Web Forms :: Displaying Textbox And Labels

Mar 24, 2013

This is my code

  For i As Integer = 0 To (count * 2) - 1
Dim txt As New TextBox()
Dim txt1 As New TextBox()
Dim lbl As New Label()
Dim lbl1 As New Label()
lbl.ID = "labl" & i.ToString()
lbl.Text = "Passengar Name "

[Code] ....

My output is Textbox1 Passenger name age Textbox2   Passenger name age Textbox3 .. break tag is not working it is displayed in a single line..more over label is displayed after the textbox.

wanted output...

Passenger Name Textbox1    Age  Textbox2
Passenger Name  Textbox3   Age  Textbox4

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Web Forms :: Displaying Both X And Y Labels In Pie Chart

Dec 19, 2010

I have a dataset that is binded to piechart control the dataset has 2 columns the "country name " as X and "population" As Y

I have 2 problems the first one I just want to display both X and corresponding Y Values

I try this code Chart1.Series[0].SetCustomProperty("PieLabelStyle", "outside"); it just display country name ONLY

the second problem I want the values to be distributed along 360C of the pie chart in other words I have 30 countries and want to be displayed and fit the circular pie

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Forms Data Controls :: Labels From Item To Add With The Labels Outside Of The Datalist?

Oct 25, 2010

I have a page with a datalist on it, with an image button and some labels in the datalist item(1,2)..

I have some more labels on the page which get their values from querystrings(17,18)..

I have more labels which are empty (34,35)

On image click in the datalist item, i want the labels from that item to add with the labels outside of the datalist, and the last lot of labels to show this number..

Currently it doesnt do this. Here is my code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Label17.Text = Request["b1"];
Label18.Text = Request["b2"];
protected void ImageButton1_Click(object sender, ImageClickEventArgs e)
DataListItem item = ((Control)sender).NamingContainer as DataListItem;
Label Label1 = item.FindControl("Label1") as Label;
Label Label2 = item.FindControl("Label2") as Label;
Label34.Text = (int.Parse(Label1.Text) + int.Parse(Label17.Text)).ToString();
Label35.Text = (int.Parse(Label2.Text) + int.Parse(Label18.Text)).ToString();

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Web Forms :: Forms - Two Textbox Corresponding To Remaining Two Labels Should Be Disabled For User

Jan 6, 2011

Form1 is for the administrator. It has 5 fields. Field1 has a value for which the other values give details about it. This 5 fields are stored in a table. Form2 is for a user and its a data entry form. This forms has 12 fields. Each label in the form2 corresponds to the value of Field1 in form1. If suppose the admin fields 10 times the form1. The 10 labels of form2 are filled with values of field each time. The above is what I want to achieve. Also the two text box corresponding to the remaining two labels should be disabled for user.

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Vertical Display Of Labels And TextBox

Apr 11, 2013

I'm sure this is really easy for you. I'd like to know how would you aligned Labels and TextBox in ASP using CSS. Below is my desired results sample::

Account Number [_______________] <-text box

Name [_______________]

Balance [_______________]

Receive Email ? [ ] <-checkBox

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State Management :: Passing Values From Textbox To Labels On Another Page?

Oct 14, 2010

I have a form with a combination of dropdownlists and textboxes that I want to be able to show a user as a summary in another page before submitting to a sql server. Page 1 will have a verify button which will then pass the dropdown and text box info to page 2 where end users will be able to either submit the page or cancel the action. What's the best way to pass the values from page 1 to page 2?

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AJAX :: Toolkit Watermark Textbox Is Not Displaying The Text Inside The Textbox

Mar 31, 2011

[Code]....I am seeing an empty text box watermark css is not applying and the text type first name here is also not getting displayed insde the text box.

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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying The Value Of Textbox On The Gridview

Dec 2, 2010

I'm having trouble displaying the value of my textbox on the gridview. For example i have a column named Quantity Received which at the moment has no values in it then i have a textbox that would enter value for that said column .

FrameWorks.fwReplenishmentRecWi qtyrec = new FrameWorks.fwReplenishmentRecWi();
qtyrec.QtyReceived = Convert.ToInt32(txtQuantity.Text);


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Forms Data Controls :: Displaying Sql Query Result In Textbox?

Jan 8, 2010

i have asp page. i did the connection with connection string. the query is to search name, id and phone numbers. i wand to display these data in 3 textboxs. how can i display these results in textbox.

this is the connection code.

SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection();
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand();
SqlDataReader reader;
con.ConnectionString = "server=localhost;uid=sa;pwd=sa;database=mydatabase";
cmd.CommandText = "select ename, id phone from emp";

now i want to display these data in 3 textboxs. how can i do it.

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Forms Data Controls :: Date Selection Is Not Displaying In Textbox Of FormView?

May 3, 2010

Here my question is very simple. That what I want to do is to select a date using asp.net calender control and insert into textbox. Both the controls are in the InsertItemTemplate of the FormView.

1. Page1.aspx has a textbox and an image for calender.

2. Calendar.aspx is to select any date and with the help of session it should go back to its parent page in the text box and dispose itself.

Achievement:1. From Page1.aspx when i click Calender image, perfectly a new page Calendar.aspx opens.

2. On Calendar.aspx page, date selection is also OK.

3. Using Session, the date is perfectly transfering to next page.

Problem: 1. When I select date from Calendar.aspx it is not transfering back to Page1
in textbox.

2. Secondly when I select date from Calendar.aspx it is not disposing itself after date selection.

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Displaying Message Near TextBox Using JavaScript?

Nov 22, 2010

I am having an aspx form and in that i need to do validations using jquery or javascript.

I just want to give a message near to the textbox if a user enter a value which is not valid in that textbox.Inorder to display the message in a popup [not alert('message')]

How can I find the position of the textbox in which user enters the invalid data or how can i display a message near the textbox using javascript or jquery ?

I need the validation occur in blur.So it is easy for user to know whether he entered a valid data immediately after giving the input.

I want to implement a functionality which is similar to validation callout extender does.

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SQL Server :: Displaying Multiple Data In Textbox?

Mar 31, 2011

I have TextBox1, TextBox2, Button search, button delete. Example; When user type value in TextBox1 english language "what is your name", and in TextBox2 should display the translation example in Malay language "siapa nama kamu".

Below is my C# Code and when i try below code it only display one word. What should i add in this code?


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AJAX :: Autocomplete Textbox : For Displaying As Dropdown?

Mar 31, 2011

use below styles.

/*AutoComplete flyout */
.autocomplete_completionListElement { margin : 0px!important;
background-color : inherit; color : windowtext;
border : buttonshadow; border-width : 1px; border-style : solid;
cursor : 'default'; overflow : auto; height : 200px; text-align : left; list-style-type : none;}
/* AutoComplete highlighted item */
.autocomplete_highlightedListItem{ background-color: #ffff99;
color: black; padding: 1px;}
/* AutoComplete item */
.autocomplete_listItem { background-color : window; color : windowtext;
padding : 1px;}

the respective markup :

<asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="myTextBox" Width="300" autocomplete="off" /> <ajaxToolkit:AutoCompleteExtender runat="server" BehaviorID="AutoCompleteEx" ID="autoComplete1" TargetControlID="myTextBox"


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AJAX :: AutoCompleteExtender Control Not Displaying Under The Target Textbox

Jun 28, 2010

I'm using the AutoCompleteExtender control with a textbox. The control functions the way I want it to but I have one issue with it. When the page first loads I type something in the textbox and I get a list of suggestions from my database. When the list is quite big the vertical scroll bar appears on the right side of the browser window and the textbox is repositioned to the center of the page (I want the textbox to be centrally positioned and I'm using <center> tags). Unfortunately the AutoCompleteExtender list doesn't reposition and is misaligned. The same thing happens when the browser window is resized.

I've played around with CSS and OnClientShown and haven't managed to fix this. I'm currently using IE8.

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VS 2010 / StreamReader And TextBox Not Displaying Data Correctly

Jul 16, 2011

I need to read a file on a server into a textbox. I did a test on my local PC, to make sure it works the same in a web app as it does on a desktop app.

The data appears to read just fine, but it doesn't display properly. The test file in the screenshot below, shows how the data should be displayed. When using a desktop app, the data displays just like this.

But on the web app, I get this:

Although the TextBox appears to be MultiLine, it only displays the data in the middle of the box and as one line. Am I missing something?

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Forms Data Controls :: Input Value To Textbox And Displaying Data In Gridview?

Feb 4, 2011

I am doing a search function where when user enters specific value (either by keying product name or product code) into textbox, data will be displayed using gridview.

However i have problems displaying it in gridview.

Below is my code:


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Forms Data Controls :: Prevent Displaying " " On The Textbox Control If The GridView Columns Is Null?

Apr 7, 2010

How to prevent displaying this " " on the textbox control if the GridView columns is Null?

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AJAX :: Clear The Textbox And Dropdownlist Using A Button After Displaying Data On The Listbox

Jan 27, 2011

I have one dropdownlist and textbox which is databinded and will display retrieved data on a listbox, i wanted to clear the textbox and dropdownlist using a button after displaying data on the listbox.

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Web Forms :: Loop On The Value Of Labels

Jul 20, 2010

trying to loop on the value of my labels.

i have several labels named label1, label2 etc....

my labels are filled with dates 10/10/2010, 10/11/2010, 10/12/2010 ....

the user enters a date in a textbox and i want all the labels that have a date > than the date enterd by the user to turn visible false.

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Web Forms :: Labels And Textboxes Won't Line Up

Jan 22, 2010

I don't know if gnomes came into my office over night, but suddenly things aren't lining up on my form anymore.

I want a label over a text box and both to line up on the left edge.

I made two css classes one for a field that starts on a new row and one for a field that floats left next to a previous field.


For each of these I make divs and put the asp controls in the div

As usual the designer completely lies about how things will really look. When I view my site the labels are above and about 1 character to the left of the textboxes underneath and my check box control somehow decided to go to a newline for each word in it's label.

I can't figure out what I did wrong. I've went over the css several times.


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Web Forms :: Present Different Labels For Different Users?

Sep 9, 2010

I need to be able to present different labels for different users.

If Adam is logged in I need the label for a field to read "Age:"

If Bob is logged in I need the label for the same field to read "How old are you?:"

The input for both fields will still go into the same column in the database. So both fields targets the column "usrAge" in the DB.

I would like a stable solution which would work for 1000 users and each user has it's own label for age. Ciould I map them in an XML file or maybe store the different labels in a specific table in the database. I don't know? Is there a general solution to this kind of problem?

I think this problem is fairly similar to language translation of labels...only I need to specify the labels as users are created in the DB, each with a new label name.

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Web Forms :: Get Labels By Dynamic Id In Loop?

Jan 18, 2011

If i have 2 simple labels:

<asp:Label class="notificationMsg" id="notiMsg1" runat="server" ClientIDMode="Static"></asp:Label>
<asp:Label class="notificationMsg" id="notiMsg2" runat="server" ClientIDMode="Static"></asp:Label>

I want to be able to go through a loop and write text into each of the above labels:

for i=0 To 2
'Not sure about the syntax here
("NotiMsg"& i).Text = "test"

What is the syntax to get the label IDs dynamically? In javascript i know it is something like window["NotiMsg"+i].

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Web Forms :: Visibility Of Labels On Click?

Jul 20, 2010

similar topic to what i posted yesterday ttp://forums.asp.net/t/1580413.aspxBut what I'd like to do, is click a label, hide this label but enable another label (which has a color background) for this I have the following code - but ASP.NET doesn't like the 'click' handling function????Can someone please point me in the correct direction to acheieve this please?



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Web Forms :: Changing Properties Of Many Labels?

Aug 30, 2010

I have several labels. they have ID's like "lblSun_Rm1_0530" or "lblSun_Rm1_0600" they are labeled to represent days, room #'s and times, so you can see how they would change up. I'm looking to see how I could change all labels from one day and one room to say a white background. I would need to change all labels titled "lblSun_Rm1_(x)" where x would be the time.

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Web Forms :: Get Labels Databinding Expression In Codebehind?

Nov 29, 2010

if i have a label control declared in page with text='<%# Eval("test") %>'

is it possible somehow to get this eval expression in codebehin for this label.
like string strBindExpression=... output should be test.

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