VS 2008 Response Object Confusion?

Jul 16, 2010

I read this about the Response.Expires from the MSDN:"The Expires property specifies the duration of time before a page that is cached on a browser expires"what does the term "cached" stands for here?

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Response Object / Response.AddHeader Is Used To Add A New HTML Header?

Jul 16, 2010


I am using this code to download and its working well for me.But i cant understand the code.Can someone explain me this code to me please?

Response.AddHeader is used to add a new HTML header,but what is an HTML header all about?and the parameters i am passing within it as the name and value;what are they?

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C# - Web Service Method Returns Response Object Instead Of Custom Object?

Sep 29, 2010

I have the following code:

public User GetUser(string username){
User user = new User(username);

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VS 2008 - Why Getting Object Reference Not Set To Instance Of Object

Jan 21, 2013

I added a panel and a button to a page and worked fine. I then moved it to a master page and created a web content page to use the laster page and I get Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Designer page:


style="background-image:url('home16.png'); cursor:hand; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:left; padding-left:6px; background-color:#E2E2E2;"
Runat="server" BorderStyle=None Text="Home" Width="90px" />

style="background-image:url('chart16.png'); cursor:hand; background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:left; padding-left:6px; background-color:#E2E2E2;"
Runat="server" BorderStyle=None Text="Charts" Width="90px" />

[Code] ...

Code page:

Dim Menu1Color As String = "#C6C6C6"
Dim Menu2Color As String = "#E2E2E2"
btnHome.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "this.style.backgroundColor='" & Menu1Color & "'")
btnHome.Attributes.Add("onmouseout", "this.style.backgroundColor='" & Menu2Color & "'")
btnCharts.Attributes.Add("onmouseover", "this.style.backgroundColor='" & Menu1Color & "'")

[Code] .....

It works fine in a reguler web form but not in the master form.

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Using A Response Object Within A Class Library

Dec 29, 2010

My problem today is that I am having trouble shifting some functionality, that is being used in multiple applications, from the applications themselves to a class library I have started building. The issue comes in the fact the code was written to utilize Response objects as seen below...


This is all currently within a function called "DownloadDocument". I continue to have issues running any of the Response object functionality. I usually get the error saying, "Response is not available in this context", is there anyway to use a Response object in a class library file?

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Get A Response If Xxx Does Not Equal Xxx In VB.Net 2008?

Sep 13, 2010

I am looking for help on how get a response if xxx does not equal xxx in VB.Net 2008.Here is my original code:


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Web Forms :: What Is Meant By The Request And Response Object

May 10, 2013

What is actually meant by the request and response object in asp.net?

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WCF / ASMX :: Webservice Client Response Object Not Getting Populated

Mar 29, 2011

There is an external (Java based ) web service that i am calling. I've added my service reference and verified that Reference.cs has been generated.

Then i call my service form my client website like such:


But my response object is mostly null after it receives the response. The properties that should have values do NOT.

When i look at Trace viewer, the SOAP request is correct and the SOAP response is correct. I get back a valid soap response with all the data i need it's just not making its way back to my response object. I've tried regenerating the proxy many different ways (svcutil) with no luck.

Example of what is in the response object (good data which is not making it's way back to my response object):

<ogc:Spatial_Capabilities><ogc:GeometryOperands><ogc:GeometryOperand>gml:Envelope</ogc:GeometryOperand><ogc:GeometryOperand>gml:Point</ogc:GeometryOperand><ogc:GeometryOperand>gml:LineString</ogc:GeometryOperand><ogc:GeometryOperand>gml:Polygon</ogc:GeometryOperand></ogc:GeometryOperands><ogc:SpatialOperators><ogc:SpatialOperator name="BBOX"></ogc:SpatialOperator><ogc:SpatialOperator name="Overlaps"></ogc:SpatialOperator></ogc:SpatialOperators></ogc:Spatial_Capabilities>

Why isn't the SOAP response making its way back to my response object?

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Web Forms :: HTML Source Code In Response Object?

Jan 1, 2011

I am creating a web application that allows a user to download a csv file of a gridview. However, after looking at tutorials online such as http://www.aspsnippets.com/Articles/Export-GridView-To-Word-Excel-PDF-CSV-Formats-in-ASP.Net.aspxand such, I successfully got the table I wanted but there are HTML content appended to the table as well.There was also a similar problem being brought up on the forum,http://forums.asp.net/p/1528174/3692826.aspx. The solutions didn't help me much though. However, I am not really sure how Handlers can benefit this. Furthermore, I don't want the user to be navigated to a blank page just to download the csv file. I tried to debug and insert removal code to remove the html code before the response object is being wrote out but seems even at the end of the writing method, the response object seems to be holding just the table content only.

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VS 2012 / Saving File Generated By Response Object?

Apr 12, 2013

i have a data grid view that i roll over and generate a tab delimited file out of using the reponse object in ASP. to wit...

protected void CreateTabFile()
var d = DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString();
d = d.Replace("/", "");
var filename = "BankRecon";
filename += d;
Response.Buffer = true


how do i set it up to save the file to the datastore folder i have on the site itself, i want to automate an email and send this as an attachment, the email part works, but if its not in a consistent place i cant attach it. its an asp.net webforms project not a website project.

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AJAX :: Ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll Version Confusion

Mar 11, 2010

I see that I have version 3.0.20229.0 of ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll on a server and on my local machine I have version of ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll in a AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5SP1 directory. So does 3.0.20229.0 correspond to 3.5 pre sp1?

I found the following at http://www.ajaxcontroltoolkit.com/Default.aspx:

This release includes over 10 patch fixes provided by members of the Toolkit community. We would like to specially thank all the patch contributors for their effort which helped make this release possible. We recognize their names on the

Toolkit Patch Hall of Fame.

Setting up the environment to use the Toolkit: This Toolkit release targets two different versions of the .NET Framework:

Version 3.5.20229 for .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008:
Download the AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5.zip or AjaxControlToolkit-Framework3.5-NoSource.zip.

Version 1.0.20229 for ASP.NET AJAX version 1.0 and .NET Framework 2.0:

Download the AjaxControlToolkit.zip or AjaxControlToolkit-NoSource.zip.

Note: Toolkit version 3.5.20229 is only for users who are building on top of .NET Framework 3.5 using Visual Studio 2008. If you are using .NET Framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 then you should use
Toolkit version 1.0.20229.

It sounds like the Toolkit version does NOT correspond to the version of ajaxcontroltoolkit.dll.

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Web Forms :: Confusion In Stored Procedure?

Dec 4, 2010

Hhave a table of user which contains created date and based on that i want to get the list of user in hourly time difference like 9:00 am , 9:30 am, 10:00 am .... likewise and with that i want an appropriate user name and count that how many users are registered between the time from db like ( user 1 have 3 count between 9:00 am to 9:30 am ) and for that i have userid,createdon date (with time), username

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VS 2008 Code Is Working But No Response From CmdSave_Click

Aug 21, 2010

I wrote the following Code in my application where cmdCancel_Click is working fine and no response from cmdSave_Click,

Protected Sub cmdCancel_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
Panel1.Visible = False
txtUserId.Text = ""

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VS 2008 Modify / Add Response Header From ASMX?

Jun 29, 2010

I have a need to specify a custom response header from code when my web service is called. I know that from an ASPX page, you can easily modify response headers, but it is not so obvious from withing an ASMX page.

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VS 2008 - Return XML Response From HTTP Request

Apr 16, 2012

I am trying to the following to return xml response from an http request

Dim id As String = Request.QueryString("id")
Dim xmlOut As String = ""
cn.ConnectionString = "Data Source=;Initial Catalog=db;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=sa;Password=pass"
dad = New SqlDataAdapter("select * from tbl where id = '" & id & "'", cn)

[Code] ...

Is there some other way to do this without having to resort to writing the xml to a temp file on C drive and reading it again to display the output ?

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VS 2008 - Update Data But Don't Want To Use Response Redirect

Jul 5, 2011

I am just beginner to ASP.Net, want to update data showed in gridview. While clicking on Edit in gridview, data should go to controls set above the grid view like textbox,dropdownlist, fileuploader control.

I am using OnRowCommand="gvContent_RowCommand" while updating.

But generally i pass row id to pass values from grid view to controls.

For that i use : Response.Redirect("IJPUpload.aspx?id=" + id);

then on page load I used : if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.QueryString["id"]) == false)

Id = int.Parse(Request.QueryString["id"]);
btnSubmit.Text = "Update";
Id = 0;

But Now I dont want to use : Response.Redirect("IJPUpload.aspx?id=" + id);

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Web Forms :: Remove HTML Content And New String In The Response Object?

Feb 22, 2010

How can I remove the html content and add new string to the Response object. If I use the Respose.Write method the page contains the string, but while taking the view source option from browser it will display some html tag like Doctype, head, body etc. My requirement is only the string should be displayed in the source.

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WCF / ASMX :: Convert Webservice Xml Response To Object Dynamically Using JSON?

May 10, 2010

convert webservice xml response to object dynamically using JSON

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State Management :: Static/Shared Confusion?

Sep 16, 2010

my understanding static/shared objects will be saved in a memory that is shared by all instances of the asp.net application,so if we set a value to shared object from inst1 & i should be able to access it via instance2(may be in same computer or anywhere)Actually:In my vb.net application,previously they defined shared dataset to hold some information specific to the user,still now i cant reproduce the error that same value shared across all application instances.Please help me to solve or clarify this.

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MVC :: ViewPath Confusion In ViewUserControl When Using RenderPartial Method?

Jan 4, 2010

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta. I made a sample code to describe my question.

In the /Controller/HomeController.cs
using System;
using System.Web.Mvc;
namespace MvcApplication9.Controllers
public class HomeController : Controller
// GET: /Home/
public ActionResult Index()
return View();

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DataSource Controls :: ObjectDataSource And Update Confusion

May 16, 2010


I'm attempting to develop an n-tier web application that makes use of the ObjectDataSource on a page. The page shows the classic 'user details' page to allow create, read, update and delete actions for an object within the users collection. Let me explain
that again as I think it might be the root of my issue. I have a class named 'user', I also have a class named 'users' which exposes a list of 'user' objects. It's this 'users' class that is the source of my ObjectDataSource control.

What i'm hoping to have happen is that the page will display a 'user' object from the 'users' class (which it does) and that the end user can then amend the values in a formview before updating them (it kind of does this). The problem I'm running into is
that all the 'user' objects are getting updated with th ealtered values and not just the currently displayed object. I suspect that this has something to do with the web being stateless, but i'm going 'round in circles trying to figure out where i'm going

I can post code if required, but what i'm looking for is a decent (read as: easy to follow/understand) site where I can get a better understanding of what i'm supposed to be doing.

My environment is VS2010, C#, .NET 2.0, but I don't think the environment is the issue, merly the chair-keyboard interface.



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Javascript - Response Object Not Returning Excel Stream In Update Panel?

Oct 11, 2010

I am generating an Excel file upon a click of a button in an update panel. It is throwing a parsing error.

If I keep the button outside the update panel it is working fine. Why isn't it working in the update Panel?

Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel"
String.Format("attachment;filename={0}", filename))
Private Function WriteToStream() As MemoryStream
'Write the stream data of workbook to the root directory
Dim file As MemoryStream = New MemoryStream
Return file
End Function

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C# - N - Tier Architecture Approach - Web Application Clearing Confusion

Aug 14, 2010

Well i want to know how many architecture approaches we can use in asp.net web application. i was asked about it. i told him that i use a appcode for dal and bal and the presentation layer. but he was not convince. basically i want to ask what web application architecture an asp.net web application guru would use keeping in mind the different metrics ( i am talking minus web services or any SOA thing)

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Security :: Login SSL Confusion / Forms Authentication Section In The Web.config To Use SSL?

Apr 15, 2010

I have a few pages that need to use SSL and I am confused bc I read you should set the forms authentication section in the web.config to use SSL. so if this is the case, the user logs in (login page is using ssl) the forms auth cookie is created and now if i redirect to the non ssl enable home page, does this mean the auth cookie will not be transmitted, so i can't display like a welcome module or know the username of the user who logged in?

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How To Get DateTime Object From SQL Server 2008

Mar 10, 2010

System.DateTime start_time = (System.DateTime)phones_.GetStartTime(callInfo.No[1].e164, callInfo.No[0].e164)[0][0];

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