Web Forms :: Event Handler Used In BLL When Building A PlaceHolder

Mar 3, 2010

My goal is to move as much code from the code behind page to the business logic layer. I'm having trouble with an event handler because the code can't see the method it will call (because the method is on the code behind page and the code in question is in a class in the BLL). CS0103: The name 'ButtonClick' does not exist in the current context (the error) b.Click += new EventHandler(ButtonClick); (the line)

Right now I'm considering to try it by adding the EventHandler from the code behind page after the PlaceHolder has been sent to the code behind page, but I'm wondering if I'm missing a better way. Is there a best practice for how to deal with this? Do I throw in the towel and just let the PlaceHolder be built on the code behind page (where it works fine)?

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Web Forms :: Event Handler - Building Usercontrols For Something Like A WebSite Kit

Jan 18, 2010

i've got a weired problem using an event-Handler in a Usercontrol I built. The Question to this is pretty simple. I don't get the "SelectedIndexChanged" Event on one of my ListBoxes which I turned to a Multiselection Dropdownlist with jQuery. It's a simple ListBox which should return the new values and should fire the "SIC" Event right? But it doesn't. I don't even get the new values as I try to change values and then read them. I spent more then 2 days searching for an appropriate answer but didn't find anything. As I tried to build a WebSite using some Usercontrols combined with AJAX I'm thinking about letting the Usercontrols out.

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Difference Between Adding Code In The PreLoad Event Handler And At The Top Of The Load Event Handler?

Oct 3, 2010

Is there a technical reason for the existence of Page.PreLoad or is this just convenience to have a place where you can neatly place code that always have to be executed before the Load code? Is there a difference between adding code in the PreLoad event handler and adding code at the top of the Load event handler? And what would be a typical scenario where you use PreLoad?

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Web Forms :: Add Event Handler To User Control And Capture Event On Parent Page?

Apr 24, 2010

Using vb.net/asp.net 2005.

I have a page books.aspx that has a control named authors.ascx.

Inside the authors control there is a "select" button I want to add some kind of listener or event handler (not sure of the correct terminology) so on the parent page (books.aspx) I can respond to the "select" button being clicked.

I have to pass the authorID from the user control to the parent page.

In my authors.ascx control I just created this event:


Now I need to write the function for SelectAuthorBtnClick and I think add some kind of listener in the parent page to listen and handle the event.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Call A Button Click Event On From An Event Handler

Sep 29, 2010

I got an event handler like this, in this event, i wanted to call another button click event. How can I do that?


if (ds.Tables[0].Rows.Count == 0)

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Web Forms :: Frame Event Handler / Call An Event From The Second One After Clicking A Button In The First One?

Jan 26, 2010

i have two frames in a page. the fist one contains buttons the second one the form. i want to call an event from the second one after clicking a button in the first one ,

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Web Forms :: Dynamic Event Handler In VB Not Responding To Click Event

Oct 23, 2010

This event handler is not responding at all to the click event. On click, the pagination numbers disappear and I'm not able to trace it in the debugger because the event handle doesn't even fire so I have no idea what's going on.


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Forms Data Controls :: Find Control Added To PlaceHolder During OnItemDataBound Event

Jul 15, 2010

I add one or more textbox controls to a repeater itemtemplate during OnItemDataBound.

The textbox controls are instantiated and then added to a placeholder.

My problem is getting the user entered values from those dynamically added textboxes. They do not seem to exist in the repeater items collection.



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C# - How To Call Silverlight Handler Event And Then Serverside Event On Page Submit

Mar 19, 2010

I have a Silverlight control on page which has a upload control. the silverlight exposes some events such as

StartUpload() => To start the file upload,

StopUpload() => To stop the file upload if running,

CheckFileStatus() => to check the status of the file upload.

The page has aspx Submit button with onclientclick event and ocClick event.

<asp:Button ID="btn_upload" Text="External Upload" runat="server" OnClientClick="Javascript:StartUpload();"
OnClick="btn_upload_Click" />

When I click on the aspx Submit Button, the file selected in Silverlight control should be uploaded and after the completion of upload, the Server side event should get called.

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Can Attach Event Handler To An Event OnInit Or OnLoad

Oct 18, 2010

Found this question on an interview siteGiven the following methods of the ASP .Net Page class, in which of them would you attach an event handler to an event published by a control on the web page?

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AJAX :: TabPanel With Placeholder Event Not Firing?

Jun 14, 2010

I have a tabcontainer with a number of tabPanels. Each tabPanel has a placeholder tag which is set dynamically with relevant user control classes(ascx). When a button is clicked from a ascx within a placeholder, the onclick event does not get executed. How can I get this to work??

<cc1:TabContainer runat="server" ID="MainContainer" CssClass="MainContainer"
Width="100%" ScrollBars="Auto" AutoPostBack="True"
<cc1:TabPanel runat="server" HeaderText="Home" ID="TabPanel1" CssClass="AcademyTab" Width="100%">
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="HomePlaceHolder" runat="server" ></asp:PlaceHolder>
<cc1:TabPanel runat="server" HeaderText="Students" ID="StudentPanel" CssClass="AcademyTab" Width="100%">
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="StudentPlaceHolder" runat="server" ></asp:PlaceHolder>
<asp:Button runat="server" ID="BtnSearch" Text="search" />

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Web Forms :: Event Handler Executes Twice?

Jul 28, 2010

i am writing a web application using visual studio 2008.

if the send button is clicked while running the application, it's event handlers executes twice for reasons i dont know and thereby returns the result two times.

the event handler is below:


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Web Forms :: Fileupload Event Handler?

May 12, 2010

Previously, I have added the file using the fileupload control and then a separate SUBMIT button to push the file to the server... I now want the file immediately uploaded to the server when the individual selects the file they want.... what is the best way to do that?

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C# - Accessing A Control Dynamically Added To A Placeholder During An Event

Mar 30, 2011

I'm creating an ASP.NET control dynamically based on a value selected in a dropdown; for instance the field can be a textbox or a checkbox (for now), and then it gets added to a placeholder control. However, I'm unsure how to retrieve the value - using the placeholder's FindControl method returns null although I'm specifying the ID when I create the control.

Here's my code:


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Web Forms :: How To Add Event Handler To Dynamic Control

Mar 8, 2010

The code below creating a button control on my page dynamicly.

I would like to add to the control's Click event a new event handler.

How should I do it?

i'm creating the control on Click-event of one of the pre-defined buttons( btnSubmit) on my the page and
not at the Load event of the page:


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Web Forms :: Event Handler For LinkButton Is Not Called

May 26, 2010

I have LinkButton as the submit button in the web page. The problem I am facing is it is not calling servr side event handler.

The js function for 'onclientclick' is returning true but the method mapped to 'onclick' is not being called.

I tried putting alert message in onsubmit event also, that is also coming.

How to diagonise the issue? What are the possible reasons for this?

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Web Forms :: User Control Event Handler In C#?

Jun 29, 2010

Currently have Main.MasterPage, a MyNewPage.aspx (with master page file) and a use control with buttons. Should I load the events in the MyNewPage.aspx during the Page_load or during the InitializeComponent() ?

Example: MyNewPages.aspx (HTML)


Or Should I do this??


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Forms Data Controls :: List View Item Placeholder / Error An Item Placeholder Must Be Specified On ListView 'ListView1'

Mar 22, 2011

I am using list view to display the the data but i am getting an error like An item placeholder must be specified on ListView 'ListView1'. Specify an item placeholder by setting a control's ID property to "itemPlaceholder". The item placeholder control must also specify runat="server.Even i have specified the itemplaceholder id but no use still same error.


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Web Forms :: How To Copy A Placeholder To Another Placeholder

Aug 4, 2010


I want to copy a placeholder to another placeholder, i know, i can't write somethin like this,

plh_footer = plh_header;

how can i do that?

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Web Forms :: Rewiring Up Event Handler Of User Control?

Jul 16, 2010

I have a web page where I'm dynamically loading one of a series of user controls. In each user control I call a general-purpose event to inform the web page that data on the user control has changed and/or new data is available. On the user control I define the Event Handler like this: public override event EventHandler DataOut_Handler; and then I force the event to occur like this:

DataOut_Handler(sender, e); On the web page I reload the previously loaded user control and wire up the event handler like this:
protected void Page_Init(object sender, EventArgs e)
DataEntryUserControlBase userControl = (DataEntryUserControlBase)LoadUserControl();
if (userControl != null)
userControl.DataOut_Handler += new EventHandler(UserControl_DataOut_Handler);

Note: It's "DataEntryUserControlBase" rather than "UserControl" because I constructed an intermediary base class to making casting simpler. Everything seems to work fine but I do have a question: When I step through my code, after the last line in Page_Init is executed I move the mouse cursor over top of userControl.DataOut_Handler but it reads null. The code is working fine but I'm most curious why I don't see any object associated with that item immediately after wiring up the event handler?

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Web Forms :: Adding Event Handler For Link Button?

Jan 15, 2010


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Web Forms :: Event Handler Of Dropdownlist Inside Gridview?

Jan 6, 2010

I've added Dropdownlist in Gridview at RowDataBound event. The code is:


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Web Forms :: Event Handler Not Subscribed To Content Page

Jan 6, 2011

I have a master page that contains a navigational menu, made up of nested databound repeaters. Buttons are created for the outer-most repeater's items. When the user clicks on one of these buttons, the content page loads and a label within this content page changes to reflect the text from the button that was clicked. In other words - click a button, load the page, change the label on the page to the text on the button. I have tried also changing the initialization on the content page from Page_Load to Page_PreInit to Page_Init, and nothing seems to matter as I'd like to move on in this project! Code follows:

Master Page (Site.Master):


Content Page (BatchView.aspx):


The problem is, whenever a button is clicked, it changes the title of the master page to 'Not Working', which lets me know that the TeamChosen eventhandler is null!

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Web Forms :: Add Event Handler To Dynamically Created Button?

Oct 5, 2010

Does anyone have a good vb example of adding an "onClick" event to a button that is dynamically added into a templatefield of a gridview. MSDN just says to use the addhandler statement with no other good info for a 'dynamic' scenario:


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Web Forms :: Pre_Init Event Handler - General_Anonymous.master

Aug 21, 2010

I have to masterpages for my home page.

1. The first is for the annonymous users which has the login controls. its name is General_Anonymous.master.

2. The second one is for the logged in users which has a logout button and it hasn't the login controls in it. its name is General_LoggedIn.master. in my default.aspx page I wrote the following code

protected void Page_PreInit(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (Session["SupId"] == null && Session["CustomerId"] == null)
this.MasterPageFile = "~/Masters/General_Anonymous.master";
this.MasterPageFile = "~/Masters/General_LoggedIn.master";

after the user logs in my website he is redirected to his home page. If he want to return to the home page he uses the home hyperlink which refer to the default.aspx. I think according to my code that when the user comes from his home page he will bring his session with him and when the default.aspx asks for the session value it found the id of whether a customer or supplier and thus it will use the second master page General_LoggedIn.master But my problem is when the user click homepage link the default.aspx uses the 2 masterpages . which means I find the logout button and the login controls . I don't know what is the problem or the error in my code

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