Web Forms :: Textbox Not Clearing On Data Add?

Aug 24, 2010

I am new to ASP.Net development, trying to develo pa simple access based library system.

I am using panel to place a few textboxes and buttons on it, on page load, i open db conenction and bound textboxes to recordsets to show data (and navigate using first and previous buttons)

On add button I call a function to clear textboxes, so user can input data, then when i try to write the data back in DB it shows me textbox still showing old record from record set, means "textbox.text="" didn't work.

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Web Forms :: Clearing Multiple TextBox On Single Click Of Button

Sep 24, 2012

I have a web form with about  43 textboxes....currently if the use clicks cancel...all the textboxes are assigned an empty string. That works but what i really want i a better way to do this instead of having each textbox listed.

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AJAX :: Clearing A Textbox Outside Updatepanel?

Nov 26, 2010

I have a textbox outside a Updatepanel and a Button inside Updatepanel.When i click the Button ,some checking is performed and an alert box is shown.I am usingScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript to show the alertbox.But when i Click on Ok Button of the alertbox ,i want to clear the value of a textbox say ,T2 and to set focus on T2 which is outside the updatepanel

I cannot place the textbox inside the updatepanel

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AJAX :: Prevent Password Textbox From Clearing?

Aug 16, 2010

I have a page in which the user enters a password and verifies it. Below these controls is a link that will pull information and fill out other parts of the page.

No matter how I arrange the update panels, the password textboxes are cleared out. I don't want to use session, viewstate, or attributes as it is my understanding that will leave the password in the html of the page when rendered. I thought the whole idea of using update panels was so that one portion of a page could be updated without affecting another portion (for example clearing passwords).

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Web Forms :: TextBox: OnTextChanging / User Is Clearing The Text, If The Length Of Text Becomes Zero?

Jul 20, 2010

I have a page with a text box, a button and a GridView. Enter an account number in the text box, press the check button and the result will show in the GridView.

Now user wants that if the text box is clear, the GridView disappear.

I can only find TextBox1_OnTextChanged. But I want to have that while the user is clearing the text, if the length of text becomes zero, the GridView is clear out. So I am looking for OnTextChanging(). Well of course this function does not exist. How to achieve the same purpose?

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Forms Data Controls :: ModalPopupExtender Not Clearing After Update?

Oct 13, 2010

hope somebody can help with this issue as I've been struggling for days to work out what I've done wrong. Basically, I have a gridview that I've attached a small pop-up form to edit just the fields that I want editing (rather than all of the fields from the GridView). The update works OK in that the data is written back to the database OK and the pop-up form closes. However, the view of the gridview isn't returned and everything is as though the pop-up form was still there. The only way around it seems to refresh the page. The front-end is like this:





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Forms Data Controls :: Clearing A GridView And DetailsView?

Jul 8, 2010

I am designing a web page that allows for the maintenance of a single table - so I have some controls that allow the user to specify some search parameters, a button that then populates a gridview with the result of the search meeting the search parameters, and a details view for inserting and updating specific records. The gridview and detailsview are bound to appropriate sql data sources.All pretty standard.There is also a "reset" button that clears the results of the current search - sets the visibility of the gridview and detailsview to false, and clears the search parameters. Again, pretty standard.What I have done is when the user goes to insert a new record, the gridview and search parameter specification controls are hidden, and the details view displayed. If they cancel the insert operation, the details view is hidden, and the search parms and gridview displayed - but what I am finding is that there are situations when a previously populated gridview is displayed. Here's the situation:1) Specify some search parameters, click search - and the gridview appears, with the appropriate records displayed.

2) Click on the clear button (oops - I didn't want to search, but add a new record). The gridview disappears, the search values are cleared out.3) Click on the insert button - the detailsview opens in "insert" mode.So far, this all works well, and is intuitave to the users.4) Click on the "cancel" button on the details view. I hide the details view, and show the gridview and search parameters. The gridview appears - with the results of the previous databinding still in it.My question is: Is there an easy way to "unbind" the gridview? From my understanding of how the datasource to gridview (or detailsview) connection is done, there is a datatable "behind the scenes" that manages the two way data binding. I also assume that data that has been bound to a gridview is carried over in the viewstate - it would be nice to clear out unneeded data in that.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Clearing Out After Delete?

Mar 4, 2010

I have a gridview which at run-time contains X number of records. Upon clicking a DELETE linkbutton on a particular row the gridview completely disappears from the page, when it should reflect simply the loss of that one record. Everything is okay on the database end, the record is deleted, so I know that part is working. I run a query and rebind the gridview within the Rowdeleted event. I even try hardcoded a value in the query which I know exists in the database and it still doesn't refresh with this record showing. Whatever code I need to post, let me know.


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Forms Data Controls :: Clearing The Gridview Based On Text?

Mar 18, 2011

I am trying to clear a gridview of text if it equals "12:00 AM". I am using the following RowDataBound code:


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State Management :: Clearing Session Data From Modeless Popup Window?

Sep 22, 2010

I am using Post method to generate crystal reports. The user requirement is to show the report in a modeless pop up screen.

The session data needs to be cleared as it may at times contain a very large dataset.

One implementation I have placed in at present is - placing a button "Close Button". When user clicks close button, I am able to clean up the session content as well as close the window.

The issue I am facing is to get the handle of the modeless window when it is closed using the x button. Also, since the pop up window is modeless, the user might have moved to another screen, henceforth the parent of the popup window is already changed or out of context.

How do we clear the sesssion content when the issue condition arises?

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Web Forms :: Clearing The Value Of A Text Box

Sep 23, 2010

I have a ddl that controls the visibility of a textbox (using panels). For example if i select 'Other' from the text box, a post back occurs and a text box appears beneath it for you to give further details. If any other value (for example 'dry') is selectedit's an accepted value and nothing else happens. Only problem is that if i select other, add details the text box and then go back and change the value to 'dry' (for example) the text box may dissapear but the value is still held within the box

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Web Forms :: Clearing A FileUpload Control?

Mar 4, 2010

I am writing a web part, and i need to clear the text box part of a fileupload control. Is ther any way you can do this in C# code?

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Web Forms :: Clearing A RadioButtonList With Javascript?

Sep 24, 2010

I'm posting this here because my question isn't really about the javascript itself but about the workings of the RadioButtonList control. I have a webforms application where a several radiobuttonlist controls are rendered dynamically from server side code. I want to also render an undo button that will clear the associated radiobuttonlist. I can get it to work fine using an image button that does a postback. However, I'd like to do it without the postback, waiting until the entire form is filled out before posting back via a submit button. I've been able to get it to clear the radio buttons via javascript. However, when I click submit to post back to the server, the server thinks the radiobutton is still selected. Here's a condensed version of the code thatrenders the controls.


At run time, the radiobuttonlists and their associated undo buttons are rendered just fine. If the user selects an option from a radiobuttonlist and then decides they didn't want to answer that question, they can click the undo button and in the browser the correct radiobuttonlist is cleared. However, when they submit, it still saves whatever value they had clicked before to the database. It's as if there is something else on the page that is holding on to the selected value in the radiobuttonlist even after the javascript clears the control itself.

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Web Forms :: LinkButton Clearing Controls On Postback?

Nov 6, 2010

I've been trying to build a toolbar for a web form that does some user management stuff. The toolbar works as expected, except, when you postback the page, any LinkButton controls that are more complex than standard text controls, for some reason they have their controls cleared on post-back. If I remove the JavaScript attribute from the link button, the controls postback fine without issue, but I need the JavaScript attached to the button to do some other stuff before postback. If I move the attribute addition in the code-behind to the OnClientClick property of the lnkbFindUser control, this control doesn't lose the child controls, but lnkbSave does. Attached is a sample page that demonstrates the problem. If you click the Find user button, it'll postback and clear the Find user button. If you click Save, it'll clear it as well. When you attach the debugger to the lnkbFindUser loading events, you can see that all the controls are properly attached during Init, but they're dropped before Load. How do I stop this from happening? I don't want to have to drop all the icons next to the buttons, but I'm beginning to think this is the only way I'm going to get it to work.

Code behind:

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Web Forms :: Clearing A Form With Response.redirect?

Oct 12, 2010

I have the following default.aspx.vb


and I'm trying to clear the dropdown lists and the text box but also still give the thankyouLabel.Text message back to the user to give them some idea that their data has been submitted. I know that with a response.redirect that you're doing a postback but what I'm wondering is if there's a better way to clear a form so I can give users a clear form and also my thankyouLabel.Text message.

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Web Forms :: Clearing Browser Caching Xml Files?

Nov 30, 2010

i want ot clear the browser caching xml files as i am not abel to load the newly edited xml file

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Web Forms :: Button Click Not Clearing Session

Feb 13, 2013

I cleared session using session clear method nut does not clear in button click...

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Forms Data Controls :: FormView Clearing Value Set In Page_load / Initialize A Date Field In The FormView to Today's Date?

Sep 2, 2010

I have a page with a FormView on it. The page is strictly for adding records to a Table. I have the FormView bound to an EntityDataSource and everything works greate except for one thing.

I want to initialize a date field in the FormView to today's date. So, in my page_load event I have:

if (!Page.IsPostBack)
//Initialize SetupDate to today.
TextBox setupdate = (TextBox)fvJob.FindControl("txtSetupDate");
setupdate.Text = DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString();

The first time this page loads, the txtSetupDate field is initialized.

Although, and subsequent loads of the page doesn't initialize the Text Box. I step through the code in the debugger and I can see that the code is executig, but something (the FormView bind?) is "clearing" the Text Box.

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Web Forms :: Clearing Center Contents Which Is Custom To Each Page?

Jan 7, 2010

I have my footer on my CSS and it's supposed to be placed beneath my other contents with the code clear:both; but it isn't clearing my center contents which is custom to each page.

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Web Forms :: Clearing User Name & Passoword Fields Saved In IE And Fire Fox?

Feb 2, 2010

I m facing a problem in clearing user name and password fields saved in IE and FireFox. I tried Assigning empty string to my text boxes on page load but that didt worked. The only way that worked for me was to assign " " space to my text boxes. But that way on tab event mu cursor is not moving to next control rather it first removes space from text box and then moves to next control. I need to fix this ASAP, Can any one help me out with this.

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Web Forms :: Clearing RadiobuttonList Using Jquery Does Not Preserve Its Value When Attached To TextChanged Event?

Oct 18, 2010

i have a simple ASP.NET 3.5 page with a Radiobuttonlist with 2 items (Yes/NO). there are also 2 Buttons. The 1st button has a client side jQuery code that clears the selected value in the radiobuttonlist. The second button just postback the page when clicked and has no event handler.

Now, everything works fine, so when we select a value in the radiobuttonlist (ex: Yes), then we click the 1st button, the value is cleared, and clicking on the 2nd button, the page posts back and the radiobuttonlist control will not have any value selected. (That's GOOD for now).

Now, if we attach the textChanged or SelectedIndexChange events to the RadioButtonList (with no server side code in them), and repeat the above senario, what will happen is that after postback, the radiobuttonlist value will NOT BE CLEARED, and it will revert to the last selected value before postback. This is very weird. I don't know why it behaved like this.

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Web Forms :: Clearing Textboxes On A Generated Table Based On Radiobutton Or Dropdownlist?

Oct 5, 2010

I have code that another member assisted with and is working great. Now that the page is working more and more like it should with the remaining requirments. I have something else i would like to implement.

Since the code i have automatically creates / generates a table with textboxes and labels based on a drop down selection. I would like to know how to clear the textboxes if they chose 0 from the dropdown. Or if they select "No" on the radiobutton, then that means they have nothing to provide, so i dont want to capture something that they may have entered before changing their mind.

Here is the code the generates the tables and textboxes, i just need to setup, so that if they select "NO" from the radiobutton or if they select "0" from the dropdown that the textbox values, if any, are cleared so that we dont get inconsistant data captured.


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Forms Data Controls :: Get Gridview Footer Textbox Value In Outside Textbox On Blur?

May 8, 2010

How To Get gridview Footer Textbox value in asp.net outside textbox on blur ....

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Forms Data Controls :: Finding Textbox In Gridview / Find The Value Of The Before Textbox

Sep 28, 2010

I have a gridview with a template field column. In the edittemplate of that column i have a textbox. In the next column of the gridview i have a button. When i click the button i need to find the value of the before mentioned textbox. I do it like this:

gridview1.selectedrow.findcontrol("textbox1"). This sometimes work just fine and without a problem but sometimes it seems it can't find that control and throws a null reference object. The error it's random like i said, sometimes just work and other just don't work...

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Forms Data Controls :: Unable To Capture The Updated Value Of Texbox Within Gridview: TextBox TextNewQuantity = (TextBox)

Feb 4, 2010

I have been trying to achieve the following:

1-Allow the user to change the quantity in a textbox i.e // "txtQuantity"

2-capture the newly entered quantity i.e //int integerNewQuantity= int.Parse(textNewQuantity.Text);

3-update the database using the newly entered quantity i.e. //UpdateItem(data,integerNewQuantity)

Problem:1-I have not been able to capture the text i.e. the newly entered quantity i.e. the value entered in the text box "txtQuantity"

2-Hence the database is updated using the existing value and NOT the new value unless I make a constant assignment as below:

textNewQuantity.Text = "2"; When tested the assignment of any number correctly updates the database. see the c# code:

C# code: Version.1
protected void btnUpdate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
txtItemDescription.Text = txtItemDescription.Text + "from btnUpdate talking.."; [code]....

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