Web Forms :: Print Generated BarCode Image?

Jan 23, 2014

How to print barcode

provide me sample code for me ASAP.

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Data Controls :: Save Dynamically Generated Barcode Image Into Database

May 7, 2015

I am generating barcode image dynamically on button click .

The image is display on the asp image control, now I want to save that image in database

string barCode = txt_ID.Text;
using (Bitmap bitMap = new Bitmap(barCode.Length * 40, 80)) {
using (Graphics graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitMap)) {
Font oFont = new Font("IDAutomationHC39M", 16);
PointF point = new PointF(2f, 2f);

[Code] .....

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How To Print Barcode Label On Client Barcode Printer

Feb 4, 2010

How to print barcode label on client barcode printer from asp.net or create a application in vb.net and link to ASP.NET to print the label.

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Web Forms :: Generated Barcode Not Displaying

Jun 24, 2012

I have try the code that you provide in article "Dynamically Generate and Display Barcode Image in ASP.Net"It is running, however, the barcode image is not there. Eg: I put "a" in the textbox, after push the generate button, its only show "*a*" without the barcode.

The error shows that it is invalid parameter in line "Using bitMap As New Bitmap(barCode.Length * 40, 80)" 

I have install the application that been given too.

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Web Forms :: Print Barcode Label

Aug 18, 2015

How can I print barcode label in asp.net?

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Web Forms :: Unable To Print Barcode Sticker

May 7, 2015

I have created an image of barcode but it doesn' print properly in a zebra printer which has 203 dpi resolution. It comes in two pages. Barcode works but it prints two sticker one with barcode and one empty sticker.

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Web Forms :: Print Barcode Images Without Numbers (digits)?

May 7, 2015

I want to remove Lable below barcode image as shown in this exmaple:-


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Web Forms :: Print IDAutomationHC39M Barcode Using Zebra Printer

Sep 12, 2012

How to use IDAutomationHC39M Barcode from Text Box And Button Click ... i want to write number in text box and print using this barcode font in zebra printer...

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Web Forms :: Display And Print Multiple Barcode Images?

Jul 17, 2015

<script type="text/javascript">
function GridDataaa() {


my output


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Web Forms :: Display And Print Multiple Barcode Images In Series?

Jul 17, 2015

I need to generate barcode series to print on label.

Below thread is working fine to generate single barcode.


How can i create barcode series and print. i.e. from 0001-0100

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Forms Data Controls :: User Click On Button A Barcode Should Be Generated From Gridviewand Displayed In Control?

Jan 24, 2011

I have a gridview on my aspx page with four columns from sql server.

Now my requirement is, whenever user click on button a barcode should be generated from the gridview and displayed in control.

I m totally clueless to how to achieve this and where to start.

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Controls :: How To Read Programmatically Generated Barcodes Using Barcode Reader

May 25, 2013

I used the barcode example to my application and it generated barcode perfectly now I want to know that can this barcode image is readable by a barcode reader device ?

If Yes then how and if no then why and how to do ?

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Web Forms :: How To Create Barcode Image

Jan 31, 2014

I am having a requirement to create Barcode image in vb.net ....

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Web Forms :: Barcode Is Not Showing On The Image Using IDAutomationHC39M In C#?

Mar 19, 2013

I am generating barcode using IDAutomationHC39M but barcode is not showing on the image.

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Configuration :: Can't Save Barcode Image To Server

Aug 24, 2010

So while working on my project on local system, i need to generate a barcode and save it to a folder then retrieve it to attach it in an email to send to user, i got the barcode generator code somewhere on these forums (thanks for sharing) and used it and it worked perfectly, generated the code as image, saved the file to a folder on the local system, retrieved and attached it to email and sent it with no probs.

Next, i uploaded the files to online server to go live, i test, no barcode is getting saved :S, i'm guessing it shouldn't be that easy, guess i have to do some stuff before i can save it to a folder on the server,

Here is the barcode generator code:


At the same time, can you also include how to retrieve it for later use ?

currently i use this to retrieve it from the folder on local system:

<img src='" + this.Context.Server.MapPath("") + @"BarCodes" + getCode() + ".png' />

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Pass Dynamically Generated Reults Into A Print Friendly New Window?

Jan 22, 2010

There is a "Print Results" feature which the client wants to load into a new window with new css etc...My question is, how do I pass the results to a new window using javascript? Normally I would do this all with session, but the quiz and results were all done with javascript.I basically have this:

$('#quizId .printQuiz').live("click", function(event) {
resultsHtml = $('#quizResultsContent').html();[code]...

I need to pass resultsHtml to the QuizResults.htm page.

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Controls :: Export Dynamically Created Barcode Image To PDF With C#

Mar 3, 2013

you gave code to dynamically create bar-code, can you export that to pdf....

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Web Forms :: Insert Image In Generated Word Document?

Jul 14, 2010

I have one ogoing thread [URL]. IN addition to this thread I would like to insert image in newly generated word document. My problem here I can give our hosted server path using Img Source property. I want to copy or embed the imaged in the word document.

Let me know what is the best way to do it using asp.net/C#.

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Web Forms :: Print WaterMark Name On Image When Uploading?

Nov 19, 2012

In insert.aspx page I have file upload control that users can upload their image and in show.aspx page they can see their images that the uploaded.

I want when users upload their image automatically type BEHTOP.COM On the center of image

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Generated Jpg Image Not Saved

Aug 10, 2010

I have an aspx page that loads a static graphic and put session strings in it. I used Image1.Save(Server.MapPath("gen_img2.jpg"), ImageFormat.Jpeg), but it's not saved on the server. I thought this was a user permission problem, so I assigned the ASPNET account write permission to the folder, and it still doesn't work. Did I use the wrong account? I use winserver 2003 and IIS 6.

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ImageButton Generated Dynamically - Get Name Of Image

May 11, 2010

i have imagebutton which is generated dynamically. say i have 20images, if user clicks i need to get the name of the image.

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MVC :: Showing Runtime Generated Image?

Feb 24, 2010

I have to show runtime genrated image on a View in ASP.NET MVC web application. how should i render this image.

I am using asp.net MVC 1.0 . how can show runtime generated image to user.

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MVC :: Captcha Image Isn't Being Generated In Production Part?

Dec 9, 2010

I used a custom captha inside my mvc application and it works perfectly fine in local but in production it isn't being generated. why is that?

I used the following statement for saving the image. do you think it is beacuse of that?


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Script Generated Image Onclick Event Change

Mar 29, 2011

I have two scripts inside my webpage
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://somesite/somefile.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" >somecode('a','1z4j73');</script>
This script is generating a visitor map on my web page, now I don't want my user to click on the script and get redirect to that website. How can I restrict that? Can I make a div tag and make all element inside the div tag to read only? I have make sure that this restriction doesn't falls under company rules, they just want their logo under the map. Can I catch this through any event and again redirect the user to the default page? Like when user click the image, I check the URL and if the URL contains that site name I again redirect to the default page.

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Adding A Class Attribute On The Image Tag Generated By The Hyperlink Control

Jun 14, 2010

I have a hyper link control and I set the NavigateURL and the ImageURL property at runtime. I also need to set the class of the image tag that it generates but I cannot figure out how I can do that. The solution mentioned here [URL] does not work because the image url is hard coded.

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