Web Forms :: How To Disable A Link Button

Feb 8, 2011

When Iam tring to disable a Link button, It is working fine in IE8.

But when I check for compatability the button is still enabled.

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Forms Data Controls :: To Disable A Link Button In Gridview?

Dec 30, 2010

How can one disable a Link Button in gridview. In gridview, I had defined linkbutton as :

<asp:LinkButton ID="lnkbtndownload" runat="server" CssClass="Links" CommandName="DownloadPdf" CommandArgument='<%#Eval("Client_ID")%>'>Download</asp:LinkButton></td>

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Forms Data Controls :: Disable A Link Button In Grid View After It Is Clicked?

Sep 9, 2010

I have a grid view with each row as a link button. When I click on the row, some data parsing process takes place (about a 15 sec process). The grid refreshes itself at a regular interval. I want to disable the link when it is clicked once, so that the user gets to know that row has been processed already and does not click it again, until the grid refreshes itself and the row disappears. I am copying my gridview code below. how to disable the link button on that row as soon as it is clicked.


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How To Disable The .net Link Button And Radios Using Jquery

Aug 13, 2010

How to disable the asp.net Link buttons and asp.net radio buttons.I have used

to enable
$("#sLbtnFirst").attr("disabled", "");
to disable
$("#sLbtnFirst").attr("disabled", "disabled");

but i'm able to click the buttons they are just greying

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Javascript - Disable Link Button In A Gridview?

Oct 18, 2010

I have one grid view that contains some template columns. In this, the first column contains check boxes named as Read, fourth and fifth column contains asp:link button. If the user clicks on the read check box, both link buttons should be enabled (Initially it is in disabled mode). I used this JavaScript code for disabling.

function EnablePermissoin(chkB, cellNumber1, cellNumber2) {
var IsChecked = chkB.checked;
if (IsChecked) { [code]....

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Data Controls :: How To Disable Link Button If GridView Is Not Present In Page

Aug 10, 2012

I have Link Button to Export to excel in Master page. Since  I have placed it in master page I can see Export link button in every page. I need to disable link button where gridview is not present in a page.

I thing using Enabled property we can do. How to proceed. Is there any other way to do it.

<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButtonExport" Text="Export to Excel" runat="server" OnClick="LinkButtonExport_Click" />

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Link Button And JavaScript / Change A Standard HTML Input Button To A Link Button

Mar 1, 2011

I need to change a standard HTML Input button to a Link button but am running into problems because the existing

code calls a javascript function. The function basically does the same as the browser back button. When I add the code and

set the property runat="server" I get a "CS1026: ) expected".

Quite new to ASP,net (VS2010) so could be going about this the wrong way.



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Web Forms :: Disable A Link Button When Give Btn.Attributes["OnClick"] = "return False;";?

Feb 17, 2011

i need 2 disable a link button click.. when i give btn.Attributes["OnClick"] = "return false;"; it will work but when i take the mouse over the button its style is maintained as tat of the link, but the link wont work. ijust want to make it apperar as a label.

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Web Forms :: Load A User Control On Link Click Event Of A Link Button During Postback Of Aspx Page?

Mar 2, 2011

Here is my requirement -

1. I need to load a user control on link click event of a link button during postback of aspx page.

2. On button click event of a save button on that aspx page, I need to read the selected values from that user control on further postback.

If I write the loadcontrol code in link_click event, the control is not recognized at all in the button_click event. When I shift it to page_init and execute only during not postback, the user control loads with default values.

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Web Forms :: How To Use Link Button And Get Link Of A Page And Make The Button To Redirect To That Page

Mar 12, 2011

In my gridview i am returning values from database in which 'filelocation' is containing location of pages over my server and i want to use coustom linkbutton in templete field to raise a event and set session variable and then redirect to that page .

My question is how to get value fron 'filelocation' coloum in gried view when a linkbutton in clicked and onclick is fired and also set session value at taht point.

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Web Forms :: How To Use VB To Disable The Anchor Link Tag

Dec 14, 2010

I noticed that the "disabled" property that appears in Intellisense for a link control doesn't work (when set to either True or False)..how can I programmatically accomplish the contextual disabling of a hyperlink via Visual Basic?

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Web Forms :: Disable (Expire) Link After Some Period Of Time

Nov 8, 2012

In my project I have the requirement as follows.sending a mail to registered users with sign in link details.After a certain period of time elapses, the signin link should not work when user clicks on it. 

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Forms Data Controls :: Disable Delete Link On Gridview?

Dec 13, 2010

Is there a way based on the current user that when the page loads that the Delete option on the gridview is disabled?

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Forms Data Controls :: Disable Delete Link In Gridview?

Jan 28, 2010

I have a gridview with edit, update and delete functioanlity.

I do also have a checkbox boolean field.

If checkbox1 is checked then I want to hide or disabled the delete button.

checkbox is in item template and Delete is not in item template, if i have to make the field of delete templeted then I will.

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Forms Data Controls :: Disable Edit Link In DetailsView Programmatically?

Nov 29, 2010

I have a DetailsView control with DefaultMode = ReadOnly in my page. When the page loads, it shows the edit link. I would like to programmatically hide the edit link when the user is an administrator on page load. By default, I have set ShowEditButton="True". How do i reference the edit link when it is automatically genereated from the CommandField.

Here is my code:


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Web Forms :: Disable Image Button Or Hyperlink Button Based On Role

Feb 14, 2011

I have four Imagebuttons that I want to disable depending on the Role the user belongs too. I know how do do this in a gridview or detailsview but for some reason it isn't working on just a plain form. So when a User who is not in the "Admin" role logs onto the page he either doesn't see the button or the hyperlink has been disabled thus not allowing him to proceed any further.

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Web Forms :: Disable Image Rollover Button When Button Clicked

Feb 10, 2011


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Web Forms :: Disabling Right Mouse Button Click Event Of A Link Button?

Feb 19, 2010

is it possible to disable right mouse button click event of a link button. i know to disable it in entire page..but i want to disble it for some controls only.

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Security :: Disable Href Link, Is It Possbile

Feb 7, 2011

build a shopping site. i have in my menu a link to upload products.i need to disable this link,for thos are not login to the tite. that members only can use this link.the visitors will see or not see the link its dosnt metter to me. but wont be able to click him?

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VS 2005 - How To Disable Link To Prevent Reloading The Same Page

Jan 24, 2011

I have 3 links in my web site master page, every link go to another page. When the client be in any page of it I want to disable its link to prevent reloading the same page on itself and loosing the data which the client enter (Text Box, Radio Button, Combo Box...). How to do this?

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Data Controls :: GridView Last Row Delete Button Disable Functionality Not Working For Edit Button

May 7, 2015

In one of my Web Page, there is one Modal Pop up, in which I am using Gridview Edit, Update, CancelEdit, Delete functionality.Main functionality is : If while deleting any of the Gridview Row, if only 1 row remains in Gridview (that row can be any row), then that row should not get deleted.Rest of Edit, Update, CancelEdit functionally is working fine.

I used below code for above:


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!Page.IsPostBack)


problem is: When any last row is left in Gridview, its Delete button is disables that time (as per requirement and functionality). But when user clicks on Gridview "Edit" button, update section opens, and at that time "Delete" button gets Enabled, so that time user can delete the last row of Gridview which should not be done.I had fixed this problem for "Cancel" and "Update" button of Gridview using below line:

Response.Redirect(Request.Url.AbsoluteUri); but unable to fix it for "Edit" button of Gridview. If Last row is left in Gridview , and user clicks on Gridview "Edit" button of that row, then at that time "Delete" button should not get "enabled" it should remain "disabled"

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Web Forms :: Disable A Button For A While?

Nov 2, 2010

i have a button and would like when its clicked that it disaple for a minute then returns to normal how can i do that

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Put Twitter Link On Https Link/not Display Twitter Count Button Perfectly

Apr 2, 2011

I want to put twitter link on https link. it gives me error/not display twitter count button perfectly.



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Web Forms :: Disable Back Button In IE

Jun 16, 2010

I am currently doing asp.net page, I want disable back & forward button all the times the page opening/loading.

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Web Forms :: How To Disable The Back Button

Jul 8, 2010

My customer has a website that is unsuitable for children. Anyone under 18 is not allowed ont he site. No, it's not a porn site, it's prison related. A certain page requires the user to enter their birthdate. If they are under 18, they're redirected to another site.

He has another site written for kids who have been impacted by crime. He wants the kids redirected here, to a page that explains why they were redirected. He asked me to disable the back button at this point to keep the kids from easily going back to the original site.

I've read all the reasons why you shouldn't desable the back button, but frankly, I think this would an appropriate place to do it. I also know you really can't disable it, but I've found a number of work arounds - none of which I've gotten to work.

Is there a work around that will work?

I've thought of setting a session variable or a hidden field or an invisible label on the page that redirects the kids just before the redirect and checking the value at page load, but the code to do the checking doesn't get run unless the user hits the back button then refreshes the page. Is there a way to get code to run as soon as the back button is pressed?

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