VS 2010 - Main Image / Drop Small Images On And Save As One Image?

Nov 14, 2012

I want to display an image, be-able to drag small images on to the large image and then save the new image. Image having a photo as an image and wanting to put number blobs on and each number blob refers to a piece of text almost like labelling photo. I know how to drag and drop images using jquery but not sure how I would save the thing as a new image.

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JQuery :: Galleria V 1.1.2 - Thumbnail List Displays Images With A Small Portion Of Mail Image

Feb 10, 2011

i have to modify the thumbnail width and height as well as main center image and height. then the thumbnail list displays images with a small portion of mail image.i want to display thw hole image with reduced size inside the thumbnails.

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Web Forms :: Resize Small And Large Images To Match The Height And Width Of Image Control

Aug 18, 2012

In my Web page,I have a Div section with height=302PX and width=302PX.

In another page,I had a File Upload control. When we will upload the image,then the image will be displayed in that Div section.

1.When the image is large,it should be re-size and display in that particular Div section completely.

   For Eg:The image size like 350PX*350PX and 1024PX*1024PX, it should be re-size to Div Section size has 302PX*302PX.

2.When the image is Small,it shouldn't be re-size and display in that particular Div section completely.

   For Eg:The image size like 50PX*50PX,100PX*100PX and 302PX*302PX ,it shouldn't be re-size and display in that Div section.

   For Eg:The image size like 15PX*15PX these will appear very small.But When uploading the file these images also should displayed completely with as it is  in that  Div section.But the image will displayed neatly.

3.If there are any tools for these type of conditions using ASP.Net.

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Data Controls :: Show Default Small Image Before Fully Bind Image In Datalist From Database

Apr 27, 2016

How to show defalut image in datalist untill large image fully loaded in same datalist ?

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Save The Contents (images) On Panel As Image Using C#?

Sep 30, 2010

How to save the drawing (contents) on a panel as an image using C# and asp.net.I found Panel1.DrawToBitmap but its not working in the asp.net ,is there any assembly i am missing or the function is altogether different?

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Architecture :: Image Hosting Website - Save Over 1000 Images On Disk?

Jul 28, 2010

Let's say I am creating a image hosting website. My potential users will be somewhere around 1 Million, and every user potential has 10,000 images, and I need to serve over 1000 images per second.

So, I bought a diskarray, with 10T storage, SAS 15K SCSI drives.

The problem is: What is the best way to save those files on disk? How to organize the folder structure to make sure NTFS can find one file from a billion files under a huge tree folder quickly? I mean, serve 1000 images per second is non trivial issue. My current website is serving over 100 images per second, and I already see the performance problem: NTFS can't find the file fast enough! And of course, my folder structure is not good enough either.

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How To Edit Images Using JavaScript In Real Time And Save The Edited Image On The Server

Jul 10, 2010

Is it possible to edit images using a javascript library and then send the edited image to the server for saving.

Edits will be in real time, means the user can see the edit result in the same time he is editing without the need to refresh the page.

I want a javascript library to do some edits on an image on a webpage 'such as crop, resize, rotate,...' and send send the edited result to the server.

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Web Forms :: Display Image In Image Control After Upload On Server Then Save To Database

Apr 16, 2013

I have filed image type varbinary

I want upload image and show then with click button save

store in db

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How To Display An Image In Image Control Using Fileupload As File Not Save To Server

Feb 23, 2011

i want show an image in image control as user select an image file through fileupload control. and i not want saving image on the my server

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Web Forms :: Save Default Image To Database If No Image Selected In FileUpload

Apr 27, 2014

I used below code for uploading image with  fileupload control

string path = Server.MapPath(".") + "../image/estate/image";
string filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(fup3.PostedFile.FileName);
string[] validext = { ".jpg"};
string ext = System.IO.Path.GetExtension(fup3.PostedFile.FileName);
if (Array.IndexOf(validext, ext.ToLower()) < 0)
Label21.Text = "insert .jpg format";


I want if users don't select any image from fileupload control in database it save this image name  'default.jpg'

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C# - Save Stream As Image And Store The Image In Temp Files?

Sep 6, 2010

How to save stream as image and store the image in temp files?

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Need To Combine 2 Images To 1 Image (the Image And The Logo..)?

Mar 23, 2010

need to combine 2 images to 1 image (the image and the logo..)

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Can Show A Small Image From URL.content In C#

Jun 13, 2010

How i can show a small image from url.content in c#?,for preview page of a url link

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Web Forms :: Display The Image As Small Popup?

Aug 27, 2010

I want to give small link beside test box. If they click on link, I want to display the image as small popup.

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C# - How To Have A Small Image Beside Each Item Of .net Dropdown List

Mar 5, 2010

How can I have a small image beside each item of asp.net dropdown list.

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VS 2010 Drag An Image Over Another Image?

Mar 21, 2011

I'm building a website for a friend where some pictures need to be uploaded. The pictures need to get a watermark on them automatically after uploading (to prevent other people using them as their own), but the watermark placement cannot be 'static'; if I put it in the same place on each picture then it will obscure too much of the content in some pictures.

So I want to enable my friend to choose the location of the watermark (possibly even the size, but that's not really important at the moment) for each picture individually.

At the moment I just have a page with a FileUpload control that allows my friend to pick the image. It is uploaded when the OK button is pressed and the URL to the image is stored in a database. That's basically it.

Now I was thinking to make another page after the upload page where you can see the image you just uploaded and can drag a picture of the watermark (which will be a transparent PNG image, possibly GIF if PNG is not possible) around to place it. Once placed, the user could click an OK button and the watermark is copied onto the image.

So what I need is a way to drag an image (the watermark) over another image (the picture), as well as the possibility to retrieve the location of the watermark image (relative to the picture image) afterwards (so I can draw it onto the picture using GDI+).

Is there anything that allows me to do this? When I search for stuff related to dragging images all I find is drag and drop samples, where you take an arbitrary image file and drag it into the browser. That's not what I want; the watermark is always going to be the same image, and it will be on the image by default (in the center or something). The user should be able to move it (possibly outside the boundary of the image to completely hide it) but never completely remove it from the image and drag it somewhere else (no drag drop).

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How Can Save Image In Db As Byte Array And Show The Saved Image As Slide Show

Dec 28, 2010

How can I save image in db as byte array and show the saved image as slide show in my web page with C# asp.net 3.5

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VS 2008 Image In GridView / Display Images In The Gridview From The Image Folder

Jul 25, 2010

I have a folder named img containing some images:

I want to display images in the Gridview from the image folder in this way:

But without saving the image location in the Database (i.e;i want to do this using the System.IO)

I can fetch the names of all the images present in the "img" folder but my problem is i cant set the src of the <img> tag properly which would display the image here is what i did:


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Web Forms :: Crop And Split Image Into Parts And Then Save Parts Of Image In C#

Mar 22, 2013

How to Divide image in two parts like I have an image which width x Height = 16 x 32.

And I want to split image in two images 16x 16 and 16x 16.

How can i do it?

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Web Forms :: Cannot Save Images In Vs 2010 As Included In Project

Mar 23, 2011

I tried to save image under folder and it is saved but not including in the project.

what should i do. i using vs 2010 and c#

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Web Forms :: Display Image In Image Conrtrol When User Select Image From Selection_Dialogbox

Sep 27, 2010

I want to achive on functionallity like below.

I want to Dispaly image after image selection.so Users can see image at that moment.

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How To Save An Image Using The Image URL

Jul 26, 2010

I have a regular asyncfileupload that I use to upload a particular image from my hard drive to the server.

Since I'm testing it, instead of saving the image to my hard drive and then uploading it to my server using the fileupload, I was wondering if I can somehow save it directly from the image's url to the server.

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AJAX :: Uploading Image With AsynFileUpload And Changing Image Url Of An Image Control?

Jun 7, 2010

I Used AsyncFileUpload(one of Ajac Control Toolkit Controls) to Uploading User's Image. this works well. But i want to change the image url of an image contorl to uploaded image url. how can i perform that? I put Image control in a Update Panel:


in C# code I wrote these:


But it does not work. Image is like Previous. Note that ImageOperations.ResizeFromStream() method resizes and saves the image to a specefic folder. actually I should trigger a Postback to Update the Update Panel but How to do that. I usedUpdatePanelNew.Update(); but it does not work!

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Web Forms :: Image Display / Preview Image Whenever Browse An Image Beside It In An Imagecontrol?

Feb 1, 2010

I have a fileupload control in a contentplaceholder in a masterpage. I have to preview the image whenever I browse an image beside it in an imagecontrol.

My application is running on a different server .So I can't give the filepath of my local system.

Also I don't want to store the image in any location and i'm not supposed to use any session variable to pass it to generic handler.

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Web Forms :: To Set A Default Image For Image Control , When There Is No Image Availble?

Jan 15, 2011

I am trying to put a default image in an Image control in asp.net and it should show that particular image on the page when no other image is assigned or no image available in Database.

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