Web Forms :: User Control (.ascx) File - Maxlength Doesn't Work For Multiline Textboxe

Jul 30, 2010

I have a form in aASP User Control (.ascx) file. Maxlength does not work for the multiline textboxe hence it is generated as a textarea, which has no support for this attribute. I could maybe use some asp validation, to prevent submission of too much text, but I want to prevent it to be possible to even enter too many characters, just like is possible for single line textboxes... I don't know if the control has any onload event that I could use to add attributes to the textbox from code behind and and combined with javascript fix this or anything..

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Web Forms :: TextBox MaxLength Doesn't Work?

Jan 8, 2010

I have set the MaxLength in the textbox and don't know why I can type more than the max length characters in the textbox. Do you know why? ....

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Web Forms :: How To Set Maxlength For Multiline Textbox

Aug 8, 2013

I used below code for textbox that users can enter 30character in text box

<asp:TextBox ID="txttopic" runat="server" MaxLength="30"></asp:TextBox>

It worked correctly and now I want use MaxLenght for textbox with TextMode="MultiLine" like below

<asp:TextBox ID="txtmatn" runat="server" TextMode="MultiLine" MaxLength="100"></asp:TextBox>

But it didn't worked for above TextBox... What should I do for this Textbox ?

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Web Forms :: Multiline Textbox Maxlength Properties Not Working

Sep 27, 2010

setting maxlength of asp.net textbox maxlength set thr' properties not working

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Web Forms :: Maxlength Properties Not Working For Multiline Textbox

Jun 25, 2013

When textbox textmode properties declare in multiline.i.e time maxlength properties not working..

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Web Forms :: Maxlength Not Working For TextBox When TextMode Set Multiline

Feb 14, 2012

I have a textbox I have set the Maxlength to it. It works with TextMode SingleLine but not when TextBox is Multiline

<asp:TextBox ID="txtDetails" runat="server" MaxLength = "100" TextMode = "200"></asp:TextBox>

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Web Forms :: Button In User Control Doesn't Work?

Oct 8, 2010

My button in user control doesn't work /its click event doesn't fire/. This user control is on the page that inherits from master page. Although, the user control buttons on the master page work correctly.

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Web Forms :: Calling Controls In A Page From A User Control File (.ascx)?

Nov 5, 2010

I have a page called main.apsx and on that page I have a multiview with a couple of view panes. In main.aspx I also have an have a buttons.ascx file with a few link buttons. When these buttons are clicked I want them to show the the selected view panels in multiview in main.aspx.

I cant seem to figure out where to put the action code for the link buttons. Do I put it into my buttons.ascx.cs file or into main.aspx.cs? I presume in buttons.ascx.cs, but if I do that, how will the buttons find the multiview control?

This is the code for on of my buttons in buttons.ascx.cs


When I run it like this is gives an error

The name 'MultiView1' does not exist in the current

The name 'View1' does not exist in the current

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Web Forms :: How To Set MaxLength Of Multiline TextBox And Show Remaining Characters In Label

Jul 2, 2013

I want to set maxlength 1000 of the multilne textbox and I want to display how many remaining char after enterin in texbox show in lable

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C# - Can A Web User Control (.ascx) Use A CSS File For Styling

Jun 27, 2010

Here's the source of a blank .acsx file I created called LogOnBox.

<%@ Control Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeBehind="LogOnBox.ascx.cs" Inherits="ECommerce.Views.Shared.LogOnBox" %>

I want to drag some labels, and textboxes etc and give them style using a CSS file. How can I associate a CSS to an acsx file?

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Client Side Click Event Of Control In User Control Doesn't Work?

Jun 14, 2010

I have a webdayview control (Infragistics proprietary ASP.net control) on my page. On the aspx source I've inserted some javascript (webdayview_click - clientside click event) that calls a webmethod in the codebehind. This seems to work fine, but when I
insert this webdayview control into a user control and move the corresponding javascript into the aspx of the user control, it doesn't work. I can't even insert a breakpoint into the javascript function to debug it. Is there a way to make it work? I want to enable the click event of the webdayview control so that when I click on it, the javascript function calls the webmethod. Here's my code (remember it is inside a user control):


I posted this question on the Infragistics forum but didn't get any replies. Hopefully I'll get some here. :)

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Change Date Format In User Control ASCX File?

Sep 19, 2011

I am currently displaying the date via the Eval method in an ASCX file:

<%#Eval("BirthDate") %>

However this appears as mm/dd/yyyy when I would like it to appear as dd/mm/yyyy. Is there a global setting where I can change the default date format or is there another way to change it directly in the user control ASCX file?

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JQuery :: Datepicker Doesn't Work On Web User Control?

Feb 15, 2011

I have user control with one textbox on it and i want to apply datepicker to.

here is the code of mycontrol.ascx


If I click inside text box control the datepicker doesent shows.

If I use the same code for showing datepicker on webform it works. Why? Do I miss something or I need something to add on my control?

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Update A Web User Control Code (ascx.cs) File Without Compile The Entire Site?

Apr 2, 2011

I'm using vs2010, asp.net 4 webform.Is there anyway which i can update a code behind file (ascx.cs) file without compile the whole site.because i just want to debug some ascx.cs file, and compile a big whole site will cost 1 minutes at least.

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AJAX :: Modal Popup Close After Postback Event In An Ascx File (user Control)?

Feb 15, 2011

I have an aspx page with multiple modal popups. These modal popups are trigger in the page behind code using .Show() and .Hide().

This is what I have in the .aspx page for the particular modal popup under discussion:


The example below demonstrates the type of calls I am making to the modal popup extenders. Basically using the Datalist item command, the datalist commands are responsible for triggering my modal popups.


They all work fine after postbacks except the "activityReport" case (the last one). The only difference with this modal popup is that it contains a user control and all the postbacks are happening in the user control. So the problem is that in the last case whenever a postback happens in the user control then the modal popup is close.

1. If I separate the modal popup and place it in a page all by itself and trigger it to .Show() through a button click in the page behind code then the modal popup doesn't close. See below example.


2. The button click event in the test page looks as follow:


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AJAX :: User Control With JQuery Doesn't Work Inside Update Panel?

Sep 21, 2010

I created a .NET user control to work as a DropdownCheckbox and added Jquery to give the sliding and hide effects. The code is as below:


This control works fine in a normal page, but once I put it inside an update panel it doesn't work. Is there a work around or simply I can't use JQuery inside update panel?

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Web Forms :: Click Event Doesn't Fire In Ascx Control Nested In Masterpage

Jan 23, 2011

I don't understand because the click event doesn't fire in ascx control nested in masterpage.

The scenario is:

In Page Pre-Init i load a particular MasterPage, one of these have a ascx control with LogOff Button.

The ascx is showed correctly but doesn't fire the button click event that allow me to logoff.

I haven't load the control programmatically but directly in masterpage:



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How To Put Textboxe Under Another Control Of Javascript

Feb 8, 2011

I have textboxes, and buttons, that i would like always to be visible on the current page view, that means if by default the textbox is at the top of the page, and if the user scroll the page to the bottom , i would like my textbox to be still visible to the user ( it should automatically scroll with the page). Is it possible to do this? put my textboxe under another control? javascript?

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Web Forms :: How To Create A Dll For An Ascx (user Control)

Dec 15, 2010

I have .ascx web user control in my web site. Now I want to make dll for that .ascx file. let me know steps how can I make .dll file for that .ascx web user control.

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Web Forms :: File Download From Popup Window Doesn't Work

Apr 19, 2010

Due to requirements, I need to open a popup window (javascript window.open(url)) and the url value is an aspx page that downloads a file.


I've tried numerous variations of this code: writing to buffer, Response.WriteFile(), Response.End(), etc...

Nothing works.

All the page does is pop up for about a second and then disappears. I can step thru the code in debugger, but the file never gets downloaded.

I've seen several other posts about this in various places, but no definitive answer.

I am using IIS7 Windows 2008 server.

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Web Forms :: BetterImage Control Doesn't Work?

Feb 8, 2011

The following is trimmed down from the web.config file I'm using in a website that runs in Windows 2003 R2.

<!-- Required to use BetterImageLink and BetterImage class -->
<remove path="*.asmx" verb="*" />


I'm migrating the site to a new server running Windows 2008 R2. When I tested the site, I fould that the BetterImage control doesn't work. I use the BetterImage control liberally throughout the site, so this is a real problem for me. I emailed the developer and he responded that I have to change the location in the web.config where I register my custom handlers. How do I do that? And are there any other changes I need to be aware of? How different is the web.config between the two Windows versions?

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User Controls Always Have An Ascx File Extension?

Jun 30, 2010

Okay, maybe it's a bit pedantic, but do ASP.NET user controls HAVE to have an ascx extension?

My reason for wanting to know this is purely academic. I made the statement to someone that they usually have an ascx extension, but then I had the curious thought of if that was always true or not.

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Forms Data Controls :: How To Fill User Control (.ascx) (Dropdown From Database)

Oct 13, 2010

i am created a user control(.ascx)

<span><asp:DropDownList ID="Drop_DocType" runat="server" DataTextField="DOCTYPE"DataValueField="DOCTYPE"/></span>

how to fill it rom database and where i put soure code

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Web Forms :: Focus Doesn't Work On Control In The Panel

Jan 21, 2010

In a panel (panelOrder, visible=false), there are three text box, txtA, txtB and txtC. Once click a button, code fires:

panelOrder.visible = true

But, focus never work. I change to Javascript, still no luck. What is wrong?

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Web Forms :: Wizard Control Doesn't Work In Content Page?

Sep 24, 2010

i am using wizard control in content page.if i use it in normal aspx it works.but not in content page.i use same code for aspx and content pages

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