Web Forms :: Register Control On Runtime In WebConfig?

Mar 14, 2011

how can i register Control on runtime in webConfig

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Rewrite Webconfig Connection String At Runtime?

Mar 3, 2010

How to rewrite Webconfig connection string at runtime.I have input textbox for Server,UserName and Password.Is it Possible to read from these textbox?

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Web Forms :: Register Assembly In Page At Runtime

Mar 15, 2011

how can i Register assembly in my page on runtime

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Web Forms :: How To Register OCX Control With Internet Explorer

May 7, 2015

I have one ocx control. this ocx for getting information about keyboard events from client machine.I need to access this OCX from web page IE. this ocx should install in client machine.

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Web Forms :: Accessing From Child Register.asxc Control

Feb 22, 2010

i have one ascx control (register.ascx) with a sub-control (register_countrylist.ascx) and a sub-control (register_category.ascx) inside. After the register_countrylist.ascx is ready i'm trying to accsess the placeholder in register.ascx in the codebehind (register.ascx.cs) file. I have tried:

PlaceHolder phCity = (PlaceHolder)Parent.FindControl("phCity");
phCity.visible = false;

This just dont work. How can I accsess register.asxc from register_countrylist.ascx?

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Web Forms :: Register Or Add Reference Custom Control In Web Confige File?

Dec 25, 2010

I have one Custom Control! I add reference in pages Like Below <%@ Register TagPrefix="cus" Namespace="Controls" %> at Run time There is No error ! Error Shown at deploy Time Unknown server tag 'cus:GridHeaderFilter'. My custom control is in App_Code folder With Name GridHeaderFilter.vb So How To add Or Register This Custom Control In web confige File

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How To Access A Setting In Webconfig's Appsetting Section Inside A Custom Control's Attribute

Jan 26, 2010

I have a custom control that I declare like:

<hello:someControl id="asdf" />

Now I need to access a config setting in the web.config's appsetting and give access to it to the control.

I want to pass this value using the attribute.

How can I do this?

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Register A Control From Another Project C#?

Jul 22, 2010

I am unable to register my control from another project in my current project. I have a commoncontrols project and a controlpanel project now how can i get the usercontrols from the commoncontrols project?

The controlname is ucReg.ascx.

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How To Register Ajax Control Toolkit In GAC

Mar 4, 2011

I want to install ajax control toolkit in GAC in visual studio 2008. How to do that.

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How To Register Control Implemented In Another Assembly

Sep 9, 2010

I have own control implemented in "CommonControls" assembly (the same namespace). It us 'Custom control' inherited from 'WebControl' class and implemented without ascx file.

It is necessary to use this control in "main" web site. how to register this control?

I know it should be something like this:

<%@ Register Assembly="CommonControls" Namespace="CommonControls"
TagPrefix="uc" TagName="TopMenuControl" Src="..." %>

But what should I specify in the "Src" property?

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How To Register A Css Page From An Ascx Control

Sep 24, 2010

How can I register a css code block inside an ascx control?

Can I just have

<head id="head" runat="server">
<style type="text/css">
background-color: Lime;

Anywhere in ascx page? I doesn't seem to work?

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How To Register Subclass Of Web Control In Website

Dec 17, 2010

I would like to subclass an ASP.NET control, like UpdatePanel, and use the subclass in my web site. I know if I move the code to a separate assembly I would be able to reference the assembly from within Register phrase but I wonder if there is a way to keep all the code inside the website.

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Register Stylesheet From Web Control On Page With UpdatePanel?

Jul 27, 2010

What is the best method to register a stylesheet once on a page from a customer web control? the page uses an UpdatePanel for async calls. I tried just putting the <link> tag in ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(), but I get this error:

The script tag registered for type 'MyControl' and key 'MyKey' has invalid characters outside of the script tags: . Only properly formatted script tags can be registered.

If I try to add it to the page by adding it to the control hierarchy, it shows up once for each instance of my control on the page.

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How To Register Custom Control In Web.config File

Dec 25, 2010

I have one custom control. I add reference to it on ASPX pages like this:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="cus" Namespace="Controls" %>

at run time there is no error.

Error shown at deploy time

Unknown server tag 'cus:GridHeaderFilter'.

My custom control is in App_Code folder with name GridHeaderFilter.vb

So how to add or register this custom control in web.config file

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Register Javascript Inside User Control Using C#?

Jan 21, 2011

I want to call javascript function from User Control using C#. For that i am trying to use

ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, typeof(string), "alertbox", "javascript:ShowPopup('Select a row to rate');", true);

but it is not working for me. This works fine on the page. how can i call javascript function at runtime using C#.

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Could Not Find Stored Procedure Dbo.aspnet_CheckSchemaVersion When Try To Register Control

May 16, 2010

I have just uploaded my website to 1and1. I have a regsiter control using createuserwizard. But when i go to register it brings the error Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.aspnet_CheckSchemaVersion'. I am using my own sql database to store the data and not what is provided by default.

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AJAX :: Register Client Script Blocks With ScriptManager Control?

Nov 19, 2010

I am reading about "Registering Client Scripts with the ScriptManager Control". But I am not getting what means by registering the script with ScriptManager? What we get by registering the client script with ScriptManager?

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C# - Register Client Script With Dynamically Loaded Control In Ajax Call?

Sep 10, 2010

I have a page that contains a custom tab control. When you click different tabs, it does a an ajax callback. During that ajax call, the code dynamically loads a different control based on which tab was clicked, then adds it to the appropriate tab. So basically I have some code that does a switch statement, uses LoadControl(), then adds the control in.

The issue I'm having is that none of the javascript within each of those controls that gets loaded is getting registered on the page. Based on this thread:


I thought I just had to switch from using Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock to ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock. I did that, but still nothing. Am I misunderstanding something about the ScriptManager? I want the javascript to be registered from within the dynamically loaded control, which happens to be loaded during an AJAX call.

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Security :: Creating A New User Register Form Manually Without CreateUserWizard Control?

May 4, 2010

i have following issue: I am creating a new user register form manually without CreateUserWizard control, and all works perfectly unitil I intentionaly (for test purposes) enter existing username (for example BLABLABLA) into username.textbox. After that i get my error message as expected that says "username BLABLABLA allready exist", now when I tray (as a future user who could be in the same situation) to correct the username and enter another one (for example TRATRATRA), it still gives me this error "username BLABLABLA allready exist!" This is the second day that I'm traying to solve this!

Here is a part of my code:


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Web Forms :: Changing A Control Attribute At Runtime?

Oct 19, 2010

I'm basically trying to get a div containing a loading gif to show on my page at runtime. I call it from a button click event as well as in the code flow. It was working before I used the AJAX Update Panels. I've since taken them out as they were causing issues with RegisterClientScriptBlock. By the way, does commenting out the AJAX Markup like this...


...remove them from influence?


My code is initiated from the button click event.


The code that does the work goes like this...


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Web Forms :: Activex Script For Detectig .NET Runtime And Directx Runtime?

May 20, 2010

Can anybody let me know the activex script for detecting .net runtime and directx runtime or any other way how can I detect this in any machine by from my web page ?

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Templates To User Control In Runtime

Feb 7, 2011

I need to create custom control. It should be able to use diffrent templates in runtime. I mean that from code behind I need to change template path. How can I do it?

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Web Forms :: Assign Properties For Button Control At Runtime?

Dec 5, 2010

I have a button in a details view that I want to change the properties of at run time. When the user clicks the edit button the details view goes into edit mode. I also want the edit button to turn into an update(or save) button so the use can click it to persist the changes done in edit mode. I've had to create a new instance of the button which I can do. I've done that with the cast below, I assume this is a good way to do this. I'm now having difficulty assigning the properties. I tried this but get a "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object" error. I thought I was working with an instance of the object in the code below, but the compiler doesn't agree. How do I set the text, and other properties for my button instance?


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Forms Data Controls :: Add Control In Runtime From Database?

Mar 10, 2011

I Want To Save The name off control in BataBase and Whwnw My page is loading Add The Control in the page

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Forms Data Controls :: Create Control At Runtime In C#?

Feb 13, 2011

i want to create some control like (textbox,label,..) at runtime of the webpage.

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