Textbox Omits The String After The Double Quote Sign In

Jan 22, 2011

I am writing value to a textbox from handler(ashx) file. But the problem is that when the value contains double quote or single quote the textbox only shows the value before that quote and omits the the string after that quote.

For eg Value is: Hi "there

The textbox shows: Hi

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Web Forms :: Regex To Unmatch Input String Containing Not Paired Double Quote

Mar 1, 2011

I want to write a Regex in DataAnnotations that can unmatch a input string containing not paired double quote " ie. check if zero or a paired double quote allowed in a input string.

matched case:

unmatched case:


using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations;
using Microsoft.Web.DynamicData;
namespace EDMModel
[MetadataType(typeof(DETAIL_MetaData)), ScaffoldTable(true)]
public partial class DETAIL{}
public class DETAIL_MetaData
[Required, RegularExpression(@"[^~`!@#%&()={}|:;'<>,./+?*^$]*", ErrorMessage = "Unsupported Character detected"), StringLength(20), Display(Order = 21)]
public object NAME1 { get; set; }

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Web Forms :: How To Double Quote A Control

Sep 13, 2010

How would I put quotes on the DataLink control so it outputs " computerfolder" (i put a space in there between the \ so it would show up) instead of just\computerfolder it generates a link but if the folder name has a space it in the link breaks so i am trying to put double quotes on it so it creates a link even if there are spaces.


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Web Forms :: Not To Accept Coma - Single And Double Quote

Mar 26, 2010

I need a regex to not accept single quote, dobule quote and coma. I want to add this to regularExpressionValidator.

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Data Controls :: Display Single Quote And Double Quotes Character In GridView BoundField?

May 7, 2015

In my database, there is a column "summary" with single quot in it.I am fetching this data inside Gridview. Data is shown inside Gridview as:

I want single quot to be shown inside Gridview as (')for that I tried to change the code as below:
<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" Width="100%" BackColor="White" DataKeyNames="IssueId"
AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowPaging="True" PageSize="8" CssClass="Grid" OnRowDataBound="GridView1_RowDataBound">


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C# - String.Replace Does Not Work For Quote?

Jun 7, 2010

((string)dt.Rows[i][1]).Replace("'", "\'")

I want the result that if any string have quote it change it into slash quote, e.g. John's -> John's

but the above replace function is not working fine. it results like John\'s

but if we change the code to

((string)dt.Rows[i][1]).Replace("'", "'")

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Web Forms :: Disable Single Quote Greater Than And Less Than Characters In TextBox?

May 7, 2015

how can I disable the single quote, greater than and less than character when typing it into textbox.

And also prevent the copy, paste that character into textbox.

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Data Controls :: Filter GridView With TextBox Using SqlDataSource FilterExpression Containing Apostrophe (Single Quote)

Jul 17, 2015

So I found an example on how to search gridview using filterexpressions on this site (Filter GridView with TextBox using FilterExpression in SqlDataSource in ASP.Net), but now if I try to search with an apostrophe in the textbox, the code fails.

Here's the link to the the article/source - [URL] .....

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URL String Get Cut Off When There Is # Sign?

Jan 15, 2010

I create a fake link for SEO friendly purpose, for exampl:

If I have a link like this:

http://localhost:1846/mycompany/codesByBook/C#_beginner_1001.aspx in an <a></a> tag.

and if I use:


the value is: http://localhost:1846/mycompany/codesByBook/C (rest of the string:#_beginner_1001.aspx is cut off),

So the problem is the # sign, can you let me know how to keep the # sign so the Request.Url.ToString() get the full path?

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Double Quotes In String Concatenation

Nov 3, 2010

how this string concatenation taking place? i am really confuse what is happening why that slash i there and how the double quotes are used

SessionStateItemCollection items = new SessionStateItemCollection();
items["LastName"] = "Wilson";
items["FirstName"] = "Dan";
foreach (string s in items.Keys)
Response.Write("items["" + s + ""] = " + items[s].ToString() + "<br />");
Response.Write("items["" + s + ""] = " + items[s].ToString() + "<br />");

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Using Double Quotes Inside A String?

Feb 9, 2011

im using asp.net and somehow my escape characters dont seem to work

string testing = "my name is "abc"";

this gives the output : my name is "abc"

ive read all the tutorials, everywhere it says that ive to put " to use double quotes inside a string but i have no idea why my system isnt accepting the escape character.

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Remove Double Linebreaks In String?

Jan 21, 2011

I am developing a asp.net web application, i have a string (with a value in it from a database), with multiple lines that i put in a TextBox with mulitline type. (textarea)

Now the problem is, that in the string are multiple lines, with much empty space. so i want the remove only the double linebreaks.

example of my textbox:

'This is some text in the textbox on line 3
'some text on line 4
'some text on line 6
'some text on line 9

now somehow i want to remove line 1 and 2, and line 7 and 8

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How To Find The First String Symbol After @ Sign Of A Variable

Apr 22, 2010

i have the following variable:


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String.replace() Does Not Work For # (pound) Sign?

Jun 24, 2010

I have a string that I'm pulling from an Excel spreadsheet that is x.firstName

When I pull it in it gets converted to x#FirstName

Fine. So I tried string.replace as shown below and it change my string.

here's my code:

stFormattedColumnName = objDataset1.Tables[0].Columns[i].ToString().ToLower();
//value is x#firstName
//value is still x#firstName

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Web Forms :: Put $ Sign In Textbox

Jan 11, 2011

i want to put $ sign in textbox, and when some one enter some value the that sign should keep visible. See the picture below for details [URL]

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C# String Split Returns Double Quotes Out Of No Where?

Dec 16, 2010

Why does this

string test = "Text1, Text2";
string [] tests = test.Split(", ".ToArray());

returns this

[0] = "Text1"
[1] = ""
[2] = "Text2"

what's with the quotes in tests[1] ? I thought the output would be like this

[0] = "Text1"
[1] = "Text2"

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String Double Quotes Replace With Empty In C#

Aug 20, 2010

I have string. There are no items to show in this view of the "Personal Documents" then assign to string str variable string str ="There are no items to show in this view of the "Personal Documents" library" Now planning to replace "" and make it to actual string to str object. I tried below, but did not worked

str = str.Replace(@"",string.Empty);

I want str value should be string str ="There are no items to show in this view of the "Personal Documents" library" I need to find this string in another string. While searching into that string. I couldn't found because str contains "".

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Web Forms :: Converting String To Double With Specified Precision Value?

Oct 21, 2010

I have a textbox wherein user is allowed to enter the value of type (4,4) but that will be in string and while sending it to database I need to convert this value to double format. I have searched alot but alas no help .for example my string is 12.244 and i need to convert it into double value 12.2440.

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Configuration :: Decimal Place - Convert String To Double

Oct 9, 2010

i have a strange error creaping into my web app but am unsure as to how to fix it. When i run this code on my debug workstation it works fine but when i transfer it to my server things seam to go wrong.

dev station (windows 7) + VS2010
regional and language settings all set to uk
server (windows 2008r2)
regional and language settings all set to uk

What seams to be happening is that when converting a string to a double it works correctly on the dev environment but moves the decimal place to the end on the server.

example code(vb)
dim lat as string = "52.983829"
dim long as string = "-0.036500"
dim latint as double = lat
dim longint as double = long

now on the dev server the value of latint is 52.983829 as you might expect but on when published to the server it becomes 52983829.0 the same with longint on the dev staion it is -0.036500 but on the server it becomes -36500.0 i get equally confusing problems if i try to change it to an integer instead.

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Databinding - Escape Double Quotes In Asp Onclick String

Jul 10, 2010

I am trying to insert dynamic data into a onclick property for a control the code looks like this

onclick="openRadWindow('<%#Eval("ID";) %>','<%#Eval("ParentObjectID") %>');"

I cant get it to fire and the trouble seems to be the double quotes, what is the correct method on escaping the quotes so that this fires.

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AJAX :: JSON String Serialization Without Double Quotes?

Aug 4, 2010

I am using .Net Framework 3.5 on an ASP.net web project using jquery.ajax to make web service calls. My web service returns objects serialized as JSON by specifying the content type of my POST as "application/json". I would like just one of my many properties to return a non quoted javascript function name instead of a quoted string. Serialized as such:

{"dataInit": functionName, "id": "myID"}
instead of
{"dataInit": "functionName", "id":"myID"}

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Error Conversion From String To Type Double Is Not Valid

Aug 17, 2014

This code works somewhat, but it won't place all of the text into the textbox.. If I change a few things I get an error where I highlighted the code in red. Conversion from string "" to type 'Double' is not valid. But the code works, like I said somewhat, as you see it, it just doesn't load all of the text to the text box.555632.txt

Public Class Form1
Private Sub OpenFile_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles OpenFile.Click
Dim IdxList As String
Dim ProgArray() As String
Dim Index() As String


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DataSource Controls :: Cannot Sort String With Negative Sign On The Left In SQL Server

Jan 21, 2010

I have encountered a problem about "order by" sorting in SQL. As some of the items (strings) in a dropdown list contain negative sign on the left, it is surprising for me that the SQL server cannot sort the items in an alphabetical order and as a result I was forced to set the property value (IsSort = False) of the Ajax ListSearch, which slow down the searching speed a lot. Below are examples of two of the string items with a negative sign on the left.

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AJAX :: Enter Double Value In TextBox Control?

Dec 15, 2010

I need to enter amount in textbox. actually i will enter 12 in textbox then after that i will press tab button it will need to convert 12.00 not only that along that i need double(13,2) only in textbox.It never accept more that (13,2).

Note :1222222222222.00 or 1223333333333.22 like that i need i mean not exceed (13,2).I will accept less that that also like 12.22.

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C# - Disallow Use Of Double Quotes " In A Textbox?

Jan 22, 2011

How to disallow use of double quotes " in a textbox

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