Web Forms :: Identifying Which Button Is Clicked In A WebPart?

Feb 8, 2010

In a WebPart class, I have one label and two buttons. When a button is clicked, I would like the label to identify the clicked button.

I have the code:

Private Sub TestWebPartClass_PreRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles
Dim Label1 As New Label()
Dim Button1 As New Button()
Dim Button2 As New Button()


How do I now add (in VB please) the event handlers so that, when a button is clicked, Label1 identifies the clicked button.

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I am new in sharepoint development. I have 2 webparts attached on a page. The first webpart (MyTestingWebpart1) basically it does only inserting of data and the other webpart (MyTestingWebpart[2]) displays the records from the database. Now my problem is when I try to click on the save button, somehow I don't know how to refresh the webpart that displays the newly inserted record. Is this possible?

I have added a query at the page load event of MyTestingWebPart[2]. Both of the webparts attached are web user controls.

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How to recognize if user has come through browser back button in asp. net site

AS well how to identify if they have opened new tab in the same browser.

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Web Forms :: How To Add Button (Verb) To WebPart

Jan 13, 2011

I seen some posts, some MSDN Materials...uh...Basically what i observed is every is creating a user control and adding it tot the web part..

I had a doubt that can we add button directly to the webpart in the title Zone? If yes how?

provide a simple example for adding custom verbs to the WebPart.

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I am just started development in ASP.NET.

I have created one sample application for WebParts. It is working fine when I run it from Visual Studio or local environment.

But when, I have publish file in IIS virtual directory (in my PC or same PC) at that time it is stop showing Verb tool bar (minimize, close buttons of WebPart).

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I have a asp page with tow buttons search adn enter and asp required field validator in it, what I am trying to do is validate the input only when the enter button is clicked not the search button, right now when the search button is clicked it validates and throws an error.

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Web Forms :: Input Type Button On Click Event Won't Work First Time Button Clicked

Jan 16, 2010


The whole thing is in a form, and it doesnt postback when this button is clicked. Im no good with javascript, but i got a feeling thats not the problem.

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Web Forms :: Data Table To Excel Conversion Leaves Server Side Button Non Responsive In SharePoint WebPart?

May 6, 2010

We have a web part on which we display some data in a grid. We are exporting grid's underlying datatable to Excel and displaying Open - Save - Cancel dialouge box on click of a server side button.Following is the code we are executing on click of server side button.


Problem is that when i click on Cancel in the diaglouge box then dialogue box to Open/Save excel disappears but all the server side buttons placed on my web part becomes non responsive, on click of any of those buttons their server side click event does not get fired !!!

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Web Forms :: Get One Button To Know Which Of Two Button Clicked?

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I have two buttons on a messaging form. A "To" (who's going to get the message) and "Cc" (who's going to get a copy). The user choose the names from a listbox that popup when the "To" button is clicked. When the user click the "Ok" button the name is moved to the "To" label.If the user now wishes to CC someone how do I get the "ok" button to know I've click the "CC" and not the "To" and to put the name on the "CC" label?I tried switch statement but was not working



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Web Forms :: How To Get Button Clicked?

Jan 6, 2011

i have a asp.net web page in which i have few button controls i have published the web pages & published it in 2 different servers in one of the servers its working fine , but on the otehr one the button controls on the web pages , i am not able to click it, no event gets fired on click not able to trace the cause as on bothe the systems the files(pages/code are same)

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Web Forms :: Know Which Button Is Clicked?

Jul 16, 2010

I have 3 buttons on a form:

<asp:Button ID="AdresVolgButton1" runat="server" Text="1" Width="30px" Visible="False" Height="26px" OnClick="AdrsVolgNrBtn_Click" CausesValidation="False" />

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Web Forms :: Identifying Cause Of Postback?

Oct 29, 2010

Say I have a single page/form with a search facility (i.e. a textbox plus 'Go' button) and a login facility (username, password and 'Login' button).

Is it possible to identify within the Page_Load event which button the user has clicked - i.e. 'Go' or 'Login' - can I somehow use the 'Source' and/or 'e' parameters to identify this?

I can direct both buttons to different OnClick event handlers or direct both to the same handler and identify the button using the Id or text properties but I'm curious to know whether the button can be identified at the Load stage.

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Vb.net - How To Make A Link Button Visible After Another Button Has Been Clicked In .net(vb) In Button_click()

May 14, 2010

How to make a link button visible after another button has been clicked in asp.net(vb) in button_click()

it says error as "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

i've done this in my code

Protected Sub InsertButton_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

Dim receipt As LinkButton = FormView1.FindControl("LinkButton1") [code]....

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Why Does Onclick Event Not Change The Button Text When The Button Is Clicked

Sep 10, 2010

Obviously I am a total noob and this is simple to some of you, but I can not figure out why the rest of the sub works, but the button1.Text="Uploading, Please Wait..." seems to be completely ignored.

The button is supposed to change text when clicked but no method I have tried works with my page.

Here is my simple upload form page:


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Web Forms :: Determine If A Button Was Clicked?

Jun 17, 2010

How do you determine if a button was clicked. If the high priority image button was clicked, it will send a "H" to the database, if not then nothing.

if(mybutton is clicked)
{ then send "H" to the database. }

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Web Forms :: Get Value Of DropDownlist After Button Clicked?

Feb 23, 2010

how to get value of DropDownlist after Button Clicked ,when using static function?


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Web Forms :: Validation After A Button Is Clicked?

Mar 25, 2010

I'm new to web applications but have enough knowledge on windows based solutions using vb.net. Anyhow, I'm making my 1st web application and facing some challenges as expected.

I wrote my code on click event of a button and want to handle my action in click event of the button. See below:-


from above code, on click of button, it get the true or false from myvalid, on the basis of this true/false, if false is return then i want to show message to user in webpage and if true is return then i want to go to another page showing, succesfully done.

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Web Forms :: Add Password On A Button When Clicked?

Sep 25, 2010

I would like to ask on how to add a password on a button when it is clicked

before doing the bottons task. I have add button and i want to add security

on it. I want it that before it adds new entry it will ask first the password.

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Web Forms :: Load When Button Clicked Name Available From File?

Jan 20, 2011

i need to load a form when i clicked on a button.the name of the form which i want to load is getting from a file only. how to use that name deliver from the file to load the form.

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Web Forms :: Button Works Only If Clicked On Text

Apr 22, 2010

I have several buttons on a web form. They only click if you click on the text of the button. If you click on the space between the text and the border of the button, nothing happens. This behaviour is in IE8. In FireFox, the buttons are completely frozen.

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Web Forms :: How To Make Out Which Link Button Clicked

Oct 19, 2010

I had placed 2 link buttons on Master page. On Content page, how can we make out which link button is clicked?

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Web Forms :: Button Does Not Execute Command When Clicked

Jan 10, 2010

i have a webpage with a calendar and the days are rendered with events from a sql database and the imagebuttons are generated programmatically. the issue i am having is that when i click on the imagebuttons, nothing happens. i have specified the imagebutton.command and the imagebutton.commandargument and eventually, i want it to load a modal popup but at the moment, for testing, i simply have it redirect me to another page.

the imagebutton commandeventhandler doesnt seem like it is firing. at the moment, it seems to be doing a postback. i also do not want the postback to happen. i simply want to show a modalpopup and databind the details view inside the popup, i know how to do all of that, i just want to know how to

what i need to do to execute the function when the imagebutton is clicked and how i can associate that function with the commandargument of the imagebutton.

you can view the page at [URL]

user: aansari
pass: aansari

(the application is not complete and therefore, lacks functionality in other areas but that wont hurt us in this situation)

The MyCalendar.aspx.cs file:


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Web Forms :: Trying To Validate On A Postback When A Button Is Clicked?

May 31, 2010

I have two text boxes txtBox_Input1 & txtBox_Input2 which Iam trying to validate on a postback when a button is clicked.here is the code:


The issue is that its causing an unhandled exception. When i debug by applying breaks and i check the validatorControl.ControlToValidate the IsValid property is false and then i try to cast the ControlTovalidate which is a string to a TEXTBOX and try change the border properties i get NullReferenceException, i.e. errortxtbox control is null at step '3->'. I check the validatorControl and I have all the attributes there but somehow its not casting the controlToValidate string as an appropriate texbox control to errortxtbox.

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Web Forms :: Open A Ppt When Link Button Is Clicked?

May 18, 2010

I have a ppt in a folder Rocky and i am doing something like this :

this.btnSmartQuoteTutorialVideo.OnClientClick = "OpenMaximizedWindow('Tutorials/Paoli/PaoliSmartQuoteTraining.ppt'); return false;";

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