Web Forms :: How To Copy A Placeholder To Another Placeholder

Aug 4, 2010


I want to copy a placeholder to another placeholder, i know, i can't write somethin like this,

plh_footer = plh_header;

how can i do that?

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Maintain ViewState Of PlaceHolder / When Page Get Refresh All Controls From Placeholder Gets Removed From It?

Jan 19, 2010

how to maintain state of placeholder. i have a placeholder in which i add many image controls dynamically but when my page get refresh all controls from placeholder gets removed from it. the enableViewstate of placeholder is set to true.

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Forms Data Controls :: List View Item Placeholder / Error An Item Placeholder Must Be Specified On ListView 'ListView1'

Mar 22, 2011

I am using list view to display the the data but i am getting an error like An item placeholder must be specified on ListView 'ListView1'. Specify an item placeholder by setting a control's ID property to "itemPlaceholder". The item placeholder control must also specify runat="server.Even i have specified the itemplaceholder id but no use still same error.


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MVC :: How To Put A Placeholder Before The "MainContent" Placeholder In The Generated View

Jun 3, 2010

I am using ASP.NET MVC 2 in Visual Studio 2010. I have a ASP.NET MVC application with a master page that contains 3 content placeholders. When I create a new view from a controller by right-clicking the action method and selection "Add View", I end up with a ASPX page that does contain the 3 content placeholders but in the wrong order. This is by design because in the T4 template used to create views "TitleContent" will be used first followed by the "MainContent" and after that all the other content placeholders are put.

I have a subtitle content placeholder in my master page that I want to put before the "MainContent" placeholder. Is there a way to achieve this with modifying the Create.tt T4 template?

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Web Forms :: Finding Radiobutton In Placeholder

Apr 1, 2010

I have a web form and i'm creating tables including radiobuttons dynamically according to a number entered from a textbox,this tables created in placeholders.I'm using update panels so when i click the radiobuttons the radiobutton dissappear and a textbox is created at the same place,if one cell is created there's no problem but at multi creation there's a problem,when i click one radiobutton,all of them disappear and textboxes created,btw there's a checkedchanged event created dynamically also.I try many ways but i can't find the selected radiobutton,what do i have to do?

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Web Forms :: How To Find Control Within A PlaceHolder

Jun 8, 2010


In my code, I wanted to do a search on the form controls, such as check box and radio button. These controls are created during run time.

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Web Forms :: Delete Controls By ID In Placeholder?

Jun 14, 2010

I have an .aspx form that has a place holder that allows a user to add controls on button click. Upon button click of "Remove last added control" the user will see the last control be removed. I have searched this and can capture the control that they are wanting to delete but am having trouble actually removing the darn thing!!

Here is my code that I have that iterates through the controls and finds the specific ID that i want to delete but does not seem to delete it due to my syntax I believe (Coded in C# in .Net envirnomnet).

foreach (Control c in myPlaceHolder.Controls)
if (c.ID == "myTextBox" + Convert.ToString(Session["Control_Count"]))

The session["Control_Count"] is the highest or greatest value that is added to the page. (example of 2 control ID's: myTextBox1, myTextBox2.) I want to be able to Delete TextBox2 and leave TextBox1 and thought thi swas a way of doing so.

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Web Forms :: Find Dynamic Control In A Placeholder?

Dec 10, 2010

I am creating dynamic controls... i.e. ddl

DropDownList ddl = new DropDownList();
ddl.DataSource = data;
ddl.ID = id;
ddl.DataValueField = "Key";
ddl.DataTextField = "Value";

Loading the controls to the placeholder.

Selecting a value and clicking the button, doing postback, I want to capture the value selected in the ddl. I was using "FindControl method" but it is not working, I guess because the controls are created dynamically and will not show due to stateless HTTP.

How else can I capture the values? Is there away?

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Web Forms :: Finding Dynamic Controls I Add In A PlaceHolder

Jun 27, 2010

My code was actually working before. I think since I switched to .NET 4, it may have stopped functioning.What I do is this: I add some TextBox controls inside a PlaceHolder control. Then when user clicks the submit button, I am reading values entered into these texboxes.

This is what's on the page:

This is how I add controls into my PlaceHolder:


And this is the button click event: [Code]....

Like I said, this code was working before but now it doesn't.

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Web Forms :: Accessing The Content Of A PLACEHOLDER Control

Feb 18, 2010

Need accessing the rendered content of a PLACEHOLDER control. I dynamically add a web forms page to a placeholder using "TABLE" this works great (cell row table placeholder ) now I wish to take that placeholder and use the rendered page to generate a PDF document.

If it possible to access the rendered code how would this be done?

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Web Forms :: Can Placeholder Control Be Added Dynamically

Jun 5, 2010

Can a placeholder control be created dynamically such that you can add controls to it later on?

PlaceHolder ph_grid = new PlaceHolder();

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Web Forms :: Event Handler Used In BLL When Building A PlaceHolder

Mar 3, 2010

My goal is to move as much code from the code behind page to the business logic layer. I'm having trouble with an event handler because the code can't see the method it will call (because the method is on the code behind page and the code in question is in a class in the BLL). CS0103: The name 'ButtonClick' does not exist in the current context (the error) b.Click += new EventHandler(ButtonClick); (the line)

Right now I'm considering to try it by adding the EventHandler from the code behind page after the PlaceHolder has been sent to the code behind page, but I'm wondering if I'm missing a better way. Is there a best practice for how to deal with this? Do I throw in the towel and just let the PlaceHolder be built on the code behind page (where it works fine)?

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Web Forms :: Master Page Content Going Out Of Placeholder?

Sep 8, 2010

in my master page content place holder.

i have a grid which is going out of placeholder (as its bit bigger ), when page is loaded. i would prefer it to stay inside the placeholder or expand the placeholder.

Currently its going out side and when it moved out of placeholder it becomes transparent to the materpage default template.

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Web Forms :: How To Check If A Label Exists In A Placeholder

Jun 26, 2010

I was wondering how to check if a label exists in a placeholder??

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Web Forms :: Remove Table Around Contents Of Placeholder?

Jul 25, 2010

I have a gridviewto which I have added a templatefield based column. In that template field there is a placeholder. I am adding either a textbox or a radiobuttonlist to that placeholder programmatically.

So the problem is that when the page compiles, the contents of the placeholder get tabulated. So each listitem of the radiobuttonlist is encapsulated by its own <td> and <tr>

Now I seriously would not want the items of my radiobuttonlist to get separated as I am using the jQuery UI to style them. Not that they are not getting styled, but not the way should be.

Following is my .aspx code that creates the CPL:


Following is my .cs code :


Following is the resultant compiled code. It is inside the <td> of the parent gridview:


how to remove the this hindering table

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Web Forms :: Placeholder Until Flash Video Loads?

Aug 29, 2010

I have a page onto which a flash video loads. The flash video was created in Adobe Captivate. Usually the 665x335 area where the flash video object loads just shows as an empty 665x335 frame (with a little picture icon in the upper lefthand corner) for a few seconds until the flash video finishes loading. Then the video appears and starts running. It makes the page look unprofessional. Does anyone have an idea how I could have a default image show in the 665x335 space until the video loads, then to have the video take over?


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Web Forms :: Masterpage Dynamic Id In Placeholder Not Registering?

Jul 8, 2010

This works fine without using a masterpage. What is the masterpage messing up here. Basically creating all dynamic controls. Linkbutton>tablecell>tablerow>table>panel>placeholder. The linkbutton id is not being set when building. The link button id is registered fine when not using the masterpage. Also using ajax.



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Web Forms :: Finding UserControls Within A PlaceHolder Control?

Sep 28, 2010

I am having problems finding my UserControls inside the Controls collection of a Placeholder control.

I have a ListView control with a PlaceHolder control in its ItemTemplate. OnItemdataBound for the ListView control I am adding a custom UserControl to the Controls collection of the Placeholder control. It all renders fine. My problem is when I try to find my user controls in the Placeholder. I just can't get it back. My code is below.

My objective here is to get to the input controls within my UserControl and call the save method of this.

PlaceHolder intakeBenefitHolder = null;
protected void lvIntakeBenefits_ItemDataBound(object sender, ListViewItemEventArgs e)
if (e.Item.ItemType == ListViewItemType.DataItem)
using (ListViewDataItem item = (ListViewDataItem)e.Item)


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Web Forms :: Inserting Labels Into Panel Or Placeholder?

Apr 29, 2010

My labels aren't lining up evenly even though Im using an offset and/or string.Padright


Does anyone know how to make the spacing between these labels the same for each add to Panel?

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Web Forms :: How To Read Particular Data From Excel Using Placeholder

Jun 18, 2012

I have an excel sheet in that all the data is added what i want is my webpage should be change as soon as i modify my excel Sheet and automatically a new aspx page generate if any data will add in excel sheet.

I need to create the CMS of my webpage which will be totally dynamic and record must be store and read from excel only.

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Web Forms :: Updating Master Page PlaceHolder With UpdatePanels?

Aug 30, 2010

I have an ASPX page with two columns. The left column has a GridView control that contains a list of article titles as LinkButton controls. When a LinkButton control is clicked, the content of the article is displayed in the right column. Each of the columns
is wrapped in an UpdatePanel. So far everything is working .

Each article title has further descriptive text that is defined in the code-behind as labels within a Div object. Each Div is added to a PlaceHolder object on the master page. References to the Div objects are added as attributes to the LinkButton so that JavaScript is executed when the user rolls over the title and the Div object with the descriptive text is displayed.

The rollovers are working fine and displaying the correct text for the first GridView page. However, when I click a button in the GridView's paging row to advance to the next page of the GridView list, the rollovers are not updated. The text is what was defined for the first GridView page of titles. How should I get the PlaceHolder objects to update when the UpdatePanels are updated?

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Web Forms :: How To Access A Control Inside A UpdatePanel And PlaceHolder

Jan 20, 2010

I need to access a dynamically created DropDownList from code-behind. This DDL is in a Placeholder, and the PlaceHolder is in a UpdatePanel.

I did the following to try and access the DDL:


But it returns null :( Why does that happen? How can a access the DDL?

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Web Forms :: Setting Up Each Of TabPanels.ContentTemplates To Be Content Placeholder

Mar 8, 2010

Is there a benefit from putting a Tabcontainer control on a master page and setting up each of the tabPanels.ContentTemplates to be a content placeholder rather than putting everything into a regular .aspx page?

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Forms Data Controls :: HyperLink Added To Placeholder?

Sep 29, 2010

I have a Placeholder in which I added a Hyperlink (the hyperlink is an attachment in messaging application) how do I get the hyperlink to go hot when the user put there mouse over it:


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Web Forms :: Content Placeholder Hosting Silverlight Size?

Mar 11, 2011

(vs2010 sl4 vb.net)

When I create a default silverlight application in VS2010, I get a silverlight user control and a web site that hosts it. The object tag in the apsx page that hosts the silverlight object has its width and height set to 100%. The silverlight user control takes up all the broswer window and it also grows and shrinks properly as the browser is resized. Perfect.

If I add a master page and child page, in the child page I copy the object tag, still set at 100% height, the rendered page does not expand to fill the browser window/ I can set the object tag height to, say, 600, and it now is static at 600, but I want it to be dynamic just like when it was not hosted on a master page.

I do not believe this to be a silverlight issue, but rather a content placeholder sizing issue. I have tried a lot of diffferent ways to set the height, but nothing I do allows me to make the child page hosted object size itself based on the browser window,

Is it possile to get this to work or is this a consequence of using master pages? I can post sample code demonstrating this if needed.

EDIT: I was able to use a javascript function on window.onload to get the browser height and set the div height that contains the object tag, this works but is not dynamic. I would like it to be dynamic like the non-master page hosted object is.

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