Update The Records In Database In A Single Hit?

Feb 3, 2011

I have a datatable with some records.

i want that if record id is exists in database then update the record otherwise insert the record.

But i don't want to hit database again and again, i want to accomplish the task on a single hit.

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How To Update / Delete The Table Records In ASPNETDB.MDF In Single Update / Delete Query

Nov 29, 2010

I want to know how to Update / delete the table records in ASPNETDB.MDF in single update / delete query ?

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Update Database In Datagrid By Clicking Single Update Button

Feb 21, 2011

i got a problem to update my database which i bounded to datagrid. The problem is, i want to update my database only by clicking one update button at the bottom.. when the user click it, all the fields will be updated to database.

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Data Controls :: Adding Records To Two Database Tables In Single Form Page?

Jan 25, 2014

I a problem defining the variable @Bestilling in the codeBehind for adding the record to the database using a single form page. The database design with corresponding form are as below:

private void GridView1_BindData()
SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(connStr);
SqlDataAdapter dAd = new SqlDataAdapter("SELECT kart_DemoOrder.OrderID,


I get error in the method: "GridView1_AddNewRecord".

Must declare the scalar variable "@BestillingID". Is there a way to use only one Add Method and not two as I did?

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Can Update Some Records In A Database Correctly

Mar 14, 2011

I have an ASP.NET web form application that on the server side I need to know the user's identity. I do not need to impersonate the user. I just need their username so I can update some records in a database correctly.When the request is processed I have the following line of code:

string userName = Request.LogonUserIdentity.Name;
if(true == string.IsNullOrEmpty(userName))
logger.logwarning("missing username");
logger.loginfo("update by {0}", userName);

In my development & QA environment this works perfectly - I see the userName in the log file and all of the database records have the lastModifiedBy field filled in correctly. However, when we go to production - userName is an empty string.

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Read & Update A Single Record In A Data Set And Then In The Database?

Mar 15, 2010

how to use update using ADO.NET dataadapters.

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C# - How To Edit / Update Records From A Database Using Textbox

Mar 21, 2011

I have in my page an edit button and textboxes. I want to edit one single record from the database to these textboxes. I wrote the following code, when I click the edit button then I have the results. The results load in my textboxes. But when I try again to run the page with the same ID for second time then I have this error 'Specified cast is not valid.' What's going wrong? I used int ID=3; to get the 3rd record in this example


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DataSource Controls :: Update Query To Edit Records And Save To Database?

Feb 22, 2010

I am doing update query to edit my records and save to my database...I am getting the query expression exception...syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'WebLogin=krish'.

string strUserName = Request.QueryString["UserName"].ToString();
DateTime dateTimeNow = DateTime.Now;
string ConnString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Data"].ConnectionString;[code]....
I am getting the exception syntax error (missing operator) in query expression 'WebLogin=krish'.

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Forms Data Controls :: Trying To Update A Single Table Using Multiple Tab Panels - Incomplete Update?

Sep 20, 2010

I've got a single table, with project information and schedule information. To make the data easier to present, I created a tab control with two panels (a detailsview in each). The first tab is for project info, the second tab is for schedule info (again, all fields in the same table). The problem is, if i change info in both tabs, and then hit the update button, only the data from one tab is added to the table. I think this problem is simple to fix, and boils down to the way I have the page organized, but I can't quite figure it out.

I've boiled my code down to the following conceptualized structure:


When you click the update button, you return to the listview, but with only the information from your current tab saved. How can I get it to update from both detailsviews?

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Merge The Records From The Database On The Local Machine With The Records On The Remote Server?

Mar 31, 2010

The website is over half way done and the functionality for the blog is (except for adding posts) is already implemented and working correctlyI have a SQLExpress 2008 backendBlog posts are rendered on the page with full HTML markup within a label control.

All of the above is done and working. Though I am essentially new to creating websites with ASP.NET, CSS and SQL, I am sure that I could simply carry on and make a login page with some controls that would allow me to add records (blog posts) directly to the database on the host server. However, I am fearful of doing this because I know that malicious code can be passed in this way. Also, because of my lack of knowledge, the only way that I know of to pass the code from a control to the database is to disable validation for the page the control is on. Without a doubt I do not want to do that.

So what are my options for getting blog posts into the database? Is it safest for me to fully create the post in html and update a copy of the database that resides on my local machine? If I do it this way, how can I merge the records from the database on the local machine with the records on the remote server?

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ADO.NET :: Update Single Item With EntityFramework - How To Update Object

Oct 27, 2010

I want to update object via entity framework

For example I have to changed object:


I want to save change to the Obj1 Only


I try to Save with ApplyPropertyChanges but the data didn't saved

How can I update object?

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SQL Server :: Inserting Multiple Records Under The Single Query?

Sep 9, 2010

I have to insert a multiple records under the single table.So i have to execute the command in the frontend for every records.

Inorder to avoid i write the query like this

insert into table1(field1,field2) values('1','Test1'),('2','Test2');

and also i tried

insert into table1(field1,field2)

SELECT "1","Test1"

Union all

SELECT "2","Test2"

But I am getting syntax error.

How to insert a multiple records under the single query?

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Crystal Reports :: Single Report For Parameters & All Records?

Mar 25, 2010

consider the example where there is a report which displays all products or a single product from a table through a drop down list selection. The dropdown list also has a '- ALL -' selection item So the resulting query might be

Select * from products OR
Select * from products where ID={id}

Now I have a single report , I am using sql CASE for differentiating between all products or a single product. Another approach is to pass a different value with where clause in report parameters like


What I like to know is what is the best approach? Is doing this inside query is best or specifying the where clause in the report parameters is right? I personally feel much safe with the SQL query CASE.

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Web Forms :: Display All Records Within A Single Table Without Using Controls?

Feb 2, 2012

My Requirement is to display values of selected record from a drop down into respected textboxes

suppose i select a recordname in dropdown

the record details iam filling in a dataset and showing in textboxes . 

after that My new record is if i need to select all records and display it instead of displaying it in gridview.

I need to display it in same way i.e in textboxes one by one ...even their are multiple records. 

i need to display it in textboxes one by one so instead of creating table with texboxes to fill the record details.

can i create one table which keep on executing the records one by one shows the result .

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SQL Server :: Sql Query - Vertical Records For Particular Part_no Should Be Horizontally Displayed In A Single Row

Nov 25, 2010

I have a sql table like this-

Sno part_no desc supplier currency price

1 10245890 abc abc electricals INR 0.320000
2 10245890 abc abc electricals INR 0.560000
3 10245890 abc def electricals USD 0.780000
4 10345780 def xyz electricals YEN 0.345678
5 10345780 def pqr electricals USD 0.000678

Now whenever user input the part_no output should be displayed like this- foe eg.. if user input 10245890, the ouput should be like this-

Sno part_no supplier1 currency1 price1 supplier2 currency2 price2 supplier3 currency3 price3

Means vertical records for particular part_no should be horizontally displayed in a single row. How can i write a sql query to achieve this?

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Web Forms :: Save One Master And Multiple Detail Records On Single Button Click

Feb 18, 2013

i am working on project  where i have one master table "PURCHASE_ORDER" with fields

order_no  as primary key

and i have a detail table called "PURCHASE_ORDER_DETIALS" with fields 


i am supposed to create a master detail form 

where i am supposed to accept an order from an vendor with multiple items.

i.e the form shoud accept one master record and multiple detail records and then either save all  of them or discard all of them(both master and multiple detail records).

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C# - Update Only A Single Item In Linq?

Nov 10, 2010

Currently I update a single item in a database as follows:

var master = (from tmi in db._Masters where tmi.Id == Id select tmi).FirstOrDefault();

This strikes me as inefficient, as (I think) I am pulling out a full DB row to just update a single value. Is there a more efficient query I can use?

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ADO.NET :: How To Update A Single Field In The Db Table

Feb 22, 2011

net.3.5 linq 2 sql

if i need to update a single field in the db table - do i need to select all the row first?

can i say update myTable Field2 = x where field1=y?

dont know its look like too mach recourses

Order order =new ();
order.ID = 1; orderStatus = "test";
db.Refresh(RefreshMode.KeepCurrentValues, oOrder);

well that delete all the other fields values

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Cannot Update A Single Field Using Linq To Sql

Apr 25, 2010

I am having a hard time attempting to update a single field without having to retrieve the whole record prior to saving.

For example, in my web application I have an in place editor for the Name and Description fields of an object. Once you edit either field, it sends the new field (with the object's ID value) to the web server. What I want is the webserver to take that value and ID and only update the one field. There are only two ways google tells me to do this:

1) When I get the value I want to change, the value and the ID, retrieve the record from the database, update the field in the c# object, and then send it back to the server. I don't like this method because not only does it include a completely unnecessary database read call (which includes two tables due to the way my schema is).

2) Set UpdateCheck for all the fields (but the primary keys) to UpdateCheck.Never. This doesn't work for me (I think) due to my mapping layer between the Linq to Sql and my Entity/ViewModel layer. When I convert my entity into the linq to sql db object it seems to be updating those fields regardless of the UpdateCheck setting. This might be just because of integers, since not setting an int means it is a zero (and no, I can't use int? instead).

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DataSource Controls :: How To Lock Single Row For Update

Jul 2, 2010

i develop a c# windows application. My database is sql server 2008 exp. i want lock single row for user select it for update. for example;

userA - Connection a (connection id 52);

user select a single row (select * from t1 with(rowlock?, updlock?,or what) where id=1) and bind data to form fields (texbox, checkbox,combobox etc.). (there is no problem)

userB - Connection b (connection id 54);

userB can select all other rows from t1 (where id=2 or 3 or anything) but not id=1. when userB select * from t1 where id=1 system generate an exception with (you cannot select this row because it is updated. Updated users connection id is 52.)

when userA (connectionid52) close form or commit changes then userB can select id=1.

i am read few documents (transacions, rowlock,updlock, concurrency violation optimistic,pessimistic) but i couldn't understand.

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AJAX :: How To Refresh Only Single Update Panel

Sep 23, 2010

I for a page with multiple update panel in parent page, I got a button that will open a child window, after I close the child window, how can I refresh the parent page? And I only want to refresh a single update panel section instead of all other update panel section.

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ADO.NET :: Update A Single Table In Edmx File?

Sep 23, 2010

I'm working on the big project who has edmx file with lots of table. I want to update a table from DB. But when I update the edmx file, it also refresh the other tables from DB. How do I update single table?

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Web Forms :: Display Update Changes On Single Postback?

Nov 9, 2010

how to deal with update buttons once you click on update..I do have some buttons like update, hold, release etc...Once I click on these the database will be updated and the immeadiate changes are not reflect until unless i hit the refresh...I know..I need to rebind everthing or need to make a fresh page_load()...But I am calling around 10 Stored procs on each postback...Is there any way to avoid these many calls to database...I am using the updatepanels..so user not aware of postback...he doesn't get any response from UI about the changes...

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ADO.NET :: Update Two Tables From Single Gridview Using Stored Procedure?

Oct 12, 2010

I want to update two tables using stored procedures but my data not updating to data base

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
namespace INV_DN
public partial class Form1 : Form
SqlConnection con;
SqlDataAdapter da1;
SqlCommand cmd;
// SqlCommandBuilder cb;
DataSet ds;
public Form1()


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Web Forms :: Update Two Table Data With Single Command

Feb 20, 2013

I have two tables in oracle ,

i want to update two table data in a single command...

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