Web Forms :: Generate 128 Bit Barcode And Display It In ListView

Mar 16, 2013

i need to generate bar code "Code128" and boud into label.

i am using listview in list view 1 td i am generating barcode based on memberid which i am getting from data base.

<asp:Label ID="lblmemid" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval("MemberShipid") %>' Font-Bold="True" Font-Size="Larger" Height="20px" /></div>

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AJAX :: How To Display Barcode In ListView Control

May 7, 2015

need to set the font in ItemTemplate in listview in asp.net

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Web Forms :: Way To Automatically Generate Barcode Into Site Codeproject Sample

Jul 23, 2010

I'm using the following codeproject to build an asp.net website and so far everything is good. My only problem is after the barcode is generated, a huge whitespace exist to the right of the barcode. I've been playing with this and am unable to resolve it. Details below:

Link to Code Project Article:

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How To Generate Barcode

Jan 28, 2010

I am working on event registration system. Company requirement is when user registered to an event. Admin need to send printable barcode to registered user. this barcode is served as Entry pass. How i Can do this ?

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Add And Generate Barcode In Webforms Using C# .net?

Jun 23, 2010

anyone here knows how to add and generate a barcode in webforms using c# .net and can read the barcode?

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Generate Barcode From A String Using C#?

Jan 4, 2010

Is it possible to generate barcode from a string using c#? Is there any builtin classes for generating barcodes in asp.net? Is it possible to detect a barcode printer connected with a system?

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Generateand Dispaly Barcode In Crystal Reports?

Jul 16, 2010

How to generate and dispaly barcode in crystal reports?

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Web Forms :: Display And Print Multiple Barcode Images?

Jul 17, 2015

<script type="text/javascript">
function GridDataaa() {


my output


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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Barcode In GridView Or DataList

Aug 10, 2010

I have downloaded the code 39 font to display barcode in my GridView or DataList. It shows the barcode with the numeric value under it. I only want to show the barcode. how to omit numeric value from barcode?

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Web Forms :: How To Retrieve Data From Barcode Scanner And Display In TextBox

Mar 26, 2011

I have a barcode slider which scan student ID CARD. When students scan their Student ID, the barcode reader generate the following:

BARCODE_NUM,LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME. Below is a dummy example when students scan their Student_ID into barcode reader. I get the following data from the barcode reader.

" %C9887688767876^Smith/John^5656656556565?;C9887688767876=3434354450000? " When the user scan their Student ID into TextBox1, i want to only display BARCODE_NUM which is C9887688767876 from the example. Also When the user scan their Student ID into TextBox2 , i want to only display LASTNAME which is Smith from the example. When the user scan their Student ID into TextBox3, i want to only display FIRSTNAME which is John from the example.

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Web Forms :: Display And Print Multiple Barcode Images In Series?

Jul 17, 2015

I need to generate barcode series to print on label.

Below thread is working fine to generate single barcode.


How can i create barcode series and print. i.e. from 0001-0100

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Forms Data Controls :: Display A Nested Child ListView On PostBack While Using DataPager On Parent ListView?

Aug 26, 2010

I am having trouble finding how to solve the following issue :

I am using nested listviews to display Sales and Sales details.

The main ListView displays General Information about Sales and the child ListView displays the detailed information about one sale. the child listview is shown only when the user clicks on a link (see included code, DataBind is made on PageLoad) :

ASPX Markup Code :


C# Behind Code :


If I removed the datapager part, I can manage show/hide the child list view on the button click event. but if I want to use the DataPager with the PreRender event handling, the child listview is not longer shown on button click.

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How To Print Barcode Label On Client Barcode Printer

Feb 4, 2010

How to print barcode label on client barcode printer from asp.net or create a application in vb.net and link to ASP.NET to print the label.

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Retrieve Data From Barcode Scanner And Display In Page?

Nov 25, 2010

I am creating a web application using c#. I need to access the values available in a barcode scanner and display it in the web page. The user has a Barcode scanner, which contains the Student Id's. The Barcode scanner is connected to the user machine. Is it possible to access the scanner and access the student id available in the scanner and display it in the aspx page. After retrieving the values and displaying it in page, the students id's available in the scanner has to be deleted.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Generate A Serial Number Dynamically In Listview?

Sep 20, 2010

my listview having 3 columns:SI.No,HallticketNo,Name.

I bind data to listview but the "SI.No" column in listview showing Empty data.

So,how to generate serial number in listview ?

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Web Forms :: Generate And Display Thumbnail Of Image?

Apr 1, 2012

I have image in my webpage that it has this property  width=250px hight:200 and image size :200KB

i want when i put this image in my page with this Property width:100px and hight:100px    image size Automatically change EX:100KB how i can do it ?

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Web Forms :: On Mouseover Popup Should Be Display In Listview

Sep 14, 2010

In my listview I take anchor tag to Address column.My code is look like this.

<a href="#" onmouseover="open_new_window('<%# Eval("Enq_Address") %>')" onmouseout="close_window()" >Address</a>

when I mouseover "Address" link it opens a window but the Address is not display in the popwindow,the data is not bound to Address link.how to make this.

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Web Forms :: How To Force ListView's EditItemTemplate To Display Only One Row

Jan 7, 2011

I have a page with a ListView and when users need to edit an item, it works and updates just fine in edit mode. However, one thing that I don't want is every item from ItemTemplate to display in edit mode, which it's doing right now. Is there a way to limit the EditItemTemplate to only one item--that for which the edit button was clicked? I have the pager activated in LayoutTemplate so I have a suspicion that the pager may have to be inactivated by code-behind when edit mode is entered.

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Web Forms :: ListView Fails To Display Button?

Jan 4, 2011

I have a ListView in which I have to hide certain LayoutTemplate elements when an Edit button is clicked. Naturally, the display goes from the ItemTemplate into the EdititemTemplate, which is accomplished in the following code. However, a problem arises when the EditItemTemplate is updated then displays the ItemTemplate: the elements from the LayoutTemplate which are initially hidden fail to re-display when the ItemTemplate is activated again.

<%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" Debug="true" CodeFile="reunions.aspx.vb" MasterPageFile="~/masters/reunions.master" Inherits="reunions_reunions" Title="DNHS Reunion Memories!" %>
<%@ Register Src="~/userControls/ReunionsLabel.ascx" TagPrefix="cc2" TagName="rLab" %>
<asp:Content ID="content" ContentPlaceHolderID="cphFromReunions" runat="server">


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Web Forms :: ListView - Display Matching Records Separately

Mar 19, 2013

I have problem in listview display data. If I am binding data in list view data is displaying in corrected formatted as i need.when i am add value from cs into list view label its not displaying into required format.add all value is displaying in single td. I want to separate it. Below is list view in which i am facing problem and want to separate matched record in different td.

if (!IsPostBack)
//string bar = "select Id,MemberShipid from MemberShipDetails where Cancelled=0 order by MemberShipid";
//SqlDataAdapter dabar = new SqlDataAdapter(bar, con);
//DataTable dtbar = new DataTable();


if i am loading data into lable as above grid record displaying into on single row.if i am binding its displaying correctly. Why data is not populating in differen td.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Display Group Headers In ListView

Apr 26, 2010

I'm trying to use a ListView to display product specs. I also want to display the group headings such as "Dimensions", "Input Ports", etc.

How do I display these group headers? My code below lists the specs but doesn't show me the header. If I put some static text however, that shows up. What am I doing wrong?


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Forms Data Controls :: Display Broken Images In The Listview?

Feb 1, 2010

I 'm populating the images in the listview control from the database.... but now i want to get only broken images from the server(eg images which are not showing, cross box) so my user can fix those images in the server. I want to put a checkbox in the search criteria so either they can see all the images from the table or only broken images.Is there any way of doing that from asp.net or with javascript.

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Forms Data Controls :: ListView To Display In Rows And With Headers?

Mar 22, 2011

I tried to use ListView with following code to display 2 columns for name and address:

<asp:ListView ID="ListView1" runat="server">
<asp:PlaceHolder ID="itemPlaceholder" runat="server" />
<%# Eval("PersonName") %>
<%# Eval("PersonAddress")%>

The problem is the address is not aligned depends on the person's name length.

I want to have 2 columns aligned and with horizontal and vertical grid lines. Can I do that?

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Forms Data Controls :: ListView Display Products Quantity?

Sep 19, 2010

I'd like show a products list in one ListView. Each item is a product in the List<Productos>.

If a product quantity is 3, the list have 3 repeated items with the same product.

How can i do for display in the item of ListView the product description + quantity of this product?

This is my code:


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Web Forms :: How To Display Recent Viewed Product In Gridview / Listview

May 7, 2015

how to display recent viewed product in gridview / listview,first one if any user click on any one  product on  listed all product then  and redirect new page where user can view full details of single product ,its going fine but when user back to home then i want to show recent viewed product , recent view product  should not save in db ,just save in temporary datatabee and view in gridview , if user see 10 product then it save in temporary datatable and bind into gridview all 10 product.

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