Web Forms :: CustomValidator Doesn't Validate Dropdowns Correctly?

Dec 20, 2010

I have two lines of dropdown menus. There are 3 dropdown in each line (together 6). First dropdown in each line is "independent". The second and third are dependent. If user selects second, page loads and user can then selects item in third. So user have option to select first OR second and third in each line.

.ASPX code:


Since I've found out that you can't validate dropdown controls directly with CustomValidator I've wrote few lines of code for each of dropdowns to insert some values in txtBx_Cln1n2 which will be hidden when the page will be finished.


Unfortunately the code for CustomValidator have some bugs. If user doesn't select anything error message is shown. But if he choose 1 employee and then second and then select (I doubt that anybody will do this but I want to be sure and prevent as much exceptions as possible) the first item in one of the dropdowns ("all employees" or "employees by group") the custom Validator will allow execution of code for link button although the validation code should prevent this.


I know I could this a little better since code is quite complicated if I want to tell the user which employee he/she forget to enter. I've tried instead of SelectedItem.Value also SelectedIndex != 0 but the problems are the same.

I couldn't validate this without the use of textbox. But this method is also making complications since user can select 2 employees and then in one of the selected dropdown change selection to index = 0. Maybe I have to disable viewstate on all dropdowns? But this would probably affect INSERT of data?

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Feb 28, 2010

I am having slight trouble with the menu control on a website which I am developing. In IE 8 the text doesn't appear in the dropdowns. This is intermittent between two different nodes. :S I have added the z-index: 1000; fix, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. The site is currently here: watercress.lukestratton.co.uk , please don't pass the URL around. This is fine in ALL other browsers. I think it may be something to do with my CuFon font conversion scripts.

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C# - Validate On Multiple Errors With One CustomValidator?

Feb 22, 2010

I am trying to figure out how to use Validation on Business Objects. Until now I have only seen examples on CustomValidator that checks for only 1 error. I have two fields with DateTime input that should check for 3 or more errors. I guess normally I should check on client, then on server, last on database level. If I get an error on a field, I should not be able to leave the field. On the Client Validation this is not an error that should cause an Exception since its only a user error. But if something goes wrong and the user bypass the Client Validation, the Server Validation should kick an Exception. And last, if i have other e.g. Batch Update work then they should use the Database Validation code.

`dateFrom` is not empty. (But `dateTo`can be empty)
`dateFrom` is earlier than `dateTo`
`dateFrom` and `dateTo` is within constant `MinDate` and `MaxDate`

So How should my Validation look like, Client, Server and Database?

Thoughts: Should the validation logic be separated on 3 different places; UI, Code and DataObject(Database)? When it is the exact same code? Seems redundant? Can I use the same validation method for all three checks? Or do I need to implement 3 code-chunks, and 3 Methods for each, and then how do I list all in the ValidationSummary nicely?

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Javascript - Validate An Integer Range With A CustomValidator

Jan 22, 2011

I'm trying to validate an integer range with a CustomValidator. The range is set dynamically, so when either the min/max values on my usercontrol change, the client validation function is updated. However, I can't get the validation function to fire. I have this code:

<asp:CustomValidator ID="vldAnswerValid" runat="server" ControlToValidate="txtAnswer" Display="Dynamic" SetFocusOnError="true" ValidationGroup="answer" OnServerValidate="vldAnswerValid_ServerValidate" Enabled='<%# !IsReadOnly %>' />

Setting the function from the codebehind with: vldAnswerValid.ClientValidationFunction = " function(oSrc, args){ alert(1); args.IsValid = false; } ";

But there's no message displayed and no alert. Am I missing something?

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Web Forms :: Dropdowns Validations - Make Sure That User Has Selected Something From The Dropdowns Otherwise Can't Proceed

Dec 6, 2010

I am using panel to hide and display certain controls on a page, On one of my panel i have three drop down, all i want is to make sure that user has selected something from the dropdowns otherwise they cant proceed, i am using the requiredfield validator but its just not working


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Web Forms :: The Text In The AjaxCtrl:TabContainer TabPanel Doesn't Print Out Correctly In IE 8

Jan 14, 2011

For this web page, The img is now showing up in print preview and is printing. From FireFox, the shrik-to-fit option works great in preview and print out they look perfect. The problem is with IE 8 (havne't tested other version) The image and other stuff comes out fine. The section that consist of panel and the AjaxCtrl:TabContainerer, the Active Tab with its text content are shrunk to like 60% from the right edge of the paper. The fonts are very small and readable. I tried playing with the scale percentage in the print preview of IE but it increase size on all the content and not just the AjaxCtrl:TabContainerer part.

Is there a way to fix this in IE?

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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Control Doesn't Bind Correctly After Editing?

Dec 20, 2010

I have a custom page (Page 1) in SharePoint where I have a repeater control. From Page1 I open Page2. This is where I generate a collection of object which i use to bind repeater control in Page1. For the first time everythings work fine. If I have 5 objects to bind, repeater control shows 5 elements.

Now assume, I have 5 elements in page 1. When I open page two It carried over same 5 elements. I delete 1 element and send 4 element as collection to Page 1. In page 1 after I databind the repeater control, it doesn't display correctly. It deletes the wrong element.

I debug my code. The collection which i am binding to repeater shows the correct elements. But while displaying i is not showing correctly.

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Forms Data Controls :: Repeater Doesn't Work Correctly When It's Included In A Wizard Control?

Jul 22, 2010

when i am trying to use a repeater to display data in a wizard control, everything seems worked as expected before i change the value of wizard's DisplaySideBar, here is my demo code:Test.aspx:




guys who intrest on this you can copy this code and test it on your pc, when we click the link button in repeater's item will do nothing at the first time but it will work when we click it again.i have debug this and found that when the page is not in post back, the linkbutton's id will be "MainWizard_rpMain_ctl01 _lbEdit" in prerender method but after render it will change to "MainWizard_rpMain_ctl04 _lbEdit", but when page have been post back, the clientid will be correct as "MainWizard_rpMain_ctl01_lbEdit" and then event can be fired correctly.i thought this is a bug of .net framework, when i set the value of wizard's DisplaySideBar, it will ask to re-create controls but repeater haven't clean the item's count and then recreate item will use wrong item index, i hope this message can be post to .net framework team and they can find out what's the matter on it.

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Dropdownlist - Convert A Bunch Of Dropdowns Into An Array Of Dropdowns?

Mar 11, 2011

I have 45 dropdown lists in my asp page. There are some methods that I can apply to all of these dropdowns. Is it possible to convert them into an array of dropdowns for ease of use?

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Web Forms :: RequiredFieldValidator Doesn't Validate Based On Some Condition

Mar 9, 2011

i have two textboxes and two required filedvalidators for each one.and i have to validate based on the radio button slections.

1)if i select Radiobutton1 it has to validate both textboxes.
2)if i select Radiobutton2 it has to validate only one textbox.

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Web Forms :: Recaptcha Doesn't Validate The Second Word Entered?

Feb 22, 2010

I am using th recaptcha control in a update panel. It does'nt seem to validate the second word entered otherwise it works fine.

Attached is the code

<td height="20" valign="top"><div style="margin-left:50px;margin-top:3px">Comments/request: </div></td>


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Visual Studio :: VWD Doesn't Display Highlighted Options Correctly (VWD Interface)

Mar 12, 2010

my problem doesn't involve any programming per se but it involves the interface of VWD so I hope I'm posting in the correct space. Anyways, most of the time when I scroll over something in VWD whether it be something in the Getting Started box or an option from one of the menu bar items a full-colored block will cover it and won't go away. This doesn't seem to be hurting anything but it is quite the annoyance. Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix this? This does seem specific to VWD and no other application on my PC.

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Ajax Combobox Doesn't Display Correctly When Inserted Inside A Tab Control

Apr 29, 2010

I have a display problem when I try to use a ajax combobox inside a tab control: when my tab control loads on the page where the combobox is, everything works fine; however, if it loads on a another page, the you change to the page which contains the combobox, the right button (which opens the list of the combobox) isn't displayed at all.

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JQuery :: Firefox Doesn't Render Correctly Inside Modal Dialog

Jan 19, 2011

I have tried searching for the answer but have failed to get any insight into this problem. Look at the following two examples. [URL] (JQuery modal dialog without <input> element) Above pages have very simple JQuery modal dialog, whihc displays correctly in IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Unfortunately, Firefox does not display the modal dialog with <input> correctly. It displays the other one correctly. I have tried the following without resolution to this peculiar problem:

- Changed doctype
- Used <table> to enclose <input>
- Used <div> to enclose <input>
- Used all possible CSS display attributes for <input>

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Web Forms :: RequiredFieldValidator Works Clientside With Javascript... But Doesn't Validate Serverside With J?

Mar 12, 2010

I'm making a website in ASP.NET 4.0 where I make use of the RequiredFieldValidator control to validate a wizardstep.It works perfectly with Javascript enabled, but when I turn it off (in my Firefox) it just goes to the next step.We don't do a Page.IsValid check, but we don't do much on the "next button clicked" event either.Certainly not something that is forcing it to go to the next step.

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ViewStateUserKey Sometimes Doesn't Validate?

Mar 29, 2011

I have an application in ASP.NET that uses forms authentication. It has the following code.

if (User.Identity.IsAuthenticated)
ViewStateUserKey = User.Identity.Name;

Stepping through I see this code executes on each page load. When a logged in user requests the page, the ViewStateUserKey is filled in with their username. If you let the page sit till forms auth times out, the user is no longer logged in, and a post back fails on validation of the viewstate because the name is now null. However I have noticed if I put other buttons on the screen, and the post back, it doesn't fail, even after authentication has timed out. Should this error every time it times out?

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Regional Language Tooltip Doesn't Display In All The Version Of IE But Display Correctly In Mozzila

Jan 20, 2011

We are developing application using Asp.net (VS2008) & c#. We need to show tooltip in Gujarati language (Indian regional language). When we run application it shows correctly in Mozzila firefox but display as a junk characters in all the version of IE.

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Telerik ReportViewer - When Using Within A User Control The Control Bar Doesn't Appear Correctly

Feb 16, 2010

When using the Telerik ReportViewer control from inside a user control, the control bar (bar with navigation & exports buttons etc) doesn't appear to display correctly. Only the navigation buttons appear in the control bar itself. The other buttons (Export, Refresh, Print, & Close Parameters) all appear below the control bar, each on a new line.

If I do the exact same in a normal page (rather than user contorl), it appears fine.

P.S. I'm using IE 7 and the Telerik 2009 Q3 ASP.NET AJAX suite.

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AJAX :: Validate Date If The User Doesn't Select From The CalendarExtender?

Dec 29, 2010

I populate the date field with DateTime.Today as the default date when the form loads in a TextBox then if the user wants

to change the date by clicking in the TextBox they can select a different date from the Calendar Extender that I have

connected to the TextBox so that they won't enter an incorrect date.

I tried to use an Ajax asp:MaskedEditExtender control along with the Calendar Extender, TextBox and default

date that is displayed but all of these things don't work together that way.

So the problem is that after the form loads the user still can enter an incorrect date if they highlight the TextBox

and type in a date into the TextBox instead of using the Calendar Extender to populate the TextBox.

I tried to use DateTime.TryParse to catch the bad date but DateTime.TryParse only catches some types of bad dates. For example:

99999999 will not get pass DateTime.TryParse

kkkkkkk will not get pass DateTime.TryParse

>>> However 1111/11/11 will get pass DateTimeParse but then when it tries to update the database it will give the error stating:

SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM.

First the Date needs to be in the Format:


Second 1111/11/11 if reversed is 11/11/1111 and is out of the range of what the error says the range is.

So my question is:

How can I get validate the date if the user doesn't select from the Calendar?

Below is the both html and code behind:

*** Below is the html:

runat="server" InsertCommandType="Text" OnInserting="SqlIncomingForm_Inserting" OnInserted="SqlIncomingForm_Inserted"
ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:IncomingForm %>"


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Web Forms :: Cascading Dropdowns Without Using The Webservice?

Mar 9, 2011

provide me the cascading dropdown code upto 3 levels without using the WebService .

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Web Forms :: Trying To Load Multiple Dropdowns

Feb 22, 2010

I have several dropdowns on a page that I have named dd1 - dd15. They all have the same data source, so I created a class to get the source and now I need to loop through and load each one. I think I might be close, but could use a push. Here is my class:


Heres my code from my page load event:


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Web Forms :: How To Reference CustomValidator

Sep 2, 2010

I have two CustomValidators, both of which function in the same way (call a query and check if a particular value is available in the DB), the only difference is the query itself.

Rather than writing the same function definition in the code-behind, I would like to find a way to execute a particular query depending on which CustomValidator called the function (I guess using the CustomValidator's ID) so if I have the follwing:


How can I check in the code behind , which validator called the function "Check"??

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Web Forms :: Two Dropdowns In Pair - Selection Of One Fires The Other

Jun 9, 2010

I have a form in which I have two drop downs. A decision in one fires the other. The basic rule is:

Drop Down A -> select items 1,2 or 3. Drop down B loads list 1
Drop Down A -> select items 4,5 or 6. Drop down B loads list 2

This works fine on first load and save of the form. The problem is when I edit. Lets say I selected and saved item 3 in Drop Down A. On Editing: If I change Drop Down A, the select changed event fires every time I change it except when i reselect what was saved. It leaves me in a situation where I can choose 3 in Drop Down A but are left with the wrong list in Drop Down B as the event doesn't refire on that selection.

I've tried every trick I can think of but I can't seem to get around this issue. (We've tried radiobutton lists and its the same issue. Setting the value in a variable and attempting to reset the control to clear what it thinks the original value is doesn't work either.)

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Web Forms :: Hiding Data Bound Dropdowns?

Mar 4, 2011

I have figured out how to programmically hide a dropdown on same page and on a different page using a Session when the Dropdownbox im using has a static drop down list. I am, however, having issues with a dropdown that is data bound to a DB for the dropdown list.I have gone over the code many times and that seems to be where my issue lies.

Here is where i set the selected item to a session on one .CS page:


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Web Forms :: Changing Dropdowns Option When Click Other

Jan 19, 2010

I'm currently writing a website with two linked drop downs, when you click one it changes what options can be used in the second one, that's all find and dandy however i need to have the option for an "Any" (*) option in both of them, I did have it working with appenddataitems turned on and "

however this causes problems as you click an option in the first dropdown then change it and the second drop down keeps the options for the first selection aswell. Am i going to have to live without the Any option in the second box and put in code if firstbox.text = "Any" then Secondbox.text = "Any" (when it comes to doing the search on the database?)

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