Web Forms :: Avoid Reloading User Control Between Pages?

Jan 31, 2011

I have a user control which is used by several pages on my site. I would like the state of the controls within this user control to persist as I move from page to page, but presently any such page navigation causes the user control to reload from it's original state.

I have also noticed that this problem extends to the event handling methods of the controls on the user control. After executing the event handling method in the code behind file the page refreshes and the user control is reloaded from it's original state.

Is there a way to prevent this user control from reloading it's original state?

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Reloading The Main Page From User Control?

Jul 9, 2010

I have a Master page i.e. .aspx and in one of the page which has the main .aspx page is incorpaorated with a .ascx page(User control page). The .ascx page is having a button. so i want to reload the page when i click on this button.Can any one tell me how can i do response.redirect in this secario.

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Web Forms :: Accessing A Public Property Of A Nested User Control In A Master Page From A Pages' User Control?

Sep 10, 2010

I've got a web site that has a master page and that master page (mpMaster that has a user control ucControl1) which has a sub user control (ucControl2), this user control has a property which accepts a value. Now, I have a page that uses the master page
and on this page I have another user control (ucPageControl), I need to find a way of setting the value in ucControl2 from ucPageControl. Is this possible at all?

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How To Avoid To Cache The User Control In Mvc

Nov 12, 2010

I add cache to my application, I have a page which contains several User Control, my problem is I just want to cache the data returned from Controller, but not want to cache all the page content. Since one of my user control is login control, if I cache all the result, then it will behave incorrectly.

my problem is :

1.Is it possible to just cache the data returned from controller ?

2.If a page is cached, can I force a control in the page to be uncached ?

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How To Avoid Initialization Of Web User Control Inside Aspx

Feb 23, 2010

I have an aspx page which contains a web user control as below.


In the Page_Load method of the above page I am setting the Visible = true/false (based on some condition) for the WebUserControl1. WebUserControl1 contains lots of control itself. But I don't want to initialize the controls inside WebUserControl1. Is there anyway we can avoid initializing the ChildControls of WebUserControl1?

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AJAX :: Validate Rating Control To Avoid Multiple Ratings By User

May 7, 2015

I am usingĀ [URL] ....

And my question is the user should not vote again if he/she already voted....

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C# - How To Disable Caching On Few Pages, So As To Avoid Double Submission Of Forms

Jan 28, 2011

how to disable caching on few pages, so as to avoid double submission of forms

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Web Forms :: Can One Web User Control Gives Two Different Functionality On Two Different Web Pages

Feb 4, 2011

can one web user control gives two different functionality on two different web pages,suppose i use web user control on web form 1 and also web form 2 , but i want some more work from this control on web form1 but this more work not affect on web form 2. for example: button click event of web user control gives me Good Morning message on screen, when i use this control on web form 1 and web form 2 ,it will give me Good morning message on screen,when i click this button, But i want that ,this control give me Good Morning message and some other messages like good after noon on web form 1 only, one control but different functionalty on two different pages

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Web Forms :: Server Control Reloading Script File On Postback?

Nov 12, 2010

I created a server control that has some javascript. Everything was working fine until I added it to a page that has localization implemented. The implementation is done within the Global. It sets the Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture and CurrentUICulture based on a setting saved in session. When these values are getting set, the control throws the following error:

Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.InvalidOperationException: <file.js> Type has already been registered. The type may be defined multiple times or the script file that defines it may have already been loaded. A possible cause is a change of settings during a partial update.

I have the control contained within an update panel on the page, the control also contains an update panel containing all elements withing the control.

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MVC :: Strongly Typed User Control On All Pages Based On Login Status And User Role

May 9, 2010

I want to display a menu (which will be strongly typed with it's own unique model) across all pages only if a user is logged in.What menu items are available depend on the user's role and also I'll need to hit the repository to get numbers like "x Messages", etc

Been scratching my head for a simple solution here. Don't want to create something that need changes all over the place.All my controllers derive from a BaseController, all my Models from BaseViewModel....probably where I'll be implementing functionality for this.

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Web Forms :: Detect A Pages !IsPostBack In Its User Control?

Aug 4, 2010

I have a page that uses a user control, I have to detect the pages !IsPostBack in the User Control and do some operation

In the User controls page Load method I tried using the following variations to detect the first load


None of these worked, they all fail to detect the parent pages 1st load in the usercontrols page load method

I also tried using

if (Request.UrlReferrer.AbsolutePath.ToString() != "/PreviosPage.aspx")

This worked for Fire Fox and Chrome but not IE (IE has issues with Request.UrlReferrer, it throws a null exception)

So I cant use this approach as well.

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Web Forms :: Changing User Control Properties In Aspx Pages?

Feb 25, 2011

I have a simple user control(.ascx) with a asp label inside of it. Using the codebehind(C#) from a aspx page, how can I change the text of that label? I have tried using public classes in my user control and a few other things that I could think of off the top of my head. Can somebody give me a quick example of how this would be done?

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Web Forms :: Access Public Property Of User Control In Master Page On Child Pages?

Nov 29, 2010

How can one access public property of User Control In Master Page on child Pages.

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Web Forms :: Avoid Concurrent Login For Same User?

Jul 3, 2012

How to avoid concurrent login for same user?

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Jquery - User Control PageLoad Function Not Fire On Some Of Pages?

Mar 10, 2011

I'm working on an ASP.net application.I had a problem with a user control I'd designed called LocationSelector. It worked great, but I couldn't use it within an ASP:UpdatePanel. I learned, by browsing SO, that I needed to put my in-line javascript in an external file and register it with ScriptManager so that there are no Response.Write calls in the Javascript.Next, I discovered that the control worked at first, but when I enclosed it within the ASP:UpdatePanel, it would stop functioning after the first AJAX postback. I read that to fix that, I needed to replace my $(document).ready call with function pageLoad() which is automatically executed with each ASP.net page load.

Several of my pages in my ASP.net application work fine (and I was really impressed with how well the framework seemed to drive the application). However, to my dismay, I discovered that my LocationSelector control no longer works at all on three of my pages. The HTML renders, but the pageLoad (which uses jQuery to bind events on control elements) does not fire.I verified this but putting alert('pageLoad'); as the first line of my pageLoad function. On the pages that work, I see the alert. On the pages that don't work, I never see the alert, even on the initial page load.What kind of problem could be causing the pageLoad function on my user control LocationSelector to execute on some pages, but not others?

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Web Forms :: Avoid Duplicate When User Hit Refresh Button?

Feb 16, 2010

I have a receipt page for my clients that will display their info and they will get notify by an email message. Here is the problem: when user hit refresh button from a brownser, it will send duplicate email message to the user.

This is what i have:

void Page_Load(object sender,
EventArgs e)
{ if(!IsPostBack)
protected void SendEmail()
{ //here is my function for email

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AJAX :: How To Call Same Event Of User Control On Multiple Aspx.cs Pages

Jul 23, 2010

I have one user control which has 2 gridview first grid has columns (GroupName, Description, chkRemove checkbox) another gridview has columns (GroupName, Description, chkAdd), apart from that i dont have any code on .cs file of usercontrol.

I want to call same user control on 4 aspx pages and datagrid binding, sorting, paging and search functionality i want to do on respective aspx.cs pages not on user control where i am calling this uercontrol because for every aspx page field name is same but when i am binding the data to the grid that logic is different.

For first aspx page i called my usercontrol like this and everything is working fine: -


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C# - Avoid Multiple Login For The Same User?

Mar 16, 2011

I wanted to stop multiple login of the same user. So, I created a table which keeps track of users who have logged in. When they log in, the data will be entered in the table. When they click on logout, data and session will be removed. The problem is, when they close the browser window without logging out, they won't be able to login ever again.

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Security :: Avoid Multi User Login?

Apr 19, 2010

in my web application, what i did is when the user login, i check the username and password to the database, if user name and password match then allow to visit next pages and store the user name on Session, now my doubt is more then one user can use the same username and password(if they are friends then they shared their uname and pwd) so, how to avoid multiple use login?

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Security :: Avoid Multiple User Login With Same Username?

Feb 7, 2011

i have probleM to check the login ,but i found one solution in this site.. AVOID MULTIPLE USER LOGIN, ...IS THER ANY OTHER METHOD TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.....

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Server Controls In User Control Are Null When User Control Serves As A Base User Control ?

Jun 4, 2010

I don't think I understand fully how ASP.NET does inheritance of controls.I have a user control, ucBase, which has an asp.net label in the ascx file. Code behind references the label and it works fine during run time if the control is not a parent for another user parent.

If I have another user control, ucChild, inheriting from ucBase, the label in ucBase's code is always null. ucChild has no controls in its ascx fileThe server controls (like the label) needs to be declared in the ascx file and not created programmatically.What needs to be done for ucBase to see its own controls when it's a parent user control?

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Web Forms :: Prevent Reloading Page

Aug 14, 2013

I visited website that it loaded very slow so I press F5 to reload page for many time after 5 or 6 time site show error that you reload page many time and didn't show website I want do it for my site that if users reload page morethan 5 time in short period of time it show error...

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Web Forms :: Assign User Control From Another User Control ? Giving Error Object Reference Is Not Set An Instance?

Feb 17, 2011

I am trying to assign user control from another user control ..first time its binding control successfully but when we refresh the data its giving error

saying "Object reference is not set an instance".

how to refresh data from another user control ...

My senerio below :

1 Aspx page

2. User control

calling usercontrol databinding method from aspx page but once it get refreshed ,not allowed to bind it again..

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Web Forms :: OnClick Is Reloading The Code From The Start?

Oct 26, 2010


The OnClick_Next is reloading the whole page, which means the Do Until statement fires everytime because counter always equals lastID (they both start as zero).

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Web Forms :: Reloading Grids On The Parent Screen ?

Aug 5, 2010

I would like some help with an issue that I have been trying to solve for a while now. for example: I have test.aspx page in this page there is a link that will take the user to test2.aspx. test2.aspx will open up in a new window(used javascript to do the from the vb.code) so now I have two open screens test1.aspx and test2.aspx. I want to be able to reload grids in test1.aspx once I process some data in test2.aspx. is it possible to do that?

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