Web Forms :: Building A Website For Displaying Latest News And Updating Same Periodically?

Nov 24, 2012

I am required to develop a page for news updates where user of the website can see the latest news updates with images in hindi. Like some news paper website. [URL] ....

When user click on the read more or on the title of the news complete news will displayed on news on new tab.

when admin of the website update the new it will appear on the page. where recently updated news is display first position.

admin of the website have authority to do following task

1. update the news.
2.edit the news.
3.delete the news

Can i make use of sqlserver for storing the news or xml.

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Jun 23, 2010

display "new " img on latest added news in website

i am displaying news on website which stored in data base ,

these are displaying but now

i want that which news i recently add there should be a sign "new"

this new should shown with recently added news

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Web Forms :: Change Latest News Runtime?

Sep 17, 2010

one of my client has the requirement of changing the latest news section of website dynamically or runtime so not to publish the site and host it agian and again.this section is in master page how can i achieve this in asp.net c#

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Displaying The News Details On Page Based Upon Click News Link?

Apr 3, 2010

I am working on How to display the News Updates on page inside Marquee as hyperlink and on click on the link i have to display the details of the selected News .

which approach i can display the particular section of the page ?

I have to disply the News from Database?

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Building A Demo Account Which Will Reset Itself Periodically?

Jul 29, 2010

We are building a simple CMS with asp.net 3.5 and mssql2005We need to build a demo account for our customers and this will be published to public.So, we want to reset the content of the demo account on every 2 hours.What is the best way of building this kind of demo account?

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Forms Data Controls :: GridView Caching / Updating With The Latest Results Of The SQL Query

Jun 17, 2010

I have 2 gridviews on a webpage that are fully editable. I also have a button, that when clicked, runs some SQL in codebehind to insert new rows into a data table. The gridview should then update with the latest results of the SQL query, which is does.

Then the user clicks on to the next page to do the next thing.The problem is, when they go back to the first page, they're still seeing the old, non-updated data. I've run the SQL from the page manually on the server, and the new data is there, but the GridView doesn't want to pull it.

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Web Forms :: Capture Screenshot (Snapshot) Image Of Website Periodically Every 5 Minutes

May 7, 2015

Every 5 minutes automatic take screenshot capture & Save To Database Using WebPages

Is it possible or not?

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How To Add News Automatically In Website With Rss

Nov 6, 2010

i want to do my site to receive news from other sites and display them.

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Mobiles :: How To Send The News Of Website On Mobile

Nov 11, 2010

How can I send the news of my site on Mobile or use mobile Page?

The site is asp.net

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Web Forms :: Find Error While Building A Website?

Nov 13, 2010

I cant able to find the error page while building a website.

See the above 3rd line error in image.

So ,how to know where the exact error is occured.

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Web Forms :: Event Handler - Building Usercontrols For Something Like A WebSite Kit

Jan 18, 2010

i've got a weired problem using an event-Handler in a Usercontrol I built. The Question to this is pretty simple. I don't get the "SelectedIndexChanged" Event on one of my ListBoxes which I turned to a Multiselection Dropdownlist with jQuery. It's a simple ListBox which should return the new values and should fire the "SIC" Event right? But it doesn't. I don't even get the new values as I try to change values and then read them. I spent more then 2 days searching for an appropriate answer but didn't find anything. As I tried to build a WebSite using some Usercontrols combined with AJAX I'm thinking about letting the Usercontrols out.

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C# - Clear Client Cache So When They Visit Website They Use Latest Javascript Files That Modify?

Mar 10, 2010

I have a website that i did some time ago now they request some new features and i did some changes in some javascript files, but when i publish the clients that use the IE have problems with cache so in they browser they have old version of javascript. How can i clear the client cache so when they visit website they use latest javascript files that i modify.

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Social Networking :: Display Latest Recent Posts In Facebook Page To Website

Jul 16, 2013

how to display latest recent posts in my facebook page to my website.

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Web Forms :: Displaying And Removing And Updating Items To Swap Using Listbox?

Mar 24, 2011

I need a program that lets me enter the name of an item to swap and adds it to an array list when a button Add is pressed.

Once the item is added to the array list a sub procedure should be called which displays the contents of the array list in a list box.

The system will also allow me to remove items from the array list and then the list box is updated.

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.net - Make A "Add News Page" When User Write His News?

Nov 8, 2010

i want to make a add news page that when my user write his news(in up.aspx) then his news shown in news.aspx.
what am i going to do ? what is the best way for writing this page ?

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MVC :: Building Website For IPhone?

Jul 25, 2010

I would like to ask for advice how to build mvc web application for iPhone.

If you have any code sample, Good example how to start and get deep into it.

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DataSource Controls :: Building A Website By C#?

Feb 2, 2010

I want to building a website. I don't know step build a new website. I don't know use DataSet or create new class store connection string connection to DB ?

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Building A Website Supporting Many Languages / Cultures?

Sep 19, 2010

I am building my first ASP.NET MVC site and this site needs to be in 2 languages.

When a user selects a language from the menu, the site would present itself in that language.

The content likely will be loaded all from resource files. Can I respond to a change in the culture definition at runtime so it load the correct resource file?

I want different URLs for both languages. Perhaps something like mysite.com/en/home/index.

Is this possible? The users should be able to forward and save links and that the site will be loaded in their language.

How can this be done with ASP.NET MVC?

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How Much Work-power And Time Does It Take For Building Website Like Stackoverflow

Feb 20, 2010

I'm wondering building a website like StackOverFlow (approximately the same features using ASP.NET ) How much Work-power and time does it take in your opinion . My boss has asked me to estimate for work-power , time , cost and suitable technologies .

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Visual Studio Erroneous Errors When Building A Website?

Apr 9, 2010

Visual Studio 2008 shows a lot of erroneous errors when building a website (not a web project) in the errors list. These errors are usually corrected (removed) when I rebuild the site a couple times but they cost me wasted time.Is there anyway to hide the erroneous errors?

I've decided to look into this to see if I could reproduce it. This is the exact behavior I am seeing, using the website model, I type some invalid syntax on a page. The errors list fills up with errors. I correct the error and the errors list does not update. I build the project and the errors list still shows the errors but the build shows as build completed. I build the project a second time and the errors list is cleared.

My question is there anyway to make the errors list clear on the first build? I thought it might have something to do with page build vs website build but it seems to make no difference. I am not using any third party dlls on this website.

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C# - Building An Administration Area To Control A Dynamic Website?

Oct 1, 2010

I've learned asp.net from books available on the internet, but I didn't find a good book that teaches you some techniques or logic to follow to build an administration area to control the front-end.I mean they talked about security, membership and roles. but still they didn't show you how to manage anything that's not related to a database, anything that's related to a database you'll probably create a page to display some info from a db with some SELECT commands and another page for the admin to INSERT, DELETE, UPDATEbut how can I connect to the other controls from my admin panel.for example : a textbox in the admin.aspx will edit the value of a certain label in display.aspx

another example : I built a web user control to retrieve articles from a DB and another control to be placed in the admin page, which will let the admin add new articles and it will insert it to the database, how can I add more power to the admin page to control the number articles to display on the page, or to control the sorting of the articles, etc...If i could get a name of a book that helps me with the logic or basics of creating a page that works like my admin panel to control the front-end it would be great,

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Visual Studio :: Building A Project From Website Files?

Oct 30, 2010

I have been asked to do some work on a website. I downloaded all of the files and chose "open website" in Visual Studio. In the picture below you can see the file structure. When I run the project I get some errors such as "could not load type 'AdminSite.Partner.Listing" or "file project/adminmaster.master does not exist'. Now, those files are indeed there. I have noticed that within the Admin folder and the Home folder there are compiled DLLs in the bin folders. Also, there are project files within each of those folders. I've tried opening the project files and the projects only encompass the files within each of the Admin and Home directories respectively. I'm just wondering what the best way is to set up this solution. As I've done so far, by opening it as a web site, why is it not seeing the DLLs in the bin folders when I run it? Do I need to reference them somehow?

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Security :: Profile Updating But Not Displaying?

Sep 28, 2010

I have a web app where I'm asking the new registered user to enter in their first name, last name and then a choice (radio buttons) of whether or not they are a solo artist, or a group! These 3 answers are held in the aspnet_Profile table. As part of the createuserwizard, it works. Saves like a charm. The user then has the ability to go in and edit these 3 fields at will. Upon page load, the two text fields (first name and last name) are blank, and the choice always defaults to the default. So it's not pulling my data for some odd reason. But, when I put put text in the field and press 'Update', it does actually update. So my issue seems specific to not getting the data on page load. I've built a custom UserProfile control by following 'The Beer House' starter kit and book. Here's my page load code for this custom control:


Another obsticle I have today is that none of my breakpoints are working, so I'm battling that as well. This seems very straight foward, and LOOKS correct, but no.. the txtFirstName and txtLastName aren't populated, but there is a first name and last name in the table. Even odder, in my header I have a "Hi John Doe" which concatinates the first name and last name, and this DOES display correctly in a lable. Here's that simple code:


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Building An Extranet Loan Status Check Website Using .NET MVC With A WCF Backend?

Feb 13, 2010

We are building an extranet loan status check website using ASP.NET MVC with a WCF backend. Its a pretty standard design with the MVC site using a WCF service reference to get customer objects. The ervice uses an Oracle backend + http binding, and won't be hosted on the same server as the MVC site (so we can't use tcp binding to reduce latency).

The problem we encountered is that every call to the service is resulting in a 7-8s response time which is unacceptable for an extranet site and much higher than the 2s magic mark. The service method(s) call 12 stored procedures to create the customer object. The database is, unfortunately, denormalized (we can't change it as its also used by other inhouse production systems) so most of the calls are basic select statements which populate the customer object and its associated objects. The service proxy is properly opened and closed/disposed in the MVC actions so there are no instances of any service connection leaks. A new client proxy is created for every request (i.e., we are not using the singleton pattern for the service). how we can speed this up ?

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What Is The Best Architecture For Building A Website That May Also Support A Native Mobile App In The Future

Sep 30, 2010

I am in the planning phases of building a new ASP.NET website. The website is really a transactional web application where the users will log in and perform basic CRUD data operations. For right now this website will be accessible through a traditional desktop browser and a mobile browser. For the mobile browser we will build a separate scaled down version of the site.In the future we may decide to create native mobile applications for Android or iOS devices also.

So the question I have is what is the best way to design the system to easily support that? Here is what I am thinking. I am thinking of building out 3 tiers to the site. The back end will be the database - SQL Server 2008. We will use stored procedures for all data access. The middle tier will be a web services tier. This tier will be built using RESTful web services and will contain all of the business logic. These web services will provide access to the database. The front end will be built using ASP.NET. The front end will only contain presentation logic. These tiers will actually be deployed on physically separate servers.

Then I am thinking that when we decide to build a native Android or iOS app that we could build those apps to simply call the same RESTful web services that the main site is calling.Does this seem like a reasonable approach? The only thing I can think of is that the way we are building it right now the web services would be behind the firewall and would not be accessible to the outside world. When we want to support a native mobile app then we would need to make the web services accessible to the outside world.Any thoughts? Does this seem like a good approach for building a high availability, high usage web app that needs to support native mobile apps in the future?

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