Visual Studio :: Opening A Project Across 2 Computers Running The Exact Same 2008

Feb 11, 2011

The problem is I have a laptop that I take to University with me to all my lessons and lectures and it has Visual Studio 2008 installed on it and I work on my assignments in Visual Studio just fine. However when I get home I would like to use my desktop PC which has the exact same copy even from the very same disk of Visual Studio 2008 that is installed on my laptop. The problem is no matter what I do I can't open and work with any projects that I have created on my laptop.

Now if I create the project on my desktop PC it will open just fine on my laptop and I can continue to work with the project but the minute I save and take that project over to my desktop I get the self same error message shown below. [URL] I did do a little research and I found what looked like a solution for some people and that was to change the "SQL Server Instance Name" to SQL2008. As shown below it was set to SQLEXPRESS which is the same as what it says on my laptop copy. [URL] But all this did was present me with a new message as shown below. [URL] Uploaded with [URL] I'm completely at a loss as to what the issue is. Both my laptop and desktop run a fully updated copy of Windows 7 64Bit and have the same copy from the same CD of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

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Visual Studio :: Opening Visual Studio 2008 Project In Visual Studio 2010?

May 21, 2010

Anyone know if I can maintain a VS 2008 (.net 3.5) project by using the VS 2010 IDE ?

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Visual Studio - What Is Best Option In Visual Studio 2010 To Sync Project Files Between Home & Work Computers

Feb 14, 2011

Im working on a website project with Visual Studio 2010 from 2 different computers (home & work).
In Dreamweaver Im used to FTP to upload/download files to/from a webserver to syncronice my files on the current computer Im working on.What is best option in Visual Studio 2010 to sync project files between home & work computers? I have seen there is a built in FTP, but seems only it can upload files, limited functionality?

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Visual Studio :: Getting VS To Setup IIS When Opening Web App Project?

Oct 29, 2010

When I open up a web application project, VS attemps to configure IIS to open the project. This is fine, but typically there is already an application in that place. For example, we have apps that run at the root, and various feature branches would map to the same virtual application. Even though VS can *create* the application, it won't modify an existing one.

For example, lets say IIS has:
During my day I mightwant to work on MyApp from:

If I delete /MyApp, then VS will create it when I open any of these projects, but it will never modify /MyApp to point to my current project. So first thing is: Is there any way to change this behavior?

Second question is, is there no way to open a web application project w/o having a properly backed IIS application setup? I know you can have the projects run off the casini webserver, but all of our applications target IIS and rely on inherited web.config settings. /MyApp is expecting to find config values that exist at /Web.Config and a login page for the entire system at /Login.aspx. Trying to run /MyApp in casini fails immediately because of these dependencies.

But what if I am just doing a code review. I don't care to browse the site, I just want to open the project. Is there no way to tell VS to just open the project and ignore the fact that IIS isn't setup right?

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Visual Studio :: How To Convert Whole Visual Studio 2008 Web Site Project To Visual Studio 2010

Aug 14, 2010

is it possible to convert whole visual studio 2008 web site project to visual studio 2010 web site project

my current project references

i have a very annoying iis problem

iis server stops working until app pool is recycled

i am hoping that new visual studio (net framework 4.0) may solve this very annoying unsolveable problem

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Running Visual Studio Project On A Mac With Parallels 6?

Dec 17, 2010

I use Mac as my primary OS, but I often work on ASP.NET MVC projects. I want to use the same file system for them, and not virtual OS image.

The reason for that is because I want to integrate the projects with Mac OS (i.e. upload them to the server via Transmit, a Mac OS FTP app).

But the problem here is that ASP.NET can't really work with projects located on network drives. So when I try to run a site (either with VS 2010's built in web server or with IIS 7), I get

Error Summary HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

And this is a common mistake but no solution that I could find worked for me.

If I create a project on Parallel's virtual C: drive, everything works fine.

P.S. I hear that VMWare has better network drives support, but is it as smooth as Parallels? Parallels 6 runs extremely fast for me, and my Mac Mini doesn't even get warm with VS 2010 and several other Mac apps open.

P.P.S. I also heard about using DropBox and/or Windows Live Mesh. Is clouding a good idea in this case?

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Visual Studio :: Conversion From 2005 Project To 2008/2010 Project Error?

Jul 17, 2010

I have downloaded a project from the internet called the SMS Source example. I wanted to open this project in VS2010, so a conversion wizard has popped up prompting for the conversion. But it has errors in converting.

Error msg:

Conversion Report - SMSSend.csproj:
Error converting project file. MSB0001: Internal MSBuild Error: Missing resource 'MissingAttribute'

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Visual Studio :: Running Project With VS Development Server?

Feb 25, 2011

I'm attempting to run/debug an ASP.NET MVC project under .NET 4.0 using VS2010's Dev Web Server. The server appears to spawn successfully and an instance of IE Explorer opens. However, the browser never seems to find the page. The browser just "spins" showing only a white error message.VS is configured to randomly select a port, although I get the same results when configuring numerous static ports.The ASP.NET project is the start-up project.

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Visual Studio :: White Screen On Running Project?

Jan 25, 2010

When I build me C# web app in VS 2008 I am presented with a white screen. Internet exporer shows that it is 'Done'. This happens no matter which Form of my project I run and will not display even the directory screen.

I recently copied and pasted controls from one form to another and after this it seems to have stopped working. I have tried deleting the newly created controls and then eventually the Form.

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Visual Studio :: Running A Web Site Or Web Application Project?

Mar 16, 2010

So I have seen the items about the differneces between web application and web site projects. My big question is - how can I tell which one I am running in the RC of VS 1010?

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Visual Studio :: 2010 Hangs After Running First Cloud Project?

May 2, 2010

I installed VS2010. Then The Azure toolkit. I created a new solution, with one webrole in it. I added 'HelloAzure' to the default.aspx, and then pressed f5 to run it.

It runs! I see my text 'HelloAzure' in IE8. Yeah!

Now, when I close IE8, it seems that VS2010 simply hangs, is frozen. It accepts no input from mouse/keyb. Nothing moves ... you know ... it hangs.

Taskmanager is required to get out if this state.

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Visual Studio 2008 IDE Freezes/crashes When Opening .aspx File With Css Included

May 17, 2010

Visual Studio (SP1) runs fine until I try and view .aspx source files with the lines

<style type="text/css">

anywhere in them, upon which it freezes (i.e is totally unresponsive) and I have to use the task manager to shut it down.

I have read a lot of questions about Visual Studio 2008 crashing on viewing some source files. However, I still can't fix this problem.

I have systematically deleted and re-included all other code and it comes down to these two lines, which is very confusing. Sometimes it happens as soon as the lines are added, sometimes it doesn't freeze until I build the solution with any of the problem pages open. I can add external style sheets, and it only started recently.

I had Resharper 4.5 installed and have since uninstalled it, and do not have anything else installed.

Also, it happens to other people with the same source code, and re-installing Visual Studio does not fix the problem. So I have several questions:

Is there any way I can find out what's happening? I don't understand how the code (the css tag itself) could crash Visual Studio, and am thinking that this is unlikely and it must be something else within my solution, would this be a safe assumption? Could this have anything to do with installing Office 2010?

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Visual Studio :: Possible Running Vs 2008 Under Different Platforms?

May 19, 2010

I am taking a couple C# classes at school and I finally got VS set up on my home computer. I am having one issue that I'm not sure where to go looking.

At school, the program is installed on XP Pro.

At school, I can read, output, and create files that are saved on my hard drive. I know any code I have used is correct because I can open up the files my code creates with other applications without issue.

At home, I have the program installed on Win 7. (I just upgraded my home comp so I'm still figuring out this new platform honestly.)

At home, everything runs, etc, but it will not create files. I can see the drives working, but nothing is written. I have tried several drives - all failing.

I'm assuming this is a flag or an environment setting somewhere on my installation but I have no idea where.

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Visual Studio :: Cannot Add .mdf File To The Project In 2008 And Sql Server 2008

Mar 18, 2010

we can not add .mdf file to the project in vs2008 and sql server2008 when i am adding .mdf file its displaying an error message so it is not possible to add

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Installation :: Project Import From VWD 2008 To Visual Studio 2008

Sep 9, 2010

I recently bought a new computer, so I want to copy the projects into current system which has visual studio. I have a project developed in VWD 2008. I copied the folder into a flash drive and copied it back into the new system.

Knowing the location, how I do import the project into new system?

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C# - Disable Script Debugging In Visual Studio 2010 When Running Website Project?

Apr 1, 2011

I'm creating a website in Visual Studio 2010. I would like to use Visual Studio for C# debugging, but it also uses Visual Studio as JavaScript debugger. Is there a way to disable script debugging for Asp.Net website projects? I run my projects by hitting F5 in my Visual Studio. (I've noticed that when I attach the debugger manually, I can specify the type of stuff I would like to debug.) Note: I would like to debug, but not with Visual Studio. The developer toolbar is enough.

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Visual Studio :: Running Web Developer 2008 Express Edition On Mac?

Jan 28, 2010

it is possible to run Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition on a Mac computer.

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Visual Studio :: Authentication Required In Web Project With VS 2008?

Feb 12, 2011

I am moving from one laptop (WinXP Pro) to another (Win7 Pro). I have re-installed VS 2008 (which wasn't straightforward BTW).

On copying one of my web projects, now when I choose "view in browser" to look at my handiwork, Firefox now requires authentication. I use my windows username/password.

But IE8 doesn't require authentication.

I don't need authentication if I run VS 2008 as Administrator.

It's not a show-stopper, but it could prove irritating.

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Visual Studio :: VWD 2008 Not Showing Last Project Open

Nov 24, 2010

why Visual Studio is not showing the last project open. Actually it's not showing any that I have had open. If there a clitch.

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Visual Studio 2008 ASP.NET Project Templates Missing

Jan 8, 2010

My desktop management team have just installed visual studio 2008 and there is no plugins for Is this missed out while they installed visual studio? Can this to be installed again?

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Visual Studio 2008 - Launch Asp.Net Project After Build

Mar 5, 2010

When working with an ASP.Net application, when I rebuild the solution, I would like it to automatically refresh the current version thats running through the integrated server in the browser.

I have looked through post build commands and afterbuild targeting but I have not been successful so far. I would like to do this straight through VS2008 if possible without needing to install anything extra, put if thats not possible then any solution would do!

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Visual Studio :: How To Create Web Application Project In 2008

Mar 25, 2010

In VS 2005 we need to install patch or VS2005 SP1 to create "ASP.Net Web Application" project.

how to create "ASP.Net Web Application" project in VS 2008? (Not Website)

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Installation :: Unable To Open MVC Project In Visual Studio 2008

Apr 20, 2010

I started working on an MVC website using Visual Web Developer Express 2008 a while ago. Just recently, I managed to get my hands on a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional (through DreamSpark ). I installed the Service Pack, and also the MVC2 files for Visual Studio.

However, now I can't open my project anymore. When I try to open the solution in Visual Studio, it tells me that the project type is not supported. Does this mean that I have to resort to using VWD Express again? Is there perhaps some way that I can edit the project file so that it will load and compile correctly?

Note: I installed MVC2 through the Web Platform Installer, and it says that it installed successfully. However, I notice that MVC references in my unit-test project don't seem to be resolved either - is this perhaps because MVC2 isn't actually installed properly?

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Create An Assembly In A Web Application Project In Visual Studio 2008?

Mar 17, 2011

In a Web Application project in VS08, how do you create an assembly? E.g. you derive a class based on HtmlGenericControl to form your own div, override the ClientId and UniqueId properties, so as not to get screwed up id's on the client-side, and then you want to use/reference this control in an aspx page.

refer to David Lively's answer (c# control names) regarding the same thing. I have tried his solution but I keep getting "could not load assembly file".

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Installation :: Add Business Intelligence Reports Project In Visual Studio 2008?

Mar 8, 2010

I wonder how to add a project template called Intelligence Reports, something like that, to Visual studio 2008. I have SQL 2008 installed. Do I need to install some updates to get Intelligence Reports template to Visual studio 2008 ?

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