Web Forms :: Dynamic Controls Population With Validation

Apr 18, 2013

i have 8 different groups..all the groups contain core fields(common to all groups) as well as some fields which are require for only tat group..without creating 8 aspx pages how can i display each group along with core fields and required fields..?

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Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Validation On Dynamic Checkboxlist?

Apr 1, 2011

I have a loop which creates for each item ID a Dynamic created checkboxlist control

how do I create a dynamic validation control on a dynamic checkboxlist?

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Forms Data Controls :: Dynamic Error Messages For Validation

Mar 14, 2011

I have the this current design. I use a web service/jquery perform client-side validation and to return 1 of 4 integers. At present I store it in a hidden field but it could be passed directly. I then deploy4 validators that when validated, validate the integer and trigger a custom error message. The ideal scenario I would like to be able to do this with one validator and switch the error message accordingly. On the server side the code could look like this:


As you can see my error messages are held as strings elsewhere which I reference for continuity throughout the project. unformtunately I don't know how to achieve this client-side by calling a javascript function. Sure I could hard code the messages in the javascript file as well, but this would mean that they were held in two places and suseptable to error. It may be an option to return an error message in the web service rather than an integer and trigger if it is blank.

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Forms Data Controls :: Gridview Status Column Population?

Feb 2, 2011

I have a gridview which is populated from SQL. SQL table fields are ProjectName,Description and TaskDate.Gridview should have 3 columns ; ProjectName,Description and Status

I want to compare the TaskDate to the current system date and if TaskDate < System Date I need to have "Delayed " in the Status column and if TaskDate > System Date I need to have "On Schedule" in the status column.Also how should I defined the blank status column in the gridview?(gridview code without Status is as follows)


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JQuery :: Javascript Validation For Dynamic Controls?

Aug 3, 2010

I am creating dynamic controls in aspx.cs page of C#.net 3.5

following is my code

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
Button btn= new Button();
btn.ID = "btn5";
btn.Attributes.Add("runat", "server");


here in both alerts I am getting exceptions like

inputbox is undefined object required

how to get value of the control

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Data Controls :: Validation For Dynamic Gridview Cells

Dec 8, 2013

In my gridview i have

I have a dropdownlist with tables. if i select the table, based on the columns the gridview displays.

One table contains 9 columns and other contains 40 columns... for example....see the below.

Insert/Edit    RoleUID   RoleID    Role   Desc   ....etc columns

Here RoleId, role are mandatory fields... i am making those two with "*" red color. but if i click on the "INSERT" then i need to get a alert msg that the roleid is mandatory.. you should enter in interger value, and if "role" is null then same like "Role is mandatory... plz enter character value"

I don't have any template fields in the gridview. i make autogeneratecolumns=true in my grid.

I need validation for the dynamic gridview cell... where there is no columns fixed...

I used the below code ... for INSERT 

for (int j = 3; j < cellCount; j++)  {

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Forms Data Controls :: Javascript Validation For Assigning Validation Group To Validation Summary On Datalist Item Click?

Dec 25, 2010

I am using one datalist control for uploading multiple images.I hv used one Asp:FileUplaod Control and one button in one itemtemplate.I am using reqired field validator and regular expression validator for file upload cntrl I am assigning validation group for both of them on ItemDataBound event of my datalist so that each upload cntrl hv same validaton group as required field and regular expression validator.Now what i want to do is - i want to show my error message in validation summary which is right at the top of the page.I want one know how to write javascript that will assign validation group of my control in datalist on which i click ?

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Web Forms :: Dropdown Population Using UL And LI?

Aug 7, 2010

I have a following code which populates items based on parent childs (hirerchical display) using UL and LI tags.here is the code


When i run the code it displays the output as hirerchical data ..What I want to do is i want the similar output in DropDown like if user opens the dropdown it shows the same hirerchical data with similar padding.how can i convert the same code to add list items of dropdown using the above code.

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Data Controls :: Maximum Row Validation When Adding Dynamic Rows To GridView On Button Click

Aug 18, 2015

As per you sample : [URL] ...

How do I add maximum rows that can be added ?

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Web Forms :: CatalogZone Automatic Population?

Apr 12, 2010

I have a catalog zone which I edit manually for each new control I am adding.This is frustrating ass I am adding everyday a new UserControl, and populate it inside CONTROLS directory.How do I populate the CatalogZone automatically from this folder?Her is the code I have right now:


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.net Mvc Jquery Clientside Validation For Dynamic Forms

Jan 31, 2011

i have a complete form in my database as row for example name of the field ,is mandatory, sortid, regularexpression, datatype, maxlength , default value etc. So the form is completely dynamic.now i want to perform the client side validation on the form . What will be the best practice for doing that? like i have to see that if the field is mandatory check it for null and if not then leave it on the client side . i am thinking about setting hidden field for it .

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Web Forms :: JavaScript Validation For Dynamic Textbox?

Oct 18, 2012

i create a number of dynamic textbox in my page using server control but these control call the javascript function , so , now i want to validate the each dynamic text for validation of name server

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Web Forms :: Population Of Textbox In ASCX In Postback?

Apr 13, 2010

I have a usercontrol having a textbox in it. In postback(like a Search in ASPX) I want to populate the textbox with the search result. But I am finding it difficult to replace the existing value in the textbox with the new value.What is the approach should I take to resolve the issue.

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Web Forms :: Menu Item-subitem Population From Database?

Jan 13, 2010

I am trying to populate menu from database in asp.net 3.5 but as i am new to this technology i really don't know what is the exact way. I tried to find out on web but i found nothing useful for me.

I am developing site for bookstore.First i want to populate departments and then in department, their categories as subitem.

I have both the tables in database.

I tried following code but it is giving me an erroe on relation code line

This constraint cannot be enabled as not all values have corresponding parent values.

All departments dont have categories.

code :

DataSet DepartmentData = new DataSet();
DataTable Department = CatalogAccess.GetDepartments();
DataTable Categories = CatalogAccess.GetCategories();
DepartmentData.Relations.Add("Children", DepartmentData.Tables[0].Columns["DepartmentId"], DepartmentData.Tables[1].Columns["CategoryId"]);
foreach (DataRow item in DepartmentData.Tables["Department"].Rows)
MenuItem DepartmentItem = new MenuItem((string)item["Name"]);
foreach (DataRow childItem in item.GetChildRows("Children"))
MenuItem childrenItem = new MenuItem((string)childItem["Name"]);

and how to add navigation url too!

I can use any other logic but i want to know the better way to code this from expert.

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Web Forms :: Dynamic TextBox Validation Not Working On DataGrid On PlaceHolder

Oct 22, 2010

I have a placeholder to which I programmatically add DataGrids... In the DataGrids, I programmatically add TextBoxes along with dynamic validations. Somehow, the DataGrids show up, but the dynamic validations don't work. If I set them to static, the blank space for them appears, but still, they wont work.

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Forms Data Controls :: Client Side Validation For DetailsView W/o Validation Controls?

Feb 24, 2011

Is it possible to do client side validation on a detailsview (insert or edit) without using validation controls? I.E. somehow capture the onClientClick event of the autogenerated Insert/Update link buttons to call my javascript function?

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MVC :: Dynamic Client-Side Validation?

Jun 10, 2010

I have number of fields in the view, which I am dynamically showing/hiding on the client side using jQuery e.g, if user enter 'abc' in first field, I will show three more fields and if he enters 'xyz' then I will show only single field.

I am using data annotations based Asp.Net MVC 2 validation (MVC 2 RTM) and the requirement is that only visible fields should be validated. I have added some code on the server side and the partial validation is working fine there but the issue is on the client side. Actually it works fine first time but fails after wards.

Here is what I am doing:

In $(document).ready event I am popping all the validation stuff in the array as shown below:

for (i = 0; i < numOfFields; i++) {
fValidationArrL[i] = window.mvcClientValidationMetadata[0].Fields.pop();

When I show/hide the fields I push only those fields which are visible like this:


Th I run below two statements to refresh the stuff:


It works fine first time but second time when I do show/hide again, it appends the validation list instead of replacing it. So at the end it will validate all the fields that I have shown to the user at some point of time.

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Validation - MVC 3 Validate Dynamic Form Fields?

Mar 10, 2011

I'm working on a very dynamic site build at the moment. What I'm trying to do is creating something like a survey that can be created dynamically from a control panel. In the control panel you add input fields (these are saved in a database), what the user then see is a form that I generate from the database. So if I add 3 input fields to the database the survey will contain 3 fields. If I add 20 fields the survey will have 20 fields.

Now my problem is that I want to validate these fields, and I would like to be able to hook me in with the standard validation flow. I can't create a Model with validation rules since the number of fields and their names are dynamic the only thing I know is what kind of data that is expected in every field (this rule is found in the database). In an ordinary case I would get the automatic highlighted fields that are not valid and so on thanks to the built in validation flow with ValidationResult and so on.

So the question now is can I somehow simulate parts of the validation and then hook me back in with the validation result, and if not valid, the form prints the error messages and fill the fields with the data that was given?

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Forms Data Controls :: Adding Dynamic Button To Dynamic Table

Aug 10, 2010

I have a dynamic Table which contain 8 rows and 8 Colums

Table t = new Table();
TableRow rr = new TableRow();
TableCell cc = new TableCell();
and in the each Cell CC I add a dynamic Button(Or Linkbtn)
LinkButton LB1 = new LinkButton();
LB1.Text = "AM";
LB1.ID ="Link1";
LB1.Click += new EventHandler(LB1_Click);

i have a table with 8 rows , 8 colums and each cell contain a LinkButton (which diffrent in IDs) I want to add Lable in the same cell of this LinkBtn(LB1) which it clicked but I cann't What shoud I write here?

void LB1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
// throw new NotImplementedException();

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Way To Stop Browser History Population In A Textbox?

Jan 26, 2011

way to stop browser history population in a textbox?

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SQL Server :: How To Select Population Based On District

Dec 12, 2010

How to select population based on district?

Ex table: Country, District, Population, State

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Web Forms :: Dynamic Controls Versus Building Dynamic Page

Jan 28, 2011

Lets say I have a Web Application with a menu of products. When a user clicks a menu item, then create and display a dynamic set of controls in an Update Panel. I am currently doing this however the PostBack and recreation of controls is tedious and resource intensive.

Not sure about this but is it possible to build a webpage with controls on it, then display it in update panel or IFrame? Then on post back you wouldn't have to recreate everything all over again?

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C# - Abstract Tree View Node Creation/ Population?

Nov 11, 2010

i have the below code i want to put in a global method set as static so that i can build a couple tree views on my asp.net web app. now i have each building its own tree view using the code below. i was thinking to make a global static method to generate the node structure such as this and then just assign them to the tree view in my pages... or something like this. i dotn care about the details of the actual solution as long as i can have a single method to call like "buildTree()" that will be able to be used to bind the tree view controls to.toughs?

DataTable dtProjects = new DataTable();
DataTable dtRelease = new DataTable();
using (SqlConnection con = Global.GetConnection())


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VS 2010 - Adding Index To Listbox Values During Population

Jun 27, 2014

I have a SQL table used by a third party application that I have very little control over. The table contains a list of assemblies and their corresponding serial numbers. The tables primary key is a composite of the assembly number and serial number. There is no field I can use, reliably as an index.

I have an application I'm working on that pulls all the serial numbers from that table based on the assembly in a SQL View. I've then written code that pulls the serial numbers from that view based on the part number in a textbox on the form. That functionality works fine but I had both my datatextfield and datavaluefield set to the serial number. I've created another empty listbox that I would like to populate from a serial number or serial numbers being selected in the first. That is not working, I believe, because there is no index for the list.

My question is...How can I add an index value to each serial number as they populate from the SQL table. I've included the code below that I have pulling the serial number values.

This is an ASP.net VB webform.

Private Sub FillSnAvailList()
Dim strconnect1 As String = ("Data Source=MyDataSource")
Dim con1 As New SqlConnection(strconnect1)
Dim cmd1 As New SqlCommand("SELECT [sPartNum], [SerialNum] FROM [V_MaxSerialNum] WHERE ([sPartNum] = @sPartNum)", con1)

[Code] ....

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SQL Server :: For A Full Text Index, What Is The Difference In These Types Of Population Schedules?

Oct 11, 2010

I am using SQL2008 and created a full-text index on 1 of my tables. Going through the wizard, I was offered (2) types of population schedules as follows:New Table Schedule: Define a population schedule for a table.New Catalog Schedule: Define a population schedule for a full-text catalog.I am familiar with a 'Catalog' schedule for population which I do nightly and was similar to configuration on SQL2000 for a full text index. However, what is the difference for a 'Table' schedule vs the 'Catalog' population schedule? I have the definitions above, but if someone with knowledge could offer a better in depth explanation in comparison, and if I should use both or not (I have just a Catalog population scheduled currently),

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