VS 2010 Mschart Axis Minimum Or Maximum?

Oct 18, 2010

I have an mschart control which is databound in code-behind. The Y axis values can vary from vary small to very broad. So the range is set to auto. This works fine except when the values in range of 0 and <1.
In this range the axis only has a zero, it does not have a "1" at top. Is it possible to set to dynamically set the maximum? So if the maximum value is less than one, still show a one.
i.e. get maximum value and set the Y axis maximum = maximum value +1

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VS 2010 - Sort X Axis On MSChart With Multiple Series

Oct 28, 2013

I have an MsChart with 6 series. The data is retrieved from MySQL database and every series has different number of elements.

The X axis is represented by date values (YYYY-MM). I am sorting data ASC on date from MySQL query but when i generate the chart i have the values (from left to right) : 2010-01 , 2011-04, 2013-04, 2011-04,2012-04.

I tried sorting data like this , for every series:

Chart1.Series(0).Sort(PointSortOrder.Ascending, "X")

But still no effect. How can i sort data on X axis?

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VS 2008 - MSChart Using DateTime On X Axis?

Mar 29, 2010

I have installed the asp.net MSChart control for VS2008 and set up a chart on my webform. I am using DataBindTable in code to bind data from a LINQ query. The data for the x axis looks something like this:

15/03/2010 08:00:00
15/03/2010 14:00:00
15/03/2010 20:00:00
16/03/2010 08:00:00
16/03/2010 14:00:00

When the chart displays the X axis only displays multiple dates, and not times, no matter what properties I try to change.

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AJAX :: How To Set X-axis Min And Max Value From Database Table In MSChart Control

May 7, 2015

Suppose if DB table has x-axis values as below for particular Id: 65    67.5 68.5  70.0 78.5 80.0   81.5 82.5  83.0  83.5  84.0  84.5  85.5  86.5 

Then it should select x-axis Min value as 65 (for that particular Id), in below line: //Chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisX.Minimum and it should select x-axis Max value as 86.5 (for that particular Id, in below line: //Chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisX.Maximum.These values differ everytime for different Id. ( particular Id has multiple x-So everytime for particular Id, it should take x-axis Min and Max value from Database.I tried below code, but its not working. (Also this code enables MajorGrid = true dont know how. I had set it Enable = false from code behind.)

string query = "SELECT max(x) from Tables where Param_ID= '" + id + "' and DeletionDate is null";
DataTable dt2 = GetData(query);
Chart1.ChartAreas["ChartArea1"].AxisX.Maximum = Convert.ToDouble(dt2);

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Minimum And Maximum Value From Generic List?

Apr 7, 2010

I have one Hotel class that contains many properties. When I retrieve all hotels data from database, I store them in Generic List object.Now what I want that I have two properties called LowestPrice and HiestPrice. I want to get Minimum(LowestPrice) and Maximum(HiestPrice) from generic list directly.

Something like HotelList.Min();
Right now I have following logic implemented in my project, but I dont want to use foreach loop.


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SQL Server :: Get Datetime Maximum And Minimum Value

Sep 7, 2010

I'm building an asp.net application and have a problem. Im building now a stored procedure in sql server and need the min (1/1/0001) and max(12/31/9999) value of the datetime. Is there some method I can execute to get this dates?

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Web Forms :: Get Function That Return Maximum And Minimum?

Jan 11, 2011

how can i get function that return Max and Min of string in sample way

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Web Forms :: How To Set Maximum And Minimum Value Of RangeValidator From Database

May 7, 2015

I want to set a Range Validator on a TextBox to prevent someone from entering max and min value greater than is available in DB table.

Both min and max Value saved in DB has datatype Double.

<asp:TextBox ID="WaterLvl" runat="server" MaxLength="10"></asp:TextBox>

<asp:RangeValidator ID="RangeValidator1" runat="server" MaximumValue=" " MinimumValue=" " Type="Double" Text="Value out of range" ErrorMessage="Value out of range" ControlToValidate="WaterLvl" ForeColor="Red"></asp:RangeValidator>

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AJAX :: Defining Minimum And Maximum Range In One Slider Control?

Jan 10, 2011

I want to define Minimum and Maximum values in slider control. In slider control examples there is only one value in slider as in [URL]

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Web Forms :: Minimum And Maximum Character Validation For TextBox Using RegularExpression Validator

Jun 9, 2012

<asp:RangeValidator ID="RangeValidator1" runat="server" Display="static" ControlToValidate="txtcpwd"
ErrorMessage="Password must be minimum 6 & max 8 characters" Type="String" MinimumValue="6"
MaximumValue="8" Visible="false">

Even if I have minimum 6 characters its still displaying the message.

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Data Controls :: Filter GridView Based On Minimum And Maximum Date Ranges

Aug 4, 2013

How to filter Max or min value from gridview data which is bind with sql datasource.

Like I give date range from and to all the data popup in gridview then I have dropdown with 2 values Max and Min. If i select max so max value from payment column gridview shows and if I select min so min values from payment column shows.

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Forms Data Controls :: Mschart Postbackvalue Visual Studio 2010?

Jan 22, 2011

I've created a pie chart with several slices from a databind with a database. now i want to be able to click on a slice and show the values behind the clicked slice from the database in a gridview.

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Visual Studio :: Minimum PC Configuration To Install 2010?

Mar 25, 2010

What are the minmum configuration to install the visual Studio 2010 with .Net Framewark 4.0.

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Visual Studio 2010 Chart Control: Make Y Axis An Integer Value, Not Decimal?

Nov 1, 2010

I like the way that the chart control seems to automatically determine the X axis range for me based on the data, but in this case, the data can only be whole numbers.

What is the easiest way to specify whole numbers for this axis?

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Forms Data Controls :: Chart - Display X Axis And Y Axis Values As Sum?

Mar 30, 2011

Iam having simple chart.

Which is displaying X and Y values.

Iam using SqlDataSource control to Bind data from database.

Now, How to display Sum of X values on top of chart ?

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Web Forms :: Display Time On Y Axis And Days On X Axis?

Sep 6, 2010

I want to display time on Y axis and days on x axis.

I want to dispaly 12:00 AM,11:00 AM...11:59 PM. on Y axis.I want function to create sequence like that and on X axis display week like 6-sep,7-sep,..11-sep.

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MVC ::mvc 2 And Mschart Working Example?

Sep 30, 2010

Is there any working example of asp.net mvc with line chart of mschart?

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Printing Mschart In Web Application?

Aug 4, 2010

I have a web application with several MSChart and I need print all these chart but I dont know how. In some examples in the internet people using EditCopy() but it dont working for me because I cant found that method.

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C# - Set Labels On Datapoints Using Mschart?

Oct 11, 2010

I would like to customize the labels on the datapoints below so they would render as (using first datapoint on the chart as an example) :

4:10 - 4:40
yellow class

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MVC :: MSChart In Partial View?

Jan 29, 2010

Got the MSChart working fine in a standard view, but I'm trying to put them on partial views that I'm then loading using jQuery tabs.

Problem is if you try to put the Chart on a partial, it moans about System.Web.UI.DataVisualization, saying it can't find it, no problem on a standard view though.

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MSChart Inside A Usercontrol?

Sep 27, 2010

Can you use the new Microsoft Chart Control for .NET Framework inside a usercontrol? Bacause when i take a working chart from my page and then copy it to a usercontrol the picture is blank very weird.

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MVC :: Render MSCHart Using RenderControl?

Jan 18, 2011

I want to do a Jquery POST and get a chart using renderControl attribute of CHart which will return HTML attributes back to browser. The CHart is created dynamically based on parameters passed from post and from model. I have successfully done this on WEbforms,

However the same with MVC give a empty image. The handler doesn't perform the same in MVC2 3.5. I went near to 50 sites now.

I can't use other solution like base64encoding as IE6, 7 don't support it.

What I'm trying to do? I have few data parameteres to be sent (POST) to server and in response get the Chart image as tag along with other attributes and data appended in HTML form and sent to browser, all this to be done using JQUERY. No postbacks to be used.

I have badly searched on google, bing nothing turns out to be valuable.

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Improving The Performance Of MSChart Toolip?

Mar 25, 2010

We are using MSChart on an ASP.net 3.5 web application and noticing significant slowness from enabling tooltips. the performance of drawing a chart is increased by 1,000-2,000ms.The chart output is PNG, and contains in total 108 data points.

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MVC2 MSchart With Detail Grid

Apr 16, 2010

I need the capability to display a chart, click on a region and display the details in a jqgrid on the same page. I tried using a pie Chart and I can't seem to capture or create a click event for the chart. The data points contain a .url property which I can redirect to a different page but I need to display details on the same page like a master-detail page.

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Display TimeSeries / Use The MSChart Control?

Dec 23, 2010

How can I display a TimeSeries?Is it possible to use the MSChart Control (Asp.net Charting Control)?

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