Web Forms :: EnableViewState False - Can Still Access And Maintain ViewState

Apr 21, 2014

If we set enable view state = false of a page then can we maintain the view state of that page ?

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Last Value Remain After EnableViewState = False

Apr 1, 2010

I have set enableViewState to false, why my textbox still remain my last value after i hit the postback button?


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C# - Pulling Data From Repeater With EnableViewState=false?

Sep 19, 2010

I am trying to avoid enabling EnableViewState..Sample code as you can see has 1 repeater and 2 textboxes inside. I bind the textboxes at page init. After a postback I want to get the updated data from the client & save in a db. The Request.Form contains the data keyed with autogenerated client ids but the repeater has 0 items after the postback. So my options seem limited to.a. Enable viewstate so I can pull the data from the repeater using Control.Find(...)b. iterate through Request.Form and find my textbox values...ultimatly the goal is to to render data from a datatable to some textboxes, allow the user to make changes then save these changes. I'd like to avoid viewstate if there is a clean alternative..ASPX:

<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="Foo.aspx.cs" Inherits="Ads_Foo" EnableViewState="false"%>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-


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State Management :: EnableViewState="False" Is Not Working As Expected?

Nov 27, 2010

I have made EnableViewState="False" in @page directive. But still all all controls in page maintaing values even after submit.

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Textbox Holding Value Even After Setting "" And EnableViewState=False?

Apr 27, 2010

I am using Visual Studio 2008. I have created a login screen and when user enters invalid userid or password, I am displaying error message in label by checking the database.

I am clearing the label, txtUserName and Password on click of Refresh button. But still the label message is appearing because UserName and Password controls are not clearing

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Web Forms :: Maintain Viewstate In Custom Server DropDownList?

Mar 13, 2011

I'm quite new to this so excuse me if this is a stupid question.

I created an extended dropdownlist based on the instruction on the asp.net site.


My control gets a list of items from LINQ to SQL.

here's my problem:

When the page I used the control on posts back, the list get's re-initialized and looses it's selection.

How do I overcome this problem and keep the selection upon postback?


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Web Forms :: How To Maintain Viewstate For Dynamically Added HTML Controls Using A Javascript

Mar 8, 2010

How to maintain view state for the dynamically added html controls to a table using javascript(Below is the javascript which I am using to add HTML Controls Dynamically"). Because during the postbacks if I found any error while validating the data present in the dynamically added html controls, the controls are loosing their state and again I need to start adding rows and add data.


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Web Forms :: Add Control On Page At Runtime And Maintain Viewstate On Browser Refresh

Mar 4, 2011

how can i add dynamic control (like textbox) on asp.net page at runtime and maintain the values of the control (viewstate of control ) on client browser refresh or roundtrip?

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Web Forms :: Unable To Maintain Viewstate Of Dynamically Added User Controls

Apr 24, 2010

I have ONE <asp:Button ID="btnAddUC" runat="server" ......./> and ONE <asp:Table ID="tblUC" runat="server"...> on my page. User clicks on btnAddUC, user control is added to the page [user can add 'n' user controls to the page]. here I have no problem, adding user controls to the page on user clicks.

My user control has ONE <asp:DropDownList ID="ddlItems" runat="server" ......./> and ONE <asp:CheckBoxList ID="chkItems" runat="server"..../>. I am exposing "ddlItems" by public method, "chkItems" is not exposed. "chkItems" is binded on SelectedIndexChanged event of "ddlItems".

Execution scenario:

User adds user control to the page, select item from the "ddlItems" ( Note: "ddlItems" is exposed by public property ) , "chkItems" is populated ( using ddlItems.SelectedItem.Value ) . User checks some checkboxes in "chkItems" and then decide to add one more user control. When the second user control is added to the page, checkboxes in the first usercontrol lose their state and apeears unchecked (NOTE: user checked some checkboxes and then added another user control).

I want to put checked beckboxes index in session ( Before another control is added, which event I should use, because at LOAD event there is nothing).

I was able to restict SelectedIndexChanged event to only that user control whcih generated it (checking _EVENTTARGET)

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Web Forms :: What Can Remove All Info From Viewstate And Making The Ispostback Again To False

Apr 23, 2010

I have a strange problem, my webform is loading twice.

when i debug i see ispostback is showing false for both times.

what happened to the first time load , and the viewstate.

What can remove all info from viewstate and making the ispostback again to false.

i am having real difficulty figuring out what is causing this problem.

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State Management :: How To Maintain ViewState On Postback Of Textboxes

Apr 19, 2010

I have "n" <tables></tables> on my page and each <table> has One(1) <asp:CheckBox.. Enable ='true"/> and "x" <asp:TextBox Enabled="false"..>. Each Table looks as follows


When I click checkbox, it calls javascript function and enables textboxes (I have added onclick attribute to checkbox). Page also has <asp:Button ...Text="Submit"/> whcih actually grabs the data from the textboxes on the page and send it to the databse. Here is the Onclick event of the <asp"button../>


If the exception is thrown , textBoxes are not reset but on postback textboxes appear as disabled (values are not reset)

So here is what happening on postback when exception is thrown

1) Values are not reset (that is what want)

2) Texboxes appear as Disabled (that is what I don't want on exception, REMEMBER I enable textBoxes using client side script)

How can I keep the textboxes enabled = "true"

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ViewState Enabled - False No Affect?

Sep 15, 2011

I have a Gridview that has some controls above you can use to select how much data the Gridview displays - a week's worth, a month's worth, a year's worth etc.

And, as it's a view only grid, I thought 'I'll keep the page size down by doing this:

<asp:GridView EnableViewState="false" etc.

But, if I look at a year's worth of data and look at Page Source - the ViewState is massive. If I look at a week's work, the ViewState is small. A month's worth - a bit bigger and so on.

So, despite setting EnableViewState to false - the ViewState does seem to grow in proportion to the data being displayed in the Grid. I don't need all that data held in ViewState so why is it happening?

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State Management :: Web Controls In Collapsible Panel Does Not Maintain Viewstate?

Jul 23, 2010

I have a search page containing a collapsible panel with several controls including text, radio, drop list and check box. In the same page there is a gridview to display search result and links to other pages.Everytime I click on a link in the gridview, the viewstate is only maintained if I nevigate with the pagination of the gridview. However if I click on a link in the gridview and click the back button to the search, everything goes back to default, and the search results will be gone from the gridview. How may I enable the controls and the gridview to remain the same if I hit back button to it?

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C# - ViewState Doesn't Work When Control Become Enable=False

May 26, 2010

Why when a control does contain value but it's set to .Enable=False that all controls become disable (that's ok) but why that the ViewState doesn't retain the data on the next post back? If I get the UserControl without modifing its Enable state, the ViewState work between post back.

How can we disable a UserControl that all its control become disable (this part work) but all of them KEEP use the ViewState (this doesn't work)?


1)In the aspx.cs click button EDIT:

myControl.Enabled = false;
//This produce to have all controls in myControl to be disabled.

2)In the asp.cs: click Save to leave the EDIT state:

myControl.Enabled = true;
//This produce that all controls inside myControl are blank : no viewstate!

Other postback works because we do not put myControl.Enable to false.

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Web Forms :: Maintain User Access History Whenever Website Accessed

Jan 24, 2016

I came across a very interesting functionality to develop using ASP.net.there is a site wihich usually gets millions of hits everyday and I need to implement a functionality to show the name,date and time(history of users) visited the site. When the user clicks on the History button or tab then the page should display the history of 10 users recently visited the sites.

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Maintain ViewState Of PlaceHolder / When Page Get Refresh All Controls From Placeholder Gets Removed From It?

Jan 19, 2010

how to maintain state of placeholder. i have a placeholder in which i add many image controls dynamically but when my page get refresh all controls from placeholder gets removed from it. the enableViewstate of placeholder is set to true.

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Forms Data Controls :: Access GridView Cell Date With Visible = False?

Oct 26, 2010

How can you access data in a GridView cell with Visible = false?


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Web Forms :: Dropdownlist's Enableviewstate Not Working?

Jan 21, 2010

This problem is stopping me from winding up my project.I have a webform where there is a pop-up page that populates one text box and 2 dropdowns.And I also have a checkbox list that does a postback.Whenever the checkboxlist does a postback, one of the dropdownlist's value is reset.It happens with only one dropdown list.The text box and the other dropdownlist retain their value.I have put enableviewstate = true at both the page level and control level.

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Web Forms :: What Is The Difference Between EnableViewState And Page.RegisterRequiresControlState

Jul 27, 2010

I know how view state works but I do not know how exactly works RegisterRequiresControlState. Where are stored values from control? How exactly does it work?

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Lifecycle To Access Viewstate?

Nov 8, 2010

In building custom controls, I've seen two patterns for using the viewstate. One is to use properties to disguise the viewstate access as persistent data.

public bool AllowStuff
return (ViewState[constKeyAllowStuff] != null) ?
(bool)ViewState[constKeyAllowStuff] : false;
set { ViewState[constKeyAllowStuff] = value; }

The other is to use private member fields and to override the Load/SaveViewState methods on the control and handle it all explicitly:

protected override object SaveViewState()
object[] myViewState = new object[2];
myViewState[0] = base.SaveViewState();
myViewState[1] = _allowStuff;
return myViewState;
protected override void LoadViewState(object savedState)
object[] stateArray = (object[])savedState;
_allowStuff = (bool)stateArray[1];

(I cut out a lot of safety checking for clarity, so just ignore that.) Is there are particular advantage to one method over the other? I can't see how they'd differ much performance wise. Version 1 is lazy, so I guess you save a bit if you don't need that particular value during a pass. Version 1 is also more abstract, hides the details better. Version 2 is clearer about when the data is actually valid and ok to read or modify (between the load and save) because it more clearly works within the ASP.NET lifecycle. Version 2 does tend to require more boilerplate code though (a property, a backing private field, and viewstate handling in two places) as opposed to Version 1 which combines all that into one place.

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Access :: Make A 'True' Or 'False' Value Using Select Command?

Apr 2, 2010

I have a table and on this table I have two column showing NumberOfDays and TotalPrice. I have my select command just like below;

"Select ([NumberOfDays]*[TotalPrice]) as MyResult From MyDatabase Order By [MyResult]"

My aim here is to create a new data depanding on 'MyResult' value. If MyResult value is under 10, I want a data value as 'False'. Else, I want a data value as 'True'. How could I write it in sql code?

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Can't Access Page Viewstate In Usercontrol?

Jun 11, 2010

I stored a object in viewstate on Page. Now when i access the same viewsate object on usercontrol,it shows as null. I even tried creating the same viewstate with same name in usercontrol and page.Both holds different value. I understand that viewstate is a protected property. How does this thing implement in above scenerio or is there any other reason for this behaviour.


Usercontrol is there in the page markup. I am not loading it dynamically. I have a page EditFacilityworkType.aspx. On page I have a usercontrol FacilityWorkTypeDetails.aspx(FacilityWorkTypeDetails1). Inside this usercontrol i have a user control Workflow.aspx(Workflow1)

Page_Load() of Page I am retrieving workflowdetails on page_load() of page.

FacilityWorktype facilityWorkType = facilityDetails.GetFacilityWorktypeDetail(SessionHelper.FacilityWorkTypeID);
ViewState["WorkFlow"] = facilityWorkType.FacilityWorkTypeWorkFlow
Inside usercontrol FacilityWorkTypeDetails.aspx. I have a property
public FacilityWorktype FacilityWorkTypeDetails
#region Fill FacilityWorktype
return GetEntityFromControl();

Now i set this property in page load of page

FacilityWorkTypeDetails1.FacilityWorkTypeDetails = facilityWorkType;
Inside Workflow.aspx, I have a property
/// <summary>
/// Property to fill entity object from controls on this page
/// </summary>
public WorkFlow WorkFlowDetails
return GetEntityFromControls();
Now PopulateControls() of FacilityWorkTypeDetails1, i am setting property of workflow1
private void PopulateControls(FacilityWorktype value)
Workflow1.WorkFlowDetails = value.FacilityWorkTypeWorkFlow;

Now when i am retrieving values from

private WorkFlow GetEntityFromControls()
WorkFlow workFlow = (ViewState["WorkFlow"] as WorkFlow) ?? new WorkFlow();
//workFlow is null

So now inside this function workFlow is null. I want to ask,why is it null when i have set viewstate in page.

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C# - Can't Access Control In Form When Viewstate Disabled

Mar 19, 2011

I want to disable my viewstate in a form because its too bulky (about 1mb per page) due to retrieving some data from database and in other place on the same form I want to access a control from my master page. but when I set viewstate of Listview to false I'll get following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. what should I do in this situation? veiwstate is too damn bulky
and here is what I've written for accessing particular control:

Control cc = Page.Master.FindControl("mainContent").FindControl("ListView1").FindControl("itemPlaceholderContainer");
foreach (Control ListItemctrl in cc.Controls)
Control lblNewsId = ListItemctrl.FindControl("lblNewsID");
if (lblNewsId != null)
Type t = lblNewsId.GetType();
if (t.FullName == "System.Web.UI.WebControls.Label")
string newsID = ((Label)lblNewsId).Text;
foreach (Control childCtrl in ListItemctrl.Controls)
CheckBox ctrlCB = childCtrl.FindControl("chkItem") as CheckBox;
if (ctrlCB.Checked)
//based on DDLAction we will do the things ;)
if (childCtrl.FindControl("chkItem") != null)
}//end foreach childCtrl
}//end outer if
}//end foreach listItenctrl

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State Management :: Access Viewstate From Error Handler?

May 19, 2010

I'm handling errors from Global.asax - I would like to capture the viewstate of the page that participates in the error. Is there a way to do that?

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C# - Can Access Viewstate And Session Objects At Unload Event Of Page

Jan 8, 2010

can we access viewstate and session objects at unload event of page.

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