Web Forms :: How To Detect The Current Page From MasterPage

Apr 10, 2010

My masterpage for my website has the Login control which sits right on my main nav bar. The problem I have is that I'm currently not detecting the current page hence not setting the ReturnUrl parameter. So when the user clicks login and goes through the login process, he/she is sent back to the home page.

How can I set the ReturnUrl while still keeping the Login control in the master page?

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Web Forms :: Capture The Current Handler / Context / Page In The MasterPage?

Oct 26, 2010

In my GlobalMasterPage I use a custom control which displays a logo and a Title:

<%@ Register Src="UserControls/Header.ascx" TagName="Header" TagPrefix="uct"%>
<div id="header">
<uct:Header id="Header1" runat="server"
TitleOfApplication = "Logging Viewer v1.0"
TitleOfTeam = "Team One" />

Now, on the pages that use that GlobalMaster page I have a button on each one which allows you to jump from one page to another,

basically I do a Response.Redirect.

What I am trying to do is to find a way to change the Title of the application according to the button that the user clicked. I was trying to get the current handler but that does not work well for me:


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Detect If The Current Request Is Being Mapped Via URL Routing?

Feb 16, 2011

Is there no way to detect if the current request is being mapped via ASP.NET 4.0 URL routing?

I have an HTTP module that handles the application's BeginRequest event. I have found that this handler is called for all file types, including CSS, JS, image files, etc., and I just want to perform an action if the target file is an ASPX page.

In the case of routed pages, all the properties of the HttpRequest object reflect the requested URL, and not the ASPX page that the request is being mapped to. How can I determine if the request will be handled by an ASPX file?

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Localization :: How To Detect Current Regional Settings

Mar 30, 2010

I am working on i18n for ASP.Net web site. Client's requirement is to detect Keyboard layout automatically by reading RegionalSettings language setting.

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Detect The Current Trust Level For Application

Jan 23, 2011

I found this code:

AspNetHostingPermissionLevel GetCurrentTrustLevel() {
foreach (AspNetHostingPermissionLevel trustLevel in
new AspNetHostingPermissionLevel [] {
} ) {
try {
new AspNetHostingPermission(trustLevel).Demand();
catch (System.Security.SecurityException ) {
return trustLevel;
return AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.None;

Get current ASP.NET Trust Level programmatically):

but for C#, and would like to have it for VB.NET. Any chance of someone expert in both VB.NET and C# that can translate this to VB code?

I tried myself and got the following VB.NET code but it generates an error inside my VWD:

Private Function GetCurrentTrustLevel() As AspNetHostingPermissionLevel
For Each trustLevel As AspNetHostingPermissionLevel In New _
AspNetHostingPermissionLevel() {AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Unrestricted, _
AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.High, AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Medium, _
AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Low, AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.Minimal}
New AspNetHostingPermission(trustLevel).Demand()
Catch generatedExceptionName As System.Security.SecurityException
Continue Try
End Try
Return trustLevel
Return AspNetHostingPermissionLevel.None
End Function

These parts seems to be wrong:

New AspNetHostingPermission(trustLevel).Demand()

Continue Try

Obviously, need to be handled by someone fluent in both C# and VB.NET and can spot the errors in VB.NET

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AJAX :: How To Detect Current Culture In A Web Service

Aug 13, 2012

URL...I need to select a proper SQL procedure based on a current culture selected by a user and I need to select it inside the web service.Example:

Using cmd As New SqlCommand()
cmd.CommandText = "dbo.Search_ItemsInFullText_" & Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.TwoLetterISOLanguageName
cmd.CommandType = Data.CommandType.StoredProcedure
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@SearchText", prefix)
cmd.Connection = conn

but this does not work.How can I detect a current culture in a web service?

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Iis - Detect If The Current Application Pool Is Winding Up In IIS7.5 And 3.5+?

Aug 10, 2010

exactly as the question subject states - any ideas on how you might do this?I've been looking over the objects in System.Web.Hosting but nothing is standing out.
he reason? I'm getting one or two application errors which are typically occuring during a recycle (they happen about 25 hours apart and I've left my app pool recycle time at the default) and so I want to know if they're happening on a thread that's in the pool that's shutting down, or the one that's start(ed/ing) up.

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Localization :: Detect Current Language For Non - Unicode Programs Programmatically?

Oct 22, 2010

How to get the selected "current language for non-unicode programs" of system in .net programetially? you can see the "current language for non-unicode programs" in the following path in wista control panel -> Clock, Language and Region -> Regional and language options -> Administrative(tab) -> Language for non-unicode programs

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Web Forms :: Find Current URL Of Page During Code Behind Submission (NOT Current Web App URL)

Aug 18, 2010

I am looking for a way to figure out the current URL that the page is currently on (NOT what the asp.net page currently is, but where the CODE is at). ie. My web app is located at: [URL] my code is: String page = [URL]

String response = GetResponse(page); //basically the above code goes to the website [URL] and parses the HTML within it and brings it back and populates the variable string "response". But, sometimes the [URL] throws me a curve ball and redirects me to: [URL] I want to be able to use a try/catch to be able to "catch" the error of a different page: ie validateUser.aspx. So, I need to do to this: try

String page = [URL];
String response = GetResponse(page);
//code to check the behind URL to see if [URL] is the URL OR IF [URL] is the current URL

understand I know how to find the URL of the current page the web app is on. I need to find the current page that threw the exception during the execution of the code behind.

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MVC :: Change A Link In A MasterPage Based On Current View?

Jan 14, 2011

Is there a way to dynamically build an action link in a Master Page depeding on the View iteself.

For example, if I am at View1, I want the link in the Master PAge to point to an action A; whereas if I am on View 2, I want the link in the Master Page to point to an action B.

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Web Forms :: Get Name Of Current Page And Current Subroutine

Oct 17, 2010

I am building in error-logging into my site, and want to be able to get hold of the current page name that the error occurred in, as well as the specific subroutine or function, to then pass to a VB.NET function. Is there anyway to get hold of this information without hard-coding the names manually? For example,

Dim strCurrentPageName = ???
Dim strCurrentRoutine = ???

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Web Forms :: How To Detect Someone Navigating Away From A Page

Jan 8, 2010

How do I have a pop-up message come up that says "Are you sure you want to navigate way from this page? (OK) (Cancel)" when someone either clicks the back button or the close button?

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Web Forms :: Detect Page Load Completion?

Jun 22, 2010

Detecting Page load Completion? How could we do this using jscript or jquery, would it be possible? Kindly give your views and ideas. I have an asp.net web page, which is huge and takes time to load. If the user clicks on any buttons on the page, before the page completes it's load, we get error messages. Since some of the hidden field values in the page, have value=0 because the page did not complete it's load. I hope I was clear with my question. Meanwhile I need to work on improving my code to process quick.
I do have an update panel, on my page.

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Web Forms :: Page Detect The Resolution Of The Screen Then Run

Mar 30, 2010

I designed my page (Using ASP .net C#) in 1024*768. if resolution of the screen decresed(ex 800*600) then vertical and horizental scroll bar appear. And if resolution of the screen incresed then right side of the screen is become blank. i want whatever the screen resolution is there my page is run fine after detecting the resolution of the screen and then run.

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Forms Data Controls :: Detect Last Page In ListView?

Dec 28, 2010

is there any simple way to detect that I'm on the last page of my ListView? I need this because I want to fill empty space below my ListView with a panel if number of rows is smaller then 15 (Rows per Page)

For example (logically): If MyListView = LastPage....Panel.Enabled=True

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Web Forms :: How To Detect Page Refresh Or Reload Apart From Postback

Oct 23, 2013

I just want to know how to detect a page is refreshed or reloaded apart from Postback. Just clicking the reload button in the browser...

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Web Forms :: Accessing Control In Nested MasterPage From Parent MasterPage?

Feb 4, 2010

I have a MasterPage (MasterPage.master) with 2 child MasterPages (specialMaster.master and standardMaster.master). From the MasterPage.master I need to get at some of the controls in one of the children, specialMaster.master, say for example to hide certain
content if a session variable is not null.

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Web Forms :: Access Hidden Field From One Masterpage To Another Masterpage?

May 3, 2010

I have 2 masterpages. (Default.master and User.master).I have a hidden field in Default.master then how can i get the hidden field value of Default.master file from User.master.is there any way to access that hidden field like: Request.form("hidID") ?

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MVC :: Detect Page Refresh In MVC

Oct 5, 2010

I have been developing a quiz application in asp.net mvc. In this quiz user is give a list of topic to take quiz. On click of one of the topic the user is taken to new page. In the get part action of this page i have taken some parameters, generated questions for the quiz, register quiz for the user (save in db)and save the generated questions in db.

Now the problem is:

User see the page, if user hits the "submit" button after selecting the answer than it is ok but If user refresh the page. Then the get action is called again and new set of questions are generated and new quiz is registered to user.

How can i avoid this?

Is there any way to detect that the get action is called the second time or to detect page refresh in as.net mvc.

If you could suggest design changes that it is ok too? i just need to make sure if user refresh the page the question need not be generated again and new quiz should not be registered to user.

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How To Detect Default Page

Jan 28, 2011

I have a sitemappath that I want to surpress on the home page of a website. Assuming the homepage is "www.mysite.com/default.aspx", what is the best way to detect when the base URL is being displayed?

IOW: I can do something like:

if request.servervariables("url") = "/default.aspx" then
end if

but how do I detect when the default url is being used, like:


without a page url at the end?

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Possible To Detect Whether An ASP.NET Page Is About To Be Cached

Apr 20, 2010

Is it possible to detect whether an ASP.NET Page is about to be cached and if so, how?The HttpCachePolicy object provides only set-methods. The VaryByParams name-value collection is useless if values other than "None" and "*" are set as it impossible to enumerate them and you can only access them by key

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Web Forms :: On-page Script Won't Run When Using A Masterpage

Feb 24, 2010

If I put everything on one page, it works fine. But when i try to integrate a masterpage, nothing outputs.



XML File:


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Web Forms :: Redirect To Different Page From Masterpage In C# ?

Aug 9, 2010

I have created button (btnOtherlink) in my masterpage (Customer.aspx) and redirect to different website [URL] when i click the button (btnOtherlink). But im unable view the website when i click the button because the url redirected become like this http://localhost:51713/www.emetrics.com instead of w[URL] . How to redirect the page to [URL] from my masterpage ?

And how to hide the url so that users didnt see the url when redirected to new page ?

My coding :-

protected void btnOtherlink_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

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Web Forms :: Page With Masterpage And Tabcontrol

Jan 4, 2010

I have a masterpage and usercontrols in different tabs of the tab control. I need to access data from a user control in one tab from a user control in a different tab.

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Web Forms :: TreeView Control /loading A New Page, Does Not Select The Node Of The Current Page?

May 1, 2010

I am experiencing an issue with the TreeView control when loading new pages. It is databound to web.sitemap, but when loading a new page, it does not select the node of the current page, just resets it to the root. THe new page loads fine, just not preserving the current navigation in the tree view.

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