VS 2010 - Create Download Link For Windows Forms Application On Website Page

Mar 2, 2011

I want to create a download link for my Windows Forms application. I know you can do that using ClickOnce but I don't want a ClickOnce app so a added a setup project to my application that I just got to work the way I want so now I want to make it downloadable from my website. Should a I a web service or a WCF Service to do this or something else and what else should I do?

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VS 2010 - Create Download Counter On Website

Sep 22, 2011

This should be pretty simple but I don't work on my website code too often so I thought I would ask about this. I have a download link for an application of mine on my website and I wanted to keep track of how many downloads are taking place so I want to create a counter. I added a table to the SQL database I already have on my website with the columns Downloads and CountID which is listed in the column properties as identity specification. At first I just had the column Downloads but when doing a query I was having problems so I added CountID and that made the query easy to do.

When the link on the download page on my website is clicked I wanted Downloads to increment by 1 each time. I used Visual Web Developer to build my site. Should I use a Web Method to increment that or is there a more direct method. I also noticed when I'm working in Visual Web Developer and I have the designer open for a webpage that in the toolbox items you have table and the icon looks the same as a table for an SQL Database. Should I perhaps use that? Add a table to this webpage and work with that?

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C# - How To Write The Code For Self Expiring Download Link For Website

Jul 19, 2010

I am planning to sell digital goods on my website (Asp.net). After successful payment the customer will be redirected to the download page of my website, which will display the link to download the digital content stored in my server.

I want to secure the location of the file, by creating a disposable link to the file. Every time a customer visits this page a new download link will be generated for the same file. Also this link should expire after it is downloaded for the first time.

Is it possible to do it in asp.net ( C# preferably )? if yes how can i do it?

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How To Programmatically Download A CSV Using Windows Service Into Website

Feb 25, 2011

How to programmatically download a CSV using Windows Service into my website?

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Performance - Website Load Test Broken Link To Get The Download

Feb 16, 2010

I watched old videos that suggest to test the asp.net website load using Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool. But there is a broken link to get the download. tool to test website performance?

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VS 2010 Create Excel From IList For Download

Aug 31, 2011

User's need to "download" an excel sheet with data.

However this sheet need to be created on the fly (user's can check of which data they want exported).

From the user's point of view, it will just be a link "Download Now".

From coding point of view I will have an IList<MyClass> where MyClass say got members like EntryId, FirstName, LastName etc.

I do not want all fields to be dropped into the sheet (so I will need control over that in my code)

This sounds like what I'm after (since I'll always only have one sheet)

Create an HTML document and save it with a .xls extension - Excel will open it and treat it like a native Excel file. This method is very simple and, of course, free - however, it won't allow you to have more than one worksheet in the Excel workbook...

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Web Forms :: How To Open A Windows Application In Website

Apr 3, 2010

Can i open a windows application project in asp.net website?If can then how?

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Web Forms :: Can Create Windows Application Using Silverlight

May 24, 2010

Can i create Windows Application using Silverlight

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VS 2010 - Web Service To Write To Windows Application Log

Nov 29, 2012

I am writing a web service for a customer. I tested it locally fine using a consumer, but he is having an issue calling it from his jquery, so he asked for logging.I figured I would use the Windows Event Log for this purpose. after I added the event log and was testing it locally via the consumer, I had an error saying The source was not found, but some or all event logs could not be searched. Inaccessible logs: Security. So what I did to solve that was restart Visual Studio with administrator privelege so the event logs could be searched. And I am writing to my event log locally with no other issues.

My question is, when my customer intalls this new version of my web service, will it be able/unable to search the logs and if unable, how can it be given admin privelege so it is able, or again is that a bad idea?

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C# - Page Is Dead After Download Link Is Clicked

Aug 18, 2010

I have a few linkbuttons that each open the save dialog to let users save file to the local machine. But after any link is clicked the page is dead afterwards (nothing works) and page has to be refreshed.

So do I have to force refresh after download is complete or does it have to do something with postback?

StringCollection strValuesToSearch = new StringCollection();
string stringToReplace;
stringToReplace = TextBox1.Text;


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Creating Mobile Website Page To Download Symbian .sis File To Mobile Unable To Download Properly

Dec 10, 2010

i m creating asp.net Mobile website page to download symbian .sis file to mobile ,but its not geting download properly.its working perfectly on desktop.

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VS 2010 Connecting To SQL Database From Windows Form Application?

Aug 5, 2010

I had another thread on this problem but I wanted to start this one so no one had to look at the code I posted in the other thread. I have a successful connection but want to display data from the SQL database on my website in my Windows form application. Here's the code I have so far. Used some of the ADONET Tutorial1 here. The table Ray Rover Activation has a number of different columns but to start out I just wanted to see if I could display data for the EmailAddress column.



If I comment out the Sub DoStuff I don't get any errors but neither is anything displayed other than the messagebox message. If I don't comment out DoStuff then I get an error, "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'FROM'". Maybe someone could enlighten me some on what I need to do get the data in the column EmailAddress to display.

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How To Create A Downloadable Link In A Website

Jul 7, 2010

How to create a downloadable link in a website.

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Configuration :: Publish Website On Windows Server 2003, When It Is Devloped On MS VisualStudio? 2010

Mar 30, 2011

I am installing MS Visual Studio 2010 on my PC and will develop website on it. I have developed my old asp.net websites on MS Visual Studio2005.Our webserver where we publish our websites on Windows Server 2003.I want to know that whether we can publish websites develop in MS Visual Studio 2010 on Windows Server 2003?

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VS 2010 / Windows Forms Embedded In ASPX Page?

Dec 19, 2011

Im trying to embed a windows form out of a .dll into an aspx page.

<object id="mytest" classid="ASPXCLASS.dll#ASPXClASS.FORM1" height="400PX" width="400PX" VIEWASTEXT ></object>

All that I get is a blank area where the form should appear - obviously I missing something completely..

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Adding A Tool Bar To Visual Studio 2010 - Windows From Application

Nov 7, 2010

i just downloaded an RSS Toolkit for .net.

where do i need to place it? in which folder so it will become available on my visual toolbars?

and what types of files do i need to place in this folders? is it the *.dll only or more?

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Create Link For Mvc Application?

Mar 2, 2010

I have menu on my website, some links are internal and builds with Html.ActionLink method, and some are external and builds with tag. But I don't like this code, I prefere to have one line instead of two lines.


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Create Windows Schedule With Website?

Feb 23, 2011

I Want to Create windows schadule with my website on my host in server.

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Visual Studio :: 2010 Deploy MVC 2.0 Web Application To A Windows 2003 Server With IIS6

Nov 11, 2010

I'm trying to deploy my MVC 2.0 web application to a Windows 2003 server with IIS6, and can't find the means to do it. I read about clicking Build/Deploy, but I don't have this showing on my menu, and I have the professional version.

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Web Forms :: How To Create A Link To Another Page

Feb 3, 2011

i wanna create a link to another page in my application asp.net c# via a button ( not a linkbutton or a hyperlink)

dunno how to implemente that on the function button_click(){}

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Web Forms :: Add "Download Pdf" Link On A Page?

Aug 12, 2010

I want to add a link to download the pdf version of the current viewing page with full css and html support? How can I make that possible?

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Security :: Send A Password From Windows Application To The Website?

Mar 26, 2011

I need to send a password from a windows application to the web (asp.net) in order to automatically login the user on the web (e.g.: opening hotmail from windows live messenger).

I thought about hash code, but the problem is: the value will be stored on user browser history (querystring).

how to pass a one-time valid key (a key that is valid for only one use) using querystring?

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VS 2008 - How To Find Windows Path Of Website Application

Aug 25, 2011

How do I find the windows path of an web site Application in .NET 3.5, and also the http path? I found a solution on the web but it didn't work, it seems to be slightly different for different versions of .NET.

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Create .net 3.5 Website In Visual Web Developer 2010?

May 4, 2010

as the title says - can I create a .net 3.5 website in Visual Web Developer 2010?

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C# - Create Deployment Application For Windows Service?

Sep 24, 2010

I am currently working in a project where it is having multiple asp.net web applications, windows services. Now we have a requirement that I need to create an Setup application should do the following tasks automatically create database, install web applications in IIS virtual directories, install windows services and modify all configuration files do necessary checks before starting deployment. Which tool preferably open source / freeware help me in developing above setup/deployment application?

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