Web Forms :: Changes In Master Page Does Not Apply To Nested Master Pages

Aug 4, 2010

I got a Master page and nested master pages in the subfolders.

Top Level Master page

Second Level Master page inherited Top Level Master page

Third Level Master page inherited Second Level Master page

However, changes (i.e. new images & alt. name) that I made in the Top level master page did not apply to the second or third levels.My webpage has a correct front page but not in the sections. How can i correct this ?

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Changes In Master Page Doesn't Apply To Nested One?

Aug 4, 2010

I got a Master page and nested master pages in the subfolders. Top Level Master page Second Level Master page inherited Top Level Master page Third Level Master page inherited Second Level Master page However, changes (i.e. new images & alt. name) that I made in the Top level master page did not apply to the second or third levels. My webpage has a correct front page but not in the sections.

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Master Pages To Existing Page

Apr 17, 2010

I've more than 12 pages without any master pages applied to them. these pages have heavy javascripting and loads of controls on them. now i require to add these pages under a master page. how can i achieve this with minimal of effort?

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Theme To All ASPX Pages From Master Page

Aug 10, 2012

I am working on Themes. Till now I can sussessfully change the Single Page theme when my user logs in.

I Used :

Page.Theme = "RedTheme";

and redirect it.

But if i take master page then i unable to apply the selected theme to all pages. My User can able change theme now. But only for single page. How to apply for all pages?

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Web Forms :: Interaction From Nested Master Pages To Content Page

Apr 12, 2010

I have 2 nested master pages, lets call them MP1 and MP2. MP1 is top level, MP2 is level

2. Then I have several content pages. Lets say I have 2 content pages for now CP1 and CP2. Each content page has a form that will have some user input and a SaveData()function that saves the data to a database. Each content page also has a "Save" button that calls the SaveData() function.

MP1 and MP2 have several link buttons. The functionality I need is this: Any time a user clicks on a link button in MP1 or MP2, the SaveData() function of the currently loaded page should be called. This is to save the data even if the user forgets to click the "Save" button before leaving the page.

So far I can do this from the link buttons in MP2. I followed the master pages tutorial # 7

In the .cs file for MP2, I declare:

public event EventHandler SaveData;

then i raise a "SaveData" event any time a link button in MP2 is clicked.in every content page (CP1, CP2 etc.) aspx file, I have Master Type directive to assign the Master Page to MP2.

in CP1, CP2 etc .cs file, i have the following code:
protected void Page_PreInit(object sender, EventArgs e)
//wire up the SaveData event from MP2 to Master_SaveData function in this page.
Master.SaveData += new EventHandler(Master_SaveData);
private void Master_SaveData(object sender, EventArgs e)
//when the MP2 SaveData event is raised, save the data in this page.

All of this works fine.Problem is I am not able to do a similar thing from MP1.What I have tried so far is to raise an event in MP1 that is handled in MP2. When the event is handled in MP2, it raises the SaveData event to be handled in the page. The event in MP1 is null and hence never raised.

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Web Forms :: Nested Master Pages - Want To Know The Aspx Page Can place Contents Inside the Placeholder B

Feb 15, 2010

My application has a Parent master page, a child master page and an aspx page( inheriting the child master page)

> Parent master page has two content placeholders ( A and B)

>Child master page uses the content placeholder A and instills two more placeholders ( C and D)

>aspx page can now use C and D naturally

However i would like to know whether the aspx page can place contents inside the placeholder B( which was not used by child master page)

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Theme In Master Pages

Jun 5, 2010

can any body tell me how to apply theme in master pages and content pages

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Skin To Master Pages

Sep 3, 2010

i have master pages set to each page, i want to use skins, but i cannot attach it to master page

do i need to go in every page and set theme there ?

how can i apply it to master page, so that it gets applied to all the pages

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Theme To Master And Sub-pages (VS2010 Pro)

Aug 12, 2010

Greetings I am brand spanking new to VS Studio 2010 and relatively new to ASP.Net, so be gentle in your reply.

Question: I am trying to set-up a theme which is viewable on all sub-pages.

In previous versions of VS, I could simply add <pages theme="myTheme" /> to the web.config file. Now in VS 2010 the web.config has been "refactored" and I cannot add that code ..

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Web Forms :: How To Apply Master Pages Properly In Folders

Dec 20, 2010

well i know how to apply master pages to webforms white reside in folders. but the problem is, since the master page is linked to a css file, and so when the style (background url) is applied to html element in the page which is in the folder, it doesn't work obviously since the link starts from the folder, the page is in, and not the website root.

css code:


normally i would expect the url to be [URL] but when i view the url from the page which is in the folder it shows [URL]

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Web Forms :: Get Nested Master Page From Main Master Page

May 30, 2010

I'm trying to dynamically change the look of my main master page depending on what nested master page that the current content page is using .

So for example.

Main master page = main.master
My nested page = nested.master (uses main.master)
content page = content.aspx (uses nested.master)

So in the Page_Load event of main.master I want to add a switch statement that will check to see what nested master page is currently being used by content.aspx, or whatever content page is loaded.

So far I have got

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
string nMaster = //This is the line of code that I am looking for.
case "nested.master":
//all my logic here.

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Web Forms :: Nested Master Pages And Themes?

Aug 12, 2010

to a vb code resource/tutorial that explains how you can change a theme from a dropdown list on a content page derived from a nested master page, not the main master page.

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Web Forms :: An Alternative To Nested Master Pages?

Apr 27, 2010

I have a VS2008 / C# app with about 30 web pages. All of them access a central Master Page and it works well.

I now have a new page to create which will have many, many sub-pages. The hierarchy will look like this:

Master Page
Web Page
Sub Page 1
Sub Page 2
. . .
Sub Page N

Doing a lot of reading, apparently I can turn the "Web Page" into a nested Master Page and then each Sub Page would become a Web Content Form. Just wondering, is this the ONLY approach I have available to accomplish this? Or are there other options?

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Web Forms :: Master Pages - How To Access Content Page From Master Page

Sep 5, 2010

I have a master page setup that is used throughout my site that is basically a header with a menu. I recently added a textbox and a button to this master page which is to be a quick search box that is available anywhere in the site. When a user enters text into the search box and hits the button, I need to load the actual content page which is used to search and show search results (which also uses this same master page), and have the text entered available so the search can be triggered automatically. Again, this search text box and button is now in my master page so it could be triggered from anywhere in the app... it serves as a convenient way to do a basic search from anywhere in my app, without having to first navigate to the actual 'search page' that already exists. You can also navigate to the actual search page, which uses the same master page, where there is many more search options.I'm thrown off by the master page arrangement, which I have not used until this project. What do I do?

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How To Apply Master Pages By Folder In Web.config

Nov 4, 2010

I have folder called Email which contains 20 aspx pages I am trying to apply master page to this email folder through web.config

i Got following error The relative virtual path 'MasterPage.Master' is not allowed here.

code in web.config

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C# - Accessing Top Master Page Properties In A Nested Master Page Code Behind?

Feb 18, 2010

I have a nested master page that has its own master page. The parent master page has a property defined in its code behind.

Public ReadOnly Property SelectedPage() As String
Return _selectedPage
End Get
End Property

How can I reference the parent master page's property from within either the child master page's code behind Page_Load or aspx template page?

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Web Forms :: Nested Master Pages / Images In The Master1 Disappeared

Mar 1, 2011

I am developinga site whichI want to contacin 2 'sub sites' - one for business clients and one for Home clients.

I therefore want to base each 'sub site' on a slightly different master page.

I have a base master calleed master1.master:


I then created a home.master using master1.master as its master:


BUT... on the web page all the contentplace holders are flagged as in error eg 'Could not fine "head" in the current master page or pages' where head is replaced by each placeholderIf I change the MasterPageFile= to point at master1.master the errors go away - but of course I dont have the differences in the page (at the moment just the menu)

I have tried the suggestions in http://forums.asp.net/t/1218788.aspx/2/10 but although the errors go away, the images in the Master1 left column don't get displayed and some of the css seems to disappear

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Web Forms :: Accessing Controls In A Hierarchy Of Nested Master Pages?

Dec 3, 2010

I have a master page. This is where I put my ScriptManager control.I have a nested master page within the master page.I have a content page within the nested master page. This content page needs to register a Postback control with the ScriptManager, but I can't figure out how to access the ScriptManager. Both Master.FindControl() and Master.Master.FindControl() always return null. I also attempted to use a strongly typed master page, but like all controls, the ScriptManager is protected and thus inaccessible from the content page. How can I access the ScriptManager?

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MVC :: To Add Nested Master Pages ?

Feb 9, 2010

Using MVC 2 for what it matter. (And also keep in mind for some reason I NEVER used Nested Master Pages)

I got a single Master page that work across my site.

However, I found from the design now, that each "Area" have a different subnavigation.

Figured it might finally be a reason to use Nested Master Pages....resulting into a lot of swearing over here...

What I did:Add a "Nested Master Page" to the "Shared" folder of a specific Area
(project/Areas/xxxx/Views/Shared/NestedMasterPage.Master)VS bring up a box asking to specify a Master Page, and I select the only one i have (project/Views/Shared/Site.Master)Leave it as is, I add a new View and for it's Master Page I browse to the new Nested Master Page.When I click Add, the following Error comes up:"The ContentPlaceHolder 'MainContent' doesn't exists in the Master page '~/Areas/xxx/Views/Shared/NestedMasterPage.master'. Please choose a valid ID for this Master Page.Bit buffled..the code for the nested master look like this:[Code]....

'MainContent' right there, or what is VS talking about?

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Web Forms :: Seeking A Way To Improve The UI Effect Of Nested Master Pages (or Equivalent)?

May 13, 2010

I have constructed a few web pages that are constructed from Nested Master Pages. Here's an example of what they look like: http://pelalusa.com/Downloads/Public/NestedMasterPageExample.JPG

The rectangular area on the right side is where the Content Pages are displayed. Everything else is one of the two nested Master Pages.

To navigate to a particular Content Page the user will navigate down the treeview on the left, then pick an "Activity" and then pick a "Major Task". When this happens then a Page Redirect occurs to the appropriate Content Page.

It works but the page reload leads to a terrible looking UI. What would be MUCH better is if I could somehow just change what appears in the Content Page area. Is there a way to do this? If it matters, every page has an AJAX UpdatePanel on it.

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Web Forms :: Nested Master Pages And Dropdown Seleted Value On Button Click?

Mar 18, 2010

I want to retrieve a dropdown seleted value on click of a button but, on button click I am unable to retrieve the value as Page postback occurs and the dropdownlist get populated again.

I tried using the !IsPostback for the dropdown populte functionality but nothing. Even tried setting the seleted value on pageload itself before dropdown populate but again null come to the string.

I feel that because of nested master pages ( Iam using Parent.Master over Home.Master which consumes abc.aspx) I am unable to retrieve the values.

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AJAX :: CalendarExtender And Nested Master Pages?

Mar 25, 2011

I have a nested master page and CalendarExtender errors for any asp pages that references the nested master page.

The calendarExtender works if i put it on a page that references the top level master page and also if i add it to the nested master page it works.

I have the scriptmanager in my top level master and i have tried placing it in the child master and the child asp page.It compiles and works at run time. The problem is at design time any container that contains the CalendarExtender errors so i can't view the layout. I have an asp:panel with a table and a number of controls, one being the calendar extender. The entire panel errors and wont render any of the controls.

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C# - Nested Master Pages Change Programmaticaly?

Jan 20, 2011

I have a PAGE with a structure like this:PAGE = MASTER PAGE A + nested MASTER PAGE B of A

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Difference Between Master Page And Master Pages In .Net?

Apr 1, 2011

what is difference between Master page and Master Pages in ASP.Net. Is both are same or different.

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Web Forms :: Accessing A Public Property Of A Nested User Control In A Master Page From A Pages' User Control?

Sep 10, 2010

I've got a web site that has a master page and that master page (mpMaster that has a user control ucControl1) which has a sub user control (ucControl2), this user control has a property which accepts a value. Now, I have a page that uses the master page
and on this page I have another user control (ucPageControl), I need to find a way of setting the value in ucControl2 from ucPageControl. Is this possible at all?

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