Visual Studio :: Delete Current Line Shortcut?

Aug 7, 2010

I m looking for a Shortcut to :Delete currentline and below lines 1 line upward.
currently Ctrl+X (without selection) does this.But it also removes clipboard to empty text.

isnt there a shortcut Just deletes current line and 1 line upward next lines without clearing Clipboard ?

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Visual Studio :: Visual Studio 2008/2010 Shortcut Keys / List Of All The Available Shortcut Key Options Listed From Within IDE?

Jan 13, 2010

Is there any way that I can get the list of All the available shortcut key options listed from within IDE itself in Visual Studio 2008/2010? Because every time I used to bing and find on web for that.

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Visual Studio :: Shortcut For Inserting Event Name/method?

Jun 17, 2010

There is no way I'm the only one who thinks that I'm missing such a shortcut in Visual Studio.In the markup (aspx) I begin writing the event name "On..." then choose the event I need. What I'm looking for now is functionality for auto-inserting the event name and the delegate method in the codebehined exactly as it's done from the Design view.It's a simple and very helpful functionality that's obviously missing - or I havn't been able to localize it yet.Does any one know if it can be done in VS? Maybe using ReSharper?

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Visual Studio :: Jump Shortcut Between Corresponding End / Begin Tags?

Aug 14, 2010

its simple question: if my edit cursor in at line 1 I wantto Quick jump to 5 and backforth again (to line 1)
is there a Jump Shortcut between Corresponing End/Begin tags ?

1. <blah>
2. ...
3. ...
4. ...
5. </blah>

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Visual Studio :: Change Keyboard Shortcut For 'redo'?

Apr 2, 2010

I'm used to redo being ctrl + y but in vs 2008 that deletes a line. redo in vs 2008 is the awkward shft + alt + backspace combination.

Can I change the keyboard shortcut?

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Visual Studio :: Can't Debug The Code Line By Line Code?

Feb 5, 2010

i can't debug the code line by line code, i have break point in form load event, but it skipthe breakpoint , can't able to debug.

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Visual Studio :: Navigate To Last Edited Line?

Jun 25, 2010

In VWD, we can customize-edit-command to your heart's content. But there is none for what I used to get in NetBeans or Eclipse: go to the last edited position (after 5 minutes of search for the correct spelling of some name in the page).I know there is Navigate Back, but I often need to do click [Navigate Back] 10 times to get to 'last edited line'.

It would be nice if I can navigate through the 'green bars' (Yes, it is very difficult to find out what are green bars, once you found out, you want to be able to visit each of these using next or prev).

Also where is the documentation or help ofr each of the some 50 edit commands such as 'go to Reference'.

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C# - Multiple Line Continuation In VB.NET IDE (Visual Studio 2010)?

Oct 1, 2010

i notice that when i start next line of code and i press enter, it recompacts itself and the continued line moves left a bit... then if i place focus on the second line and press enter again, it (the second line) moves to the left some more, and it keeps doing this every time i focus on second line and press enter. this is as you can imagine, really annoying!!

how can i make it so that my second (and third etc) lines are formatted in a pre-determined way so they are always a certain amount of tabs indented to the right from where my line 1 starts??

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Visual Studio :: How To Remove Line Break In Code

Apr 8, 2010

Many times I remove in the code window (Using Replace and Regular Expression). Is ther a quicker way of doing this without writing a macro? The best way would be a shortcut key.

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Visual Studio :: Get The Line Number In Code Programmatically?

Jun 17, 2010

I want to get the line number of my code -- not in case of an exception though. Is there a way to capture this?


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Visual Studio :: How To Build A Web Application Project From Command Line

Jul 7, 2010

How do I build a web application project from command line using Web Developer Express 2010?

I am using the same command format that I would use with devenv.exe (Visual Studio), so I can evaluate us moving forward to VS2010. However, I am having real trouble building our code. Our solution consists of 4-5 projects, consisting of assemblies. The last assembly is the web site code. The root .sln file is the one which when opening in the IDE can click Rebuild All, and the DLL's of each project are generated and then brought into the website project.

However, when I run vwdexpress.exe from the command line nothing happens and no Dlls are generated. This is not giving me any confidence to run with VS2010.

the command line is like so:

C:inetpubwwwrootmyprojectvwdexpress /build release mysolution.sln

The in folders of each respective project are empty, but it takes 3-4 seconds for the command to finish, which gives me the impression it did something.

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Visual Studio :: How To Find In Which Line No Error Occoured Debuging Not Work

Sep 17, 2010

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at ASP.document_down_upload_aspx.__Render__bctrl_23 (System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriter __output, System.Web.UI.Control parameterContainer) [0x0008a] in /home/rajiv/Documents/8erp_final (2)/erp/Document_Down_Upload.aspx:24

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Visual Studio :: Publish The Website And Reduce Its Size By Command Line

Sep 11, 2010

We need through command line to build our site (which we already do using msbuild.exe), but the resulting files are way too many and it takes our to ftp it to the server. I am able to publish the website and reduce its size by ~90%; however, we need to do this through command line not manually using the GUI. I have read many postings but noone is clear on how to do it (and msbuild seems to no be able to do this). Can anyone provide me a link. We are using Visual Studio 2010 and DOT NET4.0

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Visual Studio :: Open File Tabs Overflow To Multi-line?

Jan 27, 2011

Just wondering if it is possible to set it so that when you have too many files open in Visual Studio, rather than display the little down arrow icon, it drops the tabs down onto another line?

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Visual Studio :: Turn Text Editor To Show Line Number On Window 7?

Mar 16, 2010

I just installed Visual studio 2010 ultimate RC on my windows 7 server. It doe snot show line number. So I went to Tool->Option->Editor, however, there is no where I cna find line number choice.

I used to have Visual Studio 2010 professional beta, it has the same problem, no line number to show up. However, it has a check box: line number. Even if I check the box, still no line number to show up.

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Visual Studio :: Highlight Current Page In Project Explorer?

Mar 11, 2010

This useful effect seems not to happen anymore. I'm in VS2008. If I have several files open as tabs, when clicking on each of them, VS used to highlight that file in Project Explorer, which is very useful to quickly see where in the Solution that file is, even if it's not in the Web Project.

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Visual Studio :: The Files Delete In The Recycle Bin That A App_offline.htm?

Mar 2, 2011

have been using the Publish Web Site option VS 2005, and all of a sudden it quick working correctly and do not get an error message. Also, compiling the web site does not take as long as it did before. Now Pubish Web site only puts the bin folder and PrecompileApp.config file in the C:InetpubwwwrootOIAEmailMaint. Because I am working and testing this website sometimes I delete any previous files that was in the folder C:InetpubwwwrootOIAEmailMaint before Publish Web Site. I did notice when I was looking at the files I delete in the Recycle Bin that a app_offline.htm. Apparently I changed some kind of option by accident by I do not have a clue what.

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Visual Studio :: Files Take A Long Time To Delete?

Feb 9, 2011

When I try to delete files or directories within the solution explorer, they take an excessive amount of time to delete. When I say excessive, I mean I almost had enough time to type this post out before a directory with nothing in it was finally removed. I'm using visual studio 2010 on Windows XP SP3 and I primarily program in MVC/C#.

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Visual Studio :: Delete Exported Templates From VWD2008?

Mar 16, 2010

I need to delete exported templates from VWD2008. I have deleted the actual files, but the templates still show up under my exported templates when you select add new item, anyone kow where these are stored?

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Visual Studio :: Want To Delete Warning Message From Error List?

Feb 8, 2010

I'm having a class with these code


and I'm accesing this class from ASP.Net


when opening Default2.aspx


there is a just warning from Visual Studio.Net 2005 like this :


I want this warning message disappear from my error list.

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C# - Delete Some Class Files In Visual Studio, But Calling Them Still Works?

Mar 15, 2011

I am not sure if this is a problem with visual studio, but I had some class files that I deleted, but I can still call them in my code. Also I can call a .edmx i created, but I cant see it in my folder, i tried rebuilding my solution, cleaning it, rerunning it, checking source files. Its also causing a lot of my classes to have this error:Missing partial modifier on declaration of type 'MatchGaming.Models.MyProfile'; another partial declaration of this type exists I already tried adding partial and it i just get a bunch of errors everywhere else saying that a lot of my variables already contain a definition, almost like theres a duplicate class stuck in the cache or something.

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Web Forms :: The Name 'Web Control' Does Not Exist In The Current Context. Error Message In Visual Studio?

Mar 12, 2010

I noticed these errors while building my project (Image#1), but wasn't able to fix them until I declared all of them in the Code behind file (Image #2).It worked fine & I cleared all the errors in al the pages in Visual Studio, BUT the code wouldn't work right on the webpage (Image #3).With this block of Web Controls commented out, I get 3782 errors as you can see below (Image #1). When these blocks are Uncommented, that number goes down to 3755 (Image #2) and eventually clears all error messages.Can anyone assist with this annoyance?



Uncommented Code Error Message when you navigate to the page:

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Visual Studio :: How To Convert Whole Visual Studio 2008 Web Site Project To Visual Studio 2010

Aug 14, 2010

is it possible to convert whole visual studio 2008 web site project to visual studio 2010 web site project

my current project references

i have a very annoying iis problem

iis server stops working until app pool is recycled

i am hoping that new visual studio (net framework 4.0) may solve this very annoying unsolveable problem

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Visual Studio :: Source Code To Display On One Line Instead Of Multiple In Source View?

Nov 1, 2010

how to make my source code to display on one line instead of multiple in source view. The display drives me batty when I'm trying to find something and I would prefer to display across the page instead of multiple lines down the page.

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Visual Studio :: Opening Visual Studio 2008 Project In Visual Studio 2010?

May 21, 2010

Anyone know if I can maintain a VS 2008 (.net 3.5) project by using the VS 2010 IDE ?

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