VS 2010 - How To Pass The Result Of The Linq To Textbox

Sep 27, 2010

How can I pass the result of the linq to a textbox?

string search = txtSearchPO.Text;
IPSBLL.TransactionInfo dbInfo = new IPSBLL.TransactionInfo();
var q = from info in dbInfo.GetTransactionInfo()
where info.PONumber == search
select info;
txtPONumber.Text = q;

I need to access the column data something like this:


How can I do that in LINQ?

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MVC :: How To Pass Linq To Entities Query Result To View

Apr 1, 2010

i have a new question: i read all the tutorials that i found but i cannot understand how to pass a result of a linq to entities result to the view so that i can display the results. My query is actually in the controller function ot the view, i would now loop the results and display them in the page. How?

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DataSource Controls :: How To Pass A Result Set From A Linq.dataquery To Another Sub Or Function

Feb 1, 2010

I'm trying to populate a treeview control using linq.

I use the following code


how can I declare c in fillChildren

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Correct Result Inside DropDownList From LINQ Query Result

Jul 1, 2010

I have this ListView that has a Drop Down List.Everything works fine (I think/hope) except that the drop down list are not showing its result correctly.This is the code.


The code behind consist of the page_load and the ItemDataBound

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Linq To XML - Getting Correct Query Result, But It's Buried Deep In The Result Var?

Mar 1, 2011

I'm having a problem with my Linq to XML query. I'm getting the result data I want, but it's nested so deep that there must be a better way.Here is my XML:


I'm trying to get a list (simple string[]) of all Item IDs where Category Names contains "Other".Here is my Linq:



Here is a snapshot of my result from Visual Studio:The results I want are there ("item100", "item400", "item500"), but buried so deeply in the results var.

How can I get the query to return a simple

string[] = { "item100", "item400", "item500" }

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VS 2010 / Pass 0 Value To Database If Textbox Is Empty?

May 21, 2012

i have textbox whose value converted to Int32. while passing value to database when textbox is blank it gives error as Input string was not in a correct format.

my code is

cmb.Parameters.Add("@rate", SqlDbType.Int).Value = Convert.ToInt32(txtGenRate.Text)

what should i do?

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MVC :: How To Pass DropDownList Result Without Javascript

Jun 24, 2010

I'm still learning MVC. I would like to be able to display a list of items in a dropdownlist and then when I select one of those items invoke a new action that will process the selected item.

I can create the DropDownList but I cannot figure out how to return the selected item back to the controller. Below are some snippets from my code. The first shows the Index Action which just gets a list of pathnames which I call widgets. The second is an action which I'd like to use to process the selected file.

The third section is the view in the Index.aspx for the HomeController's Index View.

I have read several articles that show how to do this using JQuery or Ajax, but I'd like to do it without using either so that I can run this on a mobile browser that has no javascript.

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MVC :: Pass JSON Result To JQuery?

Feb 8, 2011

I have the following actionresult in my controller;


and this jquery script to print values pass from controller in textboxes.


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VS 2010 / Getting Result From JavaScript?

Feb 8, 2012

I want to be able to get specific website thumbnails and display them in an ImageBox. The easiest I've found is using a web service. Unforntuantely, most of these services don't allow me to just attach a URL. If I could, then I would just assign the URL of the ImageBox as the URL.

Instead, they force me to use JavaScript like this:

Javascript Code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://webshot.in/thumbshot/getshot.php?url=http://www.shrunktheweb.com"></script>

I can do that, but how I would I get the results and assign it to the ImageBox's property?

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ADO.NET :: How To Use Order By On The Result Of A LinQ To SQL Query

Dec 8, 2010

How can I use Order by on the result of a LinQ to SQL query ?

I have the following Situation:

Dim ret As New Object

ret = From status In tableStatus _
Select status.STATUS_ID, _
Text = Function_GetText(status.TEXT_ID)

Now I have to order this result on the field Text, has anyone an idea? (I can't use in my case Orde by Function_GetText(status.TEXT_ID))

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ADO.NET :: How To Randomize A LINQ Query Result

Dec 5, 2010

How to randomize a LINQ query result?

Below takes 4 of the records but it won't randomize in every request. [:(]

Dim products = (From p In Northwind _
Order By Guid.NewGuid _
Select New With { _
.Name = p.Name, _
Return products.Take(4).ToList()

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ADO.NET :: Get A Single Value Result From Linq Query

Aug 18, 2010

i want take a single value result from linq query

if i have :[Code]....

the variable result does not return nothing, only tostring() and similar how can i get a single result from linq query and use it in my ID variable?

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C# - How To Populate Dropdown With A Database Result In Mvc Linq EF

Mar 16, 2011

Here is my Controller:

public class MatchManagerController : Controller
// GET: /MatchManager/
public ActionResult Index()
return View();
public ActionResult CreateMatch()
return View();

Here is my View:

@model MatchGaming.Models.MatchModel
ViewBag.Title = "CreateMatch";
@using (Html.BeginForm()) {

I want my MatchTypeId to be a drop down that populates from my table MatchTypes.

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ADO.NET :: Assign Linq Query Result To GridView?

Dec 9, 2010

New to Linq and Var type have a method where linq query is executed, want to return the result and assign it to GridView. but method don't take the return type as var.

So was wondering how do i return this query result?

Should i assign this result to DataTable first and make the method return type as DataTable?

Here is the code, This is what i want to do but not sure what is the right way


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Comparing 2 Linq Applications - Unexpected Result

May 16, 2010

I drafted 2 ASP.NET applications using LINQ. One connects to MS SQL Server, another to some proprietary memory structure. Both applications work with tables of 3 int fields, having 500 000 records (the memory structure is identical to SQL Server table). The controls used are regular: GridView and ObjectDataSource.
In the applications I calculate the average time needed for each paging click processing.

LINQ + MS SQL application demands 0.1 sec per page change.
LINQ + Memory Structure demands 0.8 sec per page change.

This Is shocking result. Why the application handling data in memory works 8 times slower than the application using hard drive? Can anybody tell me why that happens?

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C# - A Linq Question With IEnumerable<DataRow> Result

Dec 21, 2010

How can i convert following sql guery to LINQ in C# ? I dont need all columns from both tables and the result set should be IEnumerable<DataRow>

select c.level,cl.name,c.quantity
from dbo.vw_categories c
left join dbo.vw_categoriesLocalization cl on c.level = cl.level and cl.language = 'en'
where c.level like '000%' and c.level <> '000';

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MVC :: Execute Stored Procedure And Pass Result To View

Jun 19, 2010

I created a stored procedure in my MVC project. I need to execute it and pass result to view form. How can I do this?

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MVC :: Cannot Pass The Result Data Of JQuery.post() To Variable

Nov 26, 2010

I cannot pass the result data of jQuery.post() to a variable. The result is undefined. [:(]


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What Is The Underlying Type Of The Result From A Linq To Entities Query

Jan 20, 2011

for example,

var result = from category in myEntities.Categories
where category.UserId == userId
orderby category.CategoryName
select category;

What is the type of "result"? I casted it to an IQueryable variable and it worked except it did not have some of the methods normally available, e.g. Count(). In my program I have to cast it to some explicit types and then use the Count() method.

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ADO.NET :: How To Add Hard Coded Values To LINQ Query Result

Aug 31, 2010

I am running a LINQ query which populates a list used by a DropDownList, I need to insert an "Unassigned" value to the list. The function below queries the values correctly from the db but does not insert the "Unaasinged" value to the list.


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DataSource Controls :: Dynamic Sql Result Set Into Linq To Sql Designer?

Apr 13, 2010

I have one sproc with Dynamic Temp Table. Sproc returns dynamic temp table rows and when I drag and drop the sporc on to Linq to Sql Designer I am not getting Return Type as "(Auto-generated Type).

how can I get Return Type as Auto-generated Type.

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Get Data From Two Tables With Linq And Return Result Into View

Mar 5, 2011

I have two tables: Projects and ProjectsData and I want to execute query with join and get the result in the View. In the Controller I have this code:

ViewBag.projectsData = (from pd in db.ProjectsData
join p in db.Projects on pd.ProjectId equals p.ID
where pd.UserName == this.HttpContext.User.Identity.Name
orderby p.Name, p.ProjectNo
select new { ProjectData = pd, Project = p });

What I should use in the View to extract this data. I tried that:

@foreach (var item in ViewBag.projectsData)

but it doesn't work.

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C# - Bind A Grid To An Anonymous LINQ Result, Then Commit Changes To DB?

Mar 4, 2011

I've been looking into how best to do this and wisdom would be appreciated. For read only purposes, I've been happily using LINQ and binding it to a grid. For editing purposes, I've used the LinqDataSource control, enabled the Edit/Delete operations in the process, and I have a nice editable grid bound to some or all of the table's fields.Now I have a situation where I want to edit a few fields in table A, but there are various values in linked table B that I want to display in that grid too (no editing of those). So my query looks like the below. The fields in tblDupes (cleared, notes) are what I want to edit, but I'd like to display those tblVoucher ones.

var theDupes = from d in db.tblDupes
where d.dupeGroup == Ref
select new


A similar but different question LINQDataSource - Query Multiple Tables? sent me looking at scott Guthrie's blog entry http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2007/09/07/linq-to-sql-part-9-using-a-custom-linq-expression-with-the-lt-asp-linqdatasource-gt-control.aspx, where he handles various events to have a LinqDataSource with a custom query across tables. This still seems aimed at explicitly designed classes though, even if the class has only a subset of the fields.

So my question is: is there an easy way to allow committing of the changes made to the anonymous collection (a changes.Submit type action), or just an easy way to 'display' fields from another table while not involving them in the updating?EDIT: Thinking more, it doesn't have to be anonymous really. I'd be happy to define a class to contain the elements in that query, since it won't change often. But, those elements would be across two tables, even though only one needs updating. Not sure if that suggests entity framework would be more suitable - I get the feeling it wouldn't - I don't want the whole 'model' always grouping the fields in this way.

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ADO.NET :: Setup Query Result Shaping For LinQ To SQL Instead Of Entity Framework?

Sep 9, 2010

I am new to this, and I am trying to implement a linq query similar to db.Genres.Include("Albums") command from

mvc music store using my current DB setup. I realize that the tutorial mentions Checlking the "Include foreign key columns in the method" when creating the tables in ADO.NET, but if I am using LINQ to SQL classes, then how can I obtain the same effect. And how do I use
db.Genres.Include("Albums") to simplify my life?

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Get Data From Two Tables (join) With Linq And Return Result Into View?

Mar 4, 2011

I want to get data from Projects(which have CourseId) and related CourseName from Courses table.

I have written following code:

var projects = from n in db.Projects
join c in db.Courses on n.CourseId equals c.ID
orderby n.Name
select new { Project = n, Course = c };
return View(projects.ToList());

and I get error:

The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List1[<>f__AnonymousType22[ProjectManager.Models.Project,ProjectManager.Models.Course]]', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[ProjectManager.Models.Project]'.

What I need to do in Controller and in View to display this data?

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