Web Forms :: Directly Upload Files To Amazon S3?

Jan 13, 2011

I have to create a web app (in C#) that's gonna let my users upload their files straight to Amazon S3 (not enough bandwidth on our own server). It looks like the only way i can do that is posting a simple HTML form to Amazon. The problem is that i have to do some work on my server too, like renaming the files, setting up flags on db when file is uploaded, and so on. I really can't see how to do that without uploading files first on our server, which is out of question, so other solution for this? Amazon S3 forum is pretty poor on this topic.

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Web Forms :: Upload File Directly Without "upload" Button?

Jun 14, 2010

Is it possible to directly upload a file after it is browsed and selected? I mean user should not click on "submit" button after file is selected. It should be uploaded automatically when selected. Is it possible to do that with fileupload control?

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Web Forms :: Upload Image Directly Or Make Thumbnail?

Jun 2, 2010

I have a requirement where i need to upload image files and display them as thumbnails on webpage. when clicked on thumbnial image the orginal uploaded image must display.iam in great confusion whether to make thumbnails dinamically on the fly when retrieving the orginal image or make thumbnails and save them to saperatefolder when uploading and save orginal image to another folder.

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Web Forms :: How To Upload File Directly From Client Machine

Mar 18, 2013

How to upload the file directly from the client machine. I have one button for mail sending.

If i click the button, the from, to, subject comes using pageload. Like that the default file also could be added as a attachment directly from the client machine.

How to upload the file directly(using file upload control or eithout using file upload control)...

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Open Aspx Files Directly By Clicking On Them Like Html Files Without From Within Visual Studio Or Visual Web Dev?

Feb 24, 2011

is it possible to open aspx files directly by clicking on them like html files without from within visual studio or visual web dev?

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C# - Uploading File To Amazon S3 Using File Upload Control

Dec 5, 2010

I've dug around in the SDK and managed to connect to my instance of S3, go into my bucket and create an empty file, but can't figure out how to take a file from my computer and upload it. If I have dragged a file upload control onto the designer surface how do I set the properties for it in the code behind?(If I absolutely need to have a 3rd party uploader which should I use). Here is the code I have so far.

static string bucketName = "myBucket";
static string keyName = "sampleKey";
static AmazonS3 client;
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string accessKeyID = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AWSAccessKey"];
string secretAccessKeyID = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["AWSSecretKey"];
using (client = Amazon.AWSClientFactory.CreateAmazonS3Client(accessKeyID, secretAccessKeyID))
// simple object put
PutObjectRequest request = new PutObjectRequest();
request.WithContentBody("this is a test")
S3Response response = client.PutObject(request);
// put a more complex object with some metadata and http headers.
PutObjectRequest titledRequest = new PutObjectRequest();
titledRequest.WithMetaData("title", "the title")
.WithContentBody("this object has a title")
using (S3Response responseWithMetadata = client.PutObject(request))
WebHeaderCollection headers = response.Headers;
foreach (string key in headers.Keys)
Console.WriteLine("Response Header: {0}, Value: {1}", key, headers.Get(key));

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Directly Upload Video To Youtube?

Mar 7, 2011

How can we upload video to Youtube? My requirement is that user uploads video to our site and after admin approval that video is uploaded to Youtube. i.e. The video is not directly uploaded to youtube when user uploads it to our website

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Web Forms :: File Uploader To Upload Files To A Folder Used For Upload

Jul 15, 2010

Im using a file uploader to upoad files to a folder used for upload.But the problem is this folder is a linux folder. I have made it a shared folder so that I can access from windows by samba. So, file transfer is successful when I'm using os but when I try to upload something from my websites uploader to this folder, this process is not successful. I have given all permissions to this folder.Don't know whats the problem.I have used both type of slashes for directory but still it is not successful.

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Copying/transferring Files Directly From Client To Ftp Server?

Mar 5, 2010

is there any way to copy/transfer files directly from client to ftp server through my web application? user will select files through fileupload control.

copying via webserver takes too much time.

there may be several files of 0 kb to 10 mb.

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IIS Configuration :: How To Protect Files And Folders On Server So That No One Can Access Directly

Mar 14, 2014

In my application i uploaded PDF files and it is stored in particular path in application folder.

but the requirement is that files should not be delete or modify by any user like user privileges in windows.How to do this in asp.net ?

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Social Networking :: Upload File To Google Drive Directly From Folder (Directory) Without Using FileUpload Control

Feb 25, 2016

I want to know how to upload local file to google drive without using file upload or html input file control.. i have file path and other information. I am using web application and vb language...

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C# - Unable To Upload Files Through File Upload Control?

May 31, 2010

i am trying to upload files through the ASP.NET File Upload control.

Every thing is working fine, except for the fact that when i try to upload the file on the server i am getting an error: (probably some authorization exception).

do i need to give some rights to the upload up there on the server. If so then for which account and do i need to restart the server after giving rights?

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C# - Allow The User To Upload Several Files With A Single Upload Action?

Mar 8, 2011

I want to allow a user to upload several files with one upload action. What is the simplest way to do this?

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How To Use File Upload Control To Upload The Files

Aug 23, 2010

i am using file upload control to upload the files in asp.net with vb.net as code behind. am storing the files in my local drive. my doubt is, how shall i read those file using asp.net application.

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Web Forms :: Upload Mulitple Files At Once?

Feb 3, 2011

I have a requirement where i need to upload mulitple files with one file upload control. I googled and found ajax uploader control but should be paied to use that. Is there any control similar to that which can be get at free of cost or could any one provide me sample code how can it be done.

Actually i have to upload car images and bike images to respective folders say carfolder and bikefolder. I used two fileupload controls one for car and other for bike and one button. when clicked on button the following code executes to upload the files


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Web Forms :: Upload The Web Files On Server ?

Dec 26, 2010

I'm new in ASP.NET , I finished one website by ASP.NET with Visual basic (2008), It's contains 2 files (Default.aspx & Thanks.aspx). The Default.aspx is main page. Now I want to upload them on server. I already have space on one server.

I did publish web site then the Visual Created one folder is PrecompiledWeb contain other folder with the same project name inside it these files (App_LocalResources , bin ,images , Default , PrecompiledApp , Thanks and web) , I uploaded these files on the server in www folder. but it's is not working if I will enter in the web browser my website name. How I can config the website to work when I will enter my website name like this(www.xxxxx.com).

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Web Forms :: View The Files Upload?

Nov 4, 2010

I am using a upload control to upload files and that works. But I want to see what files I uploaded.

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Web Forms :: How To Upload And Download RAR And ZIP Files

Aug 20, 2012

i want upload zip and rar file to server and download it and audio and video file also.

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Web Forms :: Allow Users To Upload And Delete Files?

May 13, 2010

How do I allow users to upload files to a subFolder under the root web folder?

1. Display a list of filenames of file type (.doc, .txt, .pdf) on one webpage(ListOfFiles.aspx).
2. Make those filenames hyperlinks so that when clicked on, the file is displayed in the browser.
3. Have another page(Admin.aspx) that allows the user to upload and delete those files residing in that subFolder.

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Web Forms :: Unable To Upload Large Files?

Oct 26, 2010

I am unable to upload even 75MB file ... it seems MS for some good sake is putting a limit of the file. how can I overcome this issue.

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Web Forms :: Upload Web Site (Large Files)

Jan 6, 2011

I need to create an upload site to upload large files over 2GB I want ot create a site like [URL]. Once these files get upload i want them to have a link to the file created but the link encrypted. I know there is a limit to http upload. I have used a bunch of the flash upload web apps but are capped at a specfic mb becuase of .net. What options are out there.

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Web Forms :: Bulk Upload Of Files In Sqlserver

Mar 28, 2011

i am having a folder which contains 100 files and each file contain the columns separated by the ' |(pipeline)' and similarly that file contain data also.so i need to bulk upload this folder to the ms sqlserver2005 so that automatically these tables with data added in the database so how to do that one? tell me if any store procedure or the any asp.net program is available for that.

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Web Forms :: Upload Multiple Files With Usercontrol?

May 10, 2010

I am using this link


Now my requirement is Multiple file upload code should be in the usercontrol but when click in the btnSubmit from aspx then it has to upload in folder and has to get save in DB Table.

How to do this? Is there any easy way to do this?


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Web Forms :: Upload Multiple Files With Opendialog?

Mar 30, 2010

I'm trying to upload multiple files, so my first componet consist of a user control with an upload multiple files class:


After compiling I get the following exception:

Failed to set the specified COM apartment state

Is there a way to overcome this exception to upload multiple files?

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Web Forms :: How To Select Multiple Files For Upload

Jul 26, 2010

Are there any code examples out there that allow a user to select multiple files or even an entire folder for upload?

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