Web Forms :: Uploaded Files Path Saved To SQL But Not Fully Returned On Webpage?

Nov 29, 2010

I am trying to put together a page where files uploaded by a specific users would be listed in a bulletedlist and I am stuck. Here's the rundown:

Users login, they upload files which are saved to disk in the user's own directory. All the file's information, including the path, is stored in a SQL database.

The user has also its own page, where there is a bulletedlist (set as a hyperlink) that gets the filename from the SQL. However, the path to the file is incomplete.

The file is saved to the site's directory structure: C:WebsitesSiteUploadsUserFile.pdf. However, the hyperlink shows[URL]

Can anyone point me to the right direction? Below is a snippet of the upload method and the retrieval to build the bulletedlist.



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Web Forms :: How To Display The Uploaded Image On The Webpage

Aug 22, 2010

Does anyone know how to display the uploaded image onto the webpage after the image has been uploaded via the asyncfileupload control?

I tried setting the value of an imageurl property of an image control within the OnUploadComplete event however it seems the code 1st refreshes the page, runs through the Page_Load event, then finally the OnUploadComplete, so I'm assuming since it's run last, this is why it doesn't display the imageurl.

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Web Forms :: Images Are Not Uploaded Correctly To Server Path Of The Application Folder?

Dec 24, 2010

I have a task to upload multiple images to server path of the application folder . I have used the File Upload control in order to Upload the Images to server path but some images of about 778 kb are not supposed to be uploaded correctly. And while displaying the Images I am using Datalist control.

While I have tried to upload from Application in my system all files got uploaded but while acessing the link some files are not getting uploaded.

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Edit Saved PDF File In Webpage?

May 26, 2010

i let the user to edit and save the pdf file How to do this is there any api from adobe for controlling pdf file in asp.net web page can i have some sample codes

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Web Forms :: Fetching Of Files Saved In Database Using Generic Handler Is Slow

Jul 8, 2013

I have used [URL]....

above method to save and retreve files from sql server database. I have uploaded around 50-60 images as jpg. But it taking so much time to get display online. but it's working faster when accessing from local database. 

There's the page where images are displaying [URL]....

Is the speed for images retreiving from sql database is  slower as compared to retrieving images from folder..?
.vb code:

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
scroll = fillbannerpics()
End If
End Sub


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Web Forms :: Can't Delete Files After Uploaded?

Feb 24, 2011

I create a new class FileUpload for my web page. In onload method of page, i create a new object of that class and after file uploaded, i fill some information of file to that object(name, size, extention,type). I create a method in class to delete that file. But When i use it, the error "The process cannot access the file 'D: emp25.jpg' because it is being used by another process." is appear. I thinks the object is using the file uploaded and i can't delete file.What's the problem and how can i solve it? I need to delete file.

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Web Forms :: How To Delete Uploaded Files From The Server

Jun 4, 2010

In my website I have upload control that I use to upload files and all the links of uploaded files saved to sql database on the server of hosting company.then I have a grid view filled from database with the links of the uploaded files, how to delete some files that I uploaded to the server by code from the gridview

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MVC :: Using A Virtual Directory To Specify Uploaded File Path?

Mar 18, 2010

I created a virtual directory in the Visual Web Developer, according to this post:


I want the user to upload / download documents in the mvc app to that virtual directory. When a document is uploaded, I'm specifying the path to the document to be stored for later retrieval like so:

~/VirtualDirectoryName/FileContent.docx. But when I try to open that as a link in th app,using ResolveUrl, it appends the port number after localhost like so,[URL], I get a document not found, since it really should be, [URL].

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C# - Is There A Built-in Create An Absolute (fully Qualified) Url From A Relative Path Such As "~/page.aspx" Given The Current URL?

Dec 8, 2010

Scenario is I have a application relative url like "~/path/to/page.aspx?query=string". I need to programatically create a web request to that page and currently using WebRequest.Create. The problem is WebRequest.Create requires a fully qualified url including the protocol/domain/port etc.I have access to the current Request.Url object but there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get just the base url keeping the protocol (HTTP vs HTTPS) as well as any port numbers as well as the path to the applicationI mean all the info there, so if need be I could just take all the parts and combine them but it seems like it might be error prone and it would be great to have something built-in that's well tested to do the job. Page.ResolveUrl gets me almost there, but it's missing the protocol and the domain/port.

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Web Forms :: Show Thumbnail Of Uploaded Media Files?

Aug 30, 2010

Showing thumbnail of uploaded media files (pictures, videos etc..) I tried to extract thumbnails from thumbnails.db using Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation (Interop.Shell32.dll). I followed [URL] PROBLEM: I tried it in WPF application and it worked. Then i used the same code in ASP.NET WebForms website and it works for pictures but doest not work for videos. I also tried the same in clean console application but it doesn't work as well. But in wpf it works! the same assembly. Assembly is from Window 7, but neither WinXp's Interop.Shell32.dll works for videos in websites. It throws an exception NotImplementedException whenn I call IExtractImage.Extract(ref IntPtr phBmpThumbnail); Can you explain this behaviour? [URL]

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C# - Compare Two Saved Files With The Filename Of Same Url?

Feb 4, 2011

I'm saving many text files. Filenames are urls. File has whole html of webpage from url. All text files are saved in one folder.

My problem:
I need to compare two files of same url, but how?

filenames of same webpage are the same, I cant save 2 files with the same name.add version of url is stupid because I cant add it into my webapplication.

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Web Forms :: Give Unique Names For Uploaded Files In Folder?

Dec 20, 2012

I'd like give unique name for uploaded files in a folder.

I know we can a uniqueidentifier to file name but I think it isn't a good way.

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Web Forms :: Filter Uploaded Files Based On Logged In User

Aug 30, 2012

I have a page that loads a two different files that the user uploaded during page_load. The code is an example I used from the aspsnippets site. The files are stored in a server folder while the location is saved in the database. The code below gets all files in the folder and binds them to a gridview.

Dim filePaths() As String = Directory.GetFiles(Server.MapPath("~/Uploads/2012/emp/"))
Dim files As List(Of ListItem) = New List(Of ListItem)
For Each filePath2 As String In filePaths
files.Add(New ListItem(Path.GetFileName(filePath), filePath))
gvEmp.DataSource = files

What I want to do is to get only one file per user as the fileID along with the location is saved in for every user. I ran a query to get the fileLocation and pass that location stored in the database instead of the current server path but I can't figure out how I would do it.

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DataSource Controls :: Save Uploaded File Path In Database

Apr 26, 2010

how can we save the uploaded file path in to database and then retrieve it in gridview as a link so when user click on that it will open that file in browser.

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C# - Assign File To Be Uploaded Path To FileUpload Control After Postback

Mar 16, 2011

i hv postback event executing after i am trying to upload a file to server to ask for conformation by the user. after postback fileupload control gets cleared and i am not able to get its value after postback. controls viewstateEnabled property is true. How do i assign a file path to fileupload control after postback.

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<path> Is Denied When Using The FileUpload Control To Save The Uploaded File?

Apr 21, 2010

I am running Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, ASP.NET 4, IIS 7 and getting the error :Access to the path <path> is denied when using the FileUpload control to save the uploaded file to this directory.I have given the directory in question full access to Network Service but that makes no difference.I have even given the directory full access to Everyone but it still gives the same error.Totally baffled by it

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Aug 12, 2012

How  can i  upload a image in specific folder of server using jquery .... i have many  folder under image directory and i want to   choose the  folder at the time of  uploading.

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Web Forms :: How To Get The Full File Path In Of The Uploaded File In FileUpload Control

Jul 17, 2012

How to get the full path of the file that is selected using the fileuploader.

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Caching - ASPX And ASCX Files Not Updating When Saved?

Mar 4, 2011

At some point in the last month, two web application projects that I've been working on have stopped showing updates to aspx and ascx files until IIS is restarted, or the website they belong to is reset. This seems to be very random and I can't find any reason in the web.config sections that would cause this change. What are some good places to look for a source to this issue?Current caching parts of web.config: Removing the outputCacheProfile and restarting IIS made no difference.

<add name="ClientResourceCache" location="None" enabled="true" duration="3600" varyByParam="*" varyByContentEncoding="gzip;deflate"/>

Commening out the staticConent and restarting also made no difference

<clientCache cacheControlMode="UseMaxAge" cacheControlMaxAge="1.00:00:00">
<add extension=".gif" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="CacheUntilChange" duration="0.00:01:00" location="Any" />
<add extension=".png" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="CacheUntilChange" duration="0.00:01:00" location="Any" />
<add extension=".js" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="DontCache" duration="00:01:00" location="Any" />
<add extension=".css" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="DontCache" duration="00:01:00" location="Any" />
<add extension=".jpg" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="CacheUntilChange" duration="0.00:01:00" location="Any" />
<add extension=".jpeg" policy="DontCache" kernelCachePolicy="CacheUntilChange" duration="0.00:01:00" location="Any" />

We've also tried adding .ascx and .aspx extensions with CacheUntilChange which made no difference. Other sites with these same settings aren't having the issue. Edit: Originally this state that there also was no update when the project was built, I haven't personally been able to confirm that issue but was told by another developer that was occurring.

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