Feb 8, 2010

The beauty of any website is to see some rotating devices that display various event also webmaster will always like to maximize the use of web page thereby showing various advert. at a go, one rotating after the other. Then i quickly decided to make a research and put up A TUTORIAL which can show the way of doing this in ASP.NET, i call it WYSIWYG, THE power of asp.net.To start with use adRotator and xml file to get your advert. ready to displaythen let us find a way to display this advert. one after the other without hitting the buttonthen i am sure you will get what other people want to sell for $2550, which can easily rotate your advert at a goWe have the tool,(ASP.NET) let us make the maximun use of it.[URL]

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Web Forms :: Refreshing Client Web Page Upon Refreshing Server Web Page?

Mar 4, 2010

I have a requirement where a user logs on to a server where exists a website. The user bring up the site on a browser on that server and loads a power point presentation slide. At that time, users using their laptop clicks on the link to that site and sees that particular PPT slide loaded on the server. Then the operator/user on the server clicks on the second slide and the laptop would now see the second slide. Is this possible to do? If yes, then what technology to use? DHTML? or something else.

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Web Forms :: Refreshing A Part Of A Page Without Refreshing Whole Page?

Jan 21, 2010

how can i use the refreshing a part of the web-page without all the web-page am using c#.net, it will be great if there is an example to how you can do that also i need to know how can i use the iframe to do that, or a good way to do that

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Web Forms :: How To Open Another Aspx Page Without Refreshing The Current Page

Sep 23, 2010

i have four web pages like(home,aboutus,contactus,loginform) and 1 masterpageby using link button i am navigating 2 this pages... while navigating the total page is refreshing... i dont want like thtonly content place holder should change.... without refreshing the page....

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Web Forms :: Automatic Show Popup After 10 Sec Of Page Load

Oct 17, 2012

I want that on my website there Automatic show popup after 10 sec of page load. URL...

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Web Forms :: Refreshing Content Page From Master Page?

Jan 21, 2011

I am having an issue with content page refresh, when I change something in master page. My scenario is, I have a login button present in master page, on click of which am loading a modal popup with login controls. Once the credentials are valid, i am hiding the modal popup and stroing the user authentication result in a Session object. In content page's page load event, I am checking for this session object, for showing/hiding some of the controls based on the user logged in.The problem is, after login, the content page is not getting reloaded and proper controls are not shown to the user. To make the content page refresh programmatically, i added an UpdatePanel in content page and refreshed it after login button click event in master page. But still content page is not getting refreshed.

//Check login credentials


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Web Forms :: Refreshing The Page?

Oct 6, 2010

I have created one web application with forms authentication.Whenever I logged in to the application and hit F5, it takes me to the login page instead refresh.

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Web Forms :: Refreshing A Page Cause ?

Oct 21, 2010

I have a button on my aspx page on clicking which i get a new enquiry no in my textbox. It is working very much fine.But problem is that even when i refresh my page, it will get a new enquiry no.I only want a new enquiry no to be displayed in textbox whenever i click on button.This is my c# code for button_click event-


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Web Forms :: Automatic Page Redirect On Session Timeout Using Meta Tags

Dec 15, 2013

I want to redirect to login page,when session is timedout. Here is the link i am following [URL] ...

For example:   If i am in the page called http://localhost/RealWebApp/Dashboard/RealProfile.aspx

when session is timed out, this page is showing like http://localhost/RealWebApp/Dashboard/logout.aspx

But i wanted to be like : http://localhost/RealWebApp/logout.aspx

If I use like this in master page:

meta.Content = Convert.ToString(Session.Timeout * 60) + ";url=../LogOut.aspx";

then it is redirecting to http://localhost/Logout.aspx

But i wanted to be like : http://localhost/RealWebApp/logout.aspx

How to accomplish this:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
HtmlMeta meta = new HtmlMeta();
meta.HttpEquiv = "Refresh";
meta.Content = Convert.ToString(Session.Timeout * 60) + ";url=LogOut.aspx";

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Web Forms :: Stop Page From Refreshing

Feb 1, 2011

i have a page which consists of a drop down box.in that drop down box i am having two values namely start and stop. i enable the autopostback property to true. when user selects start or stop from dropdowm box, the page is refreshing.now what i want is...when the user selects stop from dropdown box..the page should nt refresh.

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Web Forms :: How To Cancel Refreshing The Page

Mar 18, 2010

everything that i click on in my website is doing refresh to the website or postback ..i want that in several linkes it wont do it ... how do i do cancel it for a specific link?

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Web Forms :: Generate Automatic Empcode In Textbox By Company Wise On Page Load

Dec 6, 2012

I am having a drop downlist in my page.. I want to select the company name in the dropdownlist, if the company name is selected it will go to the selected company name page,in that page i want to display the employee id automatically in  the textbox like TCS001,

Example: In dropdownlist I am having 3company names like TCS, CTS, HTC, if I select the TCS , tcs page is open and check the database and create a employee id like TCS009, I did like 1 and 2 and 3 like that its working fine. but I want to do it like ....

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Web Forms :: Refreshing Page After Appearing A Window?

Mar 9, 2011

i have .aspx page and on aclick of abutton , i open awindow to update data. now after updating in the window, i close the window. now i want after closing the window to refresh the basic page.

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Web Forms :: Stop ImageButton From Refreshing Page

Oct 10, 2010

I have an ImageButton programmed to open up a new window with a small onclientclick javascript routine. But, when the ImageButton is clicked, the page containing the button reloads too, causing both a delay and loss of position on the page. I don't need the page to reload, just the new window to open.

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Web Forms :: Refreshing UserControl Without Refresh The Page?

Aug 11, 2010

In my Desktop i am binding Multiple UserControls. Each control has the Refresh facility. Is it possible to do refresh the particular UserControl with out page Refresh...

and one Important thing is I am binding User Controls dynamically..( in serverside while page loading)

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Web Forms :: Refreshing Page Re-enters Same Data Again?

Sep 8, 2010

I have a simple page, 2 textboxes & 1 button, wherein when button is clicked the values in both textboxes are added to a database table. code works however, when button is clicked the values are still in the textboxes. I created txt1.text = vbnullstring & txt2.text = vbnullstring after Myconnection.Close() just to delete the values in the textboxes.

but when I try to refresh my page, The values are still added to my table. I could redirect to a new page after a successful entry but, I just what to add a label saying "New Entry Added", clear the textboxes and waits for a new entry.

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Web Forms :: Refreshing A ShowPhoto.aspx Page?

Jan 14, 2010

I have an aspx page that displays information from a database. This page includes a photo that comes from the database so I use another page ShowPhoto.aspx that just has Response.BinaryWrite(bytePhoto) and the image control Url is set to that page. The problem is when the record changes, the content is all changed but the ShowPhoto page does not refresh the image. The image is retrieved and set in the Page_Load of the ShowPhoto.aspx page and the Page_load event does not run after subsequent calls. Here is my code.

When the UserControl with the content is refreshed this code runs.

private void GetBioContent(string lookup)
this.oContent = new PageContent();
this.oContent.GetContentByContentLookup("BIO", lookup);
bool hasImage = true;


The bio content also from the database refreshes so I know the user control is refreshing just fine. If you move to a bio that does not have a photo the ComingSoon.jpg from the file system is shown just fine. Then if you move back to a photo from the database it is correctly shown. The problem is moving from a photo in the database to another photo in the database and the new photo is not displayed. The previous one is still there. The code in the first section above does run but the page_load in ShowPhoto does not run.

How can I programatically just cause the showPhoto page to go away before calling it again so the Page_Load event would run and display the current photo?

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Web Forms :: Execute SQL Commands Without Refreshing Page

Jun 24, 2012

I am executing Sql Command of insert

But after it inserts data into table it refreshes page and on refreshing, it is calling my javascript window.onunload event

Can we Execute sql command without refreshing page???

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Web Forms :: Master Page Not Refreshing In Other Pages Than Default

Sep 21, 2010

I've got a custom menu in the master page, that hides items according to different conditions (nothing to do with roles and perms). Is in the MasterPage.master file where i'm trying to hide them, e.g.:


The function isNormalMode() is defined in the code behind file MasterPage.master.cs, and everything is working properly in the page Default.aspx, but in the rest of the pages it doesn't execute the function at any time, so the item always remain visible.

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Web Forms :: Fixing - When Submitting Something / Refreshing Return To The Top Of Page

May 2, 2010

When I submit something, or refreshing the page, It's always return to the TOP of the page. How to fix it, that it will stay in the same place I did the submit / refresh..

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Web Forms :: Reload Image Without Refreshing Entire Page?

Jan 6, 2011

I have 2 asp:TabContainers on the Page. The first one contains an Image control. The second one has a dynamic TreeView on one of the TabPanels. When I click one of the treenodes I change the URL of the image in the First TabContainer. However it refreshes the entire page. How to prevent that from happening? Below is the code behind when the treenode is clicked.


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Web Forms :: Page Is Refreshing Inside Update Panel

Jul 28, 2012

I have added update panel and gridview in my page. When I click on any Image Button which is in Gridview, the page refreshes at that time. I don't want my page to refresh.


<div class="Support"> <h1><asp:Label ID="lblTransactionStatus" runat="server" ></asp:Label></h1> <br />
<table width="100%"> <tr id="Success" runat="server" visible="false"> <td colspan="2">
<asp:Label ID="lblTransactionMessage" runat="server" ></asp:Label> </td> </tr> <tr >
<td style="width:30%" > Your Order Number : </td> <td > <asp:Label ID="lblOrderID" runat="server" >

[Code] ....

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Web Forms :: How To Clear The Values Of The Hidden Fields Without Refreshing The Page

Jun 10, 2010

I am having two hidden fields which are server controls and i set the values in the javascript function. But i want to clear them as soon as one of my code behind method gets updated. As my page is not refreshing the hidden fields are not getting cleared. But i dont want page refresh.

So how do i clear the hidden field values without refreshing the page.

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Web Forms :: How To Avoid Refreshing The Page While Clicking Image Button

Oct 30, 2012

I am created one gridview which contains image button.If i click image button call javascript using

onclientclick event from that calling same url page rebinding gridview again...while rebinding page 

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Web Forms :: How To Programmatically Reset Session Time Without Page Refreshing

May 7, 2015

I am using session timeout in IIS 8 for about 60 minutes :<sessionState timeout="60" /> now lets suppose 58 minutes have passed , and it showed user a message that your session will be expired after 2 minutes , Click here [BUTTON] to refresh the session timeout , without page refreshing, clicking on the button , i want to reset the session timeout .... when user clicks on button at 58th minute , his session would be reset to 60 minute without page refresh ....

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