VS 2010 - How To Select ALL Gridview Rows Not Just Rows Displayed

Jun 27, 2012

I have a gridview which right now is getting loaded with four pages of data. There are 50 rows per page. My problem is I need the "select all" button on my page to select 180 rows, not just the 50 on the page. This is my javascript:

function sel() {
var frm = document.forms[0];
isSelected = !isSelected;
for (var i = 0; i < frm.elements.length; i++) {
var e = frm.elements[i];
if (e.type == 'checkbox' && e.name.indexOf("ckSelected") > -1)
e.checked = isSelected;

I am more a C# person than javascript, but I am deducing that I need something other than document.forms[0] to represent the entire gridview. Or perhaps, I can't do this in javascript at all. Do I need server code to run and set a session variable, then when the user clicks the button to do something with all his selected rows (it goes to a detail page), query that session variable to see if it's all rows instead of iterating through each gridview row individually to see if the checkbox is checked?

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I'm also looking for example in code how to select/delete rows from DataTable.

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ToolTip="M8 Media Educational Directory" GridLines="None"
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i am using the inbuilt database in VS08. I was trying to write code to query Gridview control to show only those rows whom i specify through my Query.

I searched for it and found some code which might work for External databases. But found no code for inbuilt database MS SQL Server provided in VS08.

Also there is no such method available for GridView1 object.

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Web Forms :: Select Multiple Rows From GridView Into Another Page

Jun 20, 2012

SourceForm.aspx contains a databound gridview which I have added a checkbox column for multiple row selection. OnClick of a button I want to display any selected rows on another page, Target.aspxSo far I have successfully captured textbox input properites using PostBackUrl between the two, e.g.

SourcePage.aspx  <div>  
Enter your name: <asp:TextBox ID="_nameTextBox" runat="server" /><br />           
Enter your age: <asp:TextBox ID="_ageTextBox" runat="server" /><br /> 
<asp:CheckBox ID="_marriedCheckBox" runat="server" Text="Married?" /><br /> 
<asp:Button ID="_nextPageButton"


Some examples I've tried to follow point towards using DataKey Rows of chkSelected

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VS 2010 - (jQuery) GridView - Find Next And Previous Rows?

Aug 7, 2011

I am trying to build myself a grid that displays some very simple data (a name and a price of food items on a menu) which the user can very easily edit. The idea is that the grid is always editable, and editing, deleting, adding a new row and hopefully swapping two rows can be done without posting back to the server (at all, not even in an update panel or something).

So far I managed to get deleting to work, but it requires a bit of an explanation. I have a pretty good idea of how to implement adding new rows so I will try that myself. The problem at the moment is swapping rows.

First of all, the data I am displaying in the grid are instances of the MenuItem class, which has properties:

Id (integer, unique identifier)Name (string)Price (float)

I'll explain this step by step:

Saving updates

The grid is a GridView with 6 rows: ....

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Data Controls :: Select All Rows Of All Pages In GridView Using CheckBox

Jul 21, 2012

Today client has asked a option of select all members in Database so that to send sms to all users at one go,I am having a GridView with 20 rows in one page(all Rows 200+) and having a CheckBox if we select that only current page rows are selected but I need to select all rows which are present in Data Set.

I request to give me solution as soon as possible,

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Jul 14, 2010

I have a gridview with 3 columns. In second column I want to display some text in 2 rows and then a gridview.
Here is my code:


The problem is my third row is displayed as a row under first column. How do I make it a separate column in my girdview. Not sure what is going wrong.

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i'm using the code below to select multiple rows in a gridview using a checkbox, how do I modify the code in a "select all" button click event to select all the rows by checking the checkboxes in all the rows? How do I also clear all the checkboxes using sa "Clear" button click event?


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I have a GridView with an extra checkbox column to select rows.

To select multiple rows, the user now has to click each separate checkbox, but I would like to offer the possibility to select multiple rows at once using Shift+click.

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Feb 10, 2011

There are many rows which are displayed in webpage, when user clicks on Name of the user.. a dialog box should open and it should display that user name...

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Mar 31, 2010

I have a standard .NET GridView. How I can: 1. Highlight the row on mosue over (or hover),2. Activate the Select Event when you click on anywhere on the row?

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AJAX :: Tabcontainer's Tabpanels Displayed On Two Rows Instead Of One?

Apr 23, 2010

Is it possible to display a tabcontainer's tabpanels on two or more rows instead of just one? I have a problem that my tabcontainer's tabpanels push over the edge of the page.

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Forms Data Controls :: Select Command And Gridview - Just Want To Return Rows Based On Bool Tick?

Sep 6, 2010

I have a table in my Database called Creditors.

One of the columns is Paid which is type Bool.

On my aspx I have an objectdatasource and gridview. In the DAL is a method called GetCreditors which

returns all the creditors into the Gridview.

In some cases the "paid" column is ticked and in other not.

I want to run a select query that only gets the rows where PAID is not Ticked. insead

of retrieving all.

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DataSource Controls :: Iterate Through Rows To Check If Row Has Been Displayed?

Jul 9, 2010

I am having a problem. I need to check to see if a row has been displayed once, and if so don't display it again. I have the following code:


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I tried with DISTINCT in the sql but that didn't work, so i think it may be better doing it through iteration? Can this be done?

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rows as columns like below:

EMP1 1 2 3 4
EMP2 1 2 3 4

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