VS 2005 - How To Persist Gridview Data After Crosspage Posting

Jul 25, 2010

how can i persist gridview data after crosspage posting? It seems that every time i visit another page and get back to page the entire gridview data and page index were reset.

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Web Forms :: What's Crosspage Posting

Jul 15, 2010

what is crosspage posting?

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PreviousPage Is Equal To Null In Crosspage Posting?

Feb 7, 2011

I'm trying to pass post data from one page to the next but PreviousPage always equals null.This is what I have in the original page (inside an updatepanel

<asp:Button ID="mmGo" runat="server" Text="Merge" PostBackUrl="~/Default2.aspx?action=merge"/>
<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Default2.aspx.cs" Inherits="Default2" %>
<%@ PreviousPageType VirtualPath="~/Default.aspx" %>

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Web Forms :: Setting History Points For Crosspage Posting With Masterpage?

Jan 11, 2011

I am trying to set history points for a form that posts to a second page. Both the first page and second page are content pages in a master page.The form is in an update panel and consists of several textboxes, one radiobutton group of two radiobuttons and one ajax calendar control. The last two textboxes are a zipcode box and a county box. The county box is populated from a database table when the user fills in the zipcode in a textbox and tabs out or clicks in the next textbox.

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Forms Data Controls :: Persist Images In Gridview After Postback?

Oct 5, 2010

I have a grid view whose 1st column is Image Field. Now I assign 1 out of 4 images to each row at runtime. I have this gridview in ajax updatepanel. Now how can i persist the images in the first column after a postback.

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Forms Data Controls :: Persist The Gridview Values After Postback?

Oct 18, 2010

Im binding the gridview in page load.After i click the link button in the gridview it displays another gridview.I have a checkbox in that gridview.I check some of the checkboxes.while i click the save button i want to get that checkbox state whether its checked or not.Bt for me its showing no records in the grid.How do i persist my data and get the checbox's state.

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Forms Data Controls :: Persist HTML Input In GridView On Post Back?

Nov 11, 2010

I have a GridView control that has an ItemTemplate that contains an HTML radio button. In my code behind I am querying a database, retrieving a column of values, and then binding the list to the GridView. My problem is that the radio button that I select is not being persisted on post back. I have tried using an ASP RadioButton rather than an HTML control, but when I do that all of the radio button can be selected at the same time (i.e. like check boxes). how to persist the radio button that is selected in this scenario?


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Forms Data Controls :: Create And Persist A Dynamic Control Inside Of Each Gridview TableCell

Jan 25, 2011

I'm having difficulty trying to create and persist controls inside of a gridview during postbacks. I have an unbound Datagrid control which is created with x number of rows and y number of columns during the Page_Load event.


During the RowDataBound event of the GridView, I create a placeholder control and then I create a label and add the label to the placeholder


On the first page load when navigating to the page, the grid dispays perfectly and the labels are created with no issues and I can see the "1" in every single cell of the Gridview. I basically need the labels in the cells to store an ID when the cell is clicked (the click event works with no issues, wired it all up with javascript) and Since the Cells to not exist prior to "Building the matrix" method, How can I persist the Label controls inside of the tablecells between postbacks so I can assign and read values from them.

I've read a number of online posts from 4guys from rolla and they demonstrate how to persist a handful of controls dynamically created in a staticly defined PlaceHolder conrol outside of the complicated setup of the gridview and have failed at adapting them. The golden rule seems to be to 'recreate' the controls during Page_PreInit during the postback, but I can't seem to get it working.

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Forms Data Controls :: DetailsView CrossPage Postback MasterPage

Oct 5, 2010

I've a DetailsView which I would like to pass an ID across to another page but cannot figure out how to do it!My ContenPlaceHolder is called MainContent, DetailsView is called DetailsView1This is what I have:


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State Management :: Gridview CheckBox Persist In Paging?

Oct 6, 2010

Related to this thread: Gridview CheckBox Persist in Paging

Is there any other option than ViewState or Session to save the datatable ?

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AJAX :: UpdatePanel - GridView - DataSource Null - Get The Datatable To Persist Between The Two Update Panels?

Jan 17, 2010

I am going to outline my setup then where i am failing

UpdatePanel1 - Contents : 3 textboxes and AddButton
UpdatePanel2 - Contents : 1 GridView and SubmitButton

AddButton adds new row to DataTable with data from textboxes, binds DataTable to GridView SubmitButton sends data to database. The Adding of a row works to add the row to the gridview, but it won't add a second or third and so on, only adds the 1. SubmitButton belives the DataTable that GridView is databound to is null and won't send anything to the database. How can i get the datatable to persist between the two update panels? Do i use Sessions as my storage location? Page


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Web Forms :: CrossPage PostBack In Series Of Pages?

Mar 17, 2010

I had a requirement to pass data between pages in my application.I have a Page A where user will input some data and on submit User will be redirected to Page B where again user will enter some more data and on submitting user will be show a confirmation in Page C after doing some calculations and data saving.Following is the idea I was trying to use:



In Page A Codebehind file I am creating following public properties of the inputs to access in Page B:

In PageB.aspx:
using previouspage directive to access page A public properties
<%@ PreviousPageType VirtualPath="~/PageA.aspx" %>


In Page B Codebehind file I am creating following public properties for the inputs to access in Page C:


in PageC.aspx:
using previouspage directive to access page A public properties

<%@ PreviousPageType VirtualPath="~/PageB.aspx" %>

Page C code behind file:


Postback is working fine from Page A to Page B, but when posting data from Page B to Page C, it is automatically redirecting to Page A.

I am not getting any kind of error or anything. page is simply redirecting to Page A. One reason as I understand is that when I post data from Page A to page B. Page A life cycle is executed and Page A becomes null.But when the data is posted to Page C. why the PreviousPage property is checked for Page A?

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Web Forms :: CrossPage Postback Without PreviousPageType VirtualPath

Feb 2, 2011

Im using this code below, but it does not work. I am NOT specifying the "PreviousPageType VirtualPath" in the page, as I want to be able to post to this page from multipul different pages. It finds the placeholder ok, but the control collection for that placeholder is empty so the textbox is never found.

I want to be able to post to this page from many pages that are created using the custom error page. So I cant really specify the "PreviousPageType VirtualPath" as it can be many places all of which are not physical paths


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VS 2005 / Getting Data From A Row On A GridView?

Aug 14, 2013

I'm creating a website in Visual Studio 2005 with VB.NET which contains a GridView. The GridView is being populated by an SqlDataSource and has Edit and Delete buttons automatically generated.

I have converted some of the columns to ItemTemplates and replaced the TextBox in the EditItemTemplate with a DropDownList.When I click Edit, it changes to say Update and I am trying to perform some validation at this point.

The validation I want to perform is to check all the other rows in the GridView to make sure that the selection chosen in the DropDownList hasn't been selected on another row.

For example,

Row 1 DropDownList = Sick
Row 2 DropDownList = Holiday

Click Edit on Row 2 and change the DropDownList to be Sick and then click Update. I want a message to appear saying "Sick has already been selected" and then cancelling the Update before it happens but leaving the row in Edit mode.

can't seem to find a way to find how to get the value of the DropDownList in Row 1 when I'm editing Row 2.

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Avoid Posting Twice Gridview Control?

Jan 27, 2011

in the gridview control when user edit the row and click on update button to save and then click on refresh button (IE) it execut the update event again.

how should i avoid if the user click on refresh after it updates the row?

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How To Persist The Data From A Repeater After Postback

Jul 1, 2010

I have a repeater that displays financial data and prices for various stocks.

On this page, I also have an "export" button that needs to take the data ~on the screen~ and convert it into a CSV for the user.

The problem is, after I databind my list of "Stock" entities:

List<Stock> stocks = GetStocks()
rptStockList.DataSource = stocks;

The data is not persisted on postback.

Also, the data on this page is constantly being updated via an UpdatePanel and a Timer control (being re-databound each time). Every 30 seconds the prices displayed for the various stocks in the repeater control change.

Now, I have a linkbutton that has a click event method in the code-behind that is supposed to export the ~data on the screen~ for the user. I need to grab the current values for the list of stocks last databound to the repeater. I can't simply go grab the latest values from the database because those will have been changed in the time between the last refresh.

protected void lbtnExportStocks_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// No longer have the stock data used in the repeater control

I know that ASP.NET doesn't persist the datasource for the repeater on post-back but I need to still be able to either re-construct this list of Stock entities so I can send them the CSV or I need persist it in some way.

I don't want to do anything that is too heavy handed in terms of performance because during certain days of the week this application can have some heavy usage.

What is the proper solution to this type of situation? Should I iterate through the Repeater's "Items" collection and reconstruct the Stock entities?

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C# - How To Persist Graph Data For Website

Nov 1, 2010

We've worked out some of the tasks on our website can be efficiently solved by maintaining the data using a graph structure. But we don't have much of an idea about how the graph is best persisted. Further we want to write and read simultaneously in an efficient manner in out asp.net app so it needs to handle multiple threads. It doesn't need to be super fast but it needs to be scalable to handle potentially millions of nodes.

I don't want to hack my own system and have heard of Neo4j. Lots of Java developers seem to recommend it to one another. Obviously I'm on the .Net platform and prefer to not have to switch.

What are the available options, particularly on the .Net platform?

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Forms Data Controls :: Export Data From Gridview To Excel Using VS 2005?

Nov 17, 2010

I have a gridview to display data. I want to add a button to export the content of the gridview to Excel, It is possible in this case, Could you show me the step if yes. I am using VS 2005

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C# - Highlight Gridview Row In Update Panel Without Posting Back?

Aug 7, 2010

I have a gridview in an update panel with the following code to select a row, this in turn updates another updatepanel with details from the form record.

protected void gvMainGrid_RowDataBound(object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
if (e.Row.RowType == DataControlRowType.DataRow)
//Make the entire row clickable to select this record
//Uses javascript to post page back
e.Row.Attributes["onmouseover"] = "this.style.cursor='hand';this.style.textDecoration='underline';";
e.Row.Attributes["onmouseout"] = "this.style.textDecoration='none';";
e.Row.Attributes.Add("onclick", ClientScript.GetPostBackClientHyperlink(this.gvMainGrid, "Select$" + e.Row.RowIndex));

I am manually binding the gridview from a database and don't want to rebind the grid just to highlight the row, but I can't seem to add any javascript to the onclick event, it seems to either show the GetPostBackClientHyperlink or the row highlight javascript.

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VS 2005 - How To Search And Display Data In Gridview On The Same Page

May 8, 2010

Am searching a database with three text fields so that i can display the records in a Gridview.

At least one text filed must be filled, then the other two are optional., and one field of the record has PDF file names saved in it,how do i search and display in Gridview on the same page,, and put a link in the Gridview that links to the corresponding file on server?

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Web Forms :: Persist Data Using Cookies Inplace Of Session?

Mar 10, 2010

I need to persist data between pages.I tried using session but the value is not saving.

Should using cookies be a better option? If so give a small example of transfreing and saving data between pages.

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Slows Down Going From VS 2005 To 2008?

Mar 5, 2010

I just upgraded one of my solutions from VS 2005 to 2008, and it completed successfully. The only thing that changed in the solution was that I went from .NET 2 to 3.5 framework.

Now when I debug and select a page where a GridView displays a table of 4580 rows the time to display it goes from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. Everything else in the project behaves as normal. Why would performance degrade on one GridView when going to VS 2008?

It's also noteworthy that changing the GridView parameters to AllowPaging="True" PageSize="25" will return performance to under a second response, as one might expect.

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VS 2005 GridView - Possible To Bind Multiple Data Fields In Tooltip

Jun 20, 2011

Is it possible to bind multiple data fields in a tooltip like below:

Text='<%# Bind("qty_day10") %>' ToolTip='<%# Bind("plant_id" & "product_code") %>'

They work individually but cannot seem to bind both.

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Web Forms :: Persist Data Across Event Calls Without Using Session / Application Variables

Oct 26, 2010

If I have a 2 control load events and one page load event subs and the control1_Load events fires first, can I lookup some database things and persist them? I would like to use the persisted data in the other two events when they fire. Normally I've been using session variables , is there a better way?

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Custom Server Controls :: Persist Data In A Dynamically Populated ListBox In A User Control

Aug 19, 2010

I am trying to persist data in a dynamically populated ListBox in a user control. Here are the details

I have a user control which contains a a listBox and button. On Page_Load of user control I am populating the ListBox control with some values. On Click of button, I am trying to fetch the values which I have selected in ListBox. Though this seems very simple and straight forward I am unable to fetch values.

My Page_Load Function

void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

My Click Function

Protected Void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
string strValue = listBox.SelectedValue

I have placed brake point at Page_Load and on click function, I am seeing that the moment the breakpoint hits Page_Load function (before If (!Ispostback)) , listBox.SelectedIndex is becoming -1.

One more thing here is, I am placing this user control in an SharePoint application page to be specific checkin.aspx page . ( I know this should not be done, but that is the requirement for me)

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