Web Form Render Engine Outputs A Control Tree / Looking For Info On Render Logic.

Feb 12, 2011

I've been watching a video on Scott Hanselmnn teaching MVC 2 tricks/tips. He mentions how MVC 2 by default uses ASP.NET Web Forms view engine to render the output of the views; he mentions that the web forms view engine is a little slower than it could be for MVC 2 since it generates a control tree and then outputs the HTML to the page (I hope I said that right).

I was wondering what he meant by web forms generating a code tree before outputting the HTML to the page. Does anyone have insight on the view engine of Web forms and the steps of the rendering process works for ASP.NET and MVC2?

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Want To Render The Form Tag?

Aug 5, 2010

I would really like to disable the rendering for the form tag. Basically asp.net will be providing read only pages which should be very clean. i.e, no form tags required

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MVC :: Using A Partial View To Render A Section Of A Form Twice

Aug 23, 2010

I'm trying to figure out if there's a good way to remove the duplication in this scenario. Here's the model ... a Person that contains two Addresses:


And here's the view:


The entire Address block is duplicated ... one for the Home address, one for the Work address. To remove duplication, I tried factoring out the Address block into a partial view, and doing this in place of the two divs above:


And the page renders fine, but when it gets posted back on form submit, the model binding doesn't work. (Of course it doesn't work ... the <input> tags for the address blocks both have name="Street", so there's no way for the model binder to know whether to shove that into HomeAddress or WorkAddress.)

I read this post:

[URL] but that answer seems most unsatisfactory. Is there a better solution?

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C# - Render A Multiple-model CREATE Form On The Fly

Jul 9, 2010

It's a multi-model view, and I'm achieving this through an IList<Book>. Each Book has a Title and an Author

So for example if I wanted to make 3 Books:


However, I want to be able to generate such a form for any number of Books. I've done this before in Ruby on Rails through JavaScript and rendering partials, but I don't think I can render a partial in this case because the form changes (the index of the book has to increment for it to work)

EDIT: I'm looking for a way to do this in the Create view in particular. So in this case I don't have a list of books, but I'm building it.

A user should be able to click on a link that says "Add another item" and a form for another book should be appended to the bottom.

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Forms Data Controls :: ListView Does Not Render Form Tag In First Row?

Dec 24, 2010

My problem is this source, never render form tag in first row. It works fine. Firefox, Chrome, IE6, IE7 displays fine but IE8 overflows first row. When i set form tag style display:none other rows does not show cart image but first row still shows.


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Conditionally Render A Control In A Webpage?

Mar 10, 2010

For example what if I am trying to hide a custom navigation control what can I place in another webcontrol to conditionally hide the label something like this

<mycontrol:hidethis id=mycontrol1 runat="server">
<mycontrol:mynavi runat="server"/>

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Web Forms :: Render A User Control As An Image?

Aug 2, 2010

I have a complicated user control on a form that's laid out they way the business unit wants it. What they would like is to be able to export this content to excel and/or PDF as an image. Basically I need to be able to render the user control as a static image.

Is there any simple way to do this or is it even possible? Since the user control is HTML, it's not really rendered at all at the server level as it's just HTML, so I would assume that I might need to interface with IE library.

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Web Forms :: Render User Control In PageMethod?

Nov 9, 2010

I want to render a user control in pagemethod and return the html back to client. But its getting annoying, I tried like many ways but nothing found working. The problem is that, the usercontrol require both HtmlHead and ScriptManager.

I tried this but it doesn't work(raise error : ScriptManger require in page) because ScriptManager must be inside HtmlForm but Page.Form always null.


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Web Forms :: How To Render User Control Html

Feb 6, 2011

I am using web user control and making it visible false initially (page load) and on the selection of checkbox i am making it visible true. user control html is missing when i load it on checkbox selection. is there any when that i rebind the complete form again on checkbox selection so that user control html should be rendered.

i am really struggling to solve this issue since last two days.

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Chart Control Too Slow Or Doesn't Render

Jan 20, 2010

I have a web page rendering two pie charts using the ASP.NET 3.5 chart controls. On my dev server (IIS 5.1) the charts load well. On the QA server, the charts load pretty slowly and sometimes one or both of them doesn't even load. I am loading the charts using the codebehind tag. Is there anything else that could be done to make these charts run faster? Note: I was previously using dotNETCHARTING and never had any issues with it. Nothing else has changed except for the charting engine.

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Web Forms :: How To Render User Control Content

Aug 17, 2010

I have a scenario where, the content is:


The entire div code is rendered and is sent at a mail using the code:


This works fine except that the User Control does not get rendered.

so that the User Control content is also rendered ?

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Render Control To Html Produces A Different String?

Jul 7, 2010

I am trying to render a hyperlink to html. ( etc)

When the page loads it works fine. (and lots 10 links) on the update panel it hits the same function and tries to get another 10 links. I set the navigationURL to something like


It is set identically both times(load and updatepanel postback) but when i try to render it to html the second time (on the update panel) it adds "../" to the front so i end up with


The function where it changes here

Public Shared Function RenderControl(ByVal c As Control) As String
Dim sw As New IO.StringWriter
Dim htmlw As New HtmlTextWriter(sw)
Return sw.ToString
End Function

c is the hyperlink which has the propertry navigationurl (this never gets changed) but the sw which ends up looking like this on load

<a id="lnkView" href="../Folder/mypage.aspx?AnTfh0ZsFP9NCxiBpM+Zd11cI+AUOF93HZQtumPgzMKky0PejGrda9I6kCFn070dOsIfq0M2AgI=">View</a>}

and this on panel update

<a id="lnkView" href="../../Folder/mypage.aspx?AnTfh0ZsFP9NCxiBpM+Zd11cI+AUOF93HZQtumPgzMKky0PejGrda9I6kCFn070dOsIfq0M2AgI=">View</a>}

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MVC :: Dynamically Render Control Inside View?

Mar 6, 2011

I got a problem that is I want to render some controls dynamically but I don't know how!

I want to add some controls like this inside of view:

<%ModalPopupExtender mpe = new ModalPopupExtender();%>
mpe.TargetControlID = "l" + Model.Serial.ToString();
mpe.PopupControlID = "div1";
mpe.BackgroundCssClass = "modalBackground";
mpe.DropShadow = true;
mpe.OkControlID = "OkButton;";

This is ok but my question is How can I render this control?

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Caching - Cache Render Of Calendar Control?

Sep 8, 2010

We display an ASP.NET calendar control and update the color and if the day is enabled with the DayRender event. This process is a bit slow so I'm trying to map out a strategy to cache the results of the all the DayRenders. Basically take a snapshot of the calendar and cache it for X minutes. Where would I hook into the page/control workflow to accomplish this goal?

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Security Exception When Trying To Render A ReCaptcha Control

Oct 29, 2010

I've downloaded the recaptcha.dll in both and When trying to render the control, I get the following exception: Security Exception Description: The application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by the security policy. To grant this application the required permission please contact your system administrator or change the application's trust level in the configuration file.

Exception Details: System.Security.SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed. Stack Trace:[SecurityException: Request for the permission of type 'System.Web.AspNetHostingPermission, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089' failed.]System.Reflection.Assembly._GetType(String name, Boolean throwOnError, Boolean ignoreCase) +0System.Web.UI.NamespaceTagNameToTypeMapper.GetControlType(String tagName, IDictionary attribs, Boolean throwOnError) +209

The solution to this, as provided by a quick Googling, is to use caspol.exe to add full trust to the recaptcha.dll assembly. C:\%path%caspol -af C:inetpubwwwroot\%path%in ecaptcha.dll At this point, I get the following error: ERROR: This assembly is not strong name signed Short of downloading the source code and recompiling it locally, is there any other way to get this working?

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Web Forms :: Render User Control With Events In Html?

Nov 3, 2010

Render User Control with Events in html

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Web Forms :: How To Render A Web User Control As String In HTML

May 12, 2010

i'm just new in ASP.Net.

I want to render a Web User Control (has many server controls inside of it) as a HTML string, is there anyway to do it?

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Bind HTML Render Control With Dataset In MVC Application?

Feb 22, 2010

I m new in mvc architecture and i want to bind data in html render control using Dataset .

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Web Forms :: How To Render Control Dynamically Based On Configuration

Mar 25, 2010

I have come across a requirement to dynamically show or hide asp.net web controls , html server controls. I want to do this through a configuration XML (as it would be easier to config). So each page /aspx will have a configuration xml.

Would it be possible to create a control (may be a custom control , to which i can attach the xml file). The control (lets says - call it sequencer) should decide which control should be ordered in which order and if the control has to be shown or not. Ideally this sequencer control should use the page events and take decision on rendering the child controls.

Some thing like this

aspx -

<Sequencer XmlPath=".." Id="S1" Runat="server">
<Textbox id="t1" runat="server" />
<Textbox id="t2" runat="server" />
<Textbox id="t3" runat="server" />

This is hiw xml config may look like -

<Sequencer Id="S1">
<control id="t1" sequence="2" show="true" />
<control id="t2" sequence="1" show="true" />
<control id="t3" sequence="3" show="false" />

So in this case t2 should be rendered first then t1. The control id in the xml and the aspx has to be same.

t3 should not be rendered at all on the screen.

Which page load event should I use.

how I can create this kind of a custom control that does the above for me.

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C# - How To Render User Control Children At A Specific Location

Jan 7, 2010

I have a very simplistic user control that looks like this:

<%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="wfWindow.ascx.cs" Inherits="webfanatix.co.za.wfWindow" %>
<div>Just a test...[x]</div>

with this code behind:

public partial class wfWindow : System.Web.UI.UserControl
protected override void Render(HtmlTextWriter writer)

And the usage thereof looks like this:

<wf:wfWindow runat="server">This content should go where [x] is.</wf:wfWindow>

I'm no ASP.NET pro, so how do I get the content to render exactly where the [x] appears in my user control?

RenderChildren is rendering my content, but it is only appended to the end of the UserControl output. I need it to go and sit right where [x] marks the spot.

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C# - How To Render Children Tags In A Custom Server Control

Nov 17, 2010

I'm working on a custom ServerControl, I've created it like below :

[ParseChildren(true), PersistChildren(true)]
[ToolboxData("<{0}:Menu runat="server"></{0}:Menu>")]
public class Menu : WebControl
public MenuItem MenuItems { get; set; }
[ParseChildren(true), PersistChildren(true)]
public class MenuItem : WebControl
public MenuItem SubMenuItems
if (_SubMenuItems == null) return new MenuItem();
return _SubMenuItems;
_SubMenuItems = value;
private MenuItem _SubMenuItems;
public ITemplate Template { get; set; }
<%@ Register Assembly="JQueryMenu" Namespace="JQueryMenu" TagPrefix="MdsMenu" %>
<MdsMenu:Menu ID="Menu1" runat="server">
<AnimationItems AnimationSpeed="Fast" AnimationType="Opacity_Height" DropShadow="true"
Delay="1000" />
<MdsMenu:MenuItem ID="MenuItem1" runat="server" Text="MenuItem 01">
<MdsMenu:MenuItem runat="server">
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Button" />
<asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox1" runat="server" />
<MdsMenu:MenuItem ID="MenuItem2" runat="server" Text="MenuItem 01">
<MdsMenu:MenuItem ID="MenuItem3" runat="server">
<asp:Button ID="Button2" runat="server" Text="Button" />
<asp:CheckBox ID="CheckBox2" runat="server" />
<MdsMenu:MenuItem ID="MenuItem5" runat="server" Text="MenuItem 05">
<MdsMenu:MenuItem ID="MenuItem6" runat="server" Text="MenuItem 06">
<MdsMenu:MenuItem ID="MenuItem4" runat="server">
<asp:Image ID="Image1" runat="server" />
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox>

Now, How can I Parse it and render it in RenderContent method ? !!!
The following method is always throw the first Exception, it means this.Controls is always empty !!! How can I do it and how I can access to the nested children in RenderControl method ?

public class Menu : WebControl
public override void RenderControl(HtmlTextWriter output)
if (!this.HasControls())
throw new Exception("Controls are empty");

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Load And Render A .aspx File In A Server Control?

Dec 9, 2010

As far as I know server controls doesn't have a .aspx file. So I need to load a aspx file in order for it to work like a template for my server control, and render my server control content.

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C# - Render Multiple Control Collections In Custom Control?

Mar 15, 2010

I've build a custom WebControl, which has the following structure:

<gws:ModalBox ID="ModalBox1" HeaderText="Title" runat="server">
<asp:Label ID="KeywordLabel" AssociatedControlID="KeywordTextBox" runat="server">Keyword: </asp:Label><br />
<asp:TextBox ID="KeywordTextBox" Text="" runat="server" />


However it seems to render properly, it doesn't work anymore if I add some asp.net labels and input controls inside the property (see above asp.net code). I'll get the HttpException:

Unable to find control with id 'KeywordTextBox' that is associated with the Label 'KeywordLabel'.

Somewhat understandable, because the label appears before the textbox in the controlcollection. However, with default asp.net controls it does work, so why doesn't this work? What am I doing wrong? Is it even possible to have two control collections in one control? Should I render it differently?

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Custom Control Render JavaScript Code In Head Tags?

Feb 3, 2011

I am creating a custom control and was wondering if it is possible to render any JavaScript in the head tags of the page it is placed on? I am thinking I would need to use the FindControl method, but am not sure what I need to bind to. I am thinking the page object? Let me know if I am thinking in the right direction or if there is another option.

My only concern with the above mentioned idea is that how do I render all my content while placing some code in the head tags?

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C# - How To Render HTML Entities To Normal Character Into Literal Control

Jan 14, 2011

I've these codes in my DATABASE in other words it's HTML. I tried these stuff:

<div runat="server" id="div1" visible="false">
<asp:Literal ID="literal1" runat="server" Text="" />

I tried in C# code behind:

div1.InnerText = contents;
div1.InnerHtml = contents
literal1.Text = contents;

But is still doesn't render well. I displays the original values in stead of a table and cells and columns. colours etc. etc....

What am I missing?

All these HTML's are in DABASE.Column e.g. column "Contents"

"& lt;p class=& quot;MsoNormal" style= "color: #339966;"><"
;" ;> ;< ;strong > ;&l
ot; > ;& ;nbsp; < ;/span >< ;/p >

I've put (spaces between & and gt above code otherwise it was not showing in stackoverflow.) The HTML sysntaxs are correct because it's created by an HTMLEDITOR.

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