Web Forms :: Calculate Exact Number For Given Percentage In C#

Jan 30, 2013

I need to deduct the amount for the given percentage but i am having small difference in the calculatiion

I do the following

  int input = 6065;

  int result = input * 60/100;

The result i got is 3657.  But the actual result is 3657.6 and i need to round up so i need to get


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Web Forms :: In Crystal Report How To Calculate Total Marks Percentage

Apr 27, 2016

As i am trying to do crystal report task as it is aim is to calculate the Sum Of Subjects Marks And calculate the percentage ....I am not able to calculate the percentage.

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How To Calculate The Percentage Of Scheduled Hours

Aug 30, 2010

I have weekly wise scheduled hours of each employee and no of days scheduled for each employee,now i need to calculate no of employees scheduled less than 24 hours,no of emp's scheduled b/w 24 and 48 hrs and emp's scheduled more than 48 hrs in percentage for fisrt week,second week,3rd week and 4th week.

Like this

SCheduled Hrs 8/1/2010 8/8/2010 8/15/2010 8/22/2010

Less tha 24 hrs 5% 5% 5% 5%

b/w 24 and 48 hrs 4% 5% 5% 5%

>48 91% 90% 90% 90%

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DataSource Controls :: Calculate Percentage From Table?

Jun 22, 2010

I have a table that contain the votes(publicVotes) against each contestant. Now what i am trying to do is to calculate the percentage of votes each contestant recieved according to the column SchedularID. how i can get it done and would it be easy to user store procedure or view?


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SQL Server :: Cannot Reference Column Names To Calculate Percentage

Feb 15, 2011

I have the following SQL:

(SELECT COUNT(Incidentx) AS Expr3
WHERE (LBWF_1.KPIFailx = '1') OR
(LBWF_1.Chargex > '0.00') OR
(LBWF_1.LChargex > '0.00')

What I'm trying to do is divide TotalCalls by SlaFailed and * by 100 into a new variable such as Percentage. However, everytime I try to select SLAFailed or TotalCalls I receive a 'Column Names do not exist' message.

Is there any way I can reference said values?

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Crystal Reports :: Change Float Number To Percentage?

Mar 30, 2011

How to change float number such as 0.12 to 12% in CR? I knew how to % but only display 0.12%

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Duplicating Controls - Add Exact Duplicate Of Panel On Bottom Of Page With Exact Functionality

Jan 18, 2010

if there is anyway that I could duplicate controls in a asp.net pages. So for example, currently for one of my pages, I have a panel at the top of the page with alot of controls in them ( eg next/previous buttons, labels, trees, etc). However I wanted to add the exact duplicate of this panel on the bottom of the page aswell, with exact functionality.

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Web Forms :: Calculate Number Of Dates Selected?

Feb 1, 2011

I am selecting multiple dates from a calendar control and inserting them into DB. The question: how can i make calculate number of dates selected and show the number in a textbox , using a button click event?

One other thing, in another case, i am selecting (fromdate) from Calendar1 and (todate) from Calendar2 ,, i want to calculate number of days including both dates and show the number in a textbox?

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Web Forms :: How To Calculate Number Of Sundays In A Year In C#

Jul 2, 2012

How to calculate number of sundays in a year in asp.net 2.0?

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Web Forms :: Calculate Number Of Days Between Current And Specified Date

Jun 16, 2015

How to construct a code in vb.net on how to Calculate Number Of Days Between DateNow minus given date In VB.NET ...

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Way To Extract The Number So That Can Be Used To Calculate The Label Value

May 31, 2010

I have 2 textboxes and a label on my page. The 2 textboxes will contain numeric values. The label text will be the product of the 2 textbox values. Is there a way to do this using JQuery so that the value can get updated when I edit the textboxes without having to do a postback?Also the textboxes may contain values with commas in it: e.g. 10,000. Is there a way I can extract the number from this so that it can be used to calculate the label value.

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How To Calculate Number Of Slides In PowerPoint

Feb 9, 2010

I need idea of new implementation. I have a client application which will interact with my application. My application needs to count how many slides are available in the powerpoint presentation file and it needs to provide it to the end user. And also user can ask this application to provide only first two slides or 3 and 4th slides to retrieve from the PPT file. How do I approach this. If any one has answer and source code please provide it.

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Data Controls :: How To Calculate Number Input By Each Row In GridView

Dec 12, 2013

How to calculate input values by each row in gridview ?

Example  input quantity is 10, then generate the serial number for each row quantity is 1  

Actual expect result 

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IIS Configuration :: Calculate Number Of Leaves Taken By Employee In A Month In SQL Server

Mar 18, 2013

i wrote a stored procedure to display the number of days in the particular month.if the person is taking a leave from 26jan to 03feb,using this stored procedure i will split the days as per the months..now i want to pass the employee id in the stored procedure and retrive the total days of the january month this is my code

 this is my stored procedure

@EmpId int,@startdate datetime,@enddate datetime


i am having dropdownlist in my webpage,if i select the employee id and month january it will retrive the january days for the particular employee.....

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IIS Configuration :: Calculate Difference In Number Of Days Between Two Dates In SQL Server

Jan 15, 2013

I want to calculate the number of days an employee has taken leave in the month of january.For that I have two date fields Leave_Start_Date and Leave_End_Date in the database as follows:

Leave_Approval_Id Leave_Start_Date Leave_End_Date EmpId
1 2013-01-25 00:00:00.000 2013-02-10 00:00:00.000 10

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Web Forms :: How To Calculate Number Of Days / Working Days And Holidays In A Month

Dec 6, 2012

How to calculate no of days, month and working days 

from date 

Date1 is Enrolled date 

Date 2 is todays date 

So I want to calculate no of days and month and working days excluding saturday and sunday 

Date1 = 10/01/2012

date = 12/05/2012

I want ans as : total days : 65 days  

Month : 2 month 5 days 

working days : 48 working days

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculate To Current Rowafter Update Quantity But Other Rows Don't Affect And Not Calculate

Jan 6, 2010

my code is calculate to current rowafter update quantity but other rows don't affect and not calculate i need to calculate all rows i think i need to use for loops but i dont know how to do it



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Web Forms :: How To Get Exact Path From FileUploadControl

Jan 20, 2011

I want to upload an XML file and after that i've to load it by using XMLDocument and do some changes, then save XML file back to same location where actually l uploaded. But whenever i'm loading XML file and written code for finding path is like..

string path=Path.GetFullPath(FileUpload1.FileName);
but it return path like.. "C:\Users\nagaraju\VegaFIXSettings.xml"
but actually i'm uploading XML file from D:\VegaFIXSettings.xml

how to get actual path when uploading file by using FileUploadControl.

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Web Forms :: How To Get Exact IP Address Of Local Machine

Oct 8, 2013

i want to login using ip address and (ip address as userid),and for this i need to find the ip address of the sysem.

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Web Forms :: Height In Percentage And All Resolution Without Scroll?

Jan 26, 2011

simple html page height in percentage + all resolution not working. I tried removing the height and giving in % but it does not w


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Web Forms :: If Enter Value As 133 And Rate As 100 - Find Out Percentage?

May 7, 2015

If I enter the value as 133 and the rate as 100 i need to find out the percentage....

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Web Forms :: Find Exact Word In Text File?

Mar 12, 2011

I have style.css file, which is edited programatically. I look for css classname in file and update css file accordingly.

But I am not able to find index of exact word in css file. Ex. I am looking for "body a:link" in css file but it gives me index of ".cp-body a:link"

Here is sample content of style.css which I read into string varible "strStyle"

.cp-body a:link
color: #FF0000;text-decoration: none;
body a:link
color: #CCFF33;text-decoration: none;

Here is code to find index of exact word:

string cssClassName = "body a:link";
string regexPattern = string.Format(@"{0}", cssClassName);
Regex rx = new Regex(regexPattern);
int sPos = -1;
if (rx.Match(strStyle).Success)
sPos = rx.Match(strStyle).Index; //strStyle is css file content

I have used  in regular expression to find exact word, but still I am getting index of ".cp-body a:link",

instead it should give me index of "body a:link"

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Forms Data Controls :: Validate Column Where Sum < 100 Percentage?

Jan 8, 2011

I have a gridview in which I have a column for Percentage and I enable footer to display the totol of that columnI have in my grid Edit and Delete template column...I need to validate when user click Edit if he inserts a value inside the textbox of a row in the column Percentagenot to exceed the 100 % ..the sum of all rows should be 100 % but i need to validate by a message to ask user :please insert another value cause sum is exceding 100 % then he can clicks on updateI want to validate the data where sum of values of all rows of "Percentage Column" should not exceed 100. If it exceeds more than 100, a pop up window needs to be shown saying "value exceeds 100, Re-enter" and . All of this validation should happen with out a postback.

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Web Forms :: Store & Show Text With Exact Breakline And Spaces?

Feb 13, 2011

i want to store some text to my database and show it later the problem is that i want to exactly store and show the way text is with breakline and spaces.what can i do?

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Forms Data Controls :: Calculating Percentage Of Scheduled Hours?

Aug 30, 2010

I want to calcultae how many employees are scheduled less 24 hrs for each week,b/w 24 and 48 and greater than 48

In excel file i have weekly wise total hours scheduled for each employee and total no of days scheduled in week(example 6 days and 1 off)which i will upload it to database,based on this i want to display reports in bound controls Result should be like this

Scheduled Hrs 8/1/2010
8/8/2010 8/15/2010 8/22/2010
Less than 24 hrs 5% 5% 5% 5%
Between 24 and 48 hrs 5% 6* 3% 4%
greater tan 48 hrs 90% 89% 92% 91%

can u tell me Which control to use and words in bold are headers and dates should be dyanamic this month it is like shown above, next week it will change.so header should be dynamic.

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