Submitting Information In Database?

Feb 15, 2010

I just started with in Visual Studio and I have a problem which I can't find any solution for. I made a master page with a few subpages and one is a very simple shoutbox page. I added a gridview and added some information manually into the database so I could see if it displayed well on the website and it did. So I have a GridView with Name and Message. Beneath that I have a textfield and a button and I'd like to submit the information in the textfield to the database however I don't know how to do it.

This is the code I have on the shoutbox page:


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Web Forms :: How To Preview Information Before Submitting

Mar 31, 2012

how to preview the data before submitting using

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Web Forms :: Submitting RadioButtonList Selected Value Into Database?

Dec 14, 2010

I have a web form(C#) which has many radiobuttonlist controls. For each control there is a corresponding field in a sql server database table. And finally there is a submit button.

How to send the selected values to the database?

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Submitting Validated Form Data To A Database?

Jun 3, 2010

I have used Expression Web to create a website with a standard .ASP form that saves data into an Access database using standard HTML controls. This works fine except there is no validation of the fields. A user can enter anything to get past the form.

I want to use ASP.NET to validate all of the fields in the form and then save to the same Access database. When I rename the webpage from .ASP to .ASPX, I am able to get the validation controls working properly by changing HTML controls to ASP.NET controls.

However, I cannot figure out how to get the form data submitted into the Access database because the code to connect to the database was removed when I inserted the first ASP.NET control.

What am I missing? It seems like a simple task but I haven't been able to figure it out. I have a couple books and they don't answer the question. Can someone guide me in the right direction?

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DataSource Controls :: Submitting Checkbox Values To Database?

Nov 17, 2010

I am working on a page where the user first selects a state from a drop down, then a city from a checkbox list (eventually able to select multiple cities, but have to figure out how to do one first). The checkbox list is dependent upon the state selected. I would like the selected value of the checkbox to be submitted into the ListingLocation table of the database. In the code I have written I have included a label that displays the id value of the selected box when submitted just to make sure that the checkbox is providing the correct value. For some reason when I select a state and then check a city and click submit, no value is written into the database. The label text changes to the number I want entered into the database, so it is generating the correct number, but not submitting. I have included my code below.

<script runat="server">

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AJAX :: Form Data Is Re-submitting Into Database After Refreshing The Page?

Mar 28, 2011

there is a textbox and button control. On button click event content of textbox is submitted to database and javascript alert is displayed. Now the problem is- If I am refreshing the page using F5 then same value of textbox is being submitted into database and javascript alert is coming again.

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What Is Difference Between Server Side Submitting And Client Side Submitting A Form

Jan 25, 2011

what is difference between server side submitting and client side submitting a form.

Can any one explain with an example.

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C# - How To Move Customer Information From Database To Your Database

Oct 6, 2010

I'm using CreateUserWizard for creating an user but automatically add user to ASP.NET database
I want to add user in my database and in my customer table. I have tried these code as peer below but nothing happened


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Web Forms :: Submitting Forms To An Access Database?

Jan 6, 2011

I havnt long got use to, i have grasped how to use the datasources etc to retrieve the data from within a Access database, but i am unsure on how to get the forms to submit the data into the database.

I currently have a form with a mixture of Drop down lists, Tick Boxes and Text Boxes both single and multi line.

I have a Access Database which is used to populate some Drop down list from verious tables, and i have 1 Table for where the information to be submited.

the part i dont understand is how to do the connection in the aspx.cs file within the "OnClick" part.

i am unable to find anything on this for a C# User

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Access :: Pulling Information From The Database?

Jan 15, 2010

I recently designed a website for a school, I have their result in my database, I am using Northwind. What I want to do is, since all the result are in the data, I want to input a students name, exam number and some numbers in a card(exam scratch card, which they will purchase) they will purchase. When they input these details, the students results will be pulled out from the database.

Just like exam result portal, where you will look up your result with, your name, school number and numbers from the scratch card.

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Show Random Information With C# From A SQL Database?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a table where I have a column for different states (NY, NJ, etc). People can join the group (in my page) for each state (the state where they live). So I have to display the newest members for each state.

So the way it should work is, every time the page is refreshed/reloaded it should show the state name as a header text and the first 5 newest members for that state. This should be random, for example initially when the page is loaded say it will show state: New York and the 5 recent members like Stacy, Laura, Mike, Sam, Mathew.

Then when the page is refreshed it will show another state like State: california and the recent 5 members

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C# - Popup Box Pull Information From Database?

Mar 21, 2011

I want the user to click the link then the window pops up, but I want the data inside the window to be pulled from a database, and I need to repeat this process for 5 links that are also pulled out of a database. Say the most popular items for the month. My question is how would this be best accomplished? Jquery, or AJAX. I am just trying to see which would be the easier way to go about coding this with .net and C#.

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Use Web Service To Upload Information To Database?

Apr 20, 2010

how to use web service to upload information to the database using 1.1

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Web Forms :: Get Information And Save In The Database?

Mar 10, 2011

I am trying to create Modal Web Form to get information and save in the database. when I submit the Modal form, it give me "

The name 'sNewNotes ' does not exist in the current context" message. I am not able to save data. How do I accomplish this?

&#65279;Following is the Modal Dialogue Html and codebehind code

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Web Forms :: Retrieving Information From Database?

Sep 29, 2010

I have an aspx form that is meant to add a new prescription for a doctor system. I've created the database and dataset needed, but the problem is that the doctorID and patientID has to be able to select from the database, not entered in as a plain text. The form look something like this (I did this in DetailsView in MS Visual Studio 2010):

DoctorID: [textbox]
PatientID: [textbox]
prescription details: [textbox]
Insert Cancel

as you can see, only the prescription details needed to be entered in and the doctorID and patientID needed to be selected from the database (in a dropdown list maybe) and it shouldnt allow any text to be entered in. I did the above tables using a DetailsView in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. However I can't seem to make the doctor and patient ID field be dropdown box which allow me to choose the current doctor and patient in the Doctor and Patient table in the databse. Can anyone tell me how to do it with Design View in Visual Studio?

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ADO.NET :: Storing Information To Database Using Stored Procedures And

Feb 2, 2011

I have a stored procedure which is working fine and also code in my vb class, which when I click on save, looks as though it has executed but no information is saved into the database....

My code used to save the data into the database is below.


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DataSource Controls :: Reading Information From Database?

May 16, 2010

I would like to check my database for to see if a user name is available but my script isn't working.

I am taking input from a text box call unametextbox and i'm trying to extract any matching username from the database, this is my code.


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DataSource Controls :: Can't Insert Information Into Database

Feb 4, 2010

It's probably something small but I can't seem to find what went wrong. I am trying to insert information into my database. It goes through the code just find but it doesn't insert into my database. Here's my code:


Here's my webconfig connection string:


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Security :: How To Compare Login Information With Database

Jul 27, 2010

I have created a login form through VS 2008 using C#. There are 5 different aspx pages in my application.

1)Default.aspx: It contains only a hyperlink to direct the user to login.aspx page.

2)Login.aspx: This page has texbox for Username and Password, sign in button, textbox for displaying error and hyperlink (Create an Account) if the user does not created an account yet.

Here is Login.aspx code:


Now, I want to do following with my application.

If the user already has an account, he can put his username and password and click on the sign in button. If the username is existed in databse, application should compare the user input with database and if both are matched then the application should redirect the user to "welcome.aspx". If username does not exist it should show that Username does not exist.

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Access :: Search Or Filter Information Of Database?

Mar 7, 2010

my access database consists of 2 tables. i name it table A and table B.

my idea is, i would like to search the data inside these table A and table B by using a text box and a button.

and 2 radio button are used to control whether data inside table A or data inside table B to be search.

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Detail Information From The Database For That Part Number?

Mar 26, 2010

I want to be able to use a gridview in 2.0 that is bound to a datasource. That's no problem. The first column in the gridview is a manufacturer part number. This data is going to be a link. When the user hovers over the link I want to have a tooltip immediately show up in the form of a bubble or balloon tooltip. The tooltip widow should point to another page that loads the detail information from the database for that part number.

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Web Forms :: Database Information To Change Images?

Aug 10, 2010

i have an .aspx website, within the site am planing on having a staff directory, i have setup the search, the results and also a more feature to display all there information.

When you click the More button it is supose to display the text with an image of the person. the images are located on a server and are named via staff ref. below is the code i am trying to use to display but am having no luck so far


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Database - Store User Information On Submit?

Dec 29, 2010

i have this form, that the data is stored in a SQL db using Linq.

my question is, how can i add a column, that will have all the information about the sender, meaning IP address, browser, referrer etc.

the thing is is i want to store it in one field. i come from a php knowledge that has been long forgotten by me, but i still remember there was some serialize command, that you could run on an array and store it in a db, then when you want it back to an array you would just run deserialize command and it would go back to an array.

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DataSource Controls :: Use Information From Database In The Code-behind?

May 11, 2010

Basically the main page has a couple of DataSourceObjects sucking information from a local database and displaying them on the page. The page is a form, which then generates an HTML email and fires it off using the SMTPClient. The problem is that I cannot seem to get the data from the database to be accessable from the code-behind. Attempting to get data from either of the ListViews results in a number of Null Exception errors, mainly when using the ExtractItemValues method. The OrderedDictionary that comes back always seems to be empty. So I figured I'd use one of the 3 Object Data Sources I already have set up, that queries the actual database, but cannot find any way of calling the Select statement present in either of them, let alone managing to store and access what comes back.

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Shared A Chronometer For All Users In C# (put Information In Cache Or Database)

Jun 1, 2010

I'm developing an application using ASP.Net.

For first the idea: "My WebApp needs an chronometerto be shared by users and all users will se the same value in cronometer. When a user clicks on a button, the cronometer needs to be restarted and all users will need to see that!"

All right, now I'd like to know what's the best choose to improve more performace an make sure that all users will see the same value in chronometer?

Need I use JSon (with jquery in client side), Timer with UpdatePanel of Ajax Extensions, pure Ajax (with JQuery) how to shared a cronometer for all users in C# (put information in Cache or database) ?

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