Web Forms :: Embed Image In Email Based On URL

Dec 27, 2010

I have used Embed image in Email based on [URL]Image will not show in email. But it become an attachment.

public void sendEmail(string mailTo, string mailCC, string contentFileName, Hashtable parameters)
string s = Dns.GetHostName();
MailAddress fromAddress = new System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(RPUser.getAppSetting(WEB_SMTP_USER_EMAIL));
System.Net.Mail.MailMessage mailMessage = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage();
mailMessage.From = fromAddress;
if (mailCC != "")
string Body = getMailhtml(contentFileName, parameters);
//mailMessage.Body = Body;
System.Net.Mail.AlternateView htmlView = System.Net.Mail.AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(Body, null, "text/html");
IDictionaryEnumerator en = parameters.GetEnumerator();
while (en.MoveNext())
string parameterStr = en.Key.ToString();
if (parameterStr.Contains("cid:"))
//string path = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.Remove(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri.LastIndexOf('/') + 1) + en.Value.ToString();
string path = @"D:ProjectsRPPortalBLRPPortal" + en.Value.ToString();
LinkedResource logo = new LinkedResource(path);
logo.ContentId = parameterStr;
if (parameters[EMAIL_SUBJECT] != null) mailMessage.Subject = parameters[EMAIL_SUBJECT].ToString();
mailMessage.IsBodyHtml = true;
SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient();
smtp.Host = RPUser.getAppSetting(WEB_SMTP_HOST);
smtp.Port = Convert.ToInt32(RPUser.getAppSetting(WEB_SMTP_PORT));
if (Convert.ToBoolean(RPUser.getAppSetting(WEB_SMTP_SSL)))
smtp.EnableSsl = true;
smtp.EnableSsl = false;
smtp.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(RPUser.getAppSetting(WEB_SMTP_USERNAME), RPUser.getAppSetting(WEB_SMTP_PASSWORD));
try { smtp.Send(mailMessage); }
catch (Exception) { }

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Web Forms :: How To Embed Image In Email Message

Jan 14, 2010

I have an automated web report i send to users on a regular basis. The report is a web page template that i replace the main pieces of data with the current days data. In this case the reporting is shown in the form of a chart. Everything seems to work fine except for one image that does not show up in the email report. see the code below


Each time i send the email it goes throught with all the other images except the one above. When i view the email as a web page however the image does show up in the browser. This leads me to believe that there is a limitation with viewing embeded images in Outlook 2007. I have tried to follow suggestions like the one described here, [URL] but it does not seem to work. Can somebody tell me how to get my images to show up in an email message using outlook 2007?

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Web Forms :: Embed Image In Automated Email

Feb 6, 2010

I have a website which needs to send automated emails. I have the emailing set up fine but what I haven't managed to do is embed an image in the messages. I have tried the following code :


All this does is is place the standard "box with red cross" in the email body and attach a '.dat' file.

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Embed Image In Email With ASP

Feb 8, 2010

i did this code to embed an image in an email:


i did this code by seeing the how do i videos. while running this code,when i clicked the send email button i get the error in this particular line:


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Web Forms :: Embed Binary Image From Database In Message Body And Send Email

May 7, 2015

I have been trying to add BLOB Image from Oracle Database table to Email content as HTML table elemnt.

<table style='width: 100%; font-weight: bold;'>
<tr style="border-style: groove; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; background-color: #45a297;">
<td colspan="2" style="font-size: 8px; font-family: Verdana; font-weight: bold; padding-left: 0px; color: white; font-size: 16px; text-align: center">Flight</td>


I am getting my data in Email except Image in mail content.

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VS 2005 Embed Image In Email

Feb 8, 2010

i did this code to embed an image in an email:


If FileUpload1.HasFile Then
Dim emailMessage As System.Net.Mail.MailMessage = New System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
emailMessage.From = New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress(System.Configuration.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("txt"))
emailMessage.Subject = txtSubject.Text.Trim()
Dim plainTextView As System.Net.Mail.AlternateView = System.Net.Mail.AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(txtBody.Text.Trim(), Nothing, "text/plain")
Dim htmlView As System.Net.Mail.AlternateView = System.Net.Mail.AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(txtBody.Text.Trim() + "<img src=cid:HDIImage>", Nothing, "text/html")
Dim imageResource As New System.Net.Mail.LinkedResource(FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName)
imageResource.ContentId = "HDIImage"
Dim smtpClient As System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient = New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient
Catch smtpexc As System.Net.Mail.SmtpException
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End If

i am getting the runtime error:

Could not find the file how to solve this?

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Embed Image Into HTML And Send In Email?

May 7, 2010

I would like to embed a picture into a html and send it in email. How can do so.

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Web Forms :: How To Embed Chart In Email Body And Send Email

May 7, 2015

how to display Chart in Email body and excel attachment.

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Web Forms :: Embed Images In Email

Mar 31, 2010

In one of my ASP.NET page I have to send email to the users. I did this using System.Net.Mail namespace. The problem is if I want to send images I used the <img src=""/> to display them in my email. But now some of images are not hosted anywhere and I still want ti send the email with images. I want to embed them in my mail. Is there any way to do this in c#.

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Web Forms :: Embed Images In HTML Email With C#?

Apr 6, 2010

Here is my code. What do I need to change to get the images referenced in the HTML to embed?

SendEmail1 : System.Web.UI.Page
string FileNameToAttache;protected
void Page_Load(object sender,
EventArgs e)protected
void sendButton_Click(object sender,
EventArgs e)SmtpClient smtpClient =
SmtpClient();MailMessage message =
MailAddress fromAddress =
MailAddress(fromTextBox.Text);string[] toEmails = toTextBox.Text.ToString().Split(';');foreach
(string toEmail
in toEmails) {//MailAddress toAddress = new MailAddress(toTextBox.Text);
message.From = fromAddress;
message.Subject = subjectTextBox.Text;
message.IsBodyHtml =
/* Attaching Files Begin */
FileNameToAttache =
emailWithAttach.Host =
emailWithAttach.DeliveryMethod =
emailWithAttach.UseDefaultCredentials =
FileNameToAttache =
FileNameToAttache =
FileNameToAttache =
if (AttachFile1.PostedFile !=
null)HttpPostedFile attFile = AttachFile1.PostedFile;int
attachFileLength = attFile.ContentLength;if (attachFileLength > 0)Path.GetFileName(AttachFile1.PostedFile.FileName);new
Attachment(Server.MapPath(FileNameToAttache)));SmtpClient emailWithAttach
= new
(AttachFile2.PostedFile != null)HttpPostedFile attFile = AttachFile2.PostedFile;int
attachFileLength = attFile.ContentLength;if (attachFileLength > 0)Path.GetFileName(AttachFile2.PostedFile.FileName);new
Attachment(Server.MapPath(FileNameToAttache)));if (AttachFile3.PostedFile
!= null)HttpPostedFile attFile = AttachFile3.PostedFile;int
attachFileLength = attFile.ContentLength;if (attachFileLength > 0)Path.GetFileName(AttachFile3.PostedFile.FileName);new
Attachment(Server.MapPath(FileNameToAttache)));if (AttachFile4.PostedFile
!= null)HttpPostedFile attFile = AttachFile4.PostedFile;int
attachFileLength = attFile.ContentLength;if (attachFileLength > 0)Path.GetFileName(AttachFile4.PostedFile.FileName);new
/* Attaching Files END */
message.Body =
smtpClient.Host =
resultLabel.Text =
resultLabel.Text =
"<html><head><title>" +
HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(subjectTextBox.Text) +"</title></head><body style='background-color:#edf8ff;'><div
style='width:600px;'><table width='600' align='center' style='background-color:#ffffff;'>" +
"<img src="[URL]/>" +"<tr><td colspan='2'style='width:500px;'><p>"
+ HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(greetingTextBox.Text) +
"</p></td></tr><br />" +"<tr><td colspan='2'style='width:500px;'><p>"
+ HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(createTextBox.Text) +
"</p></td><img src="[URL]" /></tr><br />" +"<tr><td
colspan='2'style='width:500px;'><p>" + HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(closingTextBox.Text) +
"</p></td></tr>" +"<tr><td><img src="[URL]"
/></td></tr>" +"</table></div></body><html>";"Localhost";"Email
sent! <br />";catch (Exception
ex)"Couldn't Send the Message!";protected
void clearButton_Click(object sender,
EventArgs e)

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Web Forms :: Embed A Video And Change The Source Dynamically Based On Querystring?

Jan 5, 2010

I need to have a video on my asp.net webpage, but the source of the video depends on a few of the querystring params. How would you approach this?

(Ideally I'd be able to control what video shows in the embeded section and if the embeded section is even present)

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Embed Browser In Asp Web Based Tool

Mar 18, 2011

Does anyone know of a way to embed a web browser within a web page, e.g. through a Java applet or similar mechanism? I have reviewed the discussion on various solutions for embedding a browser in a Java application. However, this will not work for our web-based tool, which is built on an asp.net framework. Using a Java applet is our current idea, but if you have other suggestions to address this issue
This is to be used in a web-based tool that guides middle school, high school, and college students to read websites critically. The tool provides a set of guiding questions and other information along with a data-entry box surrounding the actual 3rd party web-page being viewed. The purpose of our tool is to allow teachers to choose websites for students to view and analyze - or allow students to choose the sites themselves. We (/the tool) do not control what sites or types of media are chosen.

We are currently loading the web-page in an IFrame, but that technique is limited in several ways. It does not provide full control for browser-like features we would like to provide, and is very sensitive to changes in both third party web-sites and to browser versions used by students. The most difficult issue we have pertains to anti-hijacking mechanisms used on the third-party sites. For good reasons, they use mechanisms that make them impossible to load into an iFrame -- that is, when you try to load the page into the iFrame, it will take over the entire browser window. Not only will the page not load WITHIN our frame, it will actually make our application "disappear", thereby making it impossible for students to use these sites within our tool, and potentially also causing students to lose their work.

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How To Embed HTML Tag While Sending Email Using SmtpMail

Jan 31, 2010

how to embed HTML tag while sending email using SmtpMail?I am using below code. Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

MailMessage message = new MailMessage();
message.From = new MailAddress("sender@fgk.com");
message.To.Add(new MailAddress("receiver@fgk.com"));
message.Subject = "This is my subject";
message.Body = "This is the <b>content</b> <br /> <img alt=Logo src=../Images/logo.jpg align=left />";
message.IsBodyHtml = true;

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Embed Report Designer In Web Based Application

May 12, 2010

I am developing a web app. My users want to be able to design their own reports. Is there a way I can embed a simple Report Designer in my app? If so, which Report Designer app should I use? The Report Designer should be an existing app. I don't want to create a Report Designer from scratch. More details: My app is an ASP.NET MVC application. But I can use Java based solutions too, using IKVM.

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MVC :: Embed An Image In Html.ActionLink?

Feb 28, 2011

I want to embed an image in Html.ActionLink instead of using a text.

Here is what I am using:

<li> <%: Html.ActionLink("4WD", "Browse4WD", "Vehicles", new { categoryName = "4WD" }, null)%></li>

The link display the text "4WD" (1st parameter).

I want to display the image instead "4WD".

I have an image stored under Content folder, I tried this:

<a href= "<%= Url.Action("Browse4WD", "Vehicles")%>" >
<img src="<%= ResolveUrl("~/Content/4WDImageGroup.jpg")%>" />

But the web page did not display image but only the 'cross'. Looks like cannot find the path of the image.

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Embed A Static Image Resource In A Web Server Control?

Feb 15, 2010

I am going to create a web server control representing a treeview. So I want to use 2 images for + and - for expand/collapse. How can I build this into the control in a way that can be used as image source when rendered on the page?

Since this will be in a compiled web controls library, I don't want to rely on external images in the web application.

Edit: Based on this answer by Andre Kraemer I did the following:

In AssemblyInfo.vb:

<Assembly: System.Web.UI.WebResource("MyCompany.MyWebControls.Resources.plus.gif", "image/gif")>
<Assembly: System.Web.UI.WebResource("MyCompany.MyWebControls.Resources.minus.gif", "image/gif")>

In my RenderContents override:

Dim lPlusImage As New WebControls.Image()
Dim lMinusImage As New WebControls.Image()
lPlusImage.ImageUrl = Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(Me.GetType(), "MyCompany.MyWebControls.Resources.plus.gif")
lMinusImage.ImageUrl = Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(Me.GetType(), "MyCompany.MyWebControls.Resources.minus.gif")

My Assembly name is MyWebControls.

My Root Namespace is MyCompany.MyWebControls.

The images plus.gif and minus.gif are located in a folder named Resources, and the images have Build Action set to Embedded Resource.

It still does not work. I get no errors. I have tried the generated image url directly in the browser, bot nothing happens, just a blank page.

Note: I tried to use an invalid path in the resource name, and the result was exactly the same, which made me wonder if I need to do something special to map the actual resource to the resource name. I got a 404 Not Found error only if I used different name in the code than what was specified in AssemblyInfo, it had nothing to do with path was pointing to an actual resource!

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Web Forms :: Embed Image In Mail Body While Sending Mail In C#.net Uisng Exchange2007_SP1

Apr 9, 2010

I am uisng ExchangeVersion.Exchange2007_SP1 EWS to send mail through my c#.net application. I want to embed image in mail body so tht user can see body message along with image in its inbox mail .currently I am uisng image tag to show image but in the email body its just showing image url instead of image.

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Web Forms :: How To Validate An Email Address Based On The Domain

Jun 21, 2010

able to validate any email address based on the domain. For example, the system says anybody with a microsoft.com email address can create an account. Here is my code so far, it doesn't appear to work.

If Not Regex.IsMatch(tbEmailAddress.Text.Trim, "^([0-9a-zA-Z]([-.w]*[0-9a-zA-Z])*@" + mySetting.EmailDomain)

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Web Forms :: Build Body Of Email Based On Gridview Selections?

Nov 3, 2010

I have a page that the user can make selection using a checkbox.. at the end of the page, they have the option email those selections to others. So i'd like to loop thru the gridview if they click on the email button, first make sure they made a selection, if no selection then i will prompt them.. if they select 3 records then i need to put those 3 records into the body of the email.. Ive looked around and found some others with the same end result, but none that provided a good example of building that list dynamically for the email body. im using "using System.Net.Mail;" and have the email working fine with hard coded data for the body, i need to connect to the gridview and build the body.. Can anyone offer suggestions, examples or links to a good tutorial?

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Web Forms :: How To Send Email Based On Selection Of CustomerID From DropDownList

Jun 13, 2012

how to send an email based on selection of customer id from combo box the body of the mail is similar for all

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C# - Send Email With Image Embedded - Image Not Visible

Mar 13, 2011

I send an email with a C# library. The email body contains a logo. When I send this email via GMail's SMTP server, the image is visible. When I use our domain name admin@domaine.net, the image is not visible.

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C# - How To Change The Image Url Of An Image Based On #var=test Variable

May 19, 2010

I'm trying to change an image's imageurl on an aspx asp.net c# page based on a variable from #var=1` (or 2, or 3, or 4)

I know nothing about javascript unfortunately which is what I've been told I need. Can anyone point me at a novice based script I can try to learn via implementation?

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Web Forms :: How To Send Email With Image

Jun 11, 2010

how to send email with image.

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Web Forms :: Embedded Image In Email Not Appearing?

Feb 6, 2010

Embedded Image in Email not appearing


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Web Forms :: Send Email With Image As Attachment?

Feb 10, 2010

I want to send email with image as attachment.

It should be happen by retriving image from sql server database.

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