fields and do the reverse when the page has been submitted copying the asp values to the object field then updating the session object.

So the code will go something like:


if session is not null load from session otherwise create new
this.txtID.text =
this.txtName.text =
etc etc

on submit: = this.txtID.text = this.txtName.text
etc etc
update session.

Is this what you guys would do? or am i over thinking this, seems like a lot of code to load all the object fields each time the page is opened and submitted etc.

Just looking to bounce ideas of off other developers :D

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State Management :: Session Objects Not Cleared As Expected After Upgrading To IIS7.5?

Sep 13, 2010

I've just upgraded my development machine from XP SP3 (IIS5.1) to Win7 x64 (IIS7.5)

Since doing this, my app has started to behave differently. Within it I store users' preferences/access levels using an instance of a class that I store within the Session object. This class is shown:


My requirement is that on each page request (other than the login page), the application should check that the Session object exists. The page data is therefore shown based on the values within the session object (e.g. which customer account they are using etc)...Previously on IIS5.1 if I was logged into the app, but made some changes to a file within App_Code, or Web.Config for example, when I then continued to use the app, I would get kicked out to the login page straight away. This is the intended behaviour. Now however, on IIS7.5, the app continues to provide access to the pages, but debugging shows that the session value has had all of its values set to 0 (zero). Therefore, the pages continue to load but the data shown is corrupted because the app no longer displays it accurately. Here is the code I use which (on IIS5.1) caught this occurence. Can anyone offer any advice on just what's now happening


I have tried changing this line:


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State Management :: Objects In Session Variables Now Causing Slow-downs?

Oct 24, 2010

I've noticed that once I've instantiated 3-4 objects now, my ASPX page is running slower. The response from the server (which is my own PC) is taking longer.

With one or two objects, the performance is same. After I instantiate 3, it slows a little, and 4 just completely wears it down.

I've read this article: [URL]

that says to avoid using session variables especially storing objects into them. Well thats exactly what I'm doing. My object has about 10 methods(~30 lines of code each) and 20 fields.

My question is, if I want to persist object in memory for each user session, how else could I store them on each postback if not in the session variable>? I can't use application variable because thats shared and not thread safe.

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State Management :: Session - User Closes Browser, The Session Does Not Get Killed?

Jul 15, 2010

I have a website live in

now if user closes browser. the session does not get killed.

I spoke with friend and he said that cannot be done as sessions are on server.

but i see banking website who kills session when browser is closed.

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State Management :: Session Variable Persisting Even After Abandoning A Session - Closing Browser Windows

Aug 5, 2010

I have been spending a better part of a week trying to track down why I am not able to clear all session variables in a web app (vs 2010, What I have tracked it down to is that when I remove or abandon sessions that my html pages or codebehind access, it works, but for some reason in any of my class files where I use "Public Shared strConnection as String = HttpContext.Current.Session("strConnection").ToString" to access a session variable, it finds the old one and not the current one. I have to wait for it to time out, go in again, and it will find the new one.

I do not use Linq, and there is only one place in the whole web app that I place the connection string in a variable whcih is when a person logs in. It points them to the correct database. The sqlconnection is set for all of my listviews in Page_Init to make sure that they aren't using any session variable that they create on their own. Interestingly enough that if I use debug to go in each time, exit debug, enter debug again trying to access a different database, it works correct each time. I assume that debug is correctly killing the session variable for the classes for me.

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State Management :: SQL Session State Lost After Close Browser?

May 3, 2010

I'm not sure if this is an error or is the right work mode for sql sessions.

I'm working now with Windows 2008 R2 Web Ed. and SQL Server 2008 Web Ed.

When I close my browse and open again a new browser window I need to login again in application and a new session is created in the sessions table in sql server.

It's this normal? I remember that with Windows 2003 and SQL 2005 this doesn't happend. When I closed my browser and open inmediately a new browser window my session was retained and I could continue working without relogin.

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State Management :: Launch A New Browser Session From Url?

Mar 4, 2011

Physican is accessing data for patient #1 using ASP.NET Web site with backend SQL Server database. Session state is used to persist some patient information. At the same time, he checks his email and clicks a link in the email that launches the same Web site to check on a communication concerning patient #2. In IE8 these two instances of the application share the same session id. If physican responds to communication concerning patient #2 and returns to patient #1, he will now be accessing data for patient #2.

I know about framemerging etc. but how can I launch a new browser session from the hyperlink in the email without closing or stepping on the http session for patient #1 and without having to resort to cookieless sessions?

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State Management :: Creating A New Session ID On Opening A New Tab Or Browser?

Apr 9, 2010

How to solve Cross browser session Problem???When i login to my site and open a new tab,the session is shared.I want a new session for each tab.It is possible without using cookieless = 'true',but i cant use this.

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State Management :: Managing Session In Multiple Tab In The Same Browser?

May 26, 2010

I am sorry if this is been discussed earlier. I am having a problem maintaining the session when someone uses the same browser with multiple tab, the results gets messed up. A perfect example would be, [URL] if you open IE (or any other browser) and open two tabs and search for two different air travel itinerary and the results will completely overlapped (real mess). I know the cause for this problem (both tabs uses the same session). I would appreciate if somebody have any solution for this. I am using ASP.NET 3.5/VS 2008/VB.NETI will not be able to use Viewstate since I use a master page and pre-init event where view state is not available.

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State Management :: How To Keep The Session Variables Even After Closing The Browser

Mar 30, 2010

How to keep the session variables even after closing the browser?

Everytime I close the browser, I lose all the session variables.

Is there any way to keep them?

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State Management :: Browser Multiple Tab Over Written Session Object

May 3, 2010

While working with mutliple tabs of same browser, session varibles/object gets over written with latest one.

Scenario in my application:

I have to create new employee on first tab(tab #1), and updating existing employee details on second tab(tab #2).I stored employee other details in Session["dtInfo"], use it on saving the record.Now Session["dtInfo"] having details of latest tab created, i.e. tab #2. I tried to save record on tab #1, facing the problem of session gets over written.I had to check some vaules on OnInit and OnInitComplete event. But I get here wrong values in session.

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State Management :: How To Get Unique Session Id That Generated Same For All Browser Tabs

May 19, 2010

How to get unique session id that generated same for all browser tabs and different and always unique when we close and open new browser in code.

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State Management :: Error: Your Session Has Expired. Please Refresh Your Browser?

Feb 24, 2011

I receive the error message "Error: Your session has expired. Please refresh your browser." When I export a table in ASP to Excel. I know for a fact that the correct data to export exists. Everything works fine except for this error message. I don't see how the session on a browser could run out in a matter of the one second it takes for the Excel file to pop up

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State Management :: Clearing Session Variables On Browser Close?

Nov 10, 2010

Session variables are on server side. I need to clear out the server side session variables on browser close on client side. I have used a WebService and ajax call but still i am not getting the session cleared.

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State Management :: How To Abandon The Session When The User Closes The Browser Window

Jan 7, 2011

How do I abandon the session when the user closes the browser window instead of pressing the logout button in ASP.Net 3.5 application.

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State Management :: Save Session Variables Through Browser Refresh / Reload?

Mar 30, 2010

Is there a good way to keep the session after a user clicked reload/refresh? My boss wants this functionality, and I don't really/really don't want to use a query string...

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State Management :: How To Serialize Objects

Jul 2, 2010

Is there any way or process to serialize the the objects?? i am trying to store the instance of few control in viewstate but it shows error msg that it is not a serialized object. should i perform some steps to serialize the objects ???

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State Management :: Handle Session End Event For Web Application When User Closes His Browser?

Oct 20, 2010

I need to handle "session end" event for my web application when user closes his browser. Session is stored in Sql.

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How To Use Multiple Session Objects

Jul 23, 2010

i want to use multiple session variables for single session i know how to use for multiple session variables i dont know

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.net - Determine Which Objects Are Used In Session?

Aug 17, 2010

I have inherited a very large ASP.NET app that needs to be modified to use a State Server instead of in-proc sessions. I need to track down all classes used in session throughout the app and then determine if they can be serialized. Are there any tools that can be used to analyze the code to determine the classes used in session?

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.net - Session Objects Not Updating?

Apr 27, 2010

I set a session object at one juncture in my code:

Session("my_name") = "Dave"

Later in my code I give the user a chance to update this object:

Session("my_name") = TextBox1.Text

I reload my page and display a little hello statement like this:

Label1.Text = "Hello" & CStr(Session("my_name"))

The result is: "Hello Dave" no matter what I change Session("my_name") too.

EDIT: Here is the a full code-behind I wrote up to demonstrated:

Public Class WebForm1
Inherits System.Web.UI.Page
Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
Response.ExpiresAbsolute = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-1)
If Page.IsPostBack = False Then
Session("my_name") = "Dave"
End If
Label1.Text = CStr(Session("my_name"))
End Sub
Protected Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Session("my_name") = TextBox1.Text
End Sub

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State Management :: Error :Session State Has Created A Session Id, But Cannot Save It?

Nov 18, 2010

I read the solutioin for this error, at the following link : I am still not clear what exactly causes the error. I have two doubts :1. Can anyone please elaborate a bit on this issue, with any example ????2. Is there any drawback of this approach ?

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State Management :: Best Practise For Caching Objects For A List Of?

Dec 7, 2010

I've created a blog for my first website. Ive got a blog class as my object. Ive created a number of methods to access my blog articles using LINQ to SQL.

Each method returns a list of objects ready to be used in the appropriate web user control.

In my head i need to cache these lists of objects that are returned, but need to know the best way of approaching this. So i have come up with two possible options

1: Make one method to retrieve all blogs in a list<Blog> and cache this list to be used for all other methods or

2: Cache only the required methods that really need it.

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C# - How To Handle Array Of Objects In A Session

Apr 8, 2010

In the project I'm working on I have got a list List<Item> with objects that Is saved in a session. Session.Add("SessionName", List);

In the Controller I build a viewModel with the data from this session


and in my View I loop trough the list of Items and make a form for all of them to be able to remove the item.


When the post from the submit button is handeld the item is removed from the array and post back exactly the same viewModel (with 1 item less in the itemList).

return View("view.ascx", viewModel);

When the post is handled and the view has reloaded the value's of the html.Hidden and Html.Textbox are the value's of the removed item. The value of the html.Encode is the correct value. When i reload the page the correct values are in the fields. Both times i build the viewModel the exact same way.

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